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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Maybe one day we won't be able to use elevators without a smartphone.


This is a stupid idea. The elevator controller has to know what floor the call is coming from that is easy to have a fixed button that is slight harder to make fake calls compared to a phone. That and elevator controllers are rarely upgraded, there are still elevators running on ancient controllers that use relay logic from the 1970s as they still perform their job adequately.


it got demonstrated like a fucking couple of months after covid started that surfaces arent vectors for transmission


But how does it protect against people putting in calls for floors they are not on, image if you can just get every elevator in a skyscraper to think there are people wanting to get on at every floor from just your phone. Also how do they protect their controller from the Internet now that it has to deal with smart phones (most traditional elevator controllers only access to the outside world is a land line connection to the local fire department)?


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lmao this VPNbro is trying to torrentsplain to me about “muh monoculture” 😂😂😂 some of us don’t need to use mommy’s credit card or daddy’s passwords and can pay for our OWN subscriptions to Disney+, Peacock, HBO Max, and other fine streaming providers 💅💅💅


Yes keep giving your money to porky instead of getting your media in other ways.


Toxic VPNbros and torrent incels are at it again. You are stealing from the MARGINALIZED CREATORS that we graciously allow on our platforms.


>phone battery dies
>lose your phone
>internet drops out
>QR code sticker gets damaged
>app server can't be reached
>someone with the app installed butt-dials the app and sends the elevator to random floors
bruh how much of an engineer do you have to be to see a thing that works by pushing a button and think "how can introduce as many points of failure as possible?"


Someone will come up with an autoclicking app that will make sure its always in motion just to fuck with people.


Button operation
<push the button to operate the lift

Smartphone operation
<take outsmart phone out of the pocket
<open QR-coder reader app
<tapp on screen to make the app operate the lift

No way that's ever going to catch on, too many steps.
By the way one can make hygienic buttons with anti-bacterial coating or non-touch proximity detection buttons (They're already in use with soap dispensers in public restrooms)



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