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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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What smartphone do you have? What you recommend? Also share your recommended apps.

I have a Xiaomi Poco F3, I got it for cheap ($280) and has a lot of good features like 5G, 120HZ AMOLED, NFC, a powerful processor etc I don't plan to buy another one for in the next 4-5 years.

My recommended apps:
>Blokada (to block all ads, doesn't need root)
>f-droid (alt app store).
>Bromite and Fennec Fdroid web browsers
>Libretorrent if you want to torrent on your phone.
>Tachiyomi if you want to read manga.
>Radiodroid for radiostations
>Torbrowser for tor proxy/onion service
>Lucky Patcher if you want to fuck around trying to unlock apps for free (Needs Root)
>MX player for videos, Simple Gallery for images.
>New Pipe or YT Vanced for youtube videos.
>foobar2000 or blackplayer for music


Just bought an iPhone 13 Mini, it's cute.


Currently just have some old Nokia thats bound to be tracking all my shit. Been thinking about getting a used pixel and trying out GraphineOS, worth the effort?


I'm using auygh5. A perfectly functional phone that can easily run the latest version of LineageOS. It has a good camera, a decent GPS radio, high screen resolution, good ergonomics, a removable battery; there are zero deficiencies for daily use. Then again, all of the apps quoted by >>11823 can be run on a Galaxy S3, which highlights the excessive hardware capabilities of recent phones.


mods fix your spastic wordfilters


File: 1632958980120.png (227.01 KB, 463x582, sxmo-pinephone-cover.png)

Pixel 3a w/graphene OS. Tempted to get a pinephone with SXMO once support for my 3a ends and just use it for emulation.

As for f-droid apps:

>Calyx VPN - free VPN provided by the Calyx Institute

>ClassyShark - offline scanner for trackers
>OMW - FOSS morrowind client, just supply the game files.
>Simply translate - google translate mirror
>Orbot - Tor proxy
>App manager - schizo app that grants control over every little detail of your apps
>OpenBoard - google keyboard replacement
>OpenCamera - google camera replacement
>MoneyWallet - best budget manager I have ever used and it's FOSS.

I'd say so, just be aware that Pixel phones are only officially supported by Google 3 years from release and the Graphene team can't support older pixels indefinitely without upstream support from google developers so consider at least a 4a and newer.


Knowing the model of your smartphone is very useful information for people who want to track you. This information can leave a trail on your internet usage because of things your device shares with websites in order to make the browser work.


File: 1633074688861.jpg (40.13 KB, 648x559, Fp4-all-options.jpg)

New fairphone just dropped

Give me a reason why you're not pre ordering this right now.


File: 1633077426277.jpg (101.16 KB, 1790x733, 5622.JPG)


>Give me a reason why you're not pre ordering this right now.


>Give me a reason why you're not pre ordering this right now.
no headphone plug (except for usb dongle)
no memory expansion
it doesn't say whether you can install a different operating system
it's too big
it's expensive (it's got lots of luxury features so it's not a bad deal or anything)

fairphone3+ might be interesting though because it got a headphone plug, memory slot and they confirm that the boot loader can be unlocked , if they would do a program where you can get a cheapy refurbished one from people buying the new model, that might be nice.


It has 5 years of warranty and guaranteed updates for those 5 years, also you can replace literally every part of the phone yourself.

Not a bad deal at all tbqh.


My Redmi 4 from 2016 is still getting updates.
>you can replace literally every part of the phone yourself.
I can still do that with Xiaomi phones. Does the Fairphone actually have socketed CPU, GPU and RAM?


>My Redmi 4 from 2016 is still getting updates.
Official updates from Xiaomi? That's impressive


I will be using an dumbphone until they release an Iphone SE sized Android smartphone that is capable of running GrapheneOS and will be supported for at least five years.


Does anybody have experience with GrapheneOS? Is the hype real?


I've looked at it, but currently on Lineage. It seems legitimate, but I don't need that kind of autism-grade security so I haven't checked details.
Reminder that GrapheneOS is ONLY built for recent Pixel phones.


Sorry for me being a tech noob normie, but what is exactly meant by "pixel phones"?


It's a Google brand of phones


>I don't need that kind of autism-grade security so I haven't checked details.
Well, part of GrapheneOS's appeal is supposed to be its similarity in operating like regular Android. If privacy can be almost as convenient as glowsoftware, why not take as much of it as you can? I don't see that as "autistic" if (often unlawful) arrests and house searches are increasingly done, because some stupidly programmed, biased AI scanned your data and has deemed you as a threat. Even if you're innocent and unarmed, plenty of people end up in jail or get shot by the police raid death squads. Avoiding such situations in the first place is preferable, no?

I see, thanks


iPhone 8
Whatever the hell is the cheapest and most long lasting


I still have my Mi A1. Still works, just had to change the battery and screen.

I hate the phone market, it's all so fucking stupid, like adding notches and removing jacks so they can give the impression of technological advancement.

I think I might just get a dumbphone and pinebook instead of a smartphone.


Yes, do it yesterday, simple as


Think I'm just gonna trade in my old iPhone for a newer one. I've had so many shitty Android phones in the past, I don't want to go back to that. I'm skeptical of the utility of GraphenOS, what's the threat model here? I mean, I already use Facebook and have an ISP my ass is already bought and sold.


Graphene is more about security than privacy, but in the end they are the same. Google Play Services does not have special privileges like in normal android distributions. You can still use it as normal, I keep it in its own profile, it is sandboxed. Really nice network permissions toggle that works better than Calyx' or other distros. Hardened_malloc is an entirely new memory allocator that is safer. Their patches are sometimes used upstream by Google. The list goes on and on with GOS.

According to them, apple has good security but the trade off of course is Apple ID attaching itself to everything you do. For me, Graphene isn't any more work than any other phone, so I would have no reason to change, but that may not be the case for everyone. Some apps might not work with their implementation of google services, I don't know because I avoid those apps to begin with. I think there's a website that tries to keep this info


What's the best android to get that is (?):
1) Has the ability to have lineage os
2) Can repair it easily (i.e.: opening the phone doesn't destroy it, you can replace the screen, and swapping batteries is easy)


What's the hip new place to get your custom roms from?
t.poco m3


i own a big dick 3000
pls don't track me government sama


Do any of the privacy and security focused phones run Android? I'm talking about phones like Pinephone and Librem 5. Is there a reason they avoid Android or an Android clone like lineage?


File: 1653826156734.jpg (27.02 KB, 328x448, 1653380471682.jpg)

Ty 4 this anon


Use the OpenVPN mobile app to connect to a proxy, not whatever client they offer you.


I think you mean Wireguard


OsmAnd+ on F-Droid for map/navigation


>MX player for videos
literally requires you to accept ad tracking before you use it
just get mpv-android or vlc-android


File: 1654026252335.jpg (79.17 KB, 1080x948, 0eb.jpg)

Oldest phone that can run browser, snapchat etc normie shit fast and well?


Oh hi NSO, thanks for your text message. Graphene chads rise up


Switched to Android after using an iPhone for 5 years. Feels great, doesn't feel like a fucking shackle that makes me miserable everytime I have to use it.


Nunti for RSS updates


add one of these links to your fdroid repos, you can download tor browser, orbot, obscuracam, and a bunch other useful stuff



>Design principles:
>Rely on existing, well established protocols
There are too many abandoned IMs on fdroid that didn't follow this.


file manager inspired by GNU Midnight Commander


Unique IPs: 24

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