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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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I bought a framework laptop because my previous one was so cheaply constructed that it literally disintegrated from use.

I quite like it. I'm not going to pretend that buying a product will solve any systemic capitalist evils like ending e-waste or granting a right to repair, but on a personal level, I'm hopeful to be able to avoid some common pitfalls with consumer products like disposability and planned obsolescence by being able to repair this thing myself or replace parts on it. Plus it seems pretty sturdily constructed in the first place. The keyboard's very crisp by laptop standards and is backlit (which is thoroughly unremarkable, but my previous laptop wasn't, because I lived in the stone age), the trackpad's nice, the screen is annoyingly glossy, though it is high resolution with a large color gamut. Hopefully they release a matte screen at some point. And being able to choose where the ports are on it is a bit of a godsend to deal with cable mess.

Thoughts on this thing?


Also framework's planning to make some sort of marketplace to buy/sell secondhand parts, so you can buy used parts or sell parts to users once you're done with them to recoup some of their cost.

They're also trying to cultivate a market of third-party manufacturers to make parts and modules etc. and they're releasing the specs of their designs accordingly. Maybe it will make the laptop more flexible and less prone to vendor lock-in.

Also they said in the forums they had plans to support coreboot, which is cool.


Awesome, now give it ethernet, physical trackpad buttons and a cheap version with a 6th gen i5 or something lol


I'm interested, but like >>14638 says, I'm waiting for an AMD version
Wait it has no ethernet? lmao


They seriously need to fire of who is ever in charge of their design department.
this thing is ugly as fuck and that cog logo is embarrassing to carry around and brings too much attention.
and yes aesthetics matter, a lot!


Yeah it's nerd shit
People shit on Apple's marketing but at least they try to make technology appeal to people in general, instead of some gearhead roleplay


Maybe the ideals of projects like this are admirable but it sure drips first world thinking. I've got a 2020 chromebook that cost $20 used, flashed coreboot on it and now can install any distro. The freedom of not worrying about breaking it means that I bring it anywhere which makes it so much more useful. I don't game so it honestly does anything I need it to. A $200 frankenstein desktop at home for remoting into and you're set for anything.


if you care this much about aesthetics then you lost


>I'm not going to pretend that buying a product will solve any systemic capitalist evils like ending e-waste or granting a right to repair
Bruh, not every action has to be a political statement.


TF are you talking about? The design is fine.

Okay, consoomer.


the laptop is practically a copy of the MacBook. How is it ugly and nerdy?


>How is it ugly and nerdy?
It's not Apple.


I'm sorry but if you're this dense and can't differentiate bad from good design you're probably severely autistic and struggle in many other areas in life.
also a fag, imagine showing everyone in public how much of an autist you are (and not the good kind of autist).


The retarded gear/cog icon. they're obviously trying to copy Apple's design but have failed miserably.
at least it's a bitten apple (forbidden fruit) which is original and creative.
why would anyone want a cog icon on their laptop? what is that supposed to mean?
yes it's a highly customizable laptop but that doesn't mean that you need to make the entire identity around that.

really… a fucking gear…


It also works as a flower, if you want that eco clout.


Imagine being this much of a fucking neurotic over what people will think about you. Also, you will never be a psychologist.


The poster sounds like a /pol/tard. They're the kind of people who mock people for petty reasons like consooming the "wrong" product.


My plan is to hold off until they finish getting coreboot available for their devices. Right now I've got a thinkpad that I'm working on, and soon it should be a maxed out in terms of ram.

The 16" framework coming out this year is exactly what the niche, thinkpad users like myself want.

As far as the logo, there's no point getting riled up over some aesthetic that could easily be covered up with a laptop skin/protector. Having said that, I like the logo.


>Right now I've got a thinkpad that I'm working on
RMS, is that you?


>As far as the logo, there's no point getting riled up over some aesthetic that could easily be covered up with a laptop skin/protector
Gears are cool IMHO. Not sure what all the fuss is about.


No, sorry love.


Computers don't need to appeal to people in general
They're business and industrial machines
Honestly, I feel like the idea of the personal computer was a huge mistake


is a personal typewriter and a personal filing cabinet a mistake?



I know it's hard to hear this when you probably spend your entire free time on something that was only ever engineered to process bank transfers and scientific models
I understand


>Honestly, I feel like the idea of the personal computer was a huge mistake
Yeah, technological independence of the proletariat, simplification of everyday tasks, automation and fast dissemination of information were a mistake, great.

I get it. Most people use it to talk on Facebook or whatever garbage. But we're not talking about normies here. In the case of the normies it's actually the opposite problem: the "personal" in "personal computer" is withering away, general-purpose computing is under attack. The bourgeoisie feel threatened that they might lose control over proles and thus try to imprison them with locked-down systems, proprietary software and Service as a Software Substitute so they can fundle data to third parties, memetically reprogram the population and push more ads to your face for billions of profit.


I really doubt most proles care about this very middle-class sort of issue
"Technological independence" was always meaningless considering if you want to do a lot of things on a PC, you have to connect to a monopolistic ISP, you have to get an OS which only a few companies can offer, etc.
Maybe I'm a bit jaded from constantly using Windows which has been dogshit for a long time, and which I just see as a waste of my time doing the most pointless tasks


>I really doubt most proles care about this very middle-class sort of issue
man my rw grandmother asked me about vpns and bitchute


>very middle-class sort of issue
>assuming I'm middle-class
>assuming the middle-class aren't proles
Very un-Coolio.


>you have to get an OS which only a few companies can offer
Proprietary software user. That explains pretty much everything.

Every OS that's not GNU/Linux or BSDs should fucking die in a fire.


the true prole OS is Qubes


>the true prole OS is [GNU/Linux]
I mean, you're just proving me right.


File: 1686205113385.png (2.47 KB, 205x240, apple fixed.png)

Just put this over it. When somebody raises an eyebrow, just say: Oh this? Yeah, it's an Apple Complete. Their product line for the pros.


>all of that modularity
>can't have a keyboard with a trackpoit nipple


You don't get it. The apple is bitten by gullible fools meaning Steve Jobs is Satan.


Some 3rd party with come up with a thinkpad-clone replacement keyboard. Plus it'll have better switches and a backlight.


File: 1687653235772.png (96.66 KB, 820x991, ClipboardImage.png)

Nah, it's just fun, goofy branding. The current monocolor version hides that unfortunately. The LGBT rainbow flag, which uses a different color order, was made 2 years after this original logo btw.


>so cheaply constructed that it literally disintegrated from use.
Same happened to me, I would have liked a framework ideally but won't spend that much on a computer.. In the end I settled for a thinkpad x13 because they go for 500 bucks on the lenovo website, I think they try to empty their inventory or something. It's not quite like those old reliable t series though, the ram is soldered on my model for example which sucks a bit.


>They seriously need to fire of who is ever in charge of their design department.
the only thing i see wrong is like it looks like an offbrand macbook, but other than that i don't see what's the big deal. ýou need to do something about your social anxiety, dog.


Framework is one of the two companies I'd consider buying a laptop from - the other is System76.

On the hardware side, Framework is perhaps doing the best for upgrade capable, repairable, modular laptops using modern hardware. Unfortunately, they're not quite as good on the software/firmware/openness side. They do mention Linux (on the DIY version) but they aren't using an open Coreboot based firmware or other custom stuff and I know there was some disappointment with how they handled some things in the past in this regard. Still, they are far from the worst and could get better and any improvements they make are easy to upgrade to in terms of hardware or firmware/software.

System76 by contrast is still using more or less "whitebox" ODM laptops, customizing them though they are working on totally custom built ones. However, they are an openness ethos company first and started with software/firmware. They maintain the PopOS Linux distro (one of the best Debian/Ubuntu style for desktop use) partially for their own hardware and as such their laptops all work 100% on Linux, all the function keys and other stuff works. They also use Coreboot on nearly everything Intel based (AMD coming with the 7xxx series), and custom firmware with custom embedded controllers that are FOSS and openhardware spec. They also fabricate a lot of their stuff in the US, ethically sourced etc…notably their "Thelio" cases made for their desktops; soon they'll have a locally fabbed laptop model and by the end of this month they should be selling their first stand alone PC case, Nebula, if all goes as planned. They contribute a lot to Linux software, Coreboot and other custom firmware, and release designs on github for much of their custom hardware such as a libre control PCB/daughterboard and the like they use in their desktops and servers.

Neither Framework nor System76 are the cheapest options for getting a PC, but if you want to contribute to companies that are making things a bit less shitty, they're solid options. Often the Linux friendly/libre/open/modular/repairable/ethical/privacy focused hardware tends to be either ancient, underpowered, horrendously expensive, poorly supported, ugly or amateurish, very intentionally niche, someone's creative/art/statement project,or any combination of the above. There are many reasons for this and its not all bad, but when you're asking someone to spend well over a thousand dollars on a laptop (or phone, or other device etc) that uses some ancient 40nm CPU chip or a 802.11N wifi card from the late 2000s, its discordant to hear "but its libre!" as the only justification; to say nothing for the fact especially when there are crowdfunding endeavors you could spend the time crowdfunding modern components!

System76 and Framework are especially helpful for bridging the gap between libre/open/ethical/repairable and modern hardware/power/convenience; you're never going to have the kind of funds or userbase that it will take to really demand these elements become more widely supported by only targeting the most niche "I will sacrifice everything for a particular feature, ideal etc" users. Neither are going to be what everyone needs in every situation, but they are very different from the common (especially outside the tech-enthusiast, pro-sumer, or other niche) offerings; we should applaud what they do and hope they continue, while advising them to develop even further in the future.


anyway to support both corporations without buying their mainline products?
like a donation?


For Framework, not sure about donations. You could go to their "marketplace" and buy all matter of parts and components, some of which like their SSDs are off the shelf (they have WD_BLACK 850X I think etc) . They also have a $100 carbon capture credit (they're partnered with Running Tide, which uses kelp etc) which is intended to make buying a a Framework laptop entirely carbon neutral, but its something like a donation (I have done no investigation into Running Tide themselves though, but were I thinking of purchasing one I'd definitely put in a little time). You ma

System76 on the other hand has multiple avenues to contribute both in terms of time and finances. Donations to the PopOS Linux distro is probably one of the easiest ways to contribute. They also have an assortment of S76 components (including the new Nebula cases, now available, their Launch keyboard kits and components etc) if you don't want to buy a whole PC or anything. Between the two I'd feel more comfortable going out of my way to donate to System76 given their frequent releases of open specs and design docs for their hardware, firmware and software alike; Framework's modular focus on the hardware itself is great and in buying their varied components and encouraging them to advocate for open source/spec with any new firmware/hardware/software they commission.


i just got the smaller one with an amd 7840u and a bunch of ram
i installed ubuntu on it because it can easily use the fingerprint reader and i didnt want the unknown money i must have spent on that hardware to go to waste
very very decent little powerhouse


it has an ethernet module


>you have to connect to a monopolistic ISP
your burger is showing


and an AMD version now, for that matter


All well-known Linux distros are either maintained by corporations or corporation-paid freelancers or are forks of the aforementioned distros with tiny changes and configurations
Same with the big 3 BSDs


if you feel you need to use an OS which had no corporation involved at any point in the development, then feel free to use templeOS or some meme shit like that. but the point of that comment was obviously about the lack of variety of OSes, which isn't much of a problem with linux because it's extremely configurable, documented, modular, and inspectable.


Hyperbola ( https://hyperbola.info ) is a distro that wants to purge corporate influence from their distro.

Doesn't help that now it's basically a one-man project and the dev's english seems p retty much broken. Hyperbola's reasoning builds on https://logicmag.io/failure/freedom-isnt-free/ ( or maybe they just plagiarized parts of it ). I don't recommend reading the hyperbola writeup, it's broken english all the way down.


dumb fucks disallowed freight forwarding and now I can't get their laptop. way to go framework!
what a bunch of fucking low lifers, they only ship to very specific countries and keep telling their international customers to just wait. it's going to take them years to ship their product legally to the rest of the world. people started freight forwarding their products but then framework banned any discussion on their forums and made it harder to freight forward. what a bunch of morons.


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