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💰️DOW/Market Watch Thread💰️
monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc.


That slight increase in intraday buying pressure is probably a bull trap. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/bulltrap.asp

Most moving averages and volume indicators on the Dow Jones index on a daily scale indicate that the continuance of the downward-trend is extremely likely.


File: 1655487953607.jpg (348.3 KB, 1056x1018, ezgif-1-aad3970395.jpg)

>if you trade stocks are you bourgeois
<I have, which will surprise you not a little, been speculating - partly in American funds, but more especially in English stocks, which are springing up like mushrooms this year (in furtherance of every imaginable and unimaginable joint stock enterprise), are forced up to quite an unreasonable level and then, for the most part, collapse. In this way, I have made over and, now that the complexity of the political situation affords greater scope, I shall begin all over again. It's a type of operation that makes demands on one's time, and it's worth while running some risk in order to relieve the enemy of his money.
- Karl Marx writing to Lion Philips, 1864


tbf Marx was bourgeois

but it's silly to reject money just because you're a communist


My main point is it's stupid to be dismissive of somebody because they trade stocks


socialism isnt when youre poor retards


File: 1655489001047.jpg (81.2 KB, 640x425, marx_cool.jpg)


socialism isnt either when you can't read a single fucking book, retard


File: 1655491182021.png (15.11 KB, 894x459, Fed-BS-Historic.png)

Good question. Basically by raising interest rates they're slowing the velocity of money in general. But by also purchasing assets they're giving banks more liquidity (presumably because they know shit is going to hit the fan) so they have more cash in hand and they want their fellow booj prepared for potential habbenings like runs on banks etc.


epic projection bro


Socialism is when you live in the suburbs, have a small business, a wife, a boyfriend-in-law, a dog, 2.5 kids, 3 cars, an RV, male pattern baldness, erectile dysfunction and gynecomastia, and giggle every time someone says "n*gger".


also they dont want their bond price to crash from mass selloffs


Keep calm and await 3PM Gang, comrades.


This is entirely true. How tf are you going to fund your community projects/revolution with no money?


>Marx was definitionally not bourgeois


Marx was not bourgeois because he did not own any factories or companies that exploit workers for their labor.


They pomped it, but 3PM gang still managed to get a negative. Is this the return of PPG?


I wonder how much money they're going to print this time


People who trade stocks should be killed.


Do it LARPER. I dare you to do so.


File: 1655499659642.png (82.61 KB, 960x372, cope.png)

damn, this is some spectacular cope, bourgeois economics is a hell of a drug, at this point you might as well just do fortunetelling


Clearly we are in the bear trap just before the market doubles. I'm going all in.


The stock market is fully detached from reality. If they say it all enough it will work.


File: 1655502680400.jpg (23.4 KB, 473x500, 465.jpg)



<Tether execs have started schizoposting.
>The executives of the 'StableCoin' 'tether' are claiming a vast conspiracy is attempting to take them and the rest of the crypto market down.
>This is after a New-York attorney general requested that Tether show their 'reserves' or more plainly 'Show how much USD they have, which they are supposedly backing Tether with'
>Tether has so far refused to comply.


File: 1655504262003.png (298.25 KB, 1184x732, Tether.png)


Not again stablebros…


File: 1655504550633.gif (5.37 MB, 640x480, mr-burns-laughing.gif)

>Sir, could you please prove the absolute minimum that you are not a scam?
>Uhm, ah… LOOK OUT EVERYONE! The MAN is trying to keep the honest crypto down! Heeeelp!



Stable coin is so fucking retarded.


Not if you want to use it for any financial services beyond riding the retard rollercoaster


Even though news moves so fast no-one probably even noticed it.
The exact same thing (Execs going on the company twitter and posting schizo copes) happened when LUNA cratered, Just before Celsius locked withdraws, Just before it was announced that Three Arrows Capital had effectively become insolvent etc.

Whenever the corporate twitter starts posting schizo cope, get out.


is there any other investment that would refuse to give even the bare minimum of information? at this point crypto is legitimately nothing but a scam, and the "stablecoins" can't even give it a veneer of legitimacy anymore


Some other news stories for the day.
>RadioShack of all places has decided to release a Shitcoin. The first company twitter interaction since they announced it was some guy making fun of them and the RadioShack twitter saying ‘did your Mommie ship here for AA for her vibrator or something??? lololol XD’ or some other weird shit.
>Powell announced that “in these sissy uncertain trying time of the dark winter, America needs to come together (While staying 6 feet apart!) to implement a US central bank digital currency to help kickstart WEB 3.0 and the fourth industrial revolution!”


Radioshack still exists? All their stores around my area shut down years ago.


File: 1655511502767.jpg (121.26 KB, 1043x527, rad.jpg)

So this is what happens when you buy too much into the twitter corporate relatability trend.


File: 1655511696492.jpg (68.2 KB, 592x447, tai.jpg)

Also, it's owned by this motherfucker now apparently.


Maybe the biggest sell warning in history…




this guy either lost a lot or made a lot from bitconnect back around 2017, i cant remember clearly though


>all those books.
do you think that is a photo studio or he is in a library?


Man, cryptofags really did consider themselves outside of the law, didn't they


He's just here in his garage.


File: 1655527301285-0.jpg (169.98 KB, 1104x1250, cELSIUS1.jpg)

File: 1655527301285-1.jpg (424.15 KB, 1526x1678, cELSIUS2.jpg)

>Celsius isn't accepting their own coin as suitable payment for interest on loans


thanks, History


File: 1655527785767-0.jpg (40.24 KB, 350x318, DcQRqv3XcAAoQrX.jpg)

File: 1655527785767-1.jpg (90.25 KB, 863x752, 38a.jpg)


File: 1655538471938.png (726.59 KB, 1414x632, ClipboardImage.png)

just, just everyone leave this site, okay? I want to be alone :'(


god i should buy soon



>Went to work for 3 hours.
>Came on my break.
>It’s over.


why, BTC is fucking over lol


bet you its not dropping to zero (yet). itll probably rally at its 2020 low of 12k or so


it will never drop to zero, but it will flop around until everyone forgets it exists. it will never yield significant earnings ever again.


Reminder that a drop of not at least -5% is a nothingburger




It’s under 19 thousand!


maybe that Tomatomarx anon was correct. the price of tomatos is going up while all your cryptos are going down



What are you basing that on?
The only way I can see it completely flatlining is if the gov't starts regulating it directly and cracks down any harder on its black market usage and that kills it. With bitcoin specifically, it's kind of anchored on its utility as an actual currency but that's been next-to-destroyed… what remains still probably could keep it afloat and as long as people are "investing" in it as well it will remain extremely volatile - which is good if you're looking for massive returns over less than a decade.


The only way for BTC to rally significantly again is if a bazillion idiots forget the past two years and decide to buy again, it's not happening. The moment is over, black market usage won't be enough to make big spikes, I don't think. Plus if big exchanges like coinbase do go bankrupt then the gig would truly be absolutely over.

> which is good if you're looking for massive returns

Maybe if you time the pump and dumps you could yield something? Even then I wouldn't expect massive returns.


there's still going to be a lot of people that remember it going from 4k to 69k in the last cycle. if btc is abandoned, it will likely be due to circumstances that are different than prior cycles, such as actually entering a recession/depression where no one has any money to invest even if they want to.


File: 1655548824424.png (24.19 KB, 702x351, ClipboardImage.png)

Bitcoin has been to 20k before. And then it never reached 20k again for years. I would expect a bear market until the next BTC fad(assuming it ever comes.)


look at the history of trading volume over time, it's blown up the past 4-5 years if anything


Moonshot tomorrow


this is bitcoins first recession, I don't see it going back up



File: 1655559804008.png (502.88 KB, 638x726, ClipboardImage.png)

Is this the biggest cope of all time?


it is true that bear markets are usually less than a year, but if this is the *big* one, then it will obviously be longer.


i think they meant this is the first time that bitcoin has existed against the backdrop of an overall economic recession (unless you count the covid recession, which many don't since it was so brief due to qe).


I think it will be interesting to see the impact the internet has on recovery, given that the historical unemployment spike during covid was solved in what seemed like overnight. Communication now is faster than ever, and the crashes are getting larger and closer together.
I think this will accelerate economic cycles and rapidly speed up the process of consolidation.


>>1021353 (me)
i would tend to agree. it is not particularly surprising that high-level societal processes would speed up if all of the underlying processes on lower levels are sped up by technological advancement. so, i agree the economic cycles will get shorter and denser through this lens. however, as they also get more severe, while i agree that this speeds up consolidation since there are less survivors, what if it gets so bad that the cycle slows down because even highly consolidated markets need a longer time scale to recover? maybe a cause of this could be a consumption collapse.


>under 20k
holy shit its over


isn't it a major pain to do fast transactions, especially currency conversions, with crypto? Pump and dumps seem less attractive if that's the case


Bitcoin's gone down the shitter and I couldn't find it funnier.




File: 1655570042458-0.png (38.05 KB, 958x274, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655570042459-1.mp4 (9.71 MB, 1280x720, bizsuicidehotline.mp4)

ETH is under 1k lel


Kek’d. good thing I sold all my crpyto back in October


File: 1655571093171.png (32.73 KB, 1027x160, ClipboardImage.png)



Wonder how low it will go. It's never existed in a bear market where interest rates are so low. Could see it totally disintegrating over the next few years and "crypto" becomes ETH (which has supposed use-value with their Dapps) and Monero (which has the only real use value for crypto, buying drugs and money laundering)


I meant it's never existed in a bear market with high interest rates.


looks like markets never closing isn't all that great eh, so much for not wanting any regulation at all


ETH's use-value seems shaky at best, given the ungodly amount of viruses, scams, and general bad faith (as in the squid token) that are enabled by the complete lack of oversight


This is magical thinking. Bitcoin has been at 20K before, yes, but last time it didn't represent a loss of over 75% of its ATH value. It's over.


File: 1655572942622.png (553.96 KB, 699x728, 1654283563054.png)

Yeah it's a massive cope. The great depression lasted for 3 years and the 2008 recession lasted for a year and a half. If that is "short' to these people then I would be curious to see what they consider "long"


File: 1655573050394.png (265.85 KB, 512x512, 1653565925158.png)

the major issue with ETH is trying to apply a price point to a service that has been nominally free. (The internet) it's fucking retarded. It's like a shitty less violent enclosures.


btc has lost more than 75% of its high multiple times, why lie?
the best argument for it being over is a recession/depression preventing anyone from engaging in speculation on it since it hasn't been tested in such conditions before.


File: 1655574218116.png (995.56 KB, 1024x827, ClipboardImage.png)



Rather late to the party, but OK Ben.


Bitcoin isn't a tulip.


cant wait to slurp the absolute dip
t. cash gang


You're right, it's even more worthless.


What is the inherent value of money?
Value being utility?


File: 1655576089828.png (11.26 KB, 248x139, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1655576505410.png (11.02 KB, 238x142, ClipboardImage.png)


being the means by which value is exchanged


Here's hoping for sub 18k!


dubs decides end of day loss percentage



Rolling for -30%


You just discovered that value of bitcoin



That is a potential utility of bitcoin.
But it's not nearly widely accepted enough for that to be a true social function yet. Bitcoin is not widely accepted nor taxed, and acts more like a speculative good like a stock. Monies need to actually achieve these in practice in order to have the property of being the measure of value of a society.
Also, exchange value is not the same thing utility in general, money is just a special case.


Just because it hasn't been realized doesn't really mean anything. That is the utility of bitcoin.

>Also, exchange value is not the same thing utility in general, money is just a special case.



Commie sisters… /biz/ detroyed us again…


>core of capitalism is decentralization
n-n-not R-REAL capitalism….


>Muh central banking
The 1873 panic happened without it


File: 1655579823459.png (475.94 KB, 800x800, lul.png)

>The board that habitually spends their life savings on failing cryptocurrency and penny stocks has the audacity to lecture us on economics.


Taxes are communist. Kings = communist.


celsius bros… i dont feel so good…


>Try shitting on Marx
<Point out what he explicitly said capitalism tends towards over the long term as a natural consequence of competition and think this is an own because you’ve never read Marx nor spoken to any Marxists
Yankees irl


File: 1655583007425.png (11.33 KB, 317x179, ClipboardImage.png)





File: 1655584165814.pdf (486.37 KB, 197x255, bitcoin-not-a-currency.pdf)

>Just because it hasn't been realized doesn't really mean anything.
Actually it means everything.


File: 1655584193811.jpg (66.64 KB, 775x581, wake me up.jpg)

>100k by 2022 /biz/ promised


File: 1655584416900.jpg (150.26 KB, 943x769, EWBa_baUYAE5hwY.jpg)

It really feels like shit's gonna go flying off the rails soon. Feels like everyone I know has this sense of dread. Pretty freaking epic.


GMEhadists will inherit the earth


File: 1655584507730.png (53.34 KB, 854x886, 1655584193806.png)

Buy the dip!


Based, honestly I hope porky just goes and uses a green marker to make line go up again before finally jumping out the windows to their death :)


That shit is more like a square then a triangle lmao




Indeed fellow entrepreneur!
Those philistines don't even know about the glorious rainbow chart…


The slope of the moving average + standard deviation is rapidly decreasing. That is not a strong bullish signal.

Bitcoin is becoming less profitable over time and that chart proves it.


>Based porky-anon
“Line is clearly going up”
>Cringe commie poindexter
“Um well yes that’s right but uhm well ackshually uh erm uhh


Virtually all emerging markets follows that trajectory


Enjoy bagholding your fake currency. The era of Bitcoin millionaires and billionaires is over. The data is in: you will not get rich by holding Bitcoin anymore.



> Enjoy bagholding your fake currency. The era of Bitcoin millionaires and billionaires is over. The data is in: you will not get rich by holding Bitcoin anymore.
Sorry you sold :(


File: 1655595351723-0.png (97.96 KB, 1270x1136, american pagan.png)

The problem with the American Left is that it isn't a movement of the masses, it is, by and at large, a movement of the counterculture that emerged from the radicalism if the 1960s. It is what is broadly known as the "New Left".

It cannot lead the masses because it is not of the masses. However, I would content that the Left does take a significant leadership position within the counterculture, and this is because it is of the counterculture. There are some benefits to this, but the main problem is that the counterculture is not a proletarian movement. Many bourgeois are counterculturalists. Many counterculturalists believe openly reactionary things, such a upholding mysticism, venerating some era of the past as a lost golden age, talking about the "wisdom of the ancients" and so on. It is only "largely proletarian" purely because the vast majority of the population is proletarian, and in fact is probably less proletarian than the population at large.

It still gets me that of all the insane bullshit Caleb Maupin has ever said, what's clearly gotten under the skin of the Left the most has been him claiming that people should be dressed in their Sunday best out in public and that people should try to practice sexual restraint. To the masses, this is a mostly uncontroversial opinion, if a very quaint and odd one to have in the 21st century. To the counterculture, it is high blasphemy and a betrayal of everything they stand for. A strike at the very moral center of their movement: the liberation of all desires.

And that's the divide and the problem.


>To the masses, this is a mostly uncontroversial opinion
You sure you're not talking about Western labor aristocrats? Working class people I know definitely do not dress in their "Sunday best" (many don't go to church anymore) and are much less uptight about sex, leading to earlier pregnancies and marriages than their more affluent counterparts in the labor aristocracy/petty booj.


> It still gets me that of all the insane bullshit Caleb Maupin has ever said, what's clearly gotten under the skin of the Left the most has been him claiming that people should be dressed in their Sunday best out in public and that people should try to practice sexual restraint.
Lmao, you aren’t wrong
The real worst shit he’s said is his productivist, anti-ecology dogshit


Booj aren’t uptight about sex, they literally created all the hedonist pathologies surrounding it, they just have easy access to contraceptives and abortion


File: 1655596106358-0.gif (7.01 MB, 360x526, We Are Caleb.gif)

>It still gets me that of all the insane bullshit Caleb Maupin has ever said, what's clearly gotten under the skin of the Left the most has been him claiming that people should be dressed in their Sunday best out in public and that people should try to practice sexual restraint. To the masses, this is a mostly uncontroversial opinion, if a very quaint and odd one to have in the 21st century. To the counterculture, it is high blasphemy and a betrayal of everything they stand for. A strike at the very moral center of their movement: the liberation of all desires.

Bro he literally went on a rant about how leftists shouldn't be 'dirty' and 'unclean, slime, unpleasant things', this is fascist mindset 101. and also normal proles don't expect ME to dress in my sunday best everywhere, nobody ever said maupin can't do what he wants


>The worst thing he said was something something aesthetic, something something “being clean cut is bad”
<Not his anti-ecology shit, “socialist billionaires”, etc.
Kinda proving that anon’s point, don’t ya think?


As cringe as that was he was talking about that faggot thought slime.


File: 1655596481302.jpg (73.1 KB, 720x824, E6o8qeCWUAAhXF4.jpg)

Thought Slime literally did nothing wrong, he's had mostly consistently based takes unlike Maupin et al

Sure that's all bad too but the 'respectability fetish' is the most obvious indicator of reactionary thought


>Sure his actual reactionary positions are bad too, but the part where he says we should look clean, neat, and professional is the absolute worst part
Like I said, literally proving that anons point that this really is about counterculture shit in Burgertown


>Thought Slime literally did nothing wrong, he's had mostly consistently based takes unlike Maupin et al


I never claimed that normal working class people are always dressed in their Sunday best. I said the opinion that should should always be dressed in your Sunday best is mostly uncontroversial, just quaint and odd for someone in the 21st century.

Fascism isn't when you think people should try to be washed, clean cut and straight laced.

And I'm not saying it's a normal opinion among proles, simply that it isn't very controversial among them. Someone who thinks people should try to dress in their Sunday best in public is simply quaint and odd in the current day to most of the working class, it isn't some kind of high blasphemy.


File: 1655597388164.jpg (18.19 KB, 344x342, no signal cat.jpg)

If someone unironically thought that people should dress in suits and ties to go anywhere, and extolled the virtues of this to people, they would be looked at as an actual mentalist


File: 1655597608119.jpg (35.35 KB, 600x539, 876576.jpg)

> we shouldnt be dirty and unclean
> this is fascist mindset 101
Take a shower you uyghur LMAOOO


That was retarded, but it doesn’t prove Maupin is “reactionary”, it just shows he has a silly LARPer mindset just like the idiots that dress up like bolsheviks and the modern-day, even woker hippies
The actual proof of his reactionary politics are…his actual reactionary positions?


he was blurring it with the spiritual sense retard, 'thought slime' does not literally wear slime in his videos


>Spiritual sense
You’re taking an infantile insult way too seriously nigha


fair enough, but plenty of leftists (like MLs) have some reactionary views, but i don't immediately assume they're a cryptofash like with Maupin


File: 1655597746191.jpg (2.06 MB, 1600x1600, Showerhead.jpg)

> Showers the Highest Stage of Fascism
- Anon


You mean because he clearly isn’t a social liberal? I don’t get the sense of being a fascist from Maupin, just extreme dengoidism.
Pretty funny and somewhat based that you encounter the king of dengoids and think they’re a fascist tho kek


>If someone unironically thought that people should dress in suits and ties to go anywhere, and extolled the virtues of this to people, they would be looked at as an actual mentalist
No. Most people would see this as kind of an oddball opinion, but they wouldn't have some kind of extreme negative reaction to it. It's quaint, not insane.


10 Bucks says Maupin is a Strasserite in like two years


>Divinity 2 meme


Maupin sounds reasonable.
You sound like a crazy person, the fascist mind set is when cleaning your self.
If this is reverse psychology negative marketing on behalf of Maupin, i kneel before you, this is next level stuff.


They really should remake Arcanum and the good Fallouts.


File: 1655600016450-0.png (316.67 KB, 672x768, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655600016450-1.jpg (40.07 KB, 1024x507, Chad 4 IQ.jpg)


Is this the power of bourgeois economics?


File: 1655600272842.gif (7.53 KB, 500x490, 45678.gif)



File: 1655600401311.png (162.26 KB, 1075x799, gigaphone.png)

> Hello, Yes I would like to request a refund.
< what for?..


>2008 recession lasted for a year and a half.

Did it seriously?
I remember people starting to get fired in late '07 and then losing their houses from '08-'10 but then after that the job market was still mostly shit until 2013. Maybe it was just regional.


the difference is that suburban housewives didn't know what bitcoin was in 2018

a pyramid scheme can only have so may layers


they're talking about the effect on gdp/stonks, not on workers, otherwise we would have been in a depression the last 20 years


>Did it seriously?
Well it is kind of a disingenuous statement because yea, the affects lasted over a decade, until this day.



actually maybe yes. if they used a credit card, which is higher likelihood for many of these gamblers, they might be able to do a chargeback.



So, yes, the "left" as it stands currently isn't led and doesn't sufficiently appeal to cashiers, call center drones, people in health care below a doctor, etc. Dressing up "in your sunday best" isn't going to appeal to them either because nobody who works for a living is going to look at that and think you're one of them. He grasps the problem but his trad brainworms cause him to chimp out and come to a retarded conclusion.


File: 1655628693632.jpg (364.93 KB, 1280x1114, AntoineBunnie2.jpg)

>IMF (tfu) and WB (tfu) just raised El-Salvador's risk of complete default and bankruptcy to the second highest in the Americas, right behind the beleaguered Argentina, Specifically citing how the presidents plan of purchasing large amounts of the cryptocurrency bitcoin, using money he issued from the countries central bank seems to be failing on the back of the collapse in the coins price in recent weeks.


You're retarded the average person wants their representative to dress nicely and in a suit this is basic political fact since time immemorial and only disaffected petite bourgeois student activists think otherwise. This is exactly why Corbyn and Melenchon put on suits because they know dressing like hippies is an easy way to get attacked and lose support.


He’s actually trying to make real ancapisstan. Fucking incredible.


+4% RN


I failed to save the crypto/fictional capital thread, some anons were talking about how capitalists are caught in this kind of contradiction of anxiety where on one hand they feel entitled to their ownership of things and their value while on the other hand the market and human factors are quite arbitrary. If that makes sense, I may have butchered what was intended to be conveyed. Does anyone know where can I read more about this?


File: 1655638386533.gif (498.39 KB, 300x222, hahaha-no.gif)



i dond liyg this new mean spurdo posder DDD:
also they're bourgeois politicians ofc they dress up.


PPT bros… we won…


>thread immediately archived


B-b-b-but buy the dip theory is just a myth!




Call options for UVXY traders



Took profit rn 🤑🤑 gonna wait for a new dip to buy, bcuz thats how you play and win the game


File: 1656017265824.jpg (429.04 KB, 1924x1442, load_4_result.jpg)


OK so when do I buy bitcoin? Do I wait until it has gone down more and buy when it starts going up again?


>Real ancapistan (See: Post-Liberal capitalist Galts gulch ripoff) founded on Bitcoin and Web 4.0 principles created.
>Economy immediately fails and and the FMLN takes over
>Nick Land found hanging in his shanghai apartment.


buy high sell low


File: 1656084555089.png (78.11 KB, 874x685, ClipboardImage.png)

bro, what the FUCK happened to sub-30k gang???? i hate this gay shit


its gonna pop uygha


File: 1656084802328.png (37.88 KB, 867x306, ClipboardImage.png)

Europe in steady decline tho


last time it took 390 days for it to drop 70% from 20K to 6K then dropped another 50% to 3K then 210 days to reach 12K and 250 days to drop to 4K and then 600 days to get to 60K.


The world economy faces a 50% chance of slowdown, according to Deutsche Bank

Industry CEOs say France is at major risk of shortages and soaring prices


Japan looking kind of unsafe


File: 1656393801289.png (189.96 KB, 487x498, ClipboardImage.png)

>Industry CEOs say France is at major risk of shortages and soaring prices
Yellow Vest p2 incoming? Will France be the first country to refuse to be sacrificed for the NATO project?


This energy crisis doesn't really have a ton to do with the war, that shit is mostly a meme pushed by the war spectacle consoomers.




File: 1656431569394.png (75.77 KB, 821x385, Returns.png)

So it looks like we have both over and under production. A glut of goods coupled with a scarcity of capacity to move goods.


returns all go to landfill without ever being checked anyway, they might as well


welp, looks like japanese bonds might go belly up, the central bank is buying them like crazy trying to keep them from falling too much https://archive.is/7VGhG

yep, logistics collapse



>What they're saying: "The good news for fix-and-flip investors is that demand remains strong from prospective homebuyers," said Rick Sharga, executive vice president of market intelligence for ATTOM.

>“The bad news is that rising mortgage interest rates are beginning to slow down home price appreciation rates, and buyers have become more selective," he added.

>Buyers are "less willing to outbid other buyers for properties they’re interested in," Sharga said, adding, "This is having a predictable impact on profit margins for investors.”

The big picture: Institutional flippers are often considered big villains in the nation's acute housing shortage, in which affordable
units and "starter" homes are particularly scarce.

>"From individuals with smartphones and a few thousand dollars, to pensions and private-equity firms with billions, yield-chasing investors are snapping up single-family houses to rent out or flip," the Wall Street Journal reported last year.

>They're "competing for houses with ordinary Americans" and driving up prices, the Journal said.

>“You now have permanent capital competing with a young couple trying to buy a house,” John Burns, a real estate consultant, told the Journal, adding: “That’s going to make U.S. housing permanently more expensive.”


File: 1656442501027.png (39.77 KB, 1277x339, ClipboardImage.png)

really uyghur



File: 1656493899682.png (103.77 KB, 1023x693, ClipboardImage.png)

japan is so debt-ridden that if bond yields go up too much they go bankrupt, so they have to print endless amounts of Yen to purchase bonds (through yield curve control). that means big time inflation. But wait, japan is also the biggest holder of U.S treasury securities, they might be forced to sell off big chunks to get some cash flow, which could only compound the economic problems america is having


man, the LDP really did a devil's bargain trying to stave off economic collapse by just printing money like crazy and giving up on gdp growth. At this point Japan is a ticking time bomb and a strong exogenous shock might just completely obliterate their economy

We've seen this pattern before and last time it didn't end up so well…


>>1019225 was correct, but they didn't say anything about it going up again


it's up but not by much; still a far cry from the 36k


File: 1656640171669.jpg (27.38 KB, 600x477, v5t1yq0bs6b71.jpg)

>S&P 500 closes the book on its steepest first-half slide since 1970
>The Nasdaq had its largest-ever January-June percentage drop, while the Dow suffered its biggest first-half percentage plunge since 1962.
Is it habbening?


I really hope so


When it's happening, you won't be asking




File: 1656670844143.jpg (205.22 KB, 732x633, 16511809444790.jpg)

USA is going to suck their vassal states dry and blame Russia and China for it. This is going to look absolutely glorious the next election cycle


god please let a major crash happen
just break the back of this wretched state


>everyone panicking because their tech and growth stocks are plummeting

If you didn't switch to defense mode months ago with consumer staples let this be a lesson to you.


Collapse of capitalism by EOY, إن شاء الله


Its not happening. Its too controlled. Right now is when the left should push for higher wages and rights but they circlejerk on chans, reddit and about sexual rights and abortions. Dont get me wrong, these are serious but not as serious as economics…


>Its not happening. Its too controlled.


File: 1656941931239.png (717.5 KB, 1024x609, ClipboardImage.png)



I hope this means no more anime





I think it’s because some heads of Germany’s unions just came out and said openly that entire industries are going to collapse without Russian oil


It was published a month ago, next one will be published in a month


Funny how stuff like this coincides with a wave of random attacks on Europe from the American right. That's what capitulation earns you.


Worst U.S. Bond Market Since George Washington


File: 1656967392551-0.png (529.04 KB, 1924x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1656967392551-1.png (52.8 KB, 495x410, ClipboardImage.png)


Damn, this looks really ogre. We might actually have a total meltdown soon.


File: 1657028350641.png (56.66 KB, 874x613, ClipboardImage.png)

beautiful start to the day


File: 1657028776263.png (25.62 KB, 871x97, ClipboardImage.png)

you love to see it


>Source: Bofa Global investment strategy

haha bofa deez nuts gottem


File: 1657029246796.png (73.9 KB, 336x336, ClipboardImage.png)



>USA is going to suck their vassal states dry and blame Russia and China for it. >This is going to look absolutely glorious the next election cycle

you mean WW3 next election cycle


what a day


Yeah and the 2y/10y yield curve just inverted.
Global recession is coming and it might be a big one.


Markets have been crazy volatile, bonds are imploding (Japan is probably going to go bankrupt at this rate) and the yield curves have inverted. Supply chains are fucked, a significant portion of the global economy is under sanction (including very relevant commodities such as fertilizer and oil), climate change is fucking infrastructure every year and the profit rate is down the toilet, with zombie corporations by the hundreds. Comrades, this might make 29' and 08' look like walks on the park.


File: 1657045368853.png (2.35 MB, 1890x2490, r97jd738z7bz.png)



File: 1657050952841.png (1.28 MB, 1504x802, ClipboardImage.png)

bathing in a sea of red




Lmao we're green at close you stupid commie, should've bought the dip like I keep telling y'all' to.


>back to 1990 levels
Return of the GDR when?


File: 1657051850610.png (1.43 MB, 1500x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

I'd like to solve the puzzle:


listening for the call
(propably never :'/)


Just remember to reuse this anthem whenever you manage to make Germany communist again, okay?


this is the least controversial point. Hell, even westerners admit in tearful hangovers that it was just better.
Ill spend my life fighting for it where I can


should I buy euros??? I'm all in on USD rn


>Hell, even westerners admit in tearful hangovers that it was just better.
It's weird how the West has become more nostalgic for socialism in recent years while the East has fallen to the alt-right.
Poland syndrome?



So what's with this schizo bot stuff I see anywhere stocks are mentioned?


Under global communism, anime will become rehabilitated for state propaganda purposes only.


These are run of the mill standard spambots that have been around since the early 00's. Low effort, popular among small time scammers


the anime industry crashing would be a mercy kill. Animators are paid barely more than jack shit for long hours working on countless identical YA properties, and the amount of nearly-identical shows being made to turn a profit off of stunted otaku manchildren just keeps growing. The occasional genuinely creative and interesting voice in the industry, like a Miyazaki or a Kon or an Oshii, is becoming even rarer.


>Animators are paid barely more than jack shit for long hours working on countless identical YA properties, and the amount of nearly-identical shows being made to turn a profit off of stunted otaku manchildren just keeps growing.
Perhaps the same could be said of all media under capitalism.




GRETA just vetoed nuclear energy


Literally who?


>nuclear is… LE BAD
Confirmed psyop.


That's litterally every green party in Europe
Really makes me think…


Whats the point of them?
Their not advertising anything.
Are they just there to like grab your IP if you click on them somehow?


what a dumdum


most of the east arent all-right. We just want something different from how it is and that seemed most attainable.


at this point both me and my mom (who even protested against DDR cause she hoped for a more democratic socialism and was just very naive about the west and luxury) want something better and AfD promises at least something else, but were both principled enough that we could never vote something as right wing


She has been an al gore plant for decades now. Have you been living under a rock?


What the fuck does she want? Disturb entire ecosystems with hydroplants? Build solar panels using coal and oil energy?


She's probably completely coopted and being fed talking points.

No idea what the Greens want. Everything they've done is basically cause way more pollution by blocking way cleaner energy.

I have a feeling they want very expensive fossil fuels for europe plus renewables.


>She has been an al gore plant for decades now

She's 19


DDR Anon, do you know if there's any good Textbooks on Marxism-Leninism or Dialectical materialism from the DDR? ive been reading some great Soviet Textbooks recently and wondered if there was anything simliar for East Germany.

Also whats your opinion on the philosophers Hans Heinz Holz and Axel Honneth?


File: 1657161903126.jpg (210.84 KB, 1170x1389, Boom.jpg)

Stock split finally coming. 4-1. I'll wind up with 720 shares by the end of this. Nice.


File: 1657162186149.pdf (15.16 MB, 197x255, cadillac_desert.pdf)

>Disturb entire ecosystems with hydroplants?
Greta confirmed for honorary Californian


File: 1657162249280.png (15.33 KB, 1914x715, euro.png)

whats going on big guy?


What an original opinion. You sound very smart and not someone who doesn't know where to look for good stuff.


File: 1657166989815.jpg (116.28 KB, 1024x1115, Adorno1.jpg)

All cartoons are pale imitations of life filtered through the eyes of the totalitarian state
There's a reason why Hitler stocked Mickey Mouse flicks at his vacation home Berghof for screenings


Greta is right…because Thorium reactors are the future.


File: 1657169924874.jpg (45.63 KB, 700x473, 1618940657262.jpg)

>Comrades, this might make 29' and 08' look like walks on the park


They would probably outsource the entirety of production to South and southeast asia if Japan imploded. They will only take care of the scripting and storyboarding.


And her coming to prominece started when she was 8 by her rich parents with connections with green liberals. She even was against the green new deal which was about using the government to curtail climate change instead of the corporations in the pockets.


>She even was against the green new deal



>by her rich parents
Sources on their net worth?


This is what is already happening, sort of.


the "green new deal" is a massive meme though
also nuclear isn't a magic reddit pill


I work in a steel plant and have noticed a sharp drop in the amount of materials coming into the mill. Is this a sign of incoming drop in production linked to recession?


I should add that we usually get around 70-90 truckloads of steel slabs per day to be rolled into coils, but over the last week that number dropped to about 30-40.


File: 1657202637850.png (824.7 KB, 2048x1211, FWzWltHXkAQ9MEi.png)

US is draining the overseas provinces to cushion imperial decline. Europe is not sovereign, as the current moment is proving: the Euro bourgs would have thrown Ukraine to the wolves in a heartbeat for cheap Russian commodities if given the chance, but alas.

We need national liberation.


it's already outsourced to amateurs on twitter and to korea. There are like 10 at best actual good animators that can draw more than keyframes still alive,and they're all 40+ years old and from the "new wave" (don't remember how it's called) era.


Bruh the EU is absolutely destroying their own economy for the Anglo. It's not just Russia sanctions. It's insane things like China sanctions, the "pacific NATO", freezing CAI, and all this madness that is going to completely ruin them. Geopolitically it makes no sense, either. China and Russia were mortal enemies when the boomers who lead China were youth, but EU and US open hostility forced China to defend Russia and jointly develop a defensive economic strategy. The EU strengthened Russia's confidence in their Chinese relationship which could genuinely be said to have enabled the war.


Europe is just far too exposed to Anglo propaganda and Atlanticist special interests too institutionally entrenched, that even when Euro's own mandarin classes know a policy is harmful, they take it due to pressure from their propagandized populus and badly conceived tools like Europarl.


Sounds like it's in their best interests to cut ties with America then


How long have you been working there? Are you aware of any seasonality to your plant, which might explain fluctuations in the amount of material coming in?


yes, as has been the case for quite some time, however, what has also been the case for just as long is that the Anglo menace and their Atlanticist mindrot have sovereignty over these nations, not the people themselves.


it's great part from years of intelectual caste being indoctrinated in US Universities, going back to their coutries and spreading this doctrination through the school and media sistem.


File: 1657222126546.jpg (74.91 KB, 591x587, schizo.jpg)

Euro-Atlanticist schizoidism manifest. China should be feared b/c it drove down global solar prices at a faster rate than economists predicted was possible.


i must be missing some context but this sounds to me like they are praising China tbh


Operative term is "massively dependent.' He's saying Europe needs to break with China so that when the China War happens they don't hurt from the sanctions like they do with Russian gas.


File: 1657227216047-0.png (500.35 KB, 857x1927, FUDelity.png)

File: 1657227216047-1.png (1.31 MB, 2193x1812, SIMPQ.png)

File: 1657227216047-2.jpg (155.11 KB, 1080x2340, ubpkudlcf7a91.jpg)

So the day after announcing the split, we see a +15.06% jump in GME's price per share.

Feelin' pretty good, but what I find to be even better is seeing the absolute panic setting in for Porky brokers.

Months back I mentioned that GME shareholders are directly registering their shares; which is to say, taking it out of brokerages to be registered as the direct owner on GameStop's portfolio. By name.

It's a perfectly legal process. One which shouldn't be of any threat to major brokerages unless there was a web of collusion and corruption so large that simply registering stock in your name would put Naked Shorts at risk of default. Well as of recently, with the stock split announcement, Fidelity has made bizarre claims ranging from refusing to DRS any further shares until after the stock dividend (illegal, and when confronting their corporate compliance officer they quickly retract these statements) or given an estimated time of 5-6 weeks (which, again, would be after the stock dividend.

They're afraid.

In other news, another GameStop associated stock, SIMPQ, was seeing a 25,000% increase in share price earlier today. This is another one of those zombie stocks I was telling y'all about that got shorted to bankruptcy but the short position never actually was closed. It's a dead company, but financial necromancy is driving up the value of its shares.

Wall Street has spent the last few decades engaged in financial vampirism. Destroying countless major companies and jobs along with them in order to make a quick buck. We've reached such a major point of capitalist decay that the Capitalists themselves are killing the Goose that laid the golden egg.

And if you needed any further evidence that this might be the most manipulated stock in history: after a major run-up during trading hours, hedge funds continued shorting after hours to prompt an 8% drop. They really don't like where this is going…


god its fucking bleak that its a when and not if


What if Fidelity you know like just doesn't comply and then the SEC refuses to investigate?


So far upon demanding to speak with their corporate compliance officer, Fidelity's quickly given up the game and begins the process of DRSing.

Refusing to, even if they don't get investigated by the SEC, opens the door to class-action lawsuits among other issues, given they'd have angry investors knocking down their doors demanding to know why they took the money and ran.

Me personally, I'm already 100% DRS'd, so my shares are safe. I just feel for all the other people who haven't finished DRSing yet.


What's the risk of not DRSing. Can you DRS directly on fidelity?



kill yourself you schizo reddit gmetard


Reminder to any new anons, dont believe anything schizoid childpornUSA says. He's literally a braindead retarded monkey and has been coping for years now.


like clockwork


File: 1657232685911.png (292.25 KB, 2660x1583, How_DRS_Works.png)

>What's the risk of not DRSing. Can you DRS directly on fidelity?

So the whole reason naked shorting of stocks can happen is that there's a bunch of middlemen between you and your shares.

Lemme explain. Let's say you want to buy a stock, so you make an account on fidelity and you buy 1 share of ABC. Simple, right? Well not quite. When you buy a share through a major brokerage like E*Trade or Fidelity, it's routed to a holding company (Cede & Co) which holds the shares "in your name." I've attached a picture to make this a bit easier to understand.

Essentially with DRS, on the company books, your shares are owned by you, personally. They're registered as being owned by Bob from Ohio, as an example. So the company knows who you are and you're the direct owner of your shares; it's almost equivalent to having your shares be physically located in a vault in your house. With beneficially owned shares (which make up most of retail investors' portfolios these days) you have two layers of profit-seeking middlemen. Your shares are in a black box with everyone else.

So if these private companies that own your shares on your behalf are ethically compromised, there's honestly nothing stopping them from lending out your shares short. Essentially fucking over your own investment that they're holding "on your behalf." And since the process is so fucking obscured behind bureaucracy and this big black box known as the DTCC, whenever you hit the "buy" button at a major brokerage you're basically buying the equivalent of an IOU. There's no guarantee they're even holding your shares for you as opposed to lending them out to shorts again and again and again.

I've been in the green for years and the only argument you jackasses have come up with after all this time is "NUH UH!"

And for someone so certain that this is a scam that'll collapse in on itself, to the point you get angry whenever I say anything positive about the stock, you always puss out of actually shorting it. Using some excuse that "it's gambling though!!!!"

You can't, on one hand, call this an "obvious scam" that's definitely going to collapse. Then on the other claim that betting on it collapsing would be some kind of "risky gamble." Either you believe the shit you're spouting or you don't.

I've literally spent most of my savings on GME. That's most of my money I've put on this thing working out. I actually have the fucking cajones to stand by my conviction. You're crapping on the floor then complaining the whole house smells like shit.


I dont short or buy stocks because Im not a petty booj fag like you. All you do is post schizoid rants from redditards you unironically have no brain of your own and should kill yourself or eventually when gme plummets to zero you'll probably mass suicide along with your coping cult anyways


>I dont short or buy stocks because Im not a petty booj fag like you.
<Doesn't buy stocks
<Tries to give stock advice
<Seethes when people don't take angry cries of "Nuh-Uh!" seriously

Seriously what the fuck has you so fucking mad?


this is it frens, new crisis, this one is going to be rough
I already live in a apocaliptical country, so I'll probably end myself shortly


gme fags are the worst. same thing as crypto or mlm. stop advising people to join your death cult (you're not giving "stock advice"), some gullible people might take you up on it.
<incoming 5000 words on why it's NOT a scam like crypto or an MLM


Where you from uyghur




<"It's a Scam! It's going to go to zero fast!"
>"Okay, then short it. You'll make thousands, maybe even millions if that's the case."
<"…U-Uh I don't gamble! It's too risky! I could lose money!"

Do you know how pathetic it sounds to constantly make a bet on an outcome but cower away when it comes time to put up some fucking cash? Saying "Well I don't gamble!" Undermines your own goddamn point because you're acting like this is a sure thing to fail.



>The yen gained with US Treasuries after the news broke, as investors reflexively sought havens. Japan’s currency traded 0.4% higher at around 135.50 per dollar at noon Tokyo time. Nikkei 225 futures erased gains after news of Abe’s collapse.
>Abe, Japan’s longest-serving prime minister, stepped down in August 2020 to undergo treatment for a chronic illness. Still, he remained politically influential pushing for more defense spending and warning China that any invasion of Taiwan would be disastrous for its economy.
>Japan is a country with some of the strictest gun laws among leading economies and shootings are rare. But political violence still occurs from time to time: In 2007, Itcho Ito, the mayor of Nagasaki, died after being shot twice by a member of an organized crime gang.
>Abe’s record-setting run brought stability to Japan after a revolving door of six administrations, including a previous stint by where he served as leader. Abe helped Japan escape from a cycle of deflation, endured a Trump administration that questioned the nation’s only military alliance, and worked to improve ties with its biggest trading partner China, which were at their most hostile in decades when he took office.
>Abe is perhaps best known for his plans to revive Japan’s flagging economy through unprecedented monetary easing and regulatory reform that was eventually labeled “Abenomics.” He has been seen as a steady hand who has consolidated power during his record run and been able to overcome scandals, including one that came to light in 2017 over questionable government land allocations for schools provided to associates of Abe and his wife Akie.


I really want to see Cheese Pizza U$A Anon become the treasurer or even better Gen Sec of the party, you just know this uygha is gonna be making the dumbest fundraising moves since Michael Laski graced the Amerikan communist movement. His buffoonery will have "higher" stakes (not really but he would think it does) and might finally lay that dogshit party to rest.


This is a mixture of insane spin, revisionism and lies. lol


The tiny violin industry may be the next to fall!


it's pretty much true though


File: 1657301878340.mp4 (1.06 MB, 360x360, shitsfucked.mp4)


Except Abe did not help the Japanese economy. Angloid media is noting that Japan has for exceptionally long time been ruled by one party, and by one person, spinning it as a positive: stability. Trump never jeopardized the US/Japanese alliance, and Abe is in fact seriously harmed Chinese relations to the point of effectively ended them. It's recently been stated that China/Japan diplomatic relations are even more frozen than China/US diplomacy, and Abe has explicitly crossed Chinese redlines on Taiwan and committed the country to total remilitarization, with a constitutional revision coming down the pipe.


File: 1657347780635.png (480.16 KB, 680x673, ClipboardImage.png)


The trial of three former JPMorgan employees, including veteran precious metals chief Michael Nowak, is the most ambitious effort to date in a year of US crackdown on market manipulation and impersonation. Unlike previous cases of alleged business fraud, the trio are charged with racketeering conspiracy under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act 1970 – a criminal law more commonly used against the Mafia than against global banks.

Nowak, gold trader Gregg Smith and Jeffrey Ruffo, an executive director specializing in the sale of hedge funds, are charged with racketeering conspiracy as well as conspiracy to commit price manipulation, wire fraud, fraud on raw materials and an identity theft from 2008 to 2016. All together, Nowak and Smith have been charged with more than two dozen crimes. All three defendants face decades in prison if convicted on all counts. Another trader, Christopher Jordan, who was charged alongside them, is due to stand trial in November.

Spoofing, banned by law in 2010, involves huge orders that traders cancel before they can be executed in an effort to push prices in the direction they want to make their genuine trades profitable. . While canceling orders is not illegal, it is illegal as part of a strategy to trick others.

“When this trick works, there’s someone else on the other side of the deal who lost,” Jennings told jurors in his opening statement. “Someone got scammed.” She added: “We will prove that the three defendants knew from day one that this trade was fake and did it anyway.”

Jennings said electronic communications and other evidence will show how the three worked together to ensure their trading impacted the markets in their favor. She said the government would bring in former traders who worked under Nowak or with the defendants. This includes John Edmonds, a former JPMorgan trader who previously pleaded guilty to price manipulation charges.

Another likely government witness is Corey Flaum, who worked with Smith and Ruffo at Bear Stearns before it was acquired by JPMorgan during the financial crisis. Flaum pleaded guilty in 2019 to attempted price manipulation.

After opening statements, the Justice Department said its first witness will likely be John Scheerer, who will testify about the operations and mechanics of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange futures markets.

Prosecutors allege Smith and Ruffo brought their illicit business tactics from Bear Stearns to JPMorgan and their business strategy was quickly adopted by Nowak and others. The Bear Stearns traders’ tactic was to place multiple orders, at different prices, which together were significantly larger than the actual order – a technique the government calls layering. Orders, placed in quick succession after the actual order, would be canceled as soon as the actual order is fulfilled.

Smith, a chief gold trader, performed some 38,000 lamination sequences over the years, or about 20 a day, prosecutors said in documents. Nowak himself mainly traded options, but he dipped into the futures market to hedge those positions. He tried his hand at layering in September 2009, according to the filings, and went on to use the technique some 3,600 times.

While some of the transactions began before lawmakers banned spoofing, the tactic reportedly continued to be prevalent, with JPMorgan traders engaging in spoofing more than 50,000 times in nearly a decade, prosecutors said.


IMF sounds global economic alarm
The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva, said on Wednesday that the outlook for the global economy had “darkened significantly” since April. She told Reuters that a global recession next year could not be ruled out, given the elevated risks.

“It’s going to be a tough ’22, but maybe even a tougher 2023,” the IMF boss warned.

She cited the global spread of inflation, dramatic interest rate hikes by central banks, a slowdown in China’s growth and unprecedented sanctions against Russia among the factors affecting global economies.


Developing world to face wave of defaults
Emerging nations, including El Salvador, Ghana, Egypt, Tunisia and Pakistan, will be challenged with a historic cascade of defaults as a quarter-trillion-dollar pile of distressed debts exerts downward pressure on economies, Bloomberg is reporting.

“With the low-income countries, debt risks and debt crises are not hypothetical,” the World Bank’s Chief Economist Carmen Reinhart told the agency on Saturday. “We’re pretty much already there.”

Over the past six months, there’s reportedly been a doubling in the number of emerging markets with sovereign debt that trades at highly distressed levels, meaning yields that indicate investors believe default is a real possibility.

Another cause for major concern reportedly arises from a potential “domino effect” that commonly occurs when scared investors begin yanking money out of countries with economic problems.

In June, traders reportedly pulled $4 billion out of emerging-market bonds and stocks, marking a fourth straight month of outflows.

Probable defaults may be followed by political instability. Earlier this year, Sri Lanka was the first nation to stop paying its foreign bondholders, burdened by unwieldy food and fuel costs that fueled protests and political chaos.

“Populations suffering from high food prices and shortages of supplies can be a tinderbox for political instability,” Barclays has said, as quoted by Bloomberg.




What is stopping different governements from poor countries to collectively agree to straight up refuse to pay back debt that has been forced upon them


well uh they'll become juche shitholes because they can't trade on the world market anymore


>West isolates a large part of the third world and starves itself out of resources and cheap labour
I say go for it


the g12 can only exist if these poor countries are theirs, if they all go juche where the fuck they get the raw resources to make their trash to get the money ?.


Orbán: The world is heading for seven tight years





>"Can you get our next meal or activity?"
who the fuck texts like that


What is an NFT and what are all the memes about?


$1 USD = €1 EUR


brainlet here
why does this matter


The Euro has devalued to a laughable milestone



weak currency=expensive imports for a region that imports everything


It happened before. It will get even worse for Euro, sure, but at this point in time it's nothingburger still


People whose vocabulary is limited


Kek. Europoors deserve it for being US's beta bitch


Not to the same scale as US does, but yeah EU is fucked.


Inflation #s out. 9.1%, higher than predicted by literally ever single major forecaster.


Good thing I bought the dip this morning, high inflation is bullish. It means money is moving = economic growth = buy more stoncks


None of that will happen, they'll just coup whoever is in charge and put their own puppet their instead just like they always do.


File: 1657747646166.png (24.77 KB, 438x463, 1657744305155.png)


SEC gave the thumbs up to single stock ETFs—Tesla was announced to be getting one same day.

Suspicion that retail are gonna invest in these seemingly “safe” ETFs so hedgies can short them. Use them as collateral in the event of a market crash. Will look up more soonish


good thing the cia has been absolutely shitting the bed lately


The Euro finally showed its true colors: it is, in fact, the Dollar.


File: 1657872523999.jpg (89.33 KB, 929x606, FXp5B6vVEAA5esM.jpg)

From China Daily


this is slander against our bee comrades


Au contraire, those are clearly Bourgeois WASPs.


Hot take: the GME short squeeze was the worst thing to happen to the everyman investor. WallSt Bets degens and deepfuckingvalue conned millions of people into artificially inflating the market on get-rich-quick schemes and now they're all pulling put to pay for higher prices now that they're realizing that will never happen.


Incompetent people hired into the CIA based on privilege rather then skill.
Look at the fucked up Afghanistan withdrawal, they even admitted they had no on the ground intelligence.


Guys Im starting to believe there's no actual housing crash coming, it'll likely just be more inflation which will transition to stagflation when porky cuts the wagies too. Think about all the millenials and people with their cushy savings that benefitted from the money printer. They're all waiting to snag up housing as soon as it comes down. Porky already knows that so no way they'd sell all the property they bough up in a panic like that to let wagies get a house. They'll hang on to it until the inflation renders their savings worthless and they cant afford to do anything but rent.


America already had a caste system this just makes it more obvious.


why do people even save money when inflation is a thing


It would also get absolutely mired in politics, and nepotism political dynasties bring.


Hey sCamPUSA anon, wanna comment?
Fucking swine


To what extent I wonder is the whole official narrative that the pandemic shocked the economy actually true? And how much of it is a cover? It's been about two years since the worst economic disruptions and shutdowns. While I can see how such logistical interruptions can have lasting effects, how much of the current economic dysfunction is attributable to regular capitalist processes?


File: 1658024007913.png (977.71 KB, 995x777, ClipboardImage.png)

The pandemic was just another vehicle to gobble up the wealth of the proletariat.


>Thinking GME is a pioneer of financial scams that existed for decades if not centuries in some from.
Lol'd. 10/10, would bait again.


How much longer before we see porkies jumping from skyscrapers?


You'll have to see many, many regular people do that first.


You are not keeping up with the narrative. Everything is now back to normal according to the Fake News MSM.

Maybe Boomer mass death / retirement was brought forward. The job creators skimped on training new employees for many decades and maybe they will never fix it before Amerilardia destroys itself.


"ScamPusa" is a retard and noone should ever take financial advice from xir or any of the Redditards of WSB. It is very unlikely xir will ever admit that xir was wrong. Xir will forever continue claiming that the "Squeeze has not been squoze".


File: 1658070085044.gif (2.9 MB, 636x341, ciao porky.gif)

>How much longer before we see porkies jumping from skyscrapers?


>using xir with someone who doesn't explicitly use those pronouns
Mentally ill.
GME's case has only been a thing in the past few decades. Buying stock to squeeze the shorts is also a new thing in the past decades.

If you look into the GME shit you can clearly see that the game is rigged. Doesn't mean you should bet. In fact, the blatantly obviousness of the game being rigged is a warning of caution on investing in GME.

Stupid bitch, lol.


God, I miss Satoshi Kon.



by far the funniest part of the Satoshi Kon documentary that came out a few years back was Mamoru Oshii getting interviewed and basically calling Kon an asshole.


>Mentally ill.
That's anyone who cares about pronouns.


i'm sure if people only called you 'she' you would be fine with it


Please, my pronoouns are Mi/Tu/AH.


File: 1658083310432-0.png (129.84 KB, 924x680, Le_Scam_Company.png)

File: 1658083310432-1.png (93.36 KB, 923x629, Terrible_Investment.png)





post the castro coin vid, with yacht


File: 1658160473416.jpg (96.22 KB, 1080x507, 1658153603352629.jpg)

Here's why recession is a good thing, actually!


it's offical…. commies have lost all right to comment on stock markets. years of doom & gloom on this thread, and now we pump super high 😃 gg beartards but u never win betting against America


File: 1658255143094.png (323.32 KB, 1035x1408, ClipboardImage.png)

Should I buy the dip or is it too late?


Shirt high, sell low.



its official… porkies physically cannot see charts with intervals larger than five minutes


File: 1658256156451-0.jpg (4.44 KB, 320x180, tardigrade.jpg)

File: 1658256156451-1.jpg (88.98 KB, 822x599, 9300476928.jpg)

omae wa mou


lmao so ironic…. post a 100-year chart so we can lauf at u 😂
lmao so poetic….. commies are viewing the world upside down as always..


recession and mass unemployment is seen as favorable to a real crisis of overproduction which is why the feds are hiking rates.






Hey cockpussyUSA, I'm back to gloat at your retardation. How's that split working out for you? Mmmmuuuhh this will be the short squeeze! Keep coping all the way till the end of ur life


File: 1658734343444.png (497.85 KB, 686x759, ClipboardImage.png)

>the white house changes the definition of recession


> holistic
> its about the motion of the constituent parts
WH confirmed dialecticians.


File: 1658757580327.png (76.87 KB, 887x683, ClipboardImage.png)

>dow back above 32k

its over, crisisbros…


Lmao if you factor in the labor market conditions and incomes and shit it just makes the case we were in a recession long ago, hahaha.


Hello everyone.

We have our recession. 2 quarters of GDP contractions. Early reports have shown Q2 had a contraction just like Q1. However the White House is denying the recession. So what will the federal reserve say and do?

Federal Reserve meeting begins tomorrow. Conference is on Wednesday. We will do our watch party as usual on Wednesday.

Prepare yourselves.


your fed streams are awesome, thx for the good work


early reports? or do you just mean forecasts?


File: 1658784514932.png (99.73 KB, 863x670, ClipboardImage.png)

Walmart Sees Q2 and Full Year Adjusted Earnings Declining About 8%-9% and 11%-13% Respectively


These next days are going to be glorious. Finally, it's happening. Capitalism is OGRE


Michael Roberts calls out the US gov's bullshit "akshully it's not a recession".




i'm finding impressive how just losing small parts of the global market is pretty much destroying causing a global recession.


File: 1658921984548-0.png (11.39 KB, 442x415, real gdp.png)

File: 1658921984548-1.jpg (9.58 KB, 330x330, econony biden.jpg)


the prophecy returns……………….


is there gonna be a cytube watch party for the fed meetign


I have made one as I see no one else had made one already.


faith. faith in growth determines financial growth, because faith creates risky investments. investors' faith in economic output is what encourages investment, and when the faith is lost they become stingier, pulling out of contracts, selling off stocks driving the price down as demand decreases and supply increases. companies suffer as their stock price decreases, and thus the economy dies without faith.


I need to apologize. One of my high school teacher and coach passed away and I just got back from paying respects.

I hope everything went well.


Inshallah. Im so tired of being blueballed over 2 years because of the feds money printer


What are you guys' guess for q2 GDP. I say -2.4%


Credit Suisse vastly exceeded its projected losses but still has its stock up. We’re gonna see some bizarre stock shit where companies just pretend shit isn’t hitting the fan for as long as possible. Like how Evergrande is supposedly in some limbo right now.

>Still in the green
>not taking profit because I think the stock can go higher
<“Hurrr! Retard! You’re losing money!”
>Literally just making money rn.
It’s all so tiring.


Was at work today making pizzas. Did the fed declare a recession at today's meeting? All i see is news about a .75% interest rate increase. Who cares?



We can't let the workers think conditions are getting better if we want a chance to immanentize the eschaton!


The actual numbers and what was predicted by porkies media.


-0.9 GDP Growth.

This is a recession.


>We’re gonna see some bizarre stock shit where companies just pretend shit isn’t hitting the fan
Yeah, this is precisely my interpretation of events after the white house media blitz trying to AcKsHuLlY the two-quarter-GDP-decline-is-a-recession thing


How long can they deny the recession? Lmao. We just entered the textbook recession and the stocks are pumping. Every corporation reported shitty earnings, and the stocks pumped. I guess bad news is bullish.


they're just gonna print infinite money and put it directly into the stock market so that stocks will never crash, it's a foolproof plan honestly


>the copening
Fox News is calling it a recession, but obviously they have an agenda


File: 1659024826704-0.png (45.51 KB, 743x444, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1659024826704-1.png (32.11 KB, 559x371, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1659024826704-2.png (55.18 KB, 709x496, ClipboardImage.png)

> >1091490
keep forgetting I cant send images and links in one post, heres what "the copening" was referring to


It's okay guys this isn't a recession, global economic slowdown and decline is just the new normal.


Transitory recession


I'd like to elaborate on the Credit Suisse thing. IIRC analysts predicted they'd lose close to half a billion this quarter. They lost $1.6 bn and the immediate result after this news came out was for their stock to jump 5%

As of writing this, it's up another 2%. We're not just seeing companies see stock jumps against bad news, but straight up be rewarded the more they fail.


very interesting that they pull out an extended chart for this


It always is. I’m not kidding. Bad things make stock go up good things make stock go down.


How bad will this crisis get? I really don't see things clearing up in Q3. We're already seeing the beginnings of layoffs and hiring slowdown.


If investors thought a company was gonna lose $1,000,000 dollars but they only lost $900,000 then the stock price will go up. If investors think a company will make $1,000,000 and they only make $900,000 then the stock price will go down.


Did you finally get a job Mr/Mrs Daniel Shays?


is this the one bros?


yeah i work at a pizza joint now


I hope these scum die. Copers are the worst subhumans, and I hope the recession eats them alive


File: 1659103847320.png (247.21 KB, 649x586, ClipboardImage.png)

EUbros I dont feel so good..


File: 1659104039390.jpg (21.42 KB, 600x245, brrr4.jpg)

the euro is as low as the dollar


Kind of funny in this context to watch videos like this which try not to portray USA an EU as better off than they really are, but rather try to make it seem like China is not a safe haven, that China is also falling apart, that CCP is just cheating capitalism with totalitarian powers, etc etc.


>q3 growth estimate at 2.1 percent
happening cancelled, porky wins again



Oh no, fake line goes up yet again!


File: 1659115016817.png (583.51 KB, 700x812, ClipboardImage.png)

>the Chinese dream has been sHaTteRed
>you cant become famous, you cant become a billionaire, you cant rely on your investments [and] housing!!
lol. I actually used to watch him and laowhy years ago when they were still sexpa- I mean living in China. What actually caused them to become turncoats?


>>Harsh lockdown measures that affect many millions of people that don't even stop Covid from spreading
when did this ever happen


File: 1659117058482.mp4 (1.62 MB, 854x480, 1618532977945.mp4)

>Chinese lockdowns bad


<all those fake burgers prove conclusively that China is collapsing tomorrow!!1

Yeah, nah


does this relate to all of the reddit posts about the evil CCP heckin' genociding everyone living in Shanghai by having an anti-covid lockdown?


>As it is with any state in history, it does indeed tend to fall, sooner or later, with people predicting any range of points at which it will fall
mr CIA lad, your beloved USA will be first. China isn't hitting its 5.5% growth targets, but the USA isn't hitting numbers without a minus sign in front of them.


this is not really the zeitgeist. China is actually pretty notably against the trend and has optimism, if you are plugged into (which this guy is not).

What is certainly true is this is the line that Chinese liberals have adopted and they push it really hard online, and, once again catch backlash.





Yeah it’s going to keep getting worse. The cause of inflation is a deliberate foreign policy choices, and you’re not even allowed to talk about them in the US. You have one side of the mouth saying inflation is fucking everyone and the other side saying more energy sanctions in Russia and decoupling from China. Sorry but it’s done. And you aren’t going to get a war either to save you from this. You’re just going to continue to decline because you choose to.


>you’re not even allowed to talk about them in the US
Who is preventing you from doing so?


You cannot, as a public figure, come out against Ukraine sanctions or against anti-China warmongering.

It’s actually likely you’ll just be investigated by the FBI, in addition to simply being blackballed.


People might get angry, but that's the practical extent. Many Republicans for example, including mainstream news talking heads like Tucker Carlson have outright said Russia is not a real threat to the US and that aggressive action towards it is unmerited. Similarly you can look up many public officials saying the threat China poses to the US is either exaggerated or a non-issue. Biden himself said China is not an economic threat to the US, and yes, people do get upset, but who is getting their door busted down or really discriminated against for this?


>What actually caused them to become turncoats?
Like most sexpests, a large reason why they even went to China/asian countries to begin with was a lack of respect or desire to understand the people and places. They saw asians as cute and easy to bed/wed compared to their western options. they are not turncoats because they never had anything but contempt in the first place.


Gazprom not putting the turbine lol



File: 1659551535209-0.png (2.08 MB, 1541x1927, Bubble_Bursts.png)

File: 1659551535209-1.gif (3.94 MB, 533x300, And_Here_We_Go.gif)


oh shid maybe home ownership will stop collapsing so hard


"oh damn were sanctioned :(. Sorry Canada, but thanks for the package. Pls greet Elensky from us!"


File: 1659554446161-0.png (538.92 KB, 2715x1920, AMTD.png)

File: 1659554446161-1.png (2.49 MB, 2417x1614, Management.png)

File: 1659554446161-2.png (521.91 KB, 2402x1641, Website.png)

In more weird news, a stock known only as AMTD Digital ($HKD) has become the 25th largest company on earth completely overnight. Media is blaming WSB. Most people on WSB claim they don't even know what the company is. If one visits AMTD digital's website it's extremely barebones. The Management are complete unknowns and have that weird "AI generated face" quality to them.

Something sp00ky is happening with this stock. I smell a bizarre financial scheme with a ton of blowback coming.


Have you tried a reverse image search for those Oriental gentlemen?


File: 1659559861716.jpg (139.27 KB, 677x1024, 1529593768902.jpg)

I did for at least one of them, Neil Parekh; the guy in the top column with the Armstrong hairline, he seems real at least. He's allegedly done some stuff like ran the "Australia National Bank, Singapore" whatever that means. When it comes to "what they do" it doesn't seem like there's much rhyme or reason.

They apparently took over some Hong Kong based insurer when China moved into the city. Also some insurers in Singapore I think. They seem to have "investments" in B-movies that never leave Asia, and some social media content creators. They claim their most profitable system is something called "SpiderNet" that's a business coms platform you pay to join.

The fact the media is pumping it up as "THE NEXT BIG MEME STOCK!" While WSB is openly mocking it as a scam makes me think it's some high-level pump and dump scheme. Of course I'm a bit biased because these articles are usually accompanied with subtitles like "Forget GameStop!"


New Normal



ripping off the fingernails of "thinkpiece authors" in the gulags, 2040,




>That's anyone who cares about pronouns.
i.e. you (the person who brought them up)


what the fuck do I do with my money

I did the heckin invest in le epic vanguard mutual fund and I've lost a lot of money. Goddamnit I just want to retirebefore I'm 70 bros.


File: 1659599776872.jpg (132.1 KB, 1080x2400, Finding_Jeebus.jpg)

This might be the most bizarre case of botting I think I've ever seen.
>Find Jesus
>"I'll sell at $50 because that's what Jesus would do."
I think this confusion goes way beyond me being drunk rn.


File: 1659602040795.png (124.46 KB, 1267x1218, ClipboardImage.png)



The jobs report far exceeded expectations. Despite the recession unemployment keeps going down.


give it a bit. Rates have raised max 1 month ago


So after some finance fuckery; America may have put some Euro brokers at risk of bankruptcy.

It’s a long story and I’m at work, relates to this GameStop saga. But if y’all want a tale about mass international finance fraud I’d be happy to share it.


Those are probably all bullshit retail jobs that no one wants to work anymore or the jobs everyone quit from in the first place. The jobs numbers are just a farce trying to put lipstick on a pig, but this ship is still sinking


Not from you schizo you've literally been wrong about everything youve said


Lol. M8 I’ve backed up everything I’ve said. The people who disagree with me just spout “no it’s not” and you’re taking that at face value.


im a retard but can someone explains why this really matters? can the economy not go to shit if employment is high? its not like wages are going up or costs or arent skyrocketing so why does the media hold this up as the holy grail?


The media is clinging to anything it can to gaslight people into normalcy or to help Biden/dems win his 2nd term by not making it look like its his fault.

Other than that, with full employment its the difference between stagflation or true great depression tier hellscape


The leftypol prophecy will soon come to pass


well supposedly if unemployment id low people can still buy shit even though its expensive af. With unemployment added in, they wont be able even afford food/living and gdp will tank even more as demand will be nil


Sooner than you think man. I mean this is part of the reason I’m hyped to do a write up after work (gonna be a few hours) because the way things are looking, America is gonna cause a major financial crisis due to sheer corruption in our markets for the second major time in our lifetime.


File: 1659837460718.jpg (48.77 KB, 600x608, Laugh2.jpg)

>Founder of 'GAB social'
<My son will have been through the Classics, all of Greek Philosophy, the entire Bible, and know how to build things with his hands, shoot a gun, grow food, hunt, fish, lift weights, and start a business by the time he is 18.

<Their sons will be demoralized for 18 years in the DEMONIC schools, then sink into DEBT (probably 7 figures 18 years from now) to be intellectually CASTRATED by some Marxist whore college professor at which point 'he' will be hired by some globohomo corporation or beltway job where he can be lambasted with anti-White diversity training and ruled over by some low autism score idiot who hates him and his peoples existence.

Absolute state of the inside of the mind of rightoid's at this point.


fuck this was meant for /isg/ reposting their now.


File: 1659909248987-0.png (565.3 KB, 1200x1450, Splividend.png)

File: 1659909248987-1.jpg (142.12 KB, 960x1535, German Broker DTC.jpg)

File: 1659909248987-2.png (303.46 KB, 1741x1564, More_German_Brokerages.png)

Okay; so this thing I'm hyping up. I figure I ought to write out all I can as best I can.

The Gist of It: America just scammed Brokers across the world into cleaning up our shit. The consequences of this is that countless European markets have essentially been conned into fucking over their own investors and themselves so America can enjoy a few more days of financial stability.

Now for a little more detail.

I've been talking about GME for a while, because it presents a unique market risk. It's a bomb that is bound to go off eventually. If you don't believe me, here's the head of IBKR, Thomas Petterfy, basically saying GameStop was putting the entire market at risk


This isn't some rando; this is a guy with a $25 billion dollar networth and owns a major international brokerage. He lays out the basic problem with GameStop (back in January at least) succinctly:

Shorts had to deliver 270 million shares. Only 50 million existed.

This is what I've been screaming from the mountains, this is why GameStop is a unique market risk. If you need a metaphor; imagine you sell a single PS5 to 30 different people, they all show up the same day to collect and you owe each of these people a PS5: you've fucked yourself.

I'm not gonna describe the process of naked shorting further, I've done that a ton already and it'd be a post unto itself. So lemme just give y'all an update.

Recently, GameStop made a financial move known as "Stock Split via Dividend" or a "Splividend." While rare, it's not unique. Tesla did this ages ago to squeeze shorts who were suppressing the value of the stock.


Here's how it works: in a normal Stock Split, brokers are told to multiple everything by the number of shares being split. Let's keep it simple and say it's a 2-1 split. So you multiply all the shares on the market by 2, the shares in peoples accounts by 2, and divide the price by 2, simple right?

In a split-via-dividend scenario, a company produces a certain number of shares, they then give these shares to the DTC who distributes it to brokers, who then distribute it to investors.

Now the thing is, the DTC is a monopoly. A private, for-profit monopoly. Part of the reason naked shorting is allowed to happen has been because the DTC has allowed it to. Companies have figured this out before, but the reason the DTC is still the top dog in charge is that you can't withdraw from them and they've even barred members from advocating investors Directly Register their Shares after a previous company (some South African Diamond Scam) proved they were manipulating stocks by allowing trading of shares that didn't even exist.

In short. Picture a bank that won't ever let you close your account. All your money is in it. Another person figured out a way to "leave" the bank by asking their relatives and friends to withdraw all the money in their account one at a time, and now the bank is saying you can't even ask people to take money out for you.

So, GameStop issues a 4:1 Splividend. That means if you're a GameStop investor (like me) you would see the number of shares you have in your possession multiplied by 4. They added new shares, distributed them first to directly registered owners (again, me) via Computershare and then distributed the remaining amount (a little under half the supposedly free-floating shares) to the DTC to distribute to all their brokers.

And this is where the fraud happened.

GameStop investors in Europe and elsewhere didn't get their dividend shares. They were dealing with "phantom" shares appearing and disappearing from their brokerage accounts. Why was that?

Because the DTC couldn't give enough shares out to everyone.

The problem with Naked Shorting is it allowed for infinite liquidity, so retail investors, especially during the buying frenzy nearly 2 years ago, they bought more shares than they should've been able to because, again, Short Hedge Funds opened more short positions than they could ever fulfill. They basically said "We totally have the shares to pay back our obligations" and so they can't give the game up when retail starts buying those imaginary shares in their brokerage accounts.

In essence, even if you were rich enough to buy every goddamn share in a company via E*Trade or Robinhood or some other app, you'd still see the company's stocks being bought and sold because brokerages are just moving around the financial equivalent of IOUs.

So now it's obvious to everyone following this saga that the DTC is committing international market fraud. But they didn't just take the money and run.

They told brokerages to process the Splividend as a regular stock split.

In essence, they devalued GameStop by billions, again, by telling brokerages to create more imaginary shares.

Attached to this post should be pics of various Euro-Brokers being confronted by concerned investors asking if GameStop had a split-via-dividend or just a regular stock split. And you'll see the confusion as these brokerages are being told by the DTC one thing, while GameStop has reiterated that they're offering a stock dividend and confirmed all the legal jargon was correct on their end.

GameStop even said they're aware of the issues with the dividend and urging investors to contact their brokers.

Like I said, this isn't some unique finance thing. Splividends have happened before. Tesla is doing another one in a few months. So the odds of the DTC fucking this up unintentionally are slim to none.

So what does this mean? This means that an American megacorp basically tricked most global brokers into defrauding their own investors. It put them on the firing line to save its own skin. More than that, it essentially stole stocks from foreign investors.

America just blatantly robbed investors all across the planet to save its own ass. Because its own goddamn financial institutions got greedy and wrote a check they couldn't fucking pay.

If I was a European I'd be burning the stars and stripes in the streets.

And funny enough, now American and Euro brokerages are claiming that GameStop is merely "lying" about a split dividend, even though they'd gain nothing for doing so and Computershare already confirmed that it received the shares for a splividend and sent it to the DTC. So the question now is what happened to all those shares?

This is going to cause a lot of fuckery, the world over. Say hello to the next major financial crash, and only our goddamn country is to blame.


File: 1659909978237.png (2.43 MB, 1300x2400, ClipboardImage.png)


How many shares are in Europe and how many firms is it spread over? Enough for them to eat the losses and complain about it, or will it put them under?


I told you a long time ago there was no requirement for the shorts to pay the additional shares. Now you redditards didnt see the stock go anywhere and are coping some more after the stock split is just divided as usual.


File: 1659913095316-0.jpg (101.85 KB, 1080x1283, dpkv1j76l6g91.jpg)

>How many shares are in Europe and how many firms is it spread over? Enough for them to eat the losses and complain about it, or will it put them under?

That's the thing, we're all just normal people investing, so all the info we can find is by just communicating with each other and sharing our findings collectively. From what I understand on the German sub it's long been speculated that its within the realm of possibility for Germany alone to "technically" own the float.

Like this is a multinational group of investors here. GameStop investors are in China, Korea, the UAE, Poland, France, Britain, Germany, Italy, and on and on and on. That's part of what makes this such a shitshow.

Pic attached is a German Broker stating that 3,251 of its users are holding GameStop in their account. That's just one broker.

If all of those accounts had 100 shares before the split, that'd mean that of the 50,000,000 shares in the entirety of the free float, individual investors in this one broker would own… about 15.4%

That's the thing, in that YouTube video you have a billionaire saying the entire market was at risk because shorts owed 270 million shares but there were only 50 million in existence. And they've only kept increasing that number of shares they owe. Who fucking knows how big the number of synthetic shares are?

As for whether it'll put them under, I'd have to say undeniably yes. Which is what makes this a financial bomb.

GameStop was not supposed to survive the massive number of shorts taken out against it. The only reason these idiots in billion dollar hedge funds took out that much was because it was supposed to fucking die.

Now it's alive and kicking. They can't close their short positions, and at any point this bomb can go off and take the brokers with it.

So the losses the DTC is trying to foist onto brokers is enough that I think a good number of them will be forced into bankruptcy.

You're a jackass watching a chess game and shouting from the sidelines that a pawn can't checkmate a king. Our opponent moved his king out of check by shoving him off into a corner to get himself a few more turns, and you're spouting "SEE! I TOLD YOU SO!"

If there was no risk from a split-via-dividend, they would've processed it as a split-via-dividend rather than a regular stock split.

I threw a little over $10k at this thing, most of what I had, because I saw it as a sound investment. Now I'm up double my money, you don't have the balls to raise a counterbet, and you're acting like I'm in trouble because I've "only" made double my money rather than quadruple.


Too long didn't read kill yourself


is it too late to make any money off gme or will that not even be processed



This does sound serious et al but I just feel nothing major will come out of it.


that's what everyone said about putler invading Ukraine


Don't listen to the GME bagholders. They come out with 20k word pasta every day to justify their purchases. Literally a cult.


may allah break the housing market for good


I mean the reason I'm hanging in is because I suspect I can make a lot more money than I already have on it. Once this is done, it's done; The sheer damage a successful GME squeeze would due to markets would manage to get even congress off its ass to make sure this shit never happens again.

What we've been seeing since the split is a bizarre step like pattern. Every day GameStop seemed to shoot up in price and stabilize. Maybe this is because Eurobrokers are trying to buy shares to cover the dividend. Maybe this is something else. Like I said, I don't know.

There really isn't any kind of parallel to this in finance. Will the government step in and place a cap on the stock price? I mean it's possible, though again that'd be America deliberately fucking over every other country on earth since that cap would negatively affect foreign investors.

Will it force selling? I mean maybe. I think brokerages definitely will. By directly registering shares, I've done everything short of physically had the shares printed and saved in a safe in my home, so it'd be difficult to get 'em.

No one knows what'll happen. Part of the fun will be finding out. This is a tangled mess that'll be written about in finance textbooks for years to come.

And even if the squeeze doesn't happen? GameStop paid off all its debts. It's reinvested the money that retail threw at it into expanding its warehouses and delivery services. It's got a marketplace selling actual fucking Television Shows as NFTs (something with far more use than just a fucking JPEG) and seems to be attempting to solve the "resale" issue in games by allowing for the sale of games between people with a percentage of the profits going as royalties to the devs.

Even know the college textbook industry, which I know firsthand exists to nickel and dime students for some extra cash, is looking at NFTs with royalties as a way to circumvent students buying used books. GME already has the infrastructure for it.

It's run by a CEO that took on a dying website, competed against Amazon, and won.

I think those are all bullish flags, even discounting the possibility of a short squeeze.

Fair enough. As with all things we'll see.
My reaction entirely. There's already people in the GME subreddit essentially saying the amount of fraud America's allowed to occur in finance, which has been revealed by the whole GME saga, has guaranteed they'll never invest in American markets ever again after this.


what if the DTC just decides not to fulfill their obligations, or worse, starts prosecuting GME on bunk charges of fraud. they already rewrote the rules once why do you think they wont do it again?


>Too Long Didn't Read
I got all the way to 'gamestop' before I stoped reading. You didn't miss anything.


>an American megacorp
>the DTC is a monopoly. A private, for-profit monopoly.

are they one of those "private" government institutions? are there alternatives or is this something like "the fed"? what exactly is their relationship with like the IRS and wall st or whatever?

>DTCC was established in 1999 as a holding company to combine The Depository Trust Company (DTC) and National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC).

>In reaction to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, on March 3, 2022, DTCC blocked Russian securities from the Bank of Russia and The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.[28][29]

are you sure they are not just going to take your venezuela gold coins and give them to the victims of havana syndrome foundation?


I mean the thing is GME is an actual company with employees, real estate, it distributes commodities, and it has an army of near obsessive nutters loyal to it. After pouring over legal documents, some investors had a goddamn plane flying over Chicago with the banner "Ken Griffin Lied Under Oath", they turned this "private" billionaire into an official publicly representing fraud and corruption.

Point is, it's unlikely that the DTC would have anything resembling a "fraud" case given how these obsessive investors have already compiled evidence the world over that foreign brokers are processing the Splividend as a simple Split. If it tried to accuse GameStop of fraud, it opens the door for a very public litigation case and maybe even international prosecution.

>are you sure they are not just going to take your venezuela gold coins and give them to the victims of havana syndrome foundation?

That's why a lot of investors have been DRSing. The reason the DTC is able to get away with so much fraud is because it's the legal owner of your shares. Whenever you buy any shares through a broker like E*Trade, no matter how "trustworthy" they like to pretend they are, your shares are entrusted to the DTC via Cede & Co.

Directly registering basically means you're the sole owner of your shares. They're taken out of the DTC and your name is on the company books. As of a few weeks ago, GameStop investors directly registered more than half of the free float in shares. That number is shrinking every day. And those are shares that the DTC has zero financial control over.


>threw a little over $10k at this thing, most of what I had, because I saw it as a sound investment. Now I'm up double my money
Literally just got lucky. Literally any turd that invested money last year in anything would be up the same amount, it was the biggest bull run in near history.

Now you're just bagholding because of your FOMO for not selling when it initially spiked like all the other delusional redditards and hoping it goes back to 80$.


File: 1659919870295.png (49.09 KB, 900x558, stages_bubble.png)

Wowie where have I seen this before



Ah, so that's where the videos about China collapsing in 14-34-47 days come from


About fucking time.


>Cheap houses soon


>seems to be attempting to solve the "resale" issue in games by allowing for the sale of games between people with a percentage of the profits going as royalties to the devs
>is looking at NFTs with royalties as a way to circumvent students buying used books
fuck that


>It's got a marketplace selling actual fucking Television Shows as NFTs (something with far more use than just a fucking JPEG) and seems to be attempting to solve the "resale" issue in games by allowing for the sale of games between people with a percentage of the profits going as royalties to the devs.
Mate, why are you supporting this shit? You sound no different then a regular porky at this point. No wonder your communist party is going to shit.


The real draw of having the shares is because at some point they either make you rich or completely trash the financial system.


he isn't supporting it,and he already owns the damn shares before they even announced that,selling them off isn't going to make their business crumbles overnight (not that I expect the royalties system to work in the first place)


File: 1659981913264.png (68.76 KB, 1024x204, ClipboardImage.png)

Don't know if this is real but ouchies if true


Eh, I was already invested when it was announced. If this is gonna happen one way or another, at least I can make money off it.
I'm kinda curious to see what BlockBuster does with it; seeing as its Twitter has been latching onto Ryan Cohen, the CEO. Could be it'll try to be some digital retailer for movies or something. We'll see.

Seen it. Could be true. Could be bullshit. Interesting nontheless.


>tech and chip stocks down
>unrelated sectors shit the bed

I love how a handful of speculative rich kid assets dictate the flow of the entire rest of the economy. Thanks capitalism, very cool!


So I'm almost up 2500 today; we had a real battle for $45/share ($180 pre-split) which has been pretty consistent. That seems to be the big number that Hedge Funds can't tolerate.

We might see a dip in the price tomorrow. If it closes above $45 we're probably gonna see another runup. At $47 we'll surpass March's high. $62 we'll pass the November Peak. By that point I expect a growing momentum shooting up the price.

This saga could resolve itself in a few months' time, that seems to be the rumors. We'll see.


I bailed out of gamestop as soon as I saw them come out with an NFT marketplace and every single investor went bananas for it. made some ok money at least


Honestly I love the stock market so much, anyone else feel the same way? I don't want communism anymore because watching the drama of human life reified in numbers is so fun and exciting.


You're just a gambling addict anon. Seek help.


what do you think the CPI number will bee


so tired of it all, fuck this shit, im going broke from inflation cant even afford a place to stay anymore. Now the market isnt crashing and I cant even have the satisfaction of watching these porky fucks lose money.


market pretty much always crashes in september, be patient, porky will suffer soon



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