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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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There are no search results after page 40.
Try every category, every word the millions are a lie.


Every search engine is the same.


I read the original Agora Road thread he bases the video off of, it's entertaining in a creepypasta sort of way but not convincing at all.


Google still doesn't work how one would expect. It doesn't crawl through the Internet looking for your keyword, there is not even a database linking keywords to websites its bots scrapped to make the process faster like old days of 90s search engines. Instead google takes your query and crosses with your meta data, giving you what it thinks you want rather then what you asked for. Couple with DIY websites not being anywhere as popular as they were and the Internet feels far more empty then it did in the 1990s when there was a tiny fraction of the userbase.


googling the word "documentation" stops returning results after only 26 pages. bizarre


Any good red pill or rabbit holes about modern YouTube and how much of it is gamed/botted/astroturfed?


For starters Youtube UI is garbage where you can't even organize subscriptions in categories like you use to do in the late 2000s. Next Youtube gives you no meta data on videos in your playlist.
This bad UI pushes users to rely on the recommendations that algorisms as it is measuring "engagement" so when the entire Internet down votes a video the algorithm promotes it because users "engaged" with the video. Then you have the algorithm censoring videos based on keywords it finds through its half-ass auto-capitations.


>Instead google takes your query and crosses with your meta data, giving you what it thinks you want rather then what you asked for.
why would they think people want this?


For start to dumb down the UI, you notice Google doesn't specify syntax (how to include or exclude keywords i.e using AND and NOT).
Yet the big reason is that doing it this way encourages websites to pay Google to get their page higher in results.


I knew something was wrong, I felt like it used to give way more results in the 00's and early 10's, now it has trouble finding a lot of shit.


File: 1657281851321.jpg (32.19 KB, 640x427, reddit-logo-vertical.jpg)

There is also something suspicious with new Reddit. It makes it excruciatingly difficult to see all comments and the voting system shifts the comments around in a more volatile way with new reddit. I don't use it and almost everyone I talk to still uses old.reddit.com.


It's not much, but there are tiny alternative search-engine projects:
https://wiby.org/about/guide.html <-just made the code available

Reminder there is a reddit mirror teddit.net that works without javascript and lets you also read NSFW sections without login or cookies.


you can avoid this by just not using google. i use kagi personally


The largest issue I have with YouTube is that it literally prioritizes television channels over everything else besides maybe the LARGEST youtube channels with like millions of subs or more that everyone knows of already. If I wanna find out what some people are saying about some event, or get general info about something from less known content creators, youtube will throw CNN, Fox, MSNBC, John oliver, Steven colbert, local news, channel 11 news or some other garbage as all the main results. It will prioritize videos from these worthless sources even if the video has no views, was posted 10 years ago, isn't related to the subject matter, etc. It did NOT used to be like this even in like 2013 or 2014. I know because I used to make a hobby out of discovering weird obscure channels now the only way to do that is to search odd file extensions or names like 'Mov223' or 'mov001' and see what someone uploaded.

I can try and type in a video title of something I want to watch verbatim and it won't be in the top 100 results. Literally the exact title and it shows me everything except that video. It's infuriating. The closest solution I've found is to download the BlockTube extension and just perma block every mainstream channel that exists. Google is deliberately filtering everything and I find this whole dead internet thing very plausible especially with how centralized it is globally now.


What you're talking about is the shitty way corporations got around net neutrality. Just prioritize corporate content ON servers and then they don't care if the plebs get net neutrality.


Even just for technical issues, for the average linux user, it's way more time consuming than before. Search results have been shit for a couple of years, walled gardens everywhere.

Documentation? Just go on our disglord bro.


The Internet Archive does a better job for what it has. Searching for 30 year old technical documents just pop up in a Internet Archive search (if they exist) yet won't in Google.


Fuck people that ask tech questions on Quora. Stop making that walled shitty website trend on Google.


I know the proprietary D program is infesting everything, and that's really annoying.
It's like going back to the days where you had to do convoluted things like go to an ftp-server to download the docs-folder, or be subscribed to the mailing list at the time when the mail that contained the documentation was send.

For a time the most common thing to do was having a wiki-page and a forum to ask questions. That wasn't perfect but it was easy to navigate.

But enough of the complaining, what would be a good way to do documentation ?
Make every program self-documenting, including beginner tutorials ?
Make a more advance type of man-pages ?

Maybe it would be usefull to understand why the proprietary D got so popular in the first place. Take the essence of what made people use it and then enhance it but as a secure, spyware-free, open standard with a FOSS implementation.


File: 1657569276921.jpg (382.18 KB, 1600x1195, ATT-UnixPC.jpg)

In the old days the big companies provided detailed documentation in many many binders. Today you can easily search PDF's of these and it would be nice for modern software having local HTML help files that allow to jump to sections along with searching (and there are emulators trs80gp that does just this for their help file).


It's deliberate. They want to waste our time and remove access to any utility the internet has.

The best example of this is when G removed the option to run your search term on *forums only*. It was amazingly quick and easy to find answers. I basically only ever used G to search forums using this drop down menu on the advanced search page.

They removed this functionality around 2017, and many others that were useful.

There was a lot of protests from developers on groups discussions, loads of complaining. They don't gaf. The search engine was becoming far too useful. Free unfettered access to discusssion could be potentially disruptive to the social order.


imagine the slingshot educational acceleration when communism and the people's search engine tho
i'm drooling


Seems like this thread slipped down because of a sudden flurry of tech posting on leftypol/tech/. sad.


>It's deliberate. They want to waste our time and remove access to any utility the internet has.
The big corporate search engine shows you the links that are the most profitable for them. They removed the forum search feature because then you have to look at the other more profitable search results.
I think that the corporate stuff providing great utility (in the past for your example) is the aberration.
Just look at the other information that capitalism generally tries to show you. It used to be the case that you had to do your own research to find out useful information. And maybe it's going back to the norm and people now have to host their own online infrastructure. You probably could run your own forum web-crawler, if you can find a community (like the people that protested against this feature deprecation) to help with getting it to work. I think there already are like semi-easy to configure diy search engines.


>there's no conspiracy schizo, it's just capitalism.

With respect, are you informed on this topic or just making a general point? Informed on intel involvement with tech champions from their starts, and informed on the use of these tech monopolies as a vital pillar in global US hegemony (as acknowledged in US government reports to congress)? Informed on the staffing revolving door that exists between intel and big tech?

>You probably could run your own forum web-crawler

Thank you for this valuable input.


Back in March 2020 when covid first spread, Google removed its search censorship for a couple of days. This event is now memory holed. I remember the day it happened and it definitely happened.

The only things I can find are old reddit threads. AFAIK nobody ever explained what the fuck happened for Google to turn off its filters.





>google is a lie
who tf in modern age still uses that spyware


Like, nearly every person on earth? It's even a verb in english.


Is there a way to block out search results for mainstream dogshit and just search for forums and github descriptions?
for example, I search "screenshot tool for linux" and I want all the shit from mainstream sources with those annoying "top 5" titles blocked and search either on forums or github descriptions


Google use to do that like 10 years ago but removed the feature.

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