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File: 1608680398363.jpg (62.28 KB, 775x514, DOWn.jpg)

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💰️DOW/Market Watch Thread💰️
monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc.


On one hand China cracked down on that, on the other they're planning on liberalizing their 21 free trade zones more and more to get FDIs.
Its mostly about getting yuan denominated investments IMHO.sandinistaSandinista


Thank youcockshottCockshott


<Protectionist war in the global markets
Stop it, my dick can only get so erectsandinistaSandinista


China banning chinese companies from listing in the US. This is getting juicy



>Bitcoin correlated with stocks
>Leftypol says market is collapsing yet Bitcoin is actually flying right now
A nothing burger as usual.anarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism


>Bitcoin correlated with stocks
Lmao is how ancaps cope




Doubtful, only crab


420D Chess


Peachy at worstanarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism


>bitcoin up right as headlines hit msm about new tax loophole using crypto
like clockwork




Capitalism always find a way, unlike socialism, which can't last more than 7 decades lmao
Anyways, did any one else get rich off of trading Bitcoin? My crypto wallet is BOOMINanarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism


Jee I wonder why it couldn't be that Capitalism doesn't actually like competition and is actively trying to snuff out any alternatives at any chance it gets.

Also no I didn't get rich of trading BTC because I am doing something else. Accumulating through compounding interests. Only going to tap into it when I in need of it. Until then its just going to sit there and grow.posadasPosadas



Hardly a dent, and Bitcoin grew more than the S&P fell. Tomorrow the S&P goes up and we all get rich… I mean, assuming you bought.anarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism


File: 1627424119775.png (123.5 KB, 482x427, dry_wojack.png)

i just hold privacycoins cause i'm a nerd….
it's mildly successful, not as much as if i'd really tried to maximize by selling high
i just hold and hold and hold, except when i buy shit….
the privacycoin economy will bloom somedayanarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism


Bros wtf we are in a meme economy, its dotcom boom 2.0. Tech is more overvalued than it was during the dotcom boom and everyone fucking knows it but the stupid fed money printer has kept their market going parabolic. It’s all so tiring and retarded seeing worthless companies with market cap of billions of dollars. Everyone is literally calling and waiting on the crash, yet the Fed keeps it alive like a profit zombie. It’s all so tiring how they keep stalling, when will these piglets let it crash already?



What about the capital control laws? Some time ago those were also tightened majorly on real estate investments allegedly. Also was the green only a temporary bounce?anarcha-feminismAnarcha-Feminism


>Stonks climbing to record highs
>Bitcoin flying to 40k
I hope you commies have some assets yourselves… if not then don't complain you are poor later, because you have literally 0 excuseanarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism


not being to afford them in the first place is a pretty good excuse dumbass


how difficult would it be to hack into the computers that generate these values? to hack into online brokerage and cause a shitstorm?


dotcom boom was literally a fraud and speculation of astronomic scale

but todays tech have some base for it, at least its far less useless than it used to be in dotcom days

it will hardly devaluate and it is basically global now


Save up your money than LMAO
Tip: you don't need to keep buying weed, grubhub, funko pops, et al. If you really wanted to become rich you can do it but it won't be handed to you on a silver platter. That's what's good about this country is that if you really want to become successful you can, even if the system is not perfect!anarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism


average person have more chance with lottery than casino economics


Just buy and hold bro, I've been telling ya'll to buy and it just keeps going up. Go ahead and open up the S&P500 chart and look at the progress it's made over 10 years, heck, even one year. Just buy and hold and you will be rich like me.anarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism


Is it not concerning to you that you can make money by gambling on stocks that are derived from other people working? Isn't this literal parasitism? You're not better than Grubhub or Funko pop enjoyers because all you do is consume, you don't put anything back into the economy aside from the exact things you'd criticize a consoomer for.


I'm providing liquidity so that companies can better fund and expand their operations, thereby improving the economy. Think of it as a sort of freelance administrative work.anarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism


This is the stupidest thing I've heard in a long time. Just pure kek


It makes me a lot of money, it grows the economy, it makes everyone happy. Just buy some stocks and crypto bro and you'll stop being bitter 😃anarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism


You very rarely buy stocks from a company. You buy stocks from other stockholders speculating on future stock prices.


It still provides liquidity that serves to determine a worthwhile price for the stock, which if it's a good one will increase the company's cash flows. Companies try to attract new buyers all the time even if the amount of outstanding shares remains the same.anarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism



This Uyghur will sell the bottom one day and never sport that fag flag again.


File: 1627575721707.jpg (130.49 KB, 1024x1001, 20210727_103640.jpg)

I have already made some money of crypto and will use that money to fund organizations instead of blowing it into the meme economy like a useful retard. Keep coping.



No, I did.



Why? Do you doubt I would actually use that money for funding communist organizations?


Currently hearing of inflation in Germany of over 3,4%. Could be happening?


Until you start seeing people burning their money again and living conditions start to hit hard. I say keep a close eye on the inflation in other countries because we might see some.posadasPosadas


I dunno, I don't really fuck around enough with computers to know. But what I can say is it's anywhere from a pain, to literally impossible. But no one knows till they try
*please don't do it*


File: 1627615752340.png (34.36 KB, 471x292, 314325-67567567.png)

>USA now at 100k infections and rising on an exponential curve
>Biden refusing to extend rent moratoriums which about to run out
>Fed can't print anymore money without raising rates which would completely crash the economy
is it happening?


nothing ever happensslavojSlavoj


File: 1627617237476.png (346.37 KB, 578x508, 1627099370487.png)


>>Fed can't print anymore money without raising rates


my boy Zizek would never say such a thing, take off that flag you phoney


sad. but we will have to keep waiting


Printing money lowers rates. However economy becomes destabilized and zombified


how high is the real inflation in the us right now?


File: 1627659611970.jpg (18.91 KB, 500x261, ON RRP 7.29.jpg)

The latest Fed tool is called the "reverse repo":
>Every afternoon at 12.45pm, the Federal Reserve does something that seems a little odd but has a perfectly rational purpose.
>It takes some of the $5.2tn in Treasuries it holds on its balance sheet, transfers ownership of some of them to money market funds and commercial banks, then credits itself with cash, in the same amount. The next day, the Fed reverses the transaction: it buys the Treasuries back. But this time the Fed loses a little money. It buys high, then sells low. On purpose.
>The banks and the money market funds participate because they have a lot of cash and they don’t have any better ideas of what to do with it. The Fed offers them this small profit as a kind of interest rate; the so-called reverse repo transaction sets a floor on interest in the money market.

>Again: all perfectly rational. But over the past year, the daily volume of reverse repo has grown, from zero to $900bn. That is a lot of extra cash. In theory, that should give lenders the confidence to lower their own rates and make loans more attractive.

>That’s the way central bankers prefer to do their jobs — buy or sell one set of assets, drag one key interest rate into the right place, set expectations and hope all the other interest rates will line up and follow. That’s happening now for some kinds of debt, in particular mortgages and corporate bonds. But it’s not working as well as it used to, for all interest rates.

>RRP volume is quickly approaching $1 trillion a day, with today's reverse repo usage hitting the second highest on record at $987.3 billion and just shy of $1 trillion.

>And with QE still running at $120 billion a month, the Fed continues to inject liquidity into the markets, which then continues to recycle back to the Fed via the RRP facility.
>So how big will the Fed's reverse repo facility get? As Curvature's Scott Skyrm calculates, assuming QE will not change between now and the end of the year, it is about to get much bigger.
>During the month of April, RRP volume increased by $49 billion. $296 billion during the month of May, $362 billion* in June, and $124 billion in July. If RRP volume continues around the same pace, say $200 billion a month, RRP volume will reach $2 trillion by the end of the year.
>Looking at the trendline, it puts RRP volume at $2.5 trillion by the end of the year. However, RRP volume at the end of the year will be a large number, meaning it could very well approach $3 trillion by year end.

Tldr: "Value can be whatever I want" -Jerome Powell


>perfectly rational purpose

Imagine willfully ignoring the absurdity of this shit


See libs are so deep in ideology that they can't see the foundation.


also I think the author might have been writing it with a sarcastic undertone




We're not even at 2001 levels of P/E ratios for the S&P500, let alone those of 2008's. The Fed is committed to using the full range of tools to support the economy and will resolutely commit to further repo operations to prevent a collapse. So, no chance bucko, capitalism is here to stay.anarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism


You commies have been prophesying the downfall of capitalism since Marx (over 150 years ago!), I'm going to trust the market gains a lot more than your silly ideology lolanarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism


>Friendly reminder that the Roman Empire, the biggest empire ever conceived lasted several centuries and it collapsed anyway.

Marx said that capitalism would collapse eventually and be replaced by communism, it will happen eventually, the cracks are already there, maybe not the economic cracks (yet) but the social cracks are evident and will only grown deeper every day.

We can wait, we can wait because it's a historical inevitability, it will eventually happen, whether you like it or not.

Your days are numbered, the count may be high right now, but the countdown will eventually reach zero.


File: 1627681281248.jpeg (64.23 KB, 600x315, voltaire.jpeg)

Marxists have been talking about social and economic and all kinds of other "cracks" for a long time, but it just hasn't happened. That's why we say "good in theory but not in practice", it doesn't happen in practice.


The cracks are certainly there, capitalism is weaker and more volatile than in 1991-1992, China is rising, the US is stagnating, there are cracks, everyone is able to see them, the right at large certainly sees them that's why they're trying to come up with ultra-nationalist almost Nazi rhetoric.

Capitalism itself acknowledges that crisis are inevitable, not even the most hardcore neolib will deny that eventually a crisis will come, that's just how capitalism works.

The collapse of the USSR was a very serious setback for socialism, no doubt about it, but 150 years is not that much time for an entire global system to collapse,most empires of the past lasted way longer and collapsed anyway, the struggle will last centuries we may not be able to see it, but it will eventually arrive.


Marx was wrong to assume how quick its downfall would occur. The contradiction will lead to it's inevitable collapse, probably in the next few decades. Unfortunate for Marx it wasn't as foreseeable in Lenin's time, as it is for in our live times. Communism may never come, anything in between may never come but capitalism will collapse under it's own weight this I see dare I say almost religiously. Can't blame Marx for not exactly knowing the pace for which this would occur. You could assume he was wrong to assume communism as a given next choice, instead of cataclysmic collapse (capitalism's very possible future)


>China is rising, the US is stagnating
The US was rising, the UK was stagnating, but capitalism continues.
They're all losing because neither capitalism nor the people really want them anymore, they've learned from history.
>most empires of the past lasted way longer and collapsed anyway
And yet the institution of private property continued and dominated under every single one of them, which exists in the present form as capitalism.
Capitalism is very robust and finds a way out every single time. Marx thought it would fall soon, Lenin thought the same, as did American socialists of the early 20th century, as did Soviet leaders like Khrushchev, yet every one of them were wrong and capitalism was always right. Study history and take the hint.anarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism


throughout most of history "private property" wasn't a thing. all property was owned by the sovereign.

the fever -dream of free markets is turning into a nightmare. state capitalism will replace neoliberal capitalism, and after that, who knows but probably not communism. at least the speculators and investors will be "shown their place"


you'll calling something that's an eyeblink of human history "very robust" lol


"Soon" for us means 4 or 5 years.
"Soon" for history could mean centuries, capitalism (and even worse, neoliberalism) is still very young if you compare it with feudalism.


>all property was owned by the sovereign.
So, privately. At any rate humanity tends towards private property and capitalism just like it does towards medicine and infrastructure, even if they haven't existed previously. We all know very well that capitalism can adapt to newer times very dynamically, introducing things like widespread credit accessibility, various Federal Reserve operations, neoliberal strategy, etc. Socialism is a historical anomaly just like fascism and people now have the hindsight to avoid both of these.anarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism


You have to be very dumb to think that socialism means that literally everything will be collective and private property would be completely abolished.

Why would we want your toothbrush to be collective property?


I'll admit capitalism has been more resilient then historical Marxist have thought. Though with each passing crash, it becomes more and more unstable. More inequality, more poverty, more global tension's. In the past their were new market's to conquer, new resources and labor to exploit. Today globalization has spread to it's near furthest extents.

As long as the vines of capital can grow, it lives but it desires to always expand it is part of capital. When it no longer can it looks inward to host of itself. This leads to speculative financialization, when this parasitism is losing it's source of subsidence (the ability to expand the manufacturing and service sector) it collapse in a implosion. the real material terms of our environment and labor force are straining. It is in a fight with biology and entropy it can't hope to win. Capitalism during the cold war had all the 3rd world to harvest from, while using the social democracic bretton-woods economics subdue the populous to keep it all together at home. After it had the rest of the world to suck up substance (from a luck break to subvert the USSR with CIA sus shit) for a little longer. Today it has no where to go and is eating itself.ak-47AK-47


File: 1627684714053.webm (1.05 MB, 640x480, 1504583383763.webm)

END THE FEDtankieTankie


File: 1627752782391.jpg (62.59 KB, 750x1000, 234234234.jpg)

>Rent moratoriums expire today, July 31st
>Congress out on two week vacation
>10 million people may be homeless out on the streets
What is going to happen?


bullish for blackrock


Hopefully an assassination.


Absolutely nothing of any real significance.


They aren't getting evicted all in the same day.


Debt ceiling is coming back.

What does this mean?



Dow 50,000



Briahna Joy Gray suggested Wednesday that the Biden administration is not interested in extending the moratorium on student loan payments because it would be a "bad look" that casts doubt on the economic recovery.

"What I have heard recently is that there has been reporting that the reason that the White House doesn't actually want to extend the student debt moratorium isn't for any principled reason, but because the administration wants to paint a picture that the economic crisis that the country has been in for the last year or so is actually over,"


<The debt ceiling is the amount the Treasury can borrow on behalf of the public. Raising or suspending that borrowing limit does not dictate how much money the government spends, but allows the U.S. to pay what has already been approved. The debt ceiling was suspended in 2019 under President Donald Trump.
<On Friday, the Treasury Department started taking its "extraordinary measures" ahead of the looming deadline and warned congressional leaders in a recent letter that the Treasury will need to start taking additional steps starting Monday to keep the U.S. from defaulting on its obligations if congressional action was not taken.
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said failure to meet its obligations would cause "irreparable harm" to the U.S. economy.


File: 1627759393656-0.jpg (65.34 KB, 750x701, 1611011420161.jpg)

File: 1627759393656-1.jpg (49.55 KB, 640x640, p0g4n7xl65761.jpg)

Sounds like the government is trying to appear strong, that's good, they're getting more desperate


File: 1627760435699.png (55.95 KB, 789x458, back2twerk.png)



I'm not going back to the wage cage


interesting if true, but then again jackie boy is the guy who went from "based Biden putting rentoids in their place" to "noo muh poor homeowners" when he found out mortgages were covered by the moratorium too


I assume the 15% inflation isn't a flaw in their looks.accelerationAcceleration


>I assume the 15% inflation isn't a flaw in their looks.
This will soon be billed as a good thing for workers, if not already, because the alternative is unemployment.accelerationAcceleration


Wouldn't mass homelessness cause a crash of rents and housing prices?


Nothing the debt ceiling is political posturing that gives Congress leverage over the president because they can just raise it whenever they want while threatening the president with a government shutdown.


>cause a crash of rents and housing prices
not a significant one and not one that would last for more than a few months


The official number is 5% but its bullshit because cpi is going up in every area and everything is getting more expensive. The fed keeps lying about it being transitory but they know things are fucked and they cant do anything to prevent the upcoming crisis but by continuing to pump money


Yes we are you complete fucking retard. The PE ratios are above dotcom boom in some crucial sectors.


>The fed keeps lying about it being transitory
actually, in the Fed meeting yesterday Jpow told everyone to not expect it to drop in the near term, which of course is bullish news


You got proof?


Hopefully homeless riots will bring down property values.tankieTankie


The Shiller PE ratio has it sitting higher than Black Tuesday and right before the peak of the dotcom boom. There’s T minus 1 year maximum before depression level collapse. Even if it collapses now, we’re still good for a depression. For the most obnoxious capitalist cuck on this board, you don’t know shit about the market




The prospect of mass evictions are bad for landlords and rentiers but good for the private equity firms that have been buying up real estate left, right, and center. The large landholders can more likely than not weather these mass evictions, but the smaller, local landholders are facing increasing pressure as their profits fall.


That maggot face Powell porky will say anything to keep the pump going for a few more months. He knows Feds out of options and backed into a corner, he’s just letting the wall st porkies ride this boom up till complete collapse.

Consider this a pump and dump on a ginormous scale. They’re riding it up just a little more before the depression rug pull.


Kinda spooky ngl


Here we go again at the nothingburger thread.
Stonks don't matter anymore, since they have gone complete fiction and I don't see why this should suddenly change now, especially with a more competent bourgeois puppet like Biden.socialismSocialism


File: 1627765415211.jpg (314.52 KB, 1600x1454, 20210731_135848.jpg)

Just look at the PE ratio chart, we're about a few months away from the max. We will soon see a big crash hopefully, anyone saying its not coming is delusional. Hard to time it, but Id give it 1 more year max.


Most likely the tax payers will also cover any of the debts of the larger landlords.


That soon? I knew it was coming, but a year?


I love that second pic.



Disprove the falling rate of profit. Thx


So, how can one profit from all this, then, if possible to do so?albaniaAlbania


> Marx was wrong to assume how quick its downfall would occur
Capitalism was on its death throes in the 1920s-1930s, it was only through massive state intervention did it recover - by devaluing all commodities and greatly reducing wages across the board.accelerationAcceleration


File: 1627768722744.png (93.89 KB, 427x324, 1485634520057.png)



Buy low, sell high


I know and mass war saved it, this kinda war will (likely occur) and cause the ecological death of the means to civilization. Capitalism got lucky then it won't this time which is is why ancap is a retard.


I've seen some variation on this exact post every week for over a year now


No extensions this time, btw.tankieTankie



today I'll remind them


just keep kicking the can down the road


A C C E L E R A T EaccelerationAcceleration


Always love it when western economists try to make it seem that everything is fine by inventing new bullshit words. "Transitory inflation", my ass


>isn't for any principled reason, but because the administration wants to paint a picture that the economic crisis that the country has been in for the last year or so is actually over

Because noone will buy dollar if american economy is dead. Appearing strong is essential to an Empire, at some point in time a failing empire engages in such deep damage control that it cannot allow even a single loss anywhere, otherwise everything will crumble.

>hoping that tricks of circulation will solve the inherent contradictions

You are not going to make it out of this crisis. Fascism is the "authoritarian" wing of social-democracy, socdems are the liberal wing of fascist party. It's one and the same, just in different circumstances.


>I'll admit capitalism has been more resilient then historical Marxist have thought

It wasn't. The problems weren't the capitalist world, the problems were the traitors inside communist parties.

Socialism is guaranteed to be more stable and economically powerful than capitalism, just like China is demonstrating, and there's no way in hell that free market with fair rules won't favor communists simply due to higher engagement of people in the productive forces. Just like getting peasants out of the fields and into the factories liberated stagnant productive forces, giving huge boost to living standards and productivity of labor, similarly, socialism engages more people in the production, and does it better, making people more interested in their work. That requires removing parasites which steal others' labor - who will want to work better when all this extra work will be taken from you anyway? This thing alone is why China murders USA in every positive metric that matters.

So, the only way for capitalism to continue existing is to hope that communists stop being communists. Historically, over the last 100 years, capitalism has proven incapable of intervening into internal affairs of communist countries that hold the "hereditary line" strong. No "Stalinist-heir regime" fell ever, every communist country that fell were revisionists. Capitalism was unable to imperialize USSR, Eastern Europe, Vietnam, China, DPRK, even Cuba right off the coast of USA. Capitalism is, in fact, a dying beast, and it was dying 100 years ago as well. All that is lacking to murder it is a sufficiently advanced communist country, NOT some internal matter inside capitalism.


>thinking i'll ever sellanarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism


moratorium is a disaster, punishing landlords but encouraging people to skip on rent even if they have the means

many people who didnt pay rent were able to afford it, but because they were told that there are 0 consequences, they didnt pay a penny since march 2020

the concept- destroy small scale homeowners/landlords

they want to replace independent multi home owners with corporate types

same with small businesses, crush them and replace with megacapdemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1627913561872.mp4 (393.43 KB, 852x480, Video42.mp4)



in the age of masks and reusable bags shoplifting is incredibly easy


mass rioting and looting hopefully.
there's a new target with full pharmacy near me and I would love some xanax.


You gonna cry about it Rosa killer?


Oh no what will we do about the small landlords


based heavy

i hope it will become mineable again so it can be alternate currency again and not bootleg gold




teneants will never rise up lmao keep dreaming you extremist
capital is the law of the land, people already went way too long without paying the rent that they agreed to paydemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Well here is the thing fuck that shit. Because how can you pay the rent if you got no money. The tenants should rise up landlords contribute nothing to society and lets be honest mao did nothing wrong classcide of land lords when?posadasPosadas


Those agreements were forced on them - the alternative is homelessness in the time of pandemic. That's capitalist freedom for you.




>if you got no money
get a job you couch potato, everywhere is hiring right now
>rise up
lol yea rise up from your chair and find a jobdemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


I did have a job, and doing trade school stuff now. Now then how about you do everyone a solid and go touch grass. Because you need to since you most likely havent bootlicked in a while. You sound just like a porkie who is so burt that the parasites known as landlords are getting hurt. Getting gobbled up by the larger parasites like Black rock and other firms.posadasPosadas


if you have a job where is the problem?
just buy what you need and pay your rent on time, its simple, people are just being lazy, especially teachers right nowdemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1627929698415.gif (3.29 MB, 498x372, images-1.gif)

Citizen, please return to the wage cage, you have not been allowed your 55 second lunch break. 5000 credit points have been deducted from your savings, if you resist you will be sent to the Detroit bitcoin mines.fedFed


haha! excellent, now say something about blacks nextporkyPorky


what is your opinion on the global south? Why are they so underdeveloped?pan-africanismPan-Africanism


Oh joy just sitting in a sever room. Listening to a bunch of bitcoin asic miners doing all the work as I just sit there and do literally nothing but keep the temperature from getting too hot. Whats the MIB going to do come to my house and threaten me to not disclose information about the space comrades?

It wasnt paying nearly enough to support my needs and getting overworked for no increase pay in the construction field was not worth it. Also you really do sound like a right winger with these talkong ppints, those lazy teachers you mentioned. Here in the US cant afford live off their teaching job and such they have to work two oe three sifferent jobs just to make ends meet. So yeah fuck you and your over used talkong points.posadasPosadas


Citizen we've already disclosed all available information on Unidentifiable Flying Objects and extraterrestrials that we had on record. You're not resisting the government are you?fedFed


Yes I am passively resisting until the time is right to do so actively. So guess its time for class unity against unjustified bullying and montozation of violence and channel it against the parasites classcide against the landlords, down with investment firm parasites up with the people.posadasPosadas


>eggplant moratorium is over
>tomatoes start evicting them
Daily reminder: purple gang


if you save money then you will make it
don't rent an expensive place, eat within your means, don't blow your paycheck on toys
heck share a residence with someone if you have todemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1627933408000.png (490.21 KB, 475x792, 4ff.png)

Very good anon


Ancap fag changed his flag to the socdem one, nothing to see here!


Did he lose his tendies?


Don't worry I'm still here, this place isn't a hivemind after allanarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism


its only a hivemind to you when image boards aren't completely filled with rightiods. Are you ass pained with /pol/ being a circlejerk that bans leftists all the time?


File: 1627942537563.jpg (44.47 KB, 400x400, tr_n3Cs0_400x400.jpg)

I don't even go on polanarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism


el salsa?thinkThink



Mommy refused to make them


lol what a coomer, nobody is impressed



The crash begins. NOW


crash cancelled 😂😂😂 buy the dip faggotsanarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism


Robinhood shares soared 65% on Wednesday, reaching $77 per share before trading was halted for volatility.


are u the ancap responding to himself? otherwise why are u responding to blatant bait


omg stocks BOOMIN rn
anyone else got rich off of stocks?anarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism


File: 1628149428364.png (295.32 KB, 2007x1832, 1628149408927.png)

Who /buythedip/ here???



I am also following this chart. And also suddenly everyone is talking about stocks and how they want to invest etc. Peak should be months away max.


Bubbles can go on for a long fucking time before they burst I wouldn't bet on it happening when you think it will.


File: 1628209852958.png (85.8 KB, 1908x869, SPX V moves.png)

Why you always see these V-shape moves in the stock market, or why you shouldn't hold your breath waiting for a long-lasting stock crash

You might already know that trades in the stock market are captured by middlemen known as Market Makers. Market Makers race to complete trades on all sides and profit from the spreads between bids/asks while staying "delta neutral" in regards to the price. In simple terms, Market Makers aim to make money regardless of how the traded asset prices change. To do this, they balance their risk exposure by making the opposite trade: if they buy shares they also sell shares and vice versa.

But shares are not the main commodity in the era of computerized markets, at least when it comes to the S&P 500. If you're not familiar with options contracts, these are contracts that give the buyer the right to buy or sell the underlying asset at a specific strike price before the contract expires. The most important thing to know is that there are two types of options: calls and puts, the right to buy and the right to sell respectively, and that the value of these contracts is time-bound and highly-leveraged, thus extremely volatile.

Market Makers handle option trading just as they handle share trading. In fact, they trade both simultaneously. Market Maker computers stay delta neutral by buying or selling shares in proportion to balance the risk-profile of the option trades they fill. Now there are many combinations of options that can create all sorts of net delta but the principle stays the same just as with the simplest naked calls and puts. Call options have a positive delta, meaning that the price of the call option increases as the price of the underlying increases and vice-versa. Puts have a negative delta with the opposite relation to the underlying price. It is crucial to understand that selling a contract has the opposite delta of buying a contract: negative when selling calls and positive when selling puts. When market makers sell puts they need negative delta to stay neutral and they sell shares of the underlying for this purpose. When market makers buy puts they again stay neutral by buying shares of the underlying. Of course they do the exact opposite for call trades.

The irony behind it all is that the derivatives created for the purpose of hedging have completely taken over and are now the main event. Because options are leveraged, Market Makers have to trade many more shares to balance the millions of options contracts traded every day, and this activity drives sharp swings in the price of the underlying. The money involved in simple share trading is dwarfed by the size of the options market and the resulting market maker activity. Because Market Makers stay neutral and unconcerned with the "real" or imagined value of assets, they don't trade based on PE valuations or technical indicators on price action graphs. Their computers will buy or sell as many shares as they need to balance out option trading activity. Technical analysis and PE ratio comparisons are irrelevant, but it doesn't stop naive people from believing in it like astrology.

Finally, the main point. The main reasons for option trading are hedging and speculation. Companies, institutions, hedge funds, individual porkies all hedge their holdings using options and because options are time-bound they constantly have to roll their positions forward in a never ending cycle of options trading. Options-based hedging is done in lieu of selling holdings of the underlying. In fact, the owner class which collectively owns the market is also the biggest shorter of the markets without having to sell shares or give up their ownership. This means that the owner class collectively does not lose money when a stock market correction happens. Any money lost in share price is transferred into the price of their hedges but these hedges must be closed out quickly because options are time-bound and volatile. This dynamic creates the V cycle you see over and over again. Some piece of news or just a random lurch kicks off rapid buying of put hedges, market makers sell shares as they sell the puts driving the underlying price lower and the price of puts and overall option volatility higher, this creates more opportunistic put buying as everyone rushes to profit from the correction. At some point the trend snaps, the market "bottoms out" but it's not a prolonged flat bottom after a long decline like a textbook bear market. Instead you see a sharp V-shaped spike, a seemingly inexplicable recovery in the market. What is happening in this moment is a mass sell-off in hedges, millions of puts that have multiplied in value are now quickly sold-off before they become worthless as the expectation of a further drop evaporates. All this activity is again filled by market makers that must buy shares of the underlying to balance the negative delta in the hedges they are buying. The price of the underlying rockets back up nearly as quickly as it fell and the price of the hedges collapses as everyone rushes to cash out. The cashed out hedges will be used to repeat the cycle or slowly averaged into increasing their ownership of the underlying. These trades are completely algorithmic and there is no real "fear" involved but plenty of greed as everyone involved is ultimately concerned with maximizing their share of the money being shuffled around.

For the SPX and SPY there are 3 option expiry dates a week and millions of options contracts are bought and sold everyday, creating a fractal V pattern in the price of the underlying. There are daily small Vs on the minute-to-minute time-frame and larger Vs that take shape over the course of a week or a month. Multiple small Vs within large Vs creating Ws. Larger Vs come around every few years and there is always the risk of a black-swan event like covid creating a hole big enough to see from space, but a V-shaped hole nonetheless. The overall shape and market dynamic behind them is invariable. Everyone thinks stocks are overpriced but nobody wants to sell their stocks and give up ownership, especially when the FED guarantees liquidity for financial corporations keeping the game running, or when other assets like bonds and real-estate are also at bubble levels. When everything is in a bubble, nothing is. Rich people have to put their money somewhere and they already have more cash and bond reserves than they know what to do with.

TL;DR stonks go up


Here's an article explaining how options work if you don't already know.


Do rich people really struggle to find places to park their money? And what does "bond reserves" mean?


File: 1628255304095.png (3.12 KB, 220x26, ClipboardImage.png)

This whole thing is a scam but I've started playing with options. This is probably a sign that the bubble is about to pop.


Go short and you will regret itanarcho-capitalismAnarcho-Capitalism


Great post. You know your shit!
t. worked on Forex software for banks


>When everything is in a bubble, nothing is.
Lol, when everything is in a bubble than everything is in a bubble.


The stock market is just a visual display of the penetration positions the orgy of financial speculators are trying out at the moment, it doesn't represent the real blood of the economy, it isn't even connected to reality anymore.

The crash will come, it is literally inevitablepan-africanismPan-Africanism


Is it true that financial services are based on a ton of old technology, that itself is based on even older technology, because shutting systems down for improvement would have been really costly?


In other words: The stock market literally cannot lie flat or stagnate for a longer time hence no depression? Isn't that basically a giant scam to get money from retail investors?


Billionaires are not in a shortage of money. There is a struggle to get yield with that money and there is a struggle to protect wealth, and these two are really related since you can think of the first as a struggle to protect against inflation. If you're managing billions of dollars you might think the safest thing to do is to not buy anything at all, that way you don't lose any money if the market crashes, but if you do that while other billionaires keep buying assets you will be left behind and even if the market crashes it won't fall far enough for your decision to stay out to be worth it. If you only look at valuations, the stock market seems exuberant but if you look at how money is allocated, most of it is not in the stock market. The allocation to stocks is conservative. The majority of wealth is sitting in cash or US bonds despite low or negative yields and inflation risk. If there is a black tuesday style crash then there is an ensuing rush to buy up assets at firesale prices.

>The crash will come, it is literally inevitable
Market crashes are inevitable, there was one last year, and here we are. We need eviction moratoriums to keep Americans from going homeless and the stock market is at record highs. The disconnect is real and it's not going to change until the whole system changes. The wealth world can keep playing their money shuffling games while the rest of us freeze to death with no power or OD on opioids or die of covid-29 or whatever. They won't care.

Anything can happen. It's a matter of knowing what conditions are necessary in order to create a certain outcome. In a sense, the stock market is flat relative to the wealth of the people that own it, and it's only their wealth relative the people that own nothing that is growing. Everything sold to retail is a scam. Robinhood makes it's money from selling retail traders' order flow to firms who make their business from exploiting them.


So its all a baseless gambling games spectacle?


Always has been, the mask slipping now is a sign of complacency


Are we to a point where we could be literally falling into a real depression, while line only continues up? Did they actually use this computer trading apparatus to remove the sight of seeing the boom/bust nature of the business cycle?


File: 1628383726463.jpg (83.38 KB, 1080x1043, leftypol-5.jpg)

>Are we to a point where we could be literally falling into a real depression, while line only continues up?
Even if the answer is not now, that doesn't mean it'll never happen. It's inevitable, it's cyclical
>Did they actually use this computer trading apparatus to remove the sight of seeing the boom/bust nature of the business cycle?
Why not, it's how the rich get richer. If no one has a fucking clue as to what the economics of their country is, no one questions the system no matter how broken. People have become mentally weak and unwilling to fight, to be born unprivileged in this world, is tantamount to being Sisyphus.



You forgot to add
When It Comes to Stopping Evictions, Suddenly the “Rule of Law” Matters
<The rules in Washington are simple: there can be little to no restrictions on the president’s ability to bomb and brutalize foreigners. But when it comes to stopping mass evictions, executive power must be strictly restrained.
<Washington, DC, is a place where those in power carry out illegal and unconstitutional acts so blithely and regularly, it’s barely even remarked upon. So it’s always instructive when observers of goings-on in the capital suddenly perk up, notice, and sound the alarm.
<In this case, Joe Biden’s reluctant extension of the recently expired moratorium has prompted a series of rebukes from right-wing and centrist press outlets who fear it may mean the demise of the rule of law as we know it. The Bulwark — essentially the now-defunct Weekly Standard, but rebranded as an “anti-Trump” conservative outlet aimed at liberals — warned the measure was a “Trumpian instance of norm-busting” that undermines Congress and “atrophies our self-governing muscles,” with its cofounder declaring that “Biden just undermined the rule of law.” Likewise, the right-wing National Review urged Republicans to “shut down the Senate” to “defend the Constitution” from “Biden’s brazen abuse of his constitutional oath”; elsewhere, it called on all Americans, including landlords, collection agencies, and the police, to simply ignore the “illegal mirage.” After all, “this is a country built atop an aversion to illegitimate power.”


It's been "about to pop" for more than a year already. These cunting motherfuckers figured out cooperation, and we've been blueballed ever since. This is what international solidarity and cooperation looks like. Meanwhile, we routinely have to deal with dumbfucks asking "but why do black people have to get stuff, too?"tankieTankie


File: 1628722542354.jpg (12.35 KB, 400x400, 2be.jpg)

I told my brother about Nick Land and his recent dive into cryptocurrency and philosophy, coupled with some cheap meme knowledge of stock marketing, he has somehow convinced himself that I'm knowledgeable on stocks and gave me 5 fucking k to invest in something. Help me out bros


Gold is a safe stock that's only going up, so is silver. Plus you can actually get the physical coins themselves so that's a bonus


put it in a ETF tied to the SP500


Thanks, do you have any recommendations?


Sorry, had to take a little break from leftypol. To answer your question, yes. The software I worked on was no where near the insane 40 year old COBOL codebases you hear about, but it was definitely janky, outdated, and ad-hoc as fuck.

There was an enormous amount of "lore" about the codebase (i.e. completely arbitrary decisions made long ago that have massive ramifications throughout the code) that had to be taught to all new devs. However, it was so massive that a new dev couldn't teach another new dev, so it always had to be the most knowledgeable and productive seniors that had to mentor the babies.

In the 2 years I worked there, I added fault tolerance to the server component of the software, which won our firm a multimillion dollar contract with a Singaporean bank. I made the company millions and was showered with "praise". You could say that was my first, visceral taste of exploitation.

Right as I was beginning to go insane from the unfulfilling nature of the job, the company fired one of the 2 original founding devs of the company (because she was remote and they didn't want to deal with it) and the other founder just retired. I smelled a sinking ship, quit, and took 2 years off with my savings to fail at amateur game dev. When I told my boss I was quitting the fucking porky almost cried because I was such a cash cow and by far the biggest morale booster on the team, and upper management called me begging me to stay. When I declined they offered me a management position, LOL (I was 24).

I have essentially erased most of my memories from that time, but it's kinda nice to revisit it after so many years. Anyway that's my blog post.


Could they sue you for damages if you intentionally but secretly sabotaged their whole operations?


So did everyone check this one out yet?


From the blog linked on the homepage of this website


>do you have any recommendations?
vanguard has one, just look up the name for it


Of course but how on earth would they be able to prove my intentions? I would have had to brag about it on some social media with my real name attached or something lol.

Besides, upper management, with their total lack of understanding of computers or technology, was already sabotaging the operation on the daily. Imagine having people who don't know what "technical debt" means in charge codebase that has been growing for 20 years.


open roth IRA on vanguard, unless you're a NEET. keep your W2s on file


Very important close this week. If we manage to close above the 20week the mini bear market is most likely over.


Textbook return to normal. Going back to 6k.


Booze money.


Screencapped. Can't wait to see you cry when it breaks ATH.



You gotta wonder how shit like this even happens. It really does boil down to some guys saying "fuck it" when it comes to potential future problems way in the beginning doesn't it?


It will return to normal every single time from now. Except that one time when it doesn't



The price to ship a 40 ft container from Shanghai to LA has jumped to 6x the price it was a year ago.


I’m thinking we might be at a top for SPX. A lot of people seem spooked by the fed minutes, and fed policy is the only thing keeping the markets up.


Did they say the money faucet is gonna turn off?
Between that and Afghanistan it seems like Biden's the "ripping the band-aid" off president in terms of doing what is needed to preserve the empire.



Sorry, had to take a little break from leftypol. To answer your question, yes. The faucet I pissed on was no where near the insane 40 year old village SHITTER you hear about, but it was definitely janky, outdated, and ad-hoc as fuck.


They didn’t say the faucet is being turned off, but they sort of talked about the possibility of the faucet eventually being turned off later this year. Also notable that RUT is at support that’s been holding for half a year. If it breaks down, then yeah the SPX probably has reached its money faucet peak.


feels like biden is failing on purpose so people vote Republican in 2024


It's possible that the Afghan war was ended in order to divert those funds elsewhere.


Its almost like we have 1 party and the dems only exist to stop and co-opt the left. Its almost as if Democrats don't wanna win and prefer to be in a constant state of "well we would but those hecken GOP fags are in the way". Almost as if right anon?


Chinese stock market is crashing absolutely fabulously because it is being made clear that business is not in the driver’s seat.


Who else is planning to buy Put Options on the SPY?


I’m gonna buy calls. The most reliable indicator I’ve seen just flashed a buy signal (squeezemetrics).


Explain like I've never heard of China.


so is this thread just /biz/ for leftists with cash to burn?


It's amazing how western leftists still insist that China is capitalist after all that happened past 2 years. The drastic difference from the "usual capitalism" is apparent, and yet to them it's "a bit of social democracy". As if Norway or Sweden have done anything of this scale EVER. They really do think that capitalism is when there's any state/oppression at all, don't they?


To put it as simply as possible, China went through a period called Reform and Opening-Up in the 80s and 90s which involved various forms of liberalization of their economy, including inviting foreign investors. The Chinese stock market is suffering because the Chinese government, particularly recently under Xi Jinping, has regulated the economy with a heavy hand, putting public interest before the interest of some stock holders and private interest, which in turn scares away some investors because they are worried about what they might call a business-unfriendly environment.



File: 1629538779969.jpeg (139.04 KB, 1024x681, TTE86wc.jpeg)

It doesn't "feel" like it to them, and until it does then China's totally beholden to capital and the project has failed.
China's way of progressing a socialist agenda is one that's detached from you and me. Their current global plan is to develop the world economy and in turn raise wages from that development to fundamentally cripple capital. That development of capital is going to cause alienation, and while it's probably the "best" option compared to more overt support for revolution like the USSR in terms of achieving that goal, it's kinda hard not to get pissed. Like, you just have to trust that these people who claim to be your comrades, who support Israel and willingly undercut your parent's wages in agreement with porky are going to come through in the end.
I say this as someone who's pretty sure they will. My appreciation for the Chinese project only came after a ton of reading and a series of learning and readjusting what I thought to be political fact that was about on par with my first introduction to the left. If you've moved beyond "Socialism is when the government does things" and "The state is a good thing we should have", but haven't gone further (especially with zero historical context), China's gonna suck.
Like, the liberalization in the "big tech" field sounds like a betrayal. And then when you see shit like >>453996 and the reforms happen, along with the party's discipline, suddenly it's not absolute doom.


that would be hilarious I hope it happens right around Black Friday and Xmas shopping time


norway has fully nationalized oil lol


Better managed capitalism is still capitalism.


No we don't, much of our resources and infrastructure have been privatised.


China has government-run oil companies that are run like hospitals, as in they have plans to fulfill, and profits don't matter. Norway has a "state corporation" that's profit-oriented, and they subcontract everything away anyway, unlike China, where state companies just do tasks by themselves and not through "public-private partnerships".


China doesn't just have nationalized oil. All natural resources and all "utilities" (power grid, etc.) are nationalized. Capitalist countries tend to have some of these nationalized, but it's rare to have everything kept state-owned AND on top of that most of major industry is also nationalized including construction. Commercial banking is entirely state-owned, which is totally unseen in the West, even to a moderate extent. No socdem country has ever come close to the level of state control China currently has. Whatever term fits the Chinese economy the best, it's not fucking social democracy. Don't get me started on the fact that European social democracy was built on the relatively high rate of profit the world had back then and on imperialist superprofits while China is one of those countries buttfucked by imperialism and was able to develop in spite of that. If you look at any chart detailing China's economic development since reform and opening up, it's clear that what the CPC has been doing is objectively 4D chess in which the West is getting more and more close to defeat.


Can "just in time" production methods survive these price increases? It only works because transport was hyper-cheap from fuel being super-subsidized. Btw Adam Tooze is great, his substack is phenomenal, even if not a marxist.


I don't know if you all picked up on this since I dropped out of this general last year. But the labor shortage is going to be exacerbated as companies mandate vaccines for their employees more. A not insignificant percentage will rather be fired.


In China - yes. Capitalists, however, are going to bet against common good and sink the ship even faster. "Just in time" production is the most efficient, kind of, you just need to properly manage weird angles and bottlenecks, and capitalism is struggling real bad with those two


Is this really true? Will people put ideology before their basic material interests? I'm quite baffled by the resistance to the vaccine, but it cannot be just denied or waved away.

Oh no I get it's efficient, I'm just uncertain if it would continue to be viable; I do doubt the transport prices will stay up like this, but if they do, I can hardly imagine that companies will be able to continue operations with trans-pacific supply chains; it would be too costly, perhaps to the point of making their commodities too expensive and irrevocably fucking up their bottom line.


It will be viable in China's BRI, not so much in the rest of the world.


Will the Fed really end asset purchases in Q1 2022, as has been reported, or will they replace this program with something else? Are they really just going to let the economy finally collapse, assuming ending the asset purchase program will do this?


I closed out my SPY calls earlier this week because the most reliable indicator I’ve seen (DIX put out by Squeezemetrics) started flashing a sell signal. This last week the guy running their Twitter account also gave a glimpse at a newer product they offer to their super premium subscribers that is also indicating we could see a sell off similar to the 2018 Volmageddon over the next month. This is due to a collapse in put buying over the past couple weeks, and I’m also hearing from a different source that people are piling in short VIX positions again. The result will likely be heavy volatility if the market dips as people who are off sides rush to hedge their positions all at once.

I’m now long UVXY and VXX calls.

Of course SPX could just rip even higher, but apparently that is a less likely scenario based off historical options data.

Just a little tip to my comrades who enjoy this form of gambling.


>This is due to a collapse in put buying over the past couple weeks
I though people bought puts when they thought it will be bearish soon because puts make money faster than just shorting stocks? Or is my understanding off? Do people use puts mostly as a hedge? In that case, that doesn't make sense because they do make more money than even leveraged shorts, right?
Also, why both UVXY and VXX if they're essentially the same? I agree though that there will be a fair dip very soon (certainly next week), however I also noticed that making index ETF puts (even ones with fairly low risk, like ones that are a bit in the money) is more profitable. UVXY/VXX are better for stocks because of the percent gain however their options have less % gain per % moved in the ETF than do SPY/QQQ/DIA puts.


How is the DIX indicator reliable? They don't even say how they calculate anything on their website. I want the market to crash too, but JPow has said they're not turning off the money printer so market isn't going anywhere big soon. Probably a small dip because the earnings season is done and hedgies drop the prices for next quarter's pump and dump. Historically though sep and oct are usually red months for the market, so hopefully we see a crash, but since the money printer hasnt turned off and all I'm seeing is institutions pumping stocks still, Im guessing it won't happen yet. Maybe sometime next year is what im expecting.


I doubt they can stop the purchases. They need the money printer or the upcoming crash will be worse than the depression. They're hoping the economy recovers faster than inflation at this point. Even the fed porkies have stated that inflation is not coming down soon, but they're not stopping the printer (more likely can't because the market will get rekt). Basically they're letting wall st free reign to pump dollars and inflate it into oblivion. Of course porkies will make money faster than inflation, everyone else will get rekt when the market crashes.



Do I have a few days to sell all my rare pepes and get out of crypto?



They need the money printer but inflation might be getting out of hand…


For me, I started to rethink my assumptions about socialism when I started dipping into both Marx and socialist history, and then Xi gave a speech a few years ago on Marx's birthday when I first started to paying attention this stuff. And my reaction was like, wtf. Like… there's Bernie… and then there's Xi talking about Karl Marx. What's going on here?

And I have a knack for hunting down Chinese propaganda videos that are made for internal consumption – and I hope everyone enjoys me posting them – but I would watch this stuff and think: okay there's no fucking way this is a capitalist regime as most westerners would understand it. It just didn't make sense to me that they would show their people this stuff if they were a normal capitalist state. Meanwhile, they've been downplaying this stuff for external audiences (although they're getting bolder), which is the opposite of what some socialists in the west were saying they're doing: trying to trick us into thinking they're socialists when they're not. If that's true, they haven't put much effort into it.

I think the culture is different, too. Talk is cheap and vulgar. Like, blah blah blah and yada yada. Or… I don't think I've ever been asked at a Chinese restaurant if I "like the food" or not. They're more like: if you don't like the food, just don't eat here. It's funny. I think Chinese culture prefers to show, not tell, or they let the results speak for themselves. Burger culture is like the opposite: we're a bunch of used car salesmen and the culture elevates being a good talker and politicians are praised on how they speak or what promises they make rather than what they actually deliver. It's like that in business world, too, and Burger education is perhaps more than anything about training people to be able to speak properly according to the culture of the professional class. "The interview" is everything. Which must be a nightmare for introverted people.

I know that aesthetics and propaganda is dangerous and is not a Marxist way of drawing conclusions, but it's just how I started thinking about it. But then I started reading Monthly Review articles about China and how extensive the state is in the economy, and also how they think of Marxism, what they think socialism is, and so forth. That also made me rethink what the left is in the world, and what is significant and what isn't – a lot of political debates in the west just seem like humbug at some level compared to the consequences of hundreds of millions of Chinese being proletarianized.


>>478341 (me)
The other thing on this, real fast, is that I'm watching that woman sing about meeting under the red flag and the Communist Party of China is saying Marx = good. See, I'm kind of a dummy about this stuff. But I think: okay these guys are a bunch of communists. It's kinda obvious if you think about it for a second. And if present trends continue, their economy's share of global GDP is going to double the United States by 2030. That's less than 10 years.

That's fucking crazy.

From my perspective, anyhow. That's not "supposed" to be possible. So what is to be done? Probably not form a cargo cult, at least not quite yet. It's an interesting time to be alive anyways – while it lasts. There's no telling how the American ruling class in all their wisdom is going to handle it. So far, not well.


>"The interview" is everything. Which must be a nightmare for introverted people.
I'm not even American but that shit is a nightmare.


Of course, you shouldn't romanticize Chinese culture either. There are countless videos of people, including toddlers, who get hit by vehicles in China and everyone just passes by nonchalantly leaving them to die on the street.


Cripto is crashing on coibase/SEC FUD ….


File: 1631086819881.png (104.08 KB, 1415x575, ClipboardImage.png)



Apple taking an L today.


Still holding my game stonks. If this makes me rich, what form of advertising should the communist party invest in first? Radio? Billboards? Internet?


Twitch shoutouts


There are bad people in every single country, are you somehow implying that china should be the exception?

Also this >>482269


>I think Chinese culture prefers to show, not tell

There was a very interesting tweet that is posted here sometimes, something like "Being married to a chinese women taught me a lot about the chinese people, my wife hates when I say that I love her, because in chinese culture your words doesn't mean anything, if you love someone you demonstrate it with deeds and actions not words and when you say that you "love" someone it seems that you're tricking people into believing you."

This is contrary to western culture where the words are everything, you can treat someone like shit but if you say that you love them they may still believe you, I find it a very interesting comparison, the west just can't understand china.


two more weeks


Until what?


Bumping again. Might get funny soon


you idiots have been saying this shit for the last 3 years


Not a regular here. And i mean porky is saying it not me


The supply chain panic is a newer phenomenon


Did something happen? Another Evergiven? It's not even the Christmas rush yet.


I hope the editbros are watching in order to screenshot and make a video.


File: 1631584945780.png (1.81 MB, 1024x682, ClipboardImage.png)

What's going on with Evergrande? Will it actually cause a default epidemic throughout China? If so, could said defaults spread globally?


S&P 500 is up. Highly doubt investing banks sent out a bunch of emails saying markets are gonna crash and the markets went up anyway.


Yeah that was a pretty good effortpost. The only caveat is that if certain companies actually go bankrupt (on the order of uber or some other garbage companies relying on continuous investment), then there can be conditions for a market crash, simply because capital is being wiped out + chain reaction of panic. Long run though, line will just go right back up (See 2008)


File: 1631593532590.jpg (132.88 KB, 474x653, bane lenin.jpg)

I just realized something, it would be actually better if the market continues to show positive results even when things are collapsing IRL. Think about it for a second: what would radicalize the working class more against capitalism? Them seeing their living situation suddenly becoming even more disastrous while the economy seemingly appears to be working fine, or the same thing happening alongside a collapse that the media can frame as just another unfortunate accident that we have to endure for the greater good? If you ask me I'd choose the former.

It's GOOD that the stock market has become entirely divorced from reality as it actually exposes this circus of an economic system for what it truly is.


In the long run, I either retire with a modest 401k and pension or I retire in global communism. Either way, I win.


What makes you think you won't retire in global neo-feudalism in case of a market crash instead?


Probably his federally insured pension and some kind of social security? Maybe the historical trend of the line always going up? If all three fail and we're not doing a socialism by then this board is a waste of time


Because neo feudalism is a meme and the production forces have moved pasted the need for serfs and kingdoms. You do know feudalism requires a leader to actually protect his people of his land, what makes you think we are returning to those conditions in a new way?


File: 1631653606031.png (55.56 KB, 384x514, ClipboardImage.png)


China can nationalize and plow forward. This isnt the crisis trigger.


Wrong we need a collapse for another occupy. A out in the open collapse, that isn't thrown under the rug as if nothing is happening. Your intentions are wholesome but the results will be a prole that lured into thinking, "we'll stuff is bad for me and my community but the economy is buzzing guess its just us"


this, i fucking miss them


Glad I didn't buy a house this year.


>western analysts think china is gonna collapse imminently!
literally the exact same thing they've said every year with obvious incentives to do so.


A burble housing company bursting? good riddance from housing speculators.



Arent they going to save themselves like the west did?


Archiving the thread :^)


Either I'm right and western analcysts are once again being fags about China or I'm wrong and capitalism implodes, no wrong answer


It seems to be a good test for China. It's going to be a managed collapse of Evergrande, and the CPC gets to dictate the rules and methodology. If it works out, it will be the ultimate repudiation of the US where the federal government capitulated to Wall Street in 2008.



Yeah, this is how I also see it.But there are stuff like this showing that the government cant control everything.

https://archive.is/CbyeR (maybe its not that important)


The Chinese are the ones that saved the west in 2008, finance capital in the west might not have the ability to save China


Prole will be looking at the insanity happening in the media, complete dissonance from the situation on the streets, and become more entrenched in his thinking that the elites don't care about the people. As such, less interest in voting, more interest in organizing on the ground.


Neo-feudalism is concept that elites become more entrenched under capitalism as the time goes on, and workers get increasingly poorer. Specialists don't get enough replacements, so they get "attached" to the "land" they work, and they become more like machines than people law-wise. In essense, it's an analysis that cuts a part of capitalism away, calls it neo-feudalism, and ignores conditions and contradictions which spawned this shit.



It's happening


>Because neo feudalism is a meme and the production forces have moved pasted the need for serfs and kingdoms.
That's why it is called neo feudalism, not feudalism, dear retarded UFOposter.


>Giant landlord company
Dengoids in shambles. Let it all burn.


what is the simp thing that works. holding SPY? I don't want to care every day


Is the economy collapsing yet?


Were kinda both right in our own ways.


Is it just me or is the DOW actually stagnating? Look at the 1 month chart


If NATO goes to war against china the global economy will collapse in minutes.

What Lenin said about there are weeks where decades happen remains true.


If NATO goes to war against China, humanity is done


>humanity is done
>>North Sentinel Island totally unaffected
>>Amazonian tribes only affected insomuch as logging decreases

A NATO-China war can only be ruinous for NATO countries. If they win, their productive base is destroyed and the rate of profit will sharply decline as well as there being massive shortages. I doubt that US allies would even fight, NATO or not, because all of the EU is also dependent China to get all their mass-produced commodities.
A Chinese victory would be a victory for the type of governance we see in China, call it what you like, and I would expect most countries would pivot towards adopting that kind of strong government involvement in business.

But more than likely it would just be a forever war in the pacific ocean, far enough away to put either country in harm's way.


Came here for the Evergrande news. Looks like it will be a lehman bros type situation and Chinas biggest real estate developer is stiffing their investors because they took on too much credit they cant pay back now. Blackrock also holds a big chunk of their debt. If they default hopefully it will start the next market crash already


Real estate sales have been slowing in china for the past two months, if they default on their 300billion debt it could cause a domino effect. Chinas central bank moved 14billion anticipating a liquidity crisis. They’re going to default sept 20. Based retard dengoid porkies collapsing the market.

>Analyst Jeffrey Halley of broker Oanda even suggested that, if Evergrande collapses, it could have knock-on effects on central banks as they consider slowing their Covid-19 pandemic-era programs of monthly asset purchases, which add liquidity to markets.

> Avcollapse by Evergrande might be enough to even stay the Fed’s hand, such are the wider shock waves it would cause,” Halley said, noting that he continues to believe “that China will engineer some sort of bailout with the mother of all debt/equity swaps occurring.”

>Most analysts agree that concerns over Evergrande, as well as the recent broad regulatory crackdown on companies by Beijing, will keep Chinese stocks depressed. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index has fallen 3.7% over the past month, while the S&P 500 index has climbed 0.6%.


I dont know how likely a collapse is but I can smell something burning in the air


>It really does boil down to some guys saying "fuck it" when it comes to potential future problems way in the beginning doesn't it?
The detail is that the guy says "fuck it" because he has to meet a deadline. So "fuck it"s are inevitable.


File: 1632095094083.png (100.88 KB, 677x901, jrii99czjjo71.png)

Anyone know if this is legit?

Futures for global markets as of half an hour ago.


Surprisingly the Chinese are doing well currently, I wouldn't read too much into it… yet.


How do we know they're doing well? Aren't their markets closed for the next two days for the Mid Autumn Festival?


Here: https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/index/SHCOMP?countrycode=cn

Compare the Asian markets with the US ones.


Dengists on suicide watch


Hourly and daily fluctuations are too short-term to determine any major reversals in market directions.

A weekly strong sell signal may indicate a medium-term market fluctuation downwards, while a monthly strong sell signal is big news and will probably result in a major downward trend.


So that monthly strong sell on Hang Seng is pretty significant?


Japan market opens in 15m. China 1h15. US futures barely down.


China markets don't open until 22/09


Some of you guys are alright, stay out of the stock market for the next month


File: 1632102626239.jpg (81.02 KB, 750x1334, is9223esako71.jpg)



thread theme


We don't know till it happens. Remember when the yield curve inverted and nothing fucking happened? Could be another one of those, could be legit.


File: 1632103252145.jpg (12.73 KB, 310x208, 1353439380821.jpg)

>A NATO-China war can only be ruinous for NATO countries.
Overaccumulation of capital makes its destruction beneficial to restoring profitability, especially if you take our comptetitors the old-fashioned way.

New Dealers and SuccDems fell for their own hype - WW2 was the real reason the Depression ended.


File: 1632103559627.png (57.22 KB, 179x614, imagine.PNG)



File: 1632108014026.jpg (59.85 KB, 1250x731, Capture.JPG)

Hang Seng down 4%


You're correct but that very move is also a huge gamble if your country ends up losing, you might end up being fully expropriated and your capital destroyes like the Japanese landlords Revolutionary Cuba by contrast was much more genorous with compensation during it's land reform than what the US carried out in Japan.


>5 years is now oldfag


File: 1632120318751.png (1.71 MB, 767x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

Is it finally happening?


Not with nukes in the game. Either the US will own the world, or it won't be at all. You should've known that ever since kulaks burned their grain.


Saw the evergrande situation, it's been a year, but I'm back. Brainposters. Are they collateralised?


china has enough power to prevent a major happening



This. If a blitzkrieg revolution won't happen in America, which would prevent pushing the button, the Americans will simply nuke the whole world before going out of business.



State collateralised Zaitech works. Everyone floods their economy with COVID money. Welcome to the 20's. Japanese bubble economy everywhere. Personally I can't wait for the parties.






Futures looking nice and Red


Could this, dare I say it, be the big one boys?


Very possibly looks to be related to the Chinese housing market. Some firms there have dropped 90% and were halted I'm not sure what effect this will have on U.S. markets and the rest of the world.


Firesale time boys.



File: 1632157415860.jpg (38.43 KB, 781x298, 12313.jpg)

It keeps falling are we -1000 today?


File: 1632159796323.png (232.23 KB, 485x603, y8302ra84hn61.png)

Dow is also suffering from Triple Witching when many kinds of contracts expire at once. This deflates the market.
Combine this with the Repleblican shitfit as per spec, made to order every October when the budget is due, the $3.5Trillion bill that has real organic nationwide support, and the unemployment pikers pulling their money en masse, I'm not surprised by a downturn.

The real story is the $3.5T reconciliation bill has real backing and organic support from >87% of West Virginia, and 67% of the country generally.
Unemployment help is also cut off last week so a lot of money from pikers just got pulled from the market to pay bills.

Succdemms are trying to vote away the power of the upper class after a military failure now revealed to be a long hard grift of the world's capital and lives.
It is economically more beneficial to be generous rather than miserly, as is being demonstrated in real time. If peaceful revolution were possible, these are the ripe conditions and the wealthy don't like it.


It's all RED across the board fellas. Let's gooooo


File: 1632165052199.jpg (252.25 KB, 1200x1200, gettyimages-2696225.jpg)

Guys is it finally HAPOONING?


dubs and it's officially happening


I mean, if US wants to go to war with China, and lets the market crash to blame the Depression with are already a year in on China, it's a good opportunity.


A single day of slight drops across the markets is a nothingburger. Until it starts trending downwards for weeks or months at a time, it's not enough of a change for professional porky investors to panic sell and truly effect the market as a whole.


1.7% is more than a slight drop but ya this isn't a huge deal.


>tfw my portfolio was hit but not as bad as the rest of the market

Hold the line, fellow porky LARPers.


>Until it starts trending downwards for weeks or months at a time, it's not enough of a change for professional porky investors to panic sell and truly effect the market as a whole.
Lets hope this does


>chad bear vs virgin bull
>likes the color red and is not scared of banging his girl on her period
>invests with the hope that the market crashes
>is energized by bad news
>doesn’t buy dips, but creates them
>comes out of hibernation and wrecks bulls completely



well there has been a slight downward trend for a few weeks


File: 1632178705801.png (4.12 KB, 526x56, ClipboardImage.png)

pls go back up.


File: 1632183152886.png (150.79 KB, 700x700, ClipboardImage.png)


Sell right damn now you faggot, what are you waiting for?


>Sell right damn now you faggot, what are you waiting for?
Yes Anon, sell low, buy high. You'll be rich in no time.


dubs and the west falls


what is the soy strategy for when the market starts rising again


"market detached from reality" :p


Bros the free market is back up again… were all gonna make it


Back in the green and will be for the rest of the week, hope everyone bought yesterday


FOMC post-meeting announcements happening shortly.


File: 1632334661289.jpg (33.9 KB, 597x680, 1628154168463-1.jpg)

<Activity in /crisis/
Ok fellas, what kind of nothingburger do we have today?


Also thread is used for general market discussion. Today's fed meeting was pretty important…


File: 1632478107802.jpg (163.6 KB, 1080x1451, IMG_20210924_120543.jpg)

BREAKING: China’s central bank says all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal
>BREAKING: China’s central bank says all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal
BREAKING: China’s central bank says all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal
>BREAKING: China’s central bank says all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal
BREAKING: China’s central bank says all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal
>BREAKING: China’s central bank says all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal
BREAKING: China’s central bank says all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal
>BREAKING: China’s central bank says all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal
BREAKING: China’s central bank says all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal
>BREAKING: China’s central bank says all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal
BREAKING: China’s central bank says all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal
>BREAKING: China’s central bank says all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal
BREAKING: China’s central bank says all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal
>BREAKING: China’s central bank says all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal
BREAKING: China’s central bank says all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal
>BREAKING: China’s central bank says all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal


File: 1632478482663-0.jpg (164.97 KB, 1080x1552, IMG_20210924_121407.jpg)

File: 1632478482663-1.jpg (38.72 KB, 600x603, Oh_My_Sides!.jpg)





>Crypto is now illegal in China


File: 1632481165324.jpg (134.08 KB, 1080x1358, IMG_20210924_125850.jpg)



>China bans crypto for the 1000th time
>not buying the dip

>China bans VPNs for the 10000th time

>Every third Chinese still uses a VPN

>China bans prostitution for the 100000th time

>There are hookers in every corner and pornographers based in China all over Instagram, Twitter et al.


File: 1632484106641.png (77.97 KB, 964x910, ClipboardImage.png)

according to /biz/, the crash has to do with this document but nobody can translate it
They also mention that the date is wrong



File: 1632484190508.png (129.58 KB, 905x726, ClipboardImage.png)

the "dip"
wtf with ADA?


File: 1632484594978.png (246.18 KB, 359x291, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1632486979681.jpg (137.63 KB, 1075x1411, IMG_20210924_143534.jpg)



Was this a funny joke or are you really this crazy naive?


>it has been flat like this for 2 days
What could this possibly mean?


Man I love capitalism, nothing is better than having a chance for my investments to go kaputt and to face financial ruin all because some random housing company in China is going to default on its debts.

Goddamnit bros, I'm pretty stressed because if we have another 1929/2008 then I'm fucked; I have a lot of my money in the market right now. At least I'm not in crypto…though I still am thinking of buying the Ethereum dip…


You don't want the whole world at the whims of a slot machine lever? damn commie makes autistic ancap noises


boo hoo just take your money out of the market then

how do you get the font to be big and red like those other posters


buy something moe stable like war bonds


[double equal signs](text goes here)[double equal signs]



>Investing on shit while fully knowing that crisis in capitalism are not only common, but guaranteed to happen.


pretty sure formatting is covered in the FAQ as well


Just hold them through the crash and you'll be fine in the long term.



How high is this on the DEFCON scale of happenings?


Debt ceiling shit is absolutely a nothingburger. The worst that happens is that the working class gets fucked for a couple of months. Food stamps getting dealt out, parks close, every part of the goverment that's directly responsible for putting the boot on your throat is untouched.
Anyone expecting this to be a critical blow to the empire is way too optimistic.


People not getting paid, surely that can't go bad. Surely you can't use this opportunity to organize, neither should you.



Debt ceiling is not the same as govenment shutdown. You're confusing things.

US government defaulting on its obligations for any sizeable period of time would be a DEFCON 2 situation in terms of global crises, as it would tank the credit rating of the US, demolish the stock market, send interest rates cripplingly high. At the least (congress manages to pass a bill just overdue), it would mean people don't get their social security checks or VA checks on time.

Debt ceiling is basically not going to happen though, because it would mean capital shooting itself in the head and blowing its brains out. It's a nothingburger only in the sense that it won't happen, not in the sense that it wouldn't be at the very least a noticeable crisis.


Thank you for the correction, that was very well explained.


File: 1632787819240.png (48.2 KB, 575x581, .png)

You guys know the "labor shortage" that porky is worries about? Its gonna last forever.


File: 1632794746177.png (124.54 KB, 344x342, 1611872069441.png)

I wouldn't put it past some anons to be this smoothed brain


File: 1632795042312.jpg (79.76 KB, 539x372, k-1.jpg)

Should have invested in precious metals and cannabis


File: 1632838462680.png (52.2 KB, 1253x458, ihatewindows.PNG)

is it hoopening?


Something happens every single day


inshallah. who knows. thinks are looking worse every day, but that's not new.

gas prices, oil prices soaring. supply lines disintegrating. fed fud running low. government shutdown on the horizon, again.

but again, nothing new.

this is a fun read, too small brain to know the validity myself.



I know what this thread is for, I've been here for years (ignoring the multiple board splits).


File: 1632852154144.jpg (209.12 KB, 1200x798, 11.2.19_pod.jpg)

Gold gang wins again 😎


File: 1632854178951.gif (1.7 MB, 320x294, 1602404575921.gif)



Buy spy puts

Buy VXX calls

No hedging your bets, no iron (more like rusty) condor

Big bear time.


Sorry punk, office called in and said tomorrow's scheduled to be a green day. October forecasted to end p. green too


Made 2.5k and sold today, stay mad


that capital gains tax though




>that capital gains tax though

Better than income tax.

Why do people do this? Say the goddamn percentage assholes. We have no idea what you're working with.


fuck I need to find a job before the global economy crashes


>boo hoo just take your money out of the market then
This, what the fuck. It's as easy as a few clicks.


>fuck I need to find a job before the global economy crashes

How's that going to help? If the job market gets bad they'll just lay you off when that happens.



It happens every few years though. What will make this govt shutdown special and create a uprising?

most government employees are blacks who voted biden and whites who voted for trump. very few could be organized and its foolish to say one guy could do anything. He is a nothing.


32% gains. I don't let myself play around too much with ooptions


Just join your local left org and/or become a construction worker, that way it will help you survive in this and that world of capitalism.

when the revolution comes, more jobs for everyone, and the world has scandinavia quality QOL


File: 1632891115446.png (131.47 KB, 1511x759, ClipboardImage.png)

if you have cash on hand you can buy at a discount


Have a lot of cash. Where do I buy? 40% down wont be enough. I think I ll wait for 85%.


Can we consider the 2020 covid crash a real crash? Now I'm quite ignorant but doesn't this all work on cycles of some 7-10 years. If last years crash was a real one wouldn't we not be worrying about it much now? (I do see that the contradictions of capital are expounding so this might be changing these cycles)
>inb4 we never recovered from 08
(yeah I know still we can deepen in from this long recession to a depression)
>inb4 you don't have a clue what you're talking about
(Yeah this is why I'm asking all this)


It's usually considered a flash crash which don't follow the "cycle" see the flash crash of 2010.


>Quit organizing bro it won't do anything
Exactly! Listen to this man's advice!


So we are waiting for the real predecessor to 08 and aren't we well over due?


If we follow the logic of Porky economics then yes the boom has been going too long. But Porkies are scared so they been pumping and pumping to keep that boom going as the bust is going to be very hard for everyone.


We would expect a reversion to the mean at some point but saying it's overdue is classic gamblers fallacy.


Won't happen. The Fed will keep the markets up long enough so that growth will meet it at which point this "bubble" is just actual value.


File: 1632934343523.jpg (355.82 KB, 1080x1536, IMG_20210929_185157.jpg)

>US government will run out of money by October 18, Treasury secretary says
The fuck does this mean


Absolutely nothing. They'll just print more money and take on more debt.


mmt is tax on rich by inflation, and happens even if you don't believe in mmt lol


Line keeps going up until it comes down.


Repos are now at $1.4T
We know who's going to pay for this: YOU! The consumers. The workers. Workers of the world keep working!


Line go down :(


They are just playing games. They do this every year with the "debt ceiling" which is a thing they just have to keep voting to change because the US keeps racking up debt and it's more useful to make the "limit" something they keep voting on than to just fix the problem permanently. It's used by both republicans and democrats as a tool. Republicans use it to threaten shutting the government down to get things they want. Democrats use it to threaten the republicans shutting the government down to get what they want (voted into office so they can pretend to be opposition while cucking out to republicans). It's an old song and dance and if you've paid attention for more than a couple years it's very familiar.




yes and this made me laugh today

Especially because of pic related. Like a circlejerking game where they all larping like whatever they do has any meaning except keeping things as there are.


Bonds already sold off like a year and a half ago, and yet we are at record numbers. Wtf is the Shiller P/E ratio anyway? Regular P/E has the market well below both Dotcom and GFC.


Shiller PE is the price over average earnings over 10 years. Regular PE is price over current earnings.


Using the Shiller P/E is disingenuous because it discounts the gains that capitalism has made now. It focuses too much on the past. Companies are booming right now, and we need to look to the future.


Shiller PE is used to predict long term stock market returns which current PE's are two volatile too use as a predictor of anything.


Companies can change very quickly within a few years. New products, won contracts, new markets, new market conditions, leadership, etc. The current stimulus adds on to this making present data and future estimates more pertinent.


And yet everyone uses Shiller PE to predict long term returns. Just read the article. https://www.lynalden.com/shiller-pe-cape-ratio/


File: 1633025169160.gif (198.15 KB, 384x498, money-printing.gif)

How serious is this US debt ceiling crap or is it more theater? Seems like there is a whole constellation of threat indicators pointing to a serious economic downturn. Is capitalism going to shit the bed sooner rather than later?

>Inflationary pressures and "everything bubbles"

>This debt ceiling crap
>Over-leveraged Chinese real estate developer and the risk of a domino effect in the global finance sector
> Supply chain disorder
> labor market mismatches
> central banks thinking about cutting off the quantitative easing gravy train and raising interest rates
> Massive govt spending proposals in the US, against an already stressed debt limit
>A manic and speculative stock market
>China crackdown on bitcoin
> even more shit I can't think of


The signs are as obvious as day for anyone with half a brain that the economy is going down the shitter real quick, it's just a matter of time before the bubble actually pops and the investors start running around like frightened hens (until the government steps in and fucks over the working class as usual).


File: 1633055765577.gif (2.7 MB, 180x180, gif-2.gif)



We've been saying this since at least 2018


File: 1633086133475.jpg (153.99 KB, 810x486, 5owfbd.jpg)


It's been true since at least 2018, and would've happened in 2020 if the fed hadn't intervened with the money printer.



I don't buy it that the reason for labor shortages is the lack of immigration. I mean, what are the potential immigrants are doing at their home countries? Lumpen won't be willing to work for poverty wages, seriously? They are already working side hustles as their main jobs for dirt cheap. Something just doesn't add up.


OHHHHH YEEESSSSS markets went up a ton today
Anyone else make a lot of money today? I think I might get a new Lamborgini 🤑🤑🤑 new vacations too 📈📈📈 PRAISE THE FREE MARKET!


File: 1633118256729.jpeg (93.13 KB, 1024x752, cringe compilation.jpeg)

We don't forget.


what if the bubble just never pops aside from smaller corrections because there's nowhere else to put the capital? We're already in stagflation mode but if it's only really felt by the poor and drowned out by middle class fuckheads complaining about muh covid restrictions, then what stops them from just printing out more money on a for-need basis?


Nothing. The dollar will just keep inflating and deflating until the US Navy sinks and the oil is finally free.


If it never bursts it will be stagnant and low returns for decades

having the Fed own a large portion of the bond market is also damaging to the functioning of the market


File: 1633195083748.png (104.5 KB, 1280x672, undd7rl5csq71.png)



>debt ceiling

This is the economic equivalent of the political footballs of abortion and immigration. I know politics is 99% theatre but god damn it we all know it gets fixed.


I am finishing my MSc studies in the Energy sector and I want to find an internship for that. I will get paid 450 per month for 40 hours a week if! they actually at some point someone accept me at some position. And I really wanna do it. And I despise the cocksucking interviews.

On the other hand, I sell rare pepes on bitcoin for thousands of euros. I make more selling rare pepes than what I will probably need at least 5 years working in the energy sector. So I am posponing my frustrating internship search for actually making money of damn rare pepes. rare pepes.

This is the status of the western economy today. Enough said of where the world is going.



You mean you are selling NFTs? Aren't there costs just to put one up for sale, and then to actually sell?


>On the other hand, I sell rare pepes on bitcoin for thousands of euros.
I would say that this is fake, but damn we're living in fucking clown world, maybe the next Bezos will actually be a Pepe merchant.




I was on it years ago and put almost zero money and effort. Basically created and or got gifted most for free

clown world to the max. Other guys talk about how they were underpaid doctors or teachers and they simply left their jobs.

Obviously all this is going down but really the world is shit.


Someone just gifted you NFTs and you resold them? How does that work?


File: 1633288336557.jpg (37.48 KB, 556x593, dpbnhnzlc3d61.jpg)

>Obviously all this is going down but really the world is shit.
Something something, forever sailing towards the goal of communism



NFTs are not something special. Its just a token with a jpg picture supposedly connected to it. Those tokens were useless valueless as there are also now. But when media and even the world economic forum (how the fuck have we let them have a saying in our lives) are shilling for them for months people simply buy them for a lot of money believing they can sell them higher in the future.

My whole point however was to point out that in the current economy its more profitable for an educated person to be preoccupied with selling thin air than solving matters that will probably end our civilization as we know it.


Any news on the debt ceiling?


Congress just votes to raise it and spend more, don't they do this every time? Not sure what the significance of this is.


/How Boring they should just accept that you can't keep raising the "Debt Ceiling" so they can infinitely spend on their shitty pork barrel projects that was so much money to begin with.

I guess they think paying debt with more debt is a smart idea but what do I know, I could be just some Dolphin on the other side of the screen pissed off the Navy keeps fucking everything up with their Sonar.


Wtf is going on with the oil price?
Will the OPEC do something?


Governments aren't households, they don't operate on the same rules as we do, so they can actually keep raising the debt ceiling with no problems.


I heard something like America makes other countries foot part of the cost of inflation since other countries hold dollars in their reserves, so part of inflationary policy is deflected onto them or something. Can you or someone else elaborate? Aren't other countries pretty much forced to hold dollars in reserve by some mechanism?


So it seems things are just steadily getting worse every day. Rotating shortage of commodities (including labor power), now energy prices spiking, food prices way up.. Is anything going to happen or is this just life?


Fed said inflation is tapering and it already is, things are already going back 2 normal


File: 1634087078671.jpg (61.86 KB, 828x840, FBim-zDWEAUm41F.jpg)


This is actually a good one, save'd.


was about to post this nice lol


The sky is the limit.



Reverse repo seems to be working out quite fine for asset and equity holders



Technicals are very bad; if you look at the chart, it looks similar to the way things went right before 2001 / 2008. Most likely, it'll be a correction, given a lack of a crucial blow-out (failure to raise debt ceiling and US default might be it), but a 50% blow-out is not unimaginable.


Only thing thats happening is my profits are BOOMIN BABY lmao stocks are so green today, made so much money
This system will never fail


uh oh

is it rice and beans time? They were actually out of rice near me in spring 2019 and I only have ~100 lbs left


It is GOLD and STONKS time 🤣🤑🤣🤑🤣🤑
btw just made more money today, im gonna take profit for now


Bitcoin is BOOMIN rn OMG making so much money 😃😃
Tell me again commies how its destuction is immenent?


why would you bother bragging here?


its funny watching you commies predict the end is near like a hundred times a month but the markets just flying up anyways 🤣


when/are you going to short 100x? we are reaching winter 2017 levels its almost time.


Well done on cashing in on a CIA operation to debase currency around the world and make it so every transaction can be recorded and every move surveyed.

I have money in Bitcoin. I’m a commie I think surveillance is cool


Money printer go brrrr
Inflation seems to be getting pretty bad lately lad

Are your gains outpacing it?


bruh sometimes i beat the yearly inflation in one day :D


>he doesn't beat capital gains on every trade


I find it funny too. I’m a communist myself but don’t adhere to dogmas like many of my fellow autists. Either way I take every little victory I can get from a half conscious mass to rising unionization and radicalization and strikes as generally positive whereas the dogmatists among my ranks are cowards that would break ranks over the smallest thing and are better servants of capitalists and bourgeoisie such as yourself porkie. Leftists would sooner betray their own than take down other porks over a small disagreement.


I know this post is made in jest, and this thread is just bantz, but there is legitimately a bubble right now of massive proportions. There is little doubt in my mind it will crash in 5 years or less. Probably much sooner, maybe 1-2 years. Glass-Steagull Act is still repealed and the banks are at it again. Why is the U.S. stock market, at $54.768 trillion, larger than the combined GDP of the United States, China, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK right now??


I swear this must be copypasta from 2018 cause you guys were calling bubble then too
>Why is the stock market so big
bc people are pricing in future gains lol, if the price was at GDP level then it would be an obvious buy since not only does the market grow, but other people will realize the same thing


Yes, because there was a bubble in 2018 and it's even bigger now. Retail is going to crash like the hindenburg eventually. I'm not asking you to explain why the value of the U.S. stock market does not exactly equal its GDP, that wasn't my point


You people underestimate the strategy of the Fed. They will keep repo agreements and other tools going until the economy adjusts to its previously "inflated" value. In fact it is already happening, P/E ratios are off their tops and resemble the middle of last year already. There will be no crash only a continuation to this epic bull run 😏


File: 1634487782081.png (28.07 KB, 412x450, fredgraph.png)

More and more money, but theres nowhere for the money to go because nobody trusts the market.



and we were right? the crash was bigger then the 70s oil crisis and the dotcom bubble and wiped out a shitload of mortgages and over leveraged retail to consolidate it in blackrock.


>You people underestimate the strategy of the Fed.
I don't think there is anything they wouldn't do including starting a nuclear war.

You underestimate the ability of the US to continue production without physical materials and labor.


Biden tries to tame inflation by having LA port open 24/7

The John Deere Strike Shows the Tight Labor Market Is Ready to Pop

Prices rise from groceries to car rentals due to supply chain problems

Buttigieg warns some supply chain problems will persist into 2022
(Really easy to have forgotten, but he's the transportation secretary, so he's probably been briefed on the supply chain shit as it pertains to transporting goods.)

Holiday Shoppers Already Feeling Effects Of Supply Chain Issues, Poll Finds


omg stonks are pumping again ❤️ love this system , it will never fail


>❤️ love this system , it will never fail
top ten sentences said just before disaster


>capitalism: Ongoing for half a millenium
>socialism: dead after 70 years 😂😂😂


good job porkyposter, someone has to larp what the nutjobs at wall street actually think


Where are the millions of homeless you guys said would be created by the eviction moratorium?


bitcoin at record highs, indices also pumpin and BOOMIN! tell me commies, when is this new depression supposed to hit? if your answer is just "sometime" then its worthless


What are you guys’ thoughts on crypto? https://leftypol.org/tech/res/12167.html#12168


Ponzi scheme


ponzis dont last this long bro


Where exactly does the money even come from? I get that people lose money when they’re left holding the bag, but the people profiting are usually able to sell exponentially more than what was lost by others. So what’s the deal?? how can they conjure money out of thin air like the federal reserve they hate so much?


It's the same mechanics as other speculative assets


Next year porky, we’re not at dotcom bubble peaks yet, almost there though. It will probably go a bit higher than that and crash, most likely mid to late next year.


The amount being traded is a tiny portion of the entire stock


let the lolbert invest in the bitcrap if xir wants but it is fundamentally worthless

at least with the stonks you own a small piece of the means of production even if it is very overpriced


File: 1634752031135.png (272.28 KB, 680x392, 1631891805287.png)

Helloooooo, nothingburger thread! What's not habbening today?


File: 1634752955777.png (333.43 KB, 960x720, ClipboardImage.png)

If Yellowstone had a caldera eruption would that be good or bad for the market?


Both and good for the Earth.


Terrible for the market but it would be pretty epic


Giga based, but it won't happen in our lifetimes, because we can't have nice things, since this is the worst timeline.


It would mean disaster for the midterms, however, it could also he good


would annihilate the US economy and the rest of the world by proxy; still would probably be good long-term for all of us


Bitcoin can 4x from here and will lose 90% of its value anyway, just like it always does. That's how cycles work, even your own economists know this.


Should I sell bank stonks during inflation or hold them?


Madoff's scheme lasted around 20 years.


"The more developed capitalism," is writes Liefmann, an unblushing apologist of capitalism, "the more it resorts to risky enterprises, or to enterprises in other countries, to those which need a great amount of time to develop, or finally, to those of which are only of local importance." The increased risk is connected in the long run with the prodigious increase in capital, which, as it were, overflows to the brim, flows broad, etc. At the same time the extremely rapid rate of technological progress gives rise to increasing elements of disparity within the various spheres of the national economy, to anarchy and crises. Liefmann is obliged to admit that "in all probability mankind will see further important technological revolutions in the near future which will also affect the organisation of the economic system"… electricity and aviation…. "As a general rule, in such periods of radical ecomic change, speculation develops on a massive scale."


It depends on the type of inflation. Mild, yes. If inflation is spiraling out of control then no because banks will have trouble lending to people whose savings/investment funds are degrading. You also want to buy financial stocks if there is a rate hike anticipated.
False equivalency, we're talking about two very different structures here. They're not the same just because they involve money.



I thought natural disasters would good for the stock market? Covid was great for everything except oil


covid imploded the stock market for a few moments early march-april 2020, but the fed quickly became the lender of last resort to just about every single corporation and billionaire who was threatened by that; the immense cash flows provided by the treasury were thus reinvested in the only place which can still given reliable returns (given the near negative interest rates and supply and demand collapsing from the crisis), the stock market, which thus grew immensely. thing is, this is a bad growth, no matter what porkyposter and bourgeois economists may say (and they know it; i'm sure they aren't stupid), because now the fed simply cannot stop propping the stock market without risking confidence collapsing.
of course, this in a sense has kind of nationalized if not the stock market per se, then the risk, which means the government has a hell of a lot more leverage on the bourgeoisie than it did before (not that it's gonna actually do anything against them). so in a sense you're right, covid was good for the stock market , but only at the price of making it hopelessly dependent on a government which might not quite survive the political upheaval of something like the west and midwest being erased from the map by a supervolcano


it would be a nothingburger


>Personal Carbon Credits and credit cards designed to 'lock' if you go over a 'carbon limit'


Everyone is going to have to buy fucking E-tokens representing personal carbon credits on some sort of shit on the fucking free-market WoW Climate credit auction house that you need to unlock your credit card, which locks itself when you put to much petrol in your car.

By what fucking logic do bougies want people to engage in this?

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