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File: 1670271977209.jpg (586.13 KB, 589x713, ukip.jpg)


>The deputy leader of largest far-right party in the UK just posted this
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Okay, but she's a self proclaimed communist/marxist.


You can't be a communist while opposing vaccines, trans kids, abortion and BLM.


Yes you can.


Sorry but you can't.


Sorry sweety but you have communists supporting NATO, you can be a communist and believe all sorts of stupid shit.


File: 1646098612270-0.jpg (24.63 KB, 720x716, hoist the flag.jpg)

File: 1646098612270-1.jpg (122.55 KB, 1304x818, hold the line.jpg)

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🗽United States Politics🦅

Absolute State of America Edition

Thread for the hellish discussion related to the greatest, best country God has ever given man on the face of the Earth.


State mandated propaganda livestreams:
CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html
MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html
FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html
Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFEegalitarianism
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>when you can't tell the difference between fascism and bonapartism
leftoid moment


Ana Belen Montes gets out of prison next month.


Me a bonapartist? The only bone I got is for your mom . But seriously anon im happy to explain how Marx’s historicity is a German Protestant reaction to Darwin’s biological reductionism . Where the trancendental signafier is moved to history and not free market inspired competition


Trump Organization found guilty on multiple counts of criminal tax fraud
>A Manhattan jury has found two Trump Organization companies guilty on multiple charges of criminal tax fraud and falsifying business records connected to a 15-year scheme to defraud tax authorities by failing to report and pay taxes on compensation for top executives. The Trump Corp. and Trump Payroll Corp. were found guilty on all charges they faced. Donald Trump and his family have not been charged in this case.


Its common on modern post-Glock pistols but its not hugely used because it cant much afford to stick out on a duty pistol. They're also not widely liked by most serious gun users.

>If you remember the four rules of gun safety, you will remember that rule number 1 is that guns are always loaded. If you are relying on a loaded chamber indicator to tell you when your gun is safe, aren’t you ignoring rule number 1? And what are you doing with the gun when the red flag isn’t up that you shouldn’t be?

>So from a safety perspective, I don’t see this adding any value, and I think it can actually lead to a false sense of “safety” which in turn could lead to bad habits.


File: 1670304640849.png (237.6 KB, 378x368, communist furry.png)


where do leftist ideologies fit on the chart:

lawful good | neutral good | chaotic good
lawful neutral | true neutral | chaotic neutral
lawful evil | neutral evil | chaotic evil
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File: 1670324070291.png (28.18 KB, 800x800, hand.png)

pure chaotic


File: 1670325490346.png (91.57 KB, 465x600, gigachad.png)

>chaotic evil


lawful good    |   neutral good   |   chaotic good
lawful neutral | true neutral       |   chaotic neutral
lawful evil       | neutral evil       |    chaotic evil


By using the [code] tag, closing with /code] with a bracket infront.
The thing you formatted nicely


Thanks! I didn't lnow we had this feature.

>bernie - neutral evil
>stalin - chaotic neutral

One of those two was responaible for the deaths of millions of people. I hope this is a troll.


File: 1669085113290.jpg (497.02 KB, 3000x1687, wokemobdstrikeagain.jpg)

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Discuss games, who is going to win, who you are supporting.

Or, post stuff about Qatari slaves

Is it right to oppose the Qatari world cup, when European countries have hosted it, and the US will host it, who are by all measures, worse than Qatar, and are also part of the imperial matrix which Qatar is part of. Why should we see it as extra terrible, it is merely the world cup showing its true face. Is Qatar is the Trump of the world cup?
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oh wow that's a hammering Portugal on fire

sorry Swiss brus


because 'muh third world' even though brazil has won it multiple times now


Hating on anglos is reddit.

Exactly what I was thinking lol. Last time England won was 1960s.


Lel swiss is not even a realy country. Wonder how they got even 11 players


anglos are reddit


File: 1651015581675.png (447.04 KB, 400x649, spectacle.png)

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A thread focused on discussing the parasocial relationships cultivated by the Almighty Algorithm to generate profit off of our atomization and society's hyper-normalization of petty internet drama.

Reminder that none of this is real!

Society of the Spectacle

The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception

Simulacra and Simulation

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free speech is being able to see hunter biden's dick and the bigger the dick, the more free speech you have


File: 1670359294227.webm (2.79 MB, 512x640, homo americanus.webm)



the fucking emaciated kid really elevates the material


>Cockshott was attacked for not bashing lesbians.

The point is that he's a hypocrite that has male gaze (gays = wrong, lezzers = hawt)


Man how tall is haz? he says he's 5'8 but he looks legit 5'1 in his videos


File: 1670283346975.png (399.62 KB, 768x432, ClipboardImage.png)


Previous thread: >>1290302

>'I am fighting a noble fight': Why some Russians have vowed to resist Putin's invasion of Ukraine

>Ukraine warns of emergency blackouts after more missile hits

Live maps and updates
>Nb: LiveUaMap is not to be trusted
SouthFront: https://southfront.org/category/all-articles/world/europe/ukraine/
Defense Politics Asia: https://www.youtube.com/@DefensePoliticsAsia
Andrei Martyanov: https://www.youtube.com/user/smoothieX12

Watch together
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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does this thread really have any Issue with Haz when it comes to Russia tho?


this thread's been basically haz-free so far


File: 1670356544493.png (307.36 KB, 1061x1167, holy fuck go outside.png)


Yup, I'm not a big fan of nationalism in eastern Europe
that part is from the east, although it's not Russian
>does this thread really have any Issue with Haz when it comes to Russia tho?
Haz uncritically accepts the primary contradiction under globalization is nationalism vs globalism as proposed by the right wing populists, which is at best orthogonal to how imperialism/colonialism is the primary contradiction. As a result, the core-periphery relation doesn't really come into play when he analyzes how globalization is turning into a battle between national and international capitalism thanks to the crisis of liberalism. The Russia, the global south, and the nationalist petit bourgeoisie in the West all make up one undivided force to him

Not sure how he ended up doing this, ML proscribes it. I'm 99% sure he does this because those things also make up one undivided force according to Agent Kochinski, and Haz just wants to flip him on his head. When you invert radlibs, all you get is nazbols. But the answer to 'anarcho-NATOist' fishhook is not "MAGAcommunist" horseshoe of course.


I don’t get it . I hear Haz speak and he sounds like a 13 year old moron , on his streams he’s reading Wikipedia articles and acts like he know what he’s talking about and yet his followers explain his theory’s for him like he’s some kind of genius



You people are genuinely awful. Here I am, a permanent Incel, 0 chance of ever being loved which I've finally accepted, and there are you guys having quote on quote disgusting sex with people you don't love, and without the courage to just break up, or to open your heart and try to deepen the relationship.

I'm ugly and am begging you, cherish what you have


>quote on quote
What the fuck is that supposed to mean?


Anon it gets worse… the person who wrote that post is a confirmed female talking about lesbian sex



> Here I am, a permanent Incel, 0 chance of ever being loved
Anon: horrible, vile, and stupid people find love and rides all the time. As long as you're nice and not a total bastard, there's undeniably hope for you. I know it doesn't feel true to you, but you're just dead-ass wrong.


try not to think about it too much, comrade. your being is not defined by sex and if you've had it, despite what you think. many great people have achieved many great things and many of them never having had sex, or barely having it. as long as you can get out of bed in the morning and get in bed in the evening you can accomplish a great deal, sex playing no part in the process.
chill out dog, it ain't a big deal.


File: 1670359629841.mp4 (655.08 KB, 478x848, bandera worshipper.mp4)


the question of why religious people believe in God has never confused me. I can see tons of reasons why a person would want to believe in God.

What confuses me about religious people is: Why do they believe God cares whether people believe or worship?

Like, if I created a simulation, I would observe it from time to time, but I wouldn't care whether the people in the simulation become aware of me, and certainly wouldn't demand that they worship me. So why do religious people think God is this way? Why do so many religious people believe God is a jealous deity who demands ritual, worship, and belief?

I think an important question to ask yourself is this: Do you demand to be worshiped? If you do not demand to be worshiped (most people do not), and God created you in his image, then why would God demand to be worshiped? I think humans merely say that god demands to be worshiped because it's a good way to spread their belief system, not because God would actually be like this.


File: 1670202131574.png (852.51 KB, 1134x800, ClipboardImage.png)

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sick and tired of capitalists whitewashing everything they do with charity and philanthropy. It's pathetic that libcucks actually fucking believe that the so-called "nonprofits", charity foundations, trojan horse "aid" to 3rd world countries, high-interest IMF loans, missionary work, and so on are real solutions to a problem that is rooted in class struggle.
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ok and?


See the capital crisis of the Roman Empire or of the French Empire or of the British Empire. Going by history of empires, in another half decade the USA won't be able to afford to maintain its roads.




You think the American Empire will still have the endless money to throw at its inefficient road network as the PRC has already replaced it as the workshop of the world and it starting to replace it as holder of the world's reserve currency?


no way to tell


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Letzter Pfaden wurde dank der /Pol/acken vom Brett gepusht. Deshalb ein neues Deutschland General.
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File: 1669656095289.png (1.16 MB, 1124x1493, WELT Bildschurmschuß.png)

>wir sind hier leider wirklich einfach nur doomed.
So sieht's aus.
diese Woche wird die Ampel übrigens offenbar heimlich CETA ratifizieren, außer Springer halten alle bürgerlichen Medien brav die Fresse. Und die scheiß SPD blockiert natürlich nicht.

Hier ist was ein konservativer Alkoholiker, der mal den Job hatte, den vdL jetzt hat, dazu zu sagen hatte:

>Wir können nicht unsere Standards im Gesundheitsbereich senken. Wir können nicht unsere Standards im Sozialbereich senken. Wir können nicht unsere Datenschutzstandards senken. Ich möchte nicht, dass der Datenschutz überhaupt Teil der Verhandlungen wird. Ich will nicht, dass wir eine parallele Geheimgerichtsbarkeit schaffen.


Was passiert eigentlich mit Historikern und geschichtlich Interessierten, wenn sie heute den Holodomor zum Völkermord erklären? Ist man dann wegen Volksverhetzung dran?


<Der Angriff des totalen Nationalismus begann 2014. Und jeder Mensch, der logisch denkt, konnte erwarten, dass Nationalismus und Nazismus früher oder später enden mit dem totalen Verbot der oppositionellen Parteien. Aber so eine brutale Diktatur habe sogar ich nicht erwartet, obwohl gegen mich 2014 ein Strafverfahren eingeleitet wurde.
Interview mit Larissa Schessler von der Union der politischen Flüchtlinge und politischen Gefangenen der Ukraine:


technisch jep. Praktisch wird das wahrscheinlich langsam so eingeschlichen um das Gefühl zu geben dass es nie anders war.
Und unser nächster Feind hat natürlich auch gevölkergemordert, also ist auf der anderen Seite zu sein eh strafbar, für immer.


Wie einer Familie im 3. Reich das Haus weggenommen wurde und wie die Politiker bis heute verhindern, dass sie es zurückbekommen:


File: 1670088508550.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.04 KB, 800x515, 800px-Nordhausenmassgrave.jpg)


Did you ever notice that whenever it's Gulag, there's no corpses, no photos or anything of deaths, at most there's barbed wire (very rarely) and stuff, and all the deaths are recorded, while Nazis had loads upon loads of photos of corpses, but no records of deaths because? Funny how (supposedly) communists destroyed corpses to the very atoms, but kept (totally not fake) records, while Nazis struggled with getting rid of corpses and instead opted out to destroy papers. Say, compare wiki articles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mittelbau-Dora_concentration_camp to https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%94%D0%BC%D0%B8%D1%82%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%BB%D0%B0%D0%B3

In Nazi case, there's immediately photos of corpses. In Soviet case, it's photos of "people responsible" and archival documents. Funny how that works, eh? :^)
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I don't think the notion that gulags and large scale repression existed right until the dissolution of the USSR is a very widespread belief among anybody but right wing cranks. Most mainstream historians seem to hold that there was a continuous and steady decline of such things following the end of the war.


>No corpses on the ground in Gulags.
Do prisons in your country just tend to leave the bodies of prisoners rotting in their bunks and in the middle of the courtyard? [dont answer that]
It should also be noted most of the bodies in the photos taken of CC’s were people who had died as/after the actual German forces had left, they did burn/bury bodies prior to that point.
>Gulags had good documentation CC did not.
Because ‘Gulags’ [i.e an acronym for prison in general] did not have killing people as their stated purpose, CC’s did and the commandants feared they would swing if the war was lost and said documentation was recovered. Which is the why the actual OG holocaust denial take from German veterans was never shit like ‘it never happened mug cookies per hour’ it was ‘yeah we were racist we hated them, but we just wanted to deport them and when the war began to be lost they all started malnourishing and dying of disease because of a breakdown in supply and rationing’


Are we really sitting here comparing death camps to gulags as if either one were acceptable?


Gulags are perfectly acceptable


The only cretins who fear GULAG are bourgeois vermin who aren't used to working.



Sex havers can be (and often are) just as autistic and cringe as incels. Just look at Elon Musk, any Quiverfull family, or your local trailer park.

Having sex does not make you a normal, well-adjusted person and I'm tired of pretending it does.
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Thank u ^^


Being in a relationship with someone actually is making me a little volcel/revcel. I've had multiple short 'things' with people, including good looking people, but it never worked out and the only person I think I could ever have sex with moved on years ago. Maybe it will change in the future but right now I really wish I was single tbh. It just doesn't feel right and she doen't care that much, she spends hundreds on warhammer minatures but won't come over to see me ever. But it might be worse if we were seeing regularly. I'm much happier working towards a goal on my own, with good friends, than compromising too much with someone and having disgusting sex. Like I've been recently been picketing with workers in solidarity and that gave me way more motivation than the idea of sex does.

Lots of people here idolize sex, and thats understandable since its a major biological function but once thet have it it won't be so good. Sex is not good as the media portrays it or hentai or whatever, nobody is going to make an aheago face unless they are a prostitute. You have to maintain sexual relationships to get it and they SUCK, just so manipulative every time. Fuck sex, when we have robotic bodies there will hopefully be no more sex ever. I am RevCel gang (I can still say I am celibate since I've only done foreplay since before sex ever happened I stopped it).


Romantic relationships are grossly overrated.
People wanna pathologise teenagers for failed relationships, but turn a blind eye to the dating scence for over-thirtys.

Romantic relationships are used as a moral compass, especially for men.

Amd I hink alot of our postwar domestic crises are due to romantic love.





I love you but Jesus loves you the best.


File: 1636758765715.jpg (86.94 KB, 1347x752, IMG_20211112_231202.jpg)

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Hello I created this thread for people who like flag design and maps and herlady please enjoy posting creations I will be posting my Creations as well.
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Dixie but worse




File: 1670358183958.png (41.03 KB, 1440x882, Soviet Red Army flag.png)

Russian Red Army flag I made.

PS: Not a member of the CPUSA, I just like their variant of the H&S


File: 1608526718424.jpg (142.77 KB, 1280x720, LordOfTheRings.jpg)

 No.11615[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Noticed a lot people talking about Tolkien’s works and philosophy. So, I created a thread specifically dedicated for that and other things related to it, like the movies and games.
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File: 1667175567980.png (1.19 MB, 1920x808, ClipboardImage.png)

Fucking kek


File: 1667175990825-0.png (154.43 KB, 747x456, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1667175990825-1.jpg (47.79 KB, 300x466, Cardini hobbit camp.jpg)

File: 1667175990825-2.png (763.49 KB, 960x540, campo hobbit.png)

File: 1667175990825-3.png (332.02 KB, 650x433, ClipboardImage.png)

Recently on the ukraine general the topic of Hobbit Camps in Italy came up in regards to NPR discussing Giorgia Meloni (new Italian PM then) and discussing the pipeline to fascism LOTR lead to (in spite of Tolkien himself being anti-fascist and not intending any fascist allegory in the first place - disliking allegory in general in fact). I thought it was thread relevant and rather funny to share. Maybe this is the reason the USSR didn't have an official translation published for decades?

- https://translated.turbopages.org/proxy_u/it-en.en.546a1997-6359766a-ce21ebc7-74722d776562/https/it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Campi_Hobbit
- https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/hobbit-camps-fascism-italy


You have to understand some historical context for Lord of the Rings. Specifically, the Lord of the Rings was arguably the first in what is now a proud tradition of liberals/fascists making political retard takes based on fantasy/sci-fi literature. Around the 60s, people started using it as their equivalent of "the guy we don't like is Voldemort and we're Dumbledore's Army". Ironically for these fascists, the most common political interpretation was the Mordor was Nazi Germany, but "Mordor is the USSR and the orcs are Russians" was a close second, and it's an interpretation that made its way into many of the early fan translations of the book in Eastern Europe. Apparently, one Russian translation completely ran with the idea that the Scouring of the Shire was a satire of communism.

If you haven't read the books, Mordor and the orcs are not even remotely communist, fascist, German or Russian, so these are all retard takes. However, unfortunately, it's retard takes that are apparently very popular in Europe, especially the butthurt belt.


File: 1669793203192.png (1.45 MB, 1600x900, rings of power elves.png)

Also, wanted to say that the Rings of Power has absolutely terrible looking elves. They legit just slapped some prosthetic ears on their actors and called it a day. Jackson picked actors with specific and unusual facial features to play elves. Not here. You could slap some fake ears on me and I could legit play a Rings of Power elf. Most of them don't even have long hair, including Elrond.


Are there any good reviews/articles/videos that are critical of RoP *without* being some anti-woke rightoid screed?


File: 1670314391827.jpg (1.03 MB, 2894x3574, 1666568658915-1.jpg)


How do I become interested in people? When I talk to them, I can barely pay attention because I simply don't give a fuck. But I want to enjoy conversations like normal people do, can I rewire my brain to care about their stupid ass opinions?
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Protip: just because someone does not care about you does not mean that they think you are inferior.


OP definitely does think that though




find people who you like talking to fuck these social standards(theyre most likely online)


this guy has some good posts on socializing


File: 1670353168906.jpg (375.13 KB, 540x720, 1641769849294.jpg)


This is what I imagine the S poster looks like irl
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what do you reckon the S stands for then



What phenotype is this?





File: 1608528239306.jpeg (235.07 KB, 1360x765, iu copy.jpeg)

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Hello comrades. I propose a general thread in an attempt to get the /edu/ ball rolling again. Everytime you visit /edu/, post in this thread. Tell us about what you're thinking about, what you're reading, an interesting thing you have learned today, anything! Just be sure to pop in and say hi.
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this guy DJ Pons cracks me the fuck up. He's some researcher from new zealand who's probably the world's most dedicated proponent of dialectical materialism at this moment (tho probably unbeknownst to him).
>Abstract: The practice of project management is described by a codified standard, but many projects fail nonetheless. This paper describes a new conceptual approach for project management, using a systems-modelling approach to create a graphical representation. New activities are identified not evident in existing models. The model achieves a three-way integration of theory (proposed causality), process (operational detail), and software tools.

Idk if my brain is just fried from reading too much commie lit but this reads like a joke lmao.

Also his conceptualization of the cordus model brings science back to causality, back to materialism, and is all around very dialectical. It's honestly the most optimistic thing i've read in a long time, i dont care if it turns out to be a debunked chimera in 100 years (not that it has any takers now), because this guy (and the other authors) is bringing militant materialism back to science.


File: 1669490899676.pdf (28.64 MB, 255x217, Propaganda.pdf)

A lot of what Elull writes is theoretical, and it is very lengthy and verbose, but surprisingly I've never felt bored reading it. Reading anything by him felt more as if I was trying to understand the world around me.

As for Propaganda itself, it's hard to summarize it all, and I'm not going to copy paste the wiki summary of the book because anyone can do that. I can only describe it as "an explanation for why and how I would have gotten sucked into ____ politics." For a book written in the 1960's it's still extremely relevant, maybe even more so.

<Emotionalism, impulsiveness, excess, etc—all these characteristics of the individual caught up in a mass are well known and very helpful to propaganda. Therefore, the individual must never be considered as being alone; the listener to a radio broadcast, though actually alone, is nevertheless part of a large group, and he is aware of it. Radio listeners have been found to exhibit a mass mentality. All are tied together and constitute a sort of society in which all individuals are accomplices and influence each other without knowing it.

I'm sorry see if this works.


what the fuck I wasn't expecting Foner's Reconstruction to be like 600 pages



OK but you still need some kind of review at the end, right? No matter how cool the experiment design is if you fuck up its execution.



>rejects conventional morality
>disrespects bourgeois property rights
>die-hard individualist
>theft is cool
>does shit for others simply because he wants to, not out of any spooky obligation
>kind of a dandy
>long face
>tacky sideburns
>prominent widow's peak
>dysfunctional relationships with women
>kind of a loser when you really get down to it
>noticeable popularity among Italians

<never seen in the same room together
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>Both are Engels
Can anyone explain this to me?
Is it just a meme or does is there some evidence to back this up?


There is a theory/meme that argues that Engels created Stirner to troll Marx, the only proof is that the only images of Stirner we have are drawings made by Engels.


I suppose we're talking about anime lupin,and not the sociopath that is manga lupin right ?


What’s the difference?


straight up murdering people,steal shit because he can and actual SEX on-screen for a start
it's the lupin from Goemon's Blood Spray and Fujiko's Lie basically,and the Takeshi Koike specials (you know the anime gif with a woman hitting a bong ? it's from that)


File: 1670004309255.png (937.03 KB, 1500x844, ClipboardImage.png)


ramen is just overrated weeaboo spaghetti
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>Top 25 Potato Producing Countries
What does this mean?


no it's ramen


there can be a lot of types of ramen, it's really good. if there was a spaghetti stand serving different types of spaghetti i'd go there too.

what is overrated and universally shit though is pho


Why is that? I liked the one I had.


Idk they had the UK twice too. Only the potatopro author knows.


File: 1670320632327.png (133.33 KB, 1000x541, int.png)


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Good(?) ending: moot becomes a trotskyist and converts /pol/ to a /leftypol/.
It would probably fail since this would occur before 2008 and americans still think capitalism works during that time, leaving 4chan to die in irrelevancy. So much of history is effected by this so it's hard to say what happens



>4chan launches its first weekly newspaper in 2010
>it's about how communism must be brought about by world revolution, traps, and internet shitposting


vgh… what could've been


File: 1670330921944.png (189.64 KB, 680x584, FjQzcTuUUAE03SA.png)


Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA asset.
5 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


If true it raises several question. Was he the shooter, or the only shooter? Was he supposed to get caught, and if not, was Jack Ruby associated with any conspirators?
What was the motive for killing Kennedy? Did different conspirators have different motives, some personal some political?


File: 1670356181074-1.png (87.14 KB, 2552x4200, img_5761_2_300.png)

File: 1670356181074-2.png (163.09 KB, 2552x4200, img_5761_4_300.png)

File: 1670356181074-3.png (167.12 KB, 2552x4200, img_5761_5_300.png)

File: 1670356181074-4.png (76 KB, 4200x2552, img_5761_6_300.png)

In 1976, more than a decade after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, a letter arrived at the CIA, addressed to its director, the Hon. George Bush. The letter was from a desperate-sounding man in Dallas, who spoke regretfully of having been indiscreet in talking about Lee Harvey Oswald and begged George Herbert Walker "Poppy" Bush for help:

>Maybe you will be able to bring a solution into the hopeless situation I find myself in. My wife and I find ourselves surrounded by some vigilantes; our phone bugged; and we are being followed everywhere. Either FBI is involved in this or they do not want to accept my complaints. We are driven to insanity by this situation . . . I tried to write, stupidly and unsuccessfully, about Lee H. Oswald and must have angered a lot of people . . . Could you do something to remove this net around us? This will be my last request for help and I will not annoy you any more.

The writer signed himself “G. de Mohrenschildt.”

The CIA staff assumed the letter writer to be a crank. Just to be sure, however, they asked their boss: Did he by any chance know a man named de Mohrenschildt? Bush responded by memo, seemingly self-typed: “I do know this man DeMohrenschildt. I first men [sic] him in the early 40’3 [sic]. He was an uncle to my Andover roommate. Later he surfaced in Dallas (50’s maybe) . . . Then he surfaced when Oswald shot to prominence. He knew Oswald before the assassination of Pres. Kennedy. I don’t recall his role in all this.” Not recall? Once again, Poppy Bush was having memory problems. And not about trivial matters. George de Mohrenschildt was not just the uncle of a roommate, but a longtime personal associate. Yet Poppy could not recall—or more precisely, claimed not to recall—the nature of de Mohrenschildt’s relationship with the man believed to have assassinated the thirty-fifth president. This would have been an unusual lapse on anyone’s part. But for the head of an American spy agency to exhibit such a blasé attitude, in such an important matter, was over the edge.

At that very moment, several federal investigations were looking into CIA abuses—including the agency’s role in assassinations of foreign leaders. These investigators were heading toward what would become a reopened inquiry into Kennedy’s death. Could it be that the lapse was not casual, and the acknowledgment of a distant relationship was a way to forestall inquiry into a clPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1670356207925.png (514.06 KB, 1798x897, oswald.png)

>oswald was le gommie



File: 1670356674309.png (143.12 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)

>Yet half a year later, de Mohrenschildt was dead. The cause was officially determined to be suicide with a shotgun.


File: 1670346234181.jpg (57.12 KB, 1280x720, semiotics.jpg)


This is literally the study of spooks


the world is presented to us a collage of spooks (commodities)


literally who picks this sort of shit as their major thinking it's interesting or will land them a well paid job


I briefly touched upon semiotics when I was studying music at uni. It is quite fundamental in understanding how we perceive the world around us, but I mostly use it for arguing with people on obscure imageboards.


Could land you a great lifelong job if you get your foot in


 No.686719[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Financial Grindset General =)
Moulinet Financier Général =)

Anyone happen to know a good area in Ontario to find a manufacturing job easily? Tired of lumpen hell tbh.
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File: 1670351471989.png (1.3 MB, 1221x661, coping_LEAF.png)

why are canadians so anti american, despite being so similar?



We're anti-American precisely because we're so similar. To be Canadian is to be an offshoot of one empire that immediately fell into the orbit of another. We've never had an opportunity to properly assert a unique national identity and we're salty about it. The only remedies to this problem proposed by our leaders is to either renounce such notions and simply consoom (Libs, NDP) or LARP as 19th century Brits (Tories).


Kek its sad really. Canada's greatest achievement is being next to the USA. It's basically a giant logging colony/economic zone with free healthcare and no culture.


File: 1670353675391.jpg (78.21 KB, 1100x1007, 1596819005621.jpg)


Just realized that there will be no CGDCT anime under socialism.
Guys, I dunno if I want to go through with this "liberation of mankind" stuff anymore.


cope, seethe, dilate, have sex and touch grass


This is wrong, the essence of art is to express one's inner world of feelings and feel the artistic pleasure. And in a communist society without commodification of art. Surely there would no mass-produced anime to keep the sector flowed with cash. But as long as we are humans, such things that pleases ourselves like anime would still exist, and without being commodificated. So there would be anime, and the CGDCT genre would still exist.


I can guarantee that there will be CGDCT anime under communism. But unfortunately for you, there will be no frogposters.


Cute girls doing cute things.


File: 1666423296617.png (747.76 KB, 614x750, Marx_in_Vic3.png)

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Get in the hype train Communism simulator is coming in 3 days. Which will be your starting nation?
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if that is the people's will after a revolution then i shall submit to it.


Nah, keep talking



First game I played as Korea and made nazbol empire conquering Japan and indonesia. It was insanely easy probably because the civil war in China gave me independence and so I just industrialised in peace, I didn't even join a customs union but had highest GDP per capita, literacy and standard of living on the great powers list. War with all my neighbours was trivial and it was basically plain sailing and I didn't interact with half the mechanics in the game, I just built factories to increase urbanization and GDP even if they weren't profitable. Second game I played Haiti and it was going well until France declared war twice, tanking my economy and the second time they just bled me dry without sending troops until I went bankrupt which was so cringe. I will destroy them in my next playthrough mark my words.


>I just built factories to increase urbanization and GDP even if they weren't profitable
True Stalinist way, Feldman-Preobrazensky pilled.


File: 1608680964250.png (23.67 KB, 973x819, PRC.png)

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Army declares, in the margins of newspapers, a shift of the US military-industrial base to "wartime mode" to be finished in 3-4 years. 2027.


File: 1670352165826.jpg (198.33 KB, 1210x1192, wartime_mode.jpg)




File: 1670352558466.jpg (111.75 KB, 721x777, activating.JPG)

Yes, activating.


It’s always been bad and I’m not talking about ideology. I’m talking about the fact their ability to do what journlaits do— build narratives— is gutter level.

Caixin is the only credible English language investigative news source on China issues.



>Software architecture refers to the fundamental structures of a software system and the discipline of creating such structures and systems. Each structure comprises software elements, relations among them, and properties of both elements and relations. The architecture of a software system is a metaphor, analogous to the architecture of a building. It functions as a blueprint for the system and the developing project, which project management can later use to extrapolate the tasks necessary to be executed by the teams and people involved. Software architecture is about making fundamental structural choices that are costly to change once implemented. Software architecture choices include specific structural options from possibilities in the design of the software.

This is a thread for general discussion of software architecture, the high level design of software and software systems. PDF dumps also appreciated.

Note: Software architecture is separate and at a higher level of abstraction that for example, object oriented design. There are specific patterns, methodologies, etc. for software architecture just as there are design patterns for OOAD.
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Is this what Elon Musk was talking about?


yeah, pretty much. But if you explained it to your once-tech-literate grandfather and he explained it back to you.


Update. Predictably did like shit actually designing the system. It was a very naive approach, but I dropped more buzzwords than a clickbait tik tok video, but the engineer was pretty smart, so probably not impressed.

The hardest part was gathering requirements correctly. I stumbled through that and my requirements were shit. Then the design was half-baked, not thought through and mediocre. The engineer was cool and helped me along at least.

The most significant barrier to acing this was probably practicing. The problem was rather easy, tbh, and it didn't require any of the fancy shit you see on the design interview questions while studying. Still I struggled to design it. I was also nervous and figuratively shitting my pants all, so it could have been worse.

All things considered I'd say I did 6/10. At least my other interviews were strong so hopefully they balance out.


>has different study plans depending on how much time you have left
You're going to die in seven days, why did you watch that cursed vhs tape anon???
>In a world with infinite labor power, the solution would be to simply do it, and then check where you fucked up with your unknown assumptions, delete everything and start again with a better understanding. Obviously, this is never practical nor feasible in real life.
Feasibility is a bourgeois metric. In reality any rushed product is trash. Actual historical progress is only achieved through dialectical struggle through contradictions.


GJ anon, especially on short notice


File: 1670187770681.jpg (115.76 KB, 640x824, f167yl05nf741.jpg)


Why do people still think its okay to beat their kids to teach them discipline? Even grounding your kids is abusive.
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respect is a spook


in communism kids ground you


yeah the last resort thing is a good point. I've always been turned off by the "first resort" types who use it to stop the kid from questioning or understanding the (sometimes faulty or self interested) logic of the parent.


Most parents are just disgruntled elder siblings, especially fathers.

They just treat marriage and parenthood as shiny sports trophies.

The advocacy to extend childhood? I believe it was done intentionally by industrial revolution era parents whom were worried about being "left behind".
Helicopter parenting is not a problem but a symptom of Victorian philosophy of "youth is innocence ".



What do you think of Christianity?
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You do realize that all religious people are just taking their personal ethics they were taught by other humans and pretending it's infallible by attributing it to God, right?


>A redditor doing pseudo-history as well as pseduo-science? /r/Atheism critique lol
i only brought up Atwill's atheism because someone seemed to think I was putting forward religious arguments.

>atheism = reddit but you're not marxist enough even though marx was atheist
weird signalling you're doing


at no point did you talk about material conditions


A utopian philosophy based upon concepts of justice prophesized by its own advocates to succeed.

Can't say it doesn't sound familiar.


If the bible is true, we're hearing the word of God.


File: 1655906812619.mp4 (15.22 MB, 1280x766, Lenin is asleep.mp4)

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First thread: >>>/leftypol_archive/9920
Second thread >>>/leftypol_archive/481354
Third thread >>>/leftypol_archive/492596
Fourth thread >>>/leftypol_archive/561028

WebMConverter by WebMBro: https://github.com/WebMBro/WebMConverter "WebM for retards."
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Anyone got that webm of Matt Christman telling us to kill ourselves?


File: 1668778672764.webm (2.87 MB, 726x720, 1668213342679815.webm)


Anyone have any Barbara Pit edits/memevids?


File: 1669502856963.webm (2.45 MB, 1276x720, jump in the pit.webm)

Here's a classic


File: 1670353068586.webm (3.15 MB, 720x720, sigma shitter.webm)

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