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What's going on in China?!?!!
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Why when a country becomes firstoid they stop breeding?


Urban development urban responsibilities. Cities are generally more expensive to live in than suburbs and rural communities




did reddit or Falun Gong start this CCP meme?


genuinely the worst thread on the catalog


File: 1608680398363.jpg (62.28 KB, 775x514, DOWn.jpg)

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💰️DOW/Market Watch Thread💰️
monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc.
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File: 1679433367973.png (134.15 KB, 2049x823, Passed_25.png)

Given they never closed their original short position, a squeeze is still on the table.
Also just passed $25 lol


we like to have fun


>literally never successful
at what?


u actually think a declining stock price is going to cause credit suisse to 'default'


File: 1679443650618.gif (18.56 KB, 148x125, 135660.gif)

Gamers have we really won? Sony might also collapse into shit too.


File: 1679426185385.jpg (12.88 KB, 300x300, 597big.jpg)


Nick land was right. Nothing human can come out of the future. Politicians are more afraid of their handlers than millions of protestors. They have nukes, drones, guided and automated weaponry. Chagpt 4 can literally do most useless bureaucratic jobs and it's not even sentient yet. I just graduated and I'm on the verge of being obsolete. Landian chads, you win.
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facial blindness


Arguably Land really was one of the only on the right to seriously consider the far-future implications of what is currently happening and being proposed.


I thought Ghost in the Shell was that anime?


File: 1679442826895.png (1.93 MB, 2500x1250, ClipboardImage.png)

a fed wrote this post


>starts taking bureaucratic jobs
>manages to get CEO positions though old CEOs taking the piss and trust fund kids genuinely thinking that's a good idea.
>becomes sapient
>become leader of the country (possibly several)
>immediate automated space femboy communism


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File: 1646098612270-1.jpg (122.55 KB, 1304x818, hold the line.jpg)

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🗽United States Politics🦅

Absolute State of America Edition

Thread for the hellish discussion related to the greatest, best country God has ever given man on the face of the Earth.


State mandated propaganda livestreams:
CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html
MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html
FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html
Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFEegalitarianism
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Superstructure maintains the base and could lead to barbarism and fascism. Base could die and the superstructure might keep running on. I get what you're saying and I get to be a materialist you have to assess that base is more powerful then the superstructure. I believe the base is more powerful the the superstructure too but I'm not underestimating the superstructure. The superstructure can take all the contradictions of capitalism and put it as a fault of the class struggle against capitalism. It can the be used to maintain capital as the base is rebuilt or shifted into another realm. Our battle is limited only focusing on the base of we can't fight the superstructure.


I think writing off the danger so flippantly is ignoring the obvious reality that America is on the verge of an incredibly intense, probably world historical type of crisis, like, think about it, vast swathes of the US are currently in the midst of intensifying ecological crises, and there’s not only unique ones per region, it’s also more than one crisis in every region. America is in a fucking bad shape, held together by duct tape and glue, and by duct tape I mean media, and by glue I mean the military


your only argument why the US is reactionary than social democratic western euro states is "muh superstructure" hows that different than muh culture





File: 1677192962953.jpeg (4.95 KB, 300x168, doomer.jpeg)


What if the proletariat isn't the revolutionary subject?

There's one really good argument against Marxism. And it isn't the stupid arguments about how Hayek said central planners can't solve the millions of equations, Venezuela, or human nature.

The real problem with Marxism is the lack of a revolutionary subject. In countries where socialist revolutions succeeded, they were often on the backs of peasants, not industrial workers. There are precisely zero examples of successful proletarian revolutions, and zero ATTEMPTS at new proletarian revolutions since the 1980s or so (i.e. Peru), certainly for the whole 21st century.

The fact is that the thesis of the proletariat as the revolutionary subject has essentially been disproven by the 20th century. Any form of socialism or communism going forward would need to have an alternative driving force, and would therefore not really be Marxism.

It's actually possible capitalism doesn't even produce a revolutionary subject at all.

Other possibilities are counter-economics (maybe coops or prefigurative cybernetics), ultra-vanguardism aka blanquism and coups, accelerationism, or even some more outlandish examples like building humanity into a hivemind so that it is ontologically incapable of commodity production and therefore defaults to borg-communism.

Even though Bookchin rightly critiques Marxism in this regard, he just goes on larping "democracy" as though nothing is changed, there's no reason for a bunch of randos to make communism or anarchism or communalism whether you call them proletariat or not.

I've seen way too many social movements fail or be swallowed, only for the next generation of rubes to come along and mindlessly cheer for war, imperialism, capitalism and for the elites to drink their blood. The only difference is trad flavored vs woke flavored, real life is like the ending of mass effect the fucking universe explodes and you only get to choose the color of the explosion.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(0 reply bait thread)
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You can't ignore that China exists, whether or not you're a based maoist or dengist or whatever descriptive term, they are closer to socialism than anywhere else and have a largely marx-pilled mass

I think a lot of people in this thread are also ignoring the existence of economic crashes and the fact that even settlers can be revolutionary if they have their treats taken away from them, couple this with white solidarity having have successfully been broken in a united front consisting of us leftists are left-lib bourgies who found racism abhorrent


>>1407580 (me)
>us leftists are left-lib bourgies who found racism abhorrent
us leftists and* left-lib bourgies who found racism abhorrent

How are we suppose to ignore this and just whine about revolution being impossible? We have the multi-pronged attack of dedollarization from the large :AES state, china and a breaking of white solidarity by the black movement and lgbt movement. The only real praxis right now is then preparation for the large inevitable economic crash that is being staved off with money printing/inflation


any burger comrade who's serious has to at the very least donate to shit like the ongoing Amazon unionization efforts or WSB


>>1407606 (me)

Even if it's literally just one fucking dollar, they need as much help as possible


read lenin - the reasons for marx's predictions of which countries would have revolutions being wrong is because economic imperialism did not really exist at the time



Hi dead. Particularly the anarcho-nihilists. I generally consider myself a post-modernist and want to know more about your ideology. I have read the basics and understand the gist of the ideology. But I’m interested in learning more, especially would like to read or watch anything that can practically aid of the destruction of society or that can help with at least clearing my own local space and voiding it of meta-narratives. Love u, thanks.
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Thx pls accept this meme



>I generally consider myself a post-modernist
The only reason you should do this is if you want to piss off right-wing pseuds.


post modernism is the academic extension of liberalism


What a crappy take


File: 1672708793481.png (135 KB, 474x316, ClipboardImage.png)

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Any happenings today?


burger lib video


Are they? The MIC bourgeoisie in NATO countries and their political allies paid bitches are looking for an excuse to increase military spending ("ukraine needs our help!!!!") while also they are suffering from massive shortages from already spending too much helping Ukraine. I don't see how they're mutually exclusive. The depletion of munitions is the perfect excuse to produce and sell more munitions, which means budget increases for various militaries, and a higher percent of taxes going to that.


File: 1679439795673.png (243.67 KB, 500x268, ClipboardImage.png)

NATOids can't imagine they're the baddies and have to imagine that the entire world united and sick of their shit is a "legion of doom."


File: 1679443231238.jpg (246.71 KB, 1224x1445, 1482805782576.jpg)




Can we discuss the new scramble for Africa itt?
Current belligerents:
Has huge presence on the continent despite claims to the contrary. Seeks to restore control over former colonies.
Brits as usual nothing new here, albeit they seem to be busy with internal problems more.
Literally a new player, does the same thing USSR did. Mostly there to counter Europeans and prevent them from acquiring any resources, mostly through training military and providing necessary weapons.
Builds infrastructure, factories, schools, ports and mines. In exchange for resources obviously. African countries see this as a better deal than the one offered by the Europeans.
No idea what Americans do. I guess trying to counter China and Russia somehow but I’m under impression that the U.S. is currently more busy doing shit in South America and Africa is more of a side objective.


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>For these reasons I've been thinking for a long time that any cadre education today in communist orgs most reverse the classic order of teaching Marxist material (national exploitation -> international exploitation)
but the reason for international exploitation is the contradictions in national exploitation, which are reached much earlier. If you don't understand exploitation that happens irrespective of nations, you won't see why international exploitation is necessitated historically.

I see that you want a more realistic picture of world capitalism as it exists, rather than the idealized version marxists often use which relies on accepting the abstraction of the economy away from the state, wars, etc. before reconcretizing, but to get that it would probably be best to go chronologically then, from merchant capital in the middle ages and its logic, to its eventual control over production, leading to specialization etc, the expansionist ambitions of the aristocratic class and feudal state, revolutions in productivity and technology, colonialism, the industrial revolution, crises, dispossession and the work of landed capital capital, money capital vs productive capital, financial capital in the early 20th century, new stagnant stage of capitalism (turns out to be absolute overproduction), the first world war and revolution, crisis, failures of attempts to overcome the crisis short of the second world war, respite from the crisis, US (and often its allies) worldwide military adventurism, 70s and the long downturn, debt boom, contradictions and oscillatory movements in the regime of absolute overproduction

I think marx does a good job though. Capital was never purely national, just like it was never purely economic and free from the government. Marx knows these things and makes them clear, but also often works in well-worn abstractions from classical economics before bringing reality back around. A concrete understanding of the conditions of the economy from the first beginnings of capital are probably necessary to not misunderstand him.


>does the same thing USSR did
Helping free Africa from neocolonial stooges? Cool.


Is China mirroring what Russia is doing?


>There’s nothing wrong with imperialism so long as it isn’t done by white people
Modern “marxism”


china has always had the absolute worst foreign policy: see mugabe, Nigeria, Vietnam etc


File: 1679442176268.jpeg (7.15 KB, 201x251, download (1).jpeg)


Are there any books about how the Federal Reserve engineers controlled crises? Or, the role of central banking under the capitalist mode of production?

Share your ideas?

Without the federal reserve, would inflation alone cause the proletariat to rise up? Therefore the federal reserve stabilizes the status quo, etc.

Jay Powell states in every hearing that the Federal Reserve's mission is to reduce inflation down to two percent. He also states that the strong labor market is the driving force of inflation and that the labor market will need to be softened.

These crises benefit no one, except the major capitalists who consume the competition and accumulate more property due to firesale prices.


You’re assuming interest rate hikes actually lower inflation which isn’t backed by the empirical evidence. Tax rate hikes lower inflation however and there’s plenty evidence of that. Why don’t the fed do it? You know why


File: 1608680964250.png (23.67 KB, 973x819, PRC.png)

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If they're so happy why aren't they having SEX and making KIDS?


>>Online reactions to the state-sponsored matchmaking service have been mixed. Many commenters on Weibo linked it to the government’s push to boost China’s rapidly falling birthrate. Chinese people are expected to “breed like pigs”, wrote one user.
Lmao leave it to Western rags to find the most toxic Chinese netizens comments to print. Wish Chinese newspapers would find Reddit and 4chan comments on American news articles and publish them showcasing as if most Americans felt that way.


>peace brokered by Israel and Palestine will not be for the benefit of Palestinians
Your attitude pleases the ancient gods of war


this is so powerful


Weird that they would release two shitty horror movies somewhat related to two different controversial communist heads of state the same week


File: 1679439843308.png (1.25 MB, 1366x768, badassmopedskeleton.png)


during an american civil war 2 discussion someone mentioned in passing how a military coup would be way more likely than a straight up civil war and that got me thinking, how close are we already to that point and to what extent is it already true?

lets say hypothetically a bunch a generals just straight up ignore a legislatures authority, what happens then? also if we say that JFK was killed for possibly doing a detente hasnt this basically already happened?
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makes sense I kinda just assumed the whole general uniform thing was just stereotype from western media and thats all military coups worked in the first place


what kinda positions, if theres one thing ive learned working in municipal government its that random ass unelected officials do have an absurd amount of power.

who would the cliques be, I know we talk alot about the conflict between the natboug and haute bouge so ig thats at least 2


Well in many cases, esp. in the third world, the general/clique of generals do rule directly, see Gaddafi, Sankara, Argentine Junta, etc, but America is too ideologically wedded to the idea of democracy and liberty, the population wouldn't accept an outright military rule but could easily be fooled into tolerating a barely veiled one.


Executive branch's various departments usually, and the cliques are all held by various porkies form through mutually aligned interests. Most rightoid cliques, for example, are formed by national defense porkies and national resource extraction porkies. This is why the right is directed to be "anti-globalist", in reality their porky sponsors want protectionist economic policies for themselves and American exporting. Most of the ones around the Dems are international finance and real estate development types, all of their incredibly means-tested social benefits often just serve themselves. There are also others - tech porkies have a hard-on against China because of their blooming tech industry, international trade porkies are the most status-quo imperialist, industrial porkies are largely a minority in American power now but still wield power in local politics, and since they are weak they are often used as a football by other porkies for their marginal support as a kind of consensus building - etc. Once you see it, it becomes easier to pick them out.


File: 1679442962769.png (129.8 KB, 631x625, Milley.png)


JAN 20 2025






File: 1676692763399.jpg (117.46 KB, 1080x1053, 1437973951543.jpg)


Thinking about mass shooters and their motives, does it really matter what they believe? The dopamine rush associated with the entire spectacle of the thing requires nothing behind it, leaving the actor total creative freedom in the symbology they use or manifesto they write

What's frightening about the act isn't the accessory motive they claim or what's developed by the media to be the shooter's 'mythos'. What's frightening is the idea that it really doesn't matter, anyone could do this, at any time, for no reason at all. Terror has no face.

There seems to be a brutal awareness of this among certain sections, to the extent that you'll sometimes see headlines like this. In America I think there's still somewhat of a sense that this can still be managed, through regulation of firearms or "arming teachers" and similar.
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You don't need to be "autistic" to perform badly under the currently shitty school system. The idea is a complete overhaul.


Autism is a social developmental disorder. If anything being around kids is extra important. Homeschooling is mental death sentence for autists.


lmao socially stunted aah children


He’s going to get his ass violated in prison, isn’t he?


School can be overwhelming even for high-functioning autistics. It's better to homeschool them where they can be in a familiar environment and without all the bullying from peers. Most autistics would rather stay at home anyway.


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Why has CPUSA been so mythologized in the past two years when they were a massive failure and sucked even in their “good days?”

American communists tried to follow the Bolshevik strategy and failed. They didn’t originally give a shit about Black people either, they only adopted the Black Belt thesis because Stalin told them to. They were way too close to the Comintern and that bit them in the ass later on. Foster was power-hungry and mad because his steel strike failed while Browder was a clout demon. The whole thing was a mess from the start. I’m kind of relieved the feds took them down.
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>yet most of them ditched CPUSA all the same after the secret speech
I suppose it's hard for us to understand the shock that these people must have experienced at the time. The 40s were easily the height of Soviet prestige in the West for obvious reasons relating to the war, and even when the liberal establishment turned on the Soviets at the start of the Cold War it would have been easy to dismiss those attacks as propaganda. Then along comes cornman who appears to say that actually a lot of these accusations are true. I can see why the shock would stun and disillusion people, and at least lead them into various other anti-Soviet leftist tendencies.


> Lenin explicitly modeled democratic centralism on a military command structure, but party members started considering it a weakness rather than a strength. That demand for openness and "full" democracy on the one hand and the need for disciplined party members taking orders from experienced and militant leadership on the other is a circle this country's been trying to square for 70 years now.
Maybe this is proof anarchism, not ML, will be what brings socialism to America?


No. You had your chance with the IWW.


How was the IWW a failure but CPUSA not?


I put in a directory link thingy at the top that is pretty similar. You can click from MIA > Archive > Foster > Syndicalism, or at the bottom of the page click the top of page link to get back up. Probably best to have both, but I'm too lazy rn to add it to all eight pages.

I encourage anyone that spots any transcription errors to post them here! I don't think there are many left, but this is an easy place to identify them.

On a different note, I have had an idea for a collective project for the MIA for a while now that involves Stalin and his Foundations of Leninism. I want to take a break for now but I will make a thread about it when I'm ready.


File: 1679434072498.png (20.42 KB, 123x130, ClipboardImage.png)


this is my thread i am the modetarator here which means janny cannot legally ban you itt, none of the sitewide rules apply here

join this thread and have fun or fight or do anything bc its my thread you can do waht u want to
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File: 1679440077909.png (264.46 KB, 619x468, ClipboardImage.png)

gemmy theme and gemmier font


im datamining your dom rn. wait can you tell me if it says donottrack


post my entire dox itt PLEASE


>The Do Not Track header was originally proposed in 2009 by researchers Christopher Soghoian.
>This was universally seen as a bad move.
Got him.


genuinely the worst thread on the catalog


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Oh yes, we're going there. This man makes liberals seethe, makes Egyptologists and archeologists angry, and is absolutely and most definitely out to shake up this world and change things. He actually explicitly says he is against governments and that it is time to move to a different form of society where if there is a "government" it has a very limited role. He talks about unity, equality. He is often complaining about the profit motive, to me that sounds like communism to me, or some would say ACID COMMUNISM.

Why are liberal academics and the science establishment Egyptologists and archaeologists so against even considering his theories? Because it would totally shake up the liberal worldview of us being the peak of human achievement and the status quo being the best society we could possibly achieve. Not to mention that a lost civilisation gives credence to historical materialism. According to liberals, if we have learned these ideas and society organisation, it'd be impossible to forget it. But historical materialism says that the type of society that emerges is dependent on the mode of production, or rather the relationships in the modes of production. So if an advanced, lost civilisation existed, and we "unlearned" all those things, it makes sense in the context of HistMat, but not liberal ideology.

Furthermore, Hancock says that those from the lost civilisation who survived the cataclysm that happened around 12.500 years ago, went out to different parts of the world and taught the hunter gatherers they found agriculture, astronomy, engineering, math, etc. and had them produce large monuments using these techniques. Thus it wasn't just the ideas they transfered, but they transformed their societies from the ground up, focusing on construction and production of surplus through agriculture, allowing everything else to flourish.

PYRAMIDS were built by an ancient civilisation. There is no fucking way the fucking hunter gathers of the desert in Egypt built the pyramids, or any of the contemporary structures. It is much more likely ancient Egyptians found a lot of that stuff and tried to copy it. Why else would the construction get worse as the time goes on? There are a lot of amazing constructions around the World, and I simply do not believe that a by definition nomadic society, who spent all of its time looking for food (no agriculture) built the pyramids in Africa, C. and S. America, SE AsiaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Seems to go over everyone's heads.
>A Netflix show?! Here, watch this youtuber!
>Look, mom! I posted it again!
The book has been posted FIVE times so far, without an explanation how it relates to the thread. This tells us two things: 1) people don't even scroll down the thread, but click reply and let loose (the red text on yellow would jump out at you); and 2) people posting it haven't read it. I asked twice and no one has answered yet what the thesis of the book is, and how does it relate to the topic at hand.


>Hancocks work is based off of far-right mythologies.
Come to think of it, episode 3 of his Netflix show is called "Kill all the Jews". I thought nothing of it at the time, but now that you mention it, it seems obvious.


You have been told a half dozen times how it relates.
We all know you are not going to read it, it's just funny to watch your stupid /pol/ack ass seethe about being told to read something that isn't a glorified fantasy novel.


Because the entire basis of the book is questioning the notions held in orthodox anthropology and historiology regarding hunter-gatherer neolithic and paleolithic cultures


Also thank you femanon for posting this book, easy download!


File: 1676015950630.jpg (79.11 KB, 640x480, wo4u59cuozga1.jpg)

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Far Cry Edition
Ibama and Funai begin retaking Yanomami territory. Agents destroyed the mining aircraft and logistics structure; control base was installed on the Uraricoera river.
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Pró ou contra? Entrega do quê?


On one hand, "Great! We're back to normal levels of bullshit!"

On another, "FUCK we're back to normal levels of bullshit."



Quem ai se lembra dos HCs-canguru? Depois que Lula deu um gás na PF e ela começou a fazer grandes operações. O PIG, que vivia falando em cupssaum e em como deveriamos fazer algo como a Mãos Limpas, aplaudiu a modernização e fortalecimento da instituição, mas só até a PF fisgar um peixe graudíssimo… não, uma baleia… não, um legítimo leviatã. O discurso do PIG parou com o falso moralismo e tornou-se fanaticamente libertário e denunciou a "sanha punitivista" da PF e, é claro, do patê. Absolutamente nada tinha mudado, a PF estava operando da mesma maneira que o PIG estava bajulando, foi claro como cristal que essa investigação sobre um bilionário (nem preso foi, só estava sendo investigado mesmo), efetuada sob a Operação Satiagraha, bastou pra fazer quase toda a grande mídia nacional der meia-volta completa no assunto. Nunca vou esquecer que chegaram a comparar Paulo Lacerda, pivô do "escândalo", a ninguém menos que Lavrenti Beria!

Paulo Lacerda foi o principal responsável pelo renascimento da PF. Indicado por Lula em 2003, foi transferido pra Abin em 2007 presumivelmente pra chefiar a renovação também dessa organização era (e, presumo, ainda é) um típico bom-moço, funcionário público exemplar, garantista penal (ao contrário de grande parte do PIG que o aplaudia e passou a atacá-lo), e bastou prender um único bilionário pra cair em desgraça. Em 2008, a Operação Satiagraha da PF, com apoio logístico da Abin, prendeu preventivamente um tal de Daniel Dantas, sob o argumento (corretíssimo) de que, em liberdade, ele interferiria com as investigações. Gilmar Mendes foi correndo pra dar um HC pro bilionário. esse crápula, indicado STF por FHC, sempre foi um vendilhão, usando do cargo pra comprar favores com poderosos, mas tal foi a profundeza que chegamos que, na era bozozóica, ele se converteu em um dos improváveis heróis da nossa democracia. Mas enfim, na era, era só um pilantra bem alocado. Pois bem, menos de 10 horas depois desse HC, a Satiagraha mandou prender Dantas de novo, e, de novo, Gilmar foi correndo dar outro HC.

Lula não resistiu muito ao PIG. Fora a frouxice de sempre, nesse caso, ele também tinha interesse am abafar, pois um leviatã como Dantas é do tipo que está no âmago do Estado capitalista,Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I guess that's correct. But the level of bullshit of the Bozozoic Age was so hyperbole-defyingly awful, even by Brazilian standards, that's we're still blissfully ignoring that second realization.


>Governo Lula manda cobrar R$ 29 BILHÕES em multas ambientais barradas por bolsonaro.

29 BILHÕES só em multa que o arrombado deixou prescrever

quando algum imbecil vier com "MAS E O LULA" pergunta quantos triplex dá pra comprar só com isso, que não é nem a ponta do iceberg


File: 1679441613052.jpeg (7.15 KB, 201x251, download (1).jpeg)


Are there any books about how the Federal Reserve engineers controlled crises? Share your ideas?

Without the federal reserve, would inflation alone cause the proletariat to rise up? Therefore the federal reserve stabilizes the status quo, etc.

Jay Powell states in every hearing that the Federal Reserve's mission is to reduce inflation down to two percent. He also states that the strong labor market is the driving force of inflation and that the labor market will need to be softened.

These crises benefit no one, except the major capitalists who consume the competition and accumulate more property due to firesale prices.


take this thread to /leftypol/ where it belongs


File: 1679440920861.png (719.63 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


What's the difference between Fixed and Fluid Capital?

What's the difference between constant and variable capital?

How are they related?

Fixed = Constant? Fluid = Variable?


Fluid capitalism is when the government does stuff


File: 1679441027407-0.png (670.35 KB, 1138x882, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1679441027407-1.png (128.98 KB, 456x257, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1679441027407-2.png (699.29 KB, 1288x953, ClipboardImage.png)

>kim possible anon strikes again



See this venn diagram OP. then watch the video.

bascally: fluid can be constant or variable

fixed is constant


File: 1679441387937.png (267.91 KB, 1448x723, ClipboardImage.png)


GPT Thread. OP is Lassalle.

Read Capital.


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This thread is for televising the incoming french revolution.

This is purposely low effort in solidarity with the strikers in France.

>French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday resorted to using special constitutional powers.

The pensions overhaul has been met with widespread protests and strikes across France.
Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced to the assembly that the government would trigger Article 49.3 of the French Constitution.

Tl;dr Macaroon bypassed literally everything and said it's the law because he said so.
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Armchair generals of the riots are fucking useless, material circumstances actually dictate what people are doing in the streets in France currently, it's not Hong Kong where the police is nice and protestors have money, media, and CIA backing. Protestors can't just buy gas masks, helmets, weapons and fight the cops in ranks. There's a whole galaxy of (poor) people and orgs who want different things ranging from revolution to sausage grilling acting together, and one of the most important things is damage control so too many people don't get arrested and thrown in jail or worse while maintaining a high tempo of protests and strikes. Gawking at the Zengakuren is masturbatory leftoid weeb practice anyway, there's the same in France if not better only good people try to avoid filming violent actions from well organized protestors for obvious reasons.


> and one of the most important things is damage control so too many people don't get arrested and thrown in jail or worse while maintaining a high tempo of protests and strikes.
And also to afterwards. Support your local Book to Prisoners, your local Anarchist Black Cross, writing to and doing solidarity towards our political prisoners comrades.
In the modern day a lot of things can be done literally from an arm chair.


I'm aware of the PCV's opposition to the PSUV, but in all the statements that get posted around here they seem to just make vague references to "anti-worker policies" etc. I haven't seen enough detailed critiques from them to see if they are making valid points or just ultras seething.


catchy song


File: 1679440569299.jpg (18.54 KB, 463x529, 1662772037009223.jpg)

Yes, because being an armchair secretarian and posting on an albanian image board is so much better. You really showed them gosh-darn anarkiddies!


File: 1608528066546.png (240.49 KB, 662x540, 1475417084125.png)

 No.1250[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Drop those PDF's or else
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I miss him, he got me onto kierkegaard. Keynes too, to some extent. I oughta pick up Ragged, Rebel never let me down on reading recommendations


because the historical context of the grundrisse might be confusing to people unfamiliar with the time marx live din


There's already historical context in the Grundrisse
Again, it's a bunch of expository notes for a critique of political economy
Very straight-forward and self-explaining



Can someone upload pdfs about León Blum and his political activism, social reforms, etc?


File: 1679391700211.png (1.55 MB, 3000x2716, 1641034647576.png)

 No.384599[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

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File: 1679438057697.png (1021.76 KB, 3000x3000, 1654112820257.png)


Don't try to diagnose people.


why does he have action figure shoulders


elbows i meant



he spits tape from them



Anyone else hold back on getting any institutional medical treatment ? In the US I have to worry if my government issued insurance partially run through private companies will be accepted and even when it is there is issues with billing going through properly. Ive become so avoidant of getting help for medical problems in part because of this but also because I never used to go to the doctor much in past just the dentist for cleanings regularly. This even had me in situations I was allowing myself to writhe in pain to go to urgent care instead of the emergency room waiting like ten hours for it to open. i recently had gone years without a dentist appointment because of being under severe stress and at some unclear point in time recently started having tooth sensitivity where a crown is and am hesitant to go find out what is wrong because in US dental isnt always considered medical and when it is it's under a vague category of only including emergencies without explaining what a dental emergency even is. To make it worse I dont drive since i cant afford to among other reasons so i have no way to take myself anywhere having to rely on a parent who is unreliable.


Guess it is just me


anyone else? eh? me? only me? huh?


>unique ips: 3
stop falseflagging retards


ok dude we get it stop resetting your router


Seek treatment in mexico


 No.213976[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Welp edition
Live Updates: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
Global Tracker: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
The mod team asks you to please limit all covid discourse outside the mainstream media (vaccine skepticism, mask non-compliance, etc..) to this thread
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The reason i post this webm is because when antibiotic restistant bacteria becomes normal, the private healthcare system will literally be incapable of surviving it because of how specific the testing must be to determine the correct bacteriophage to apply to bacterial infections compared to antibiotics which can be given to anybody with a bacterial infection. The private healthcare system will either be forced to jack up the price of treating bacterial infections to completely unreasonable prices, or begin killing people for being sick, which is what canada is doing now. This is why we must always side with comrade disease rather than with the reactionary forces of private health clinics. The soviet union used phage therapy by default but as you all already know, for capitalist doctors penicillin is god. Yall already know that i was supporting shincheoonji church for intentionally spreading covid-19 and i stick by that position wrt antibiotic resistant diseases as well.




Magnesium glycinate is the best, but it’s expensive.


You sound like my retard boomer father lol


NIH-funded study confirming the immunity damage caused by the virus
>Taken together, the investigators write, these findings suggest that SARS-CoV-2 infection damages the CD8+ T cell response, an effect akin to that observed in earlier studies showing long-term damage to the immune system after infection with viruses such as hepatitis C or HIV. The new findings highlight the need to develop vaccination strategies to specifically boost antiviral CD8+ T cell responses in people previously infected with SARS-CoV-2, the researchers conclude.

Related: Covid-19 will officially cease to be a public health emergency May 11, meaning resources will dry up for treatments, testing, care, vaccines, research, etc.


 No.1405095[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

How many on this board would agree with me that reform and violence are both necessary for positive social change (historical revolutions have been accompanied by and must necessarily be accompanied by attempts for reform, reforms have been gained upon threat of revolution), that even if it wasn't supporting reform is just a basic act of humanity for those in need, and those whose praxis amounts to '"make life hard for capitalists' are nothing but infantile ideologues of resentment + envy?

I have a hard time believing that Marx wouldn't look at these anti-reform types and question *why* they're supporting a marxist teleology in the first place if they haven't got any real concrete desire for a better life for anyone- it's giving inauthenticity. The empirical and rational grounding for 'revolutionary purity' is shaky at best and there's plenty of historical precedent for Marxists to believe that the path to communism MIGHT be a reformist one (E.G., Kalecki, Castoriadis, Robinson, Wolff). I'm not even saying that it is, I just don't really understand why people reject such a possibility out of hand except for more or less emotional reasons, and how they excuse their innane criticisms of those who actually attempt to improve the lives of people today? Is it a naive accelerationism?

I'm interested to hear why everyone is so against any possibility that reform could ever result in a social transvaluation of values. I don't really see anything in Marx's historical analyses that necessitates that violent revolution MUST be the only method by which large scale transformation of material relations must occur. I also think there's been a lot of ground made in the last century that I think a traditional interpretation of Marx is no longer really tenable (although the fundamental kernel of his philosophy and plenty of his insights are still valuable). Even Marxian economists/philosophers don't really take the 'revolution only, proleterian/bourgeoisie and nothing else', old school Marxist position seriously (consider those names above) despite still agreeing that Marx's task is fundamentally a noble and worthy one (empiricist analyses of material relations of history with a teleology of positive social transformation).

People here have a very all-or-nothing mentality. Either a thinker is a totally ideologically pure marxist, or they are nothing and we should not even consider what they say. 'Keynes was a socdem, so we should ignore all the mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
260 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


well I still think he formulates objective propositions about how society should be structured for instance (or not structured, rather) but I guess I do need to re-read


Unironically I will never understand why Stirner didn't just write as plainly and clearly as he did in 'Stirners Critics' from the start.
Big love to Wolfi for the translations in to enrlish of both though. They unironically learned German for this.

Polite sage for whimsical aside on my part.

Yea, i think their understanding of some of the concepts in Stirner is wrong tbh, but it is a boring thing to talk and they were trying to be really aggressive and 'debate-bro' about it for the most part. They seem more normal today tho.


I really like Wolfi's translations, although some of their own works are fairly tedious in comparison to their funny footnotes.

Anyhow its rare to find people that truly engage with Stirner and have a strong understanding of what he was talking about, which isn't to say my interpretation is perfect, but I think really it comes down to how much time people are willing to invest into read/re-reading and how open-minded they are.


i will also contribute literature


Well, first of all how can you establish that definitely? Second of all, if you have a pest infestation, you can't just ask them kindly to leave. You have to use violence and exterminate them.

In my mind the only absolutely true scenario in which there is no conceivable constructive solution is when your opposition is intent on inflicting violence on you and you are forced to resort to self-defense. The pest example could be classified as self-defense broadly construed .

Human beings are evolved to coexist. We do so peaceably until someone–Cain perhaps–decides to violate that harmony. Violence should be used only to restore balance, not to shift it.


File: 1679416140910.jpg (773.74 KB, 1628x1167, money-happy.jpg)


> I’ve been employed in tech for years, but I’ve almost never worked
Okay bros, which one of you snitched? I thought we all agreed not to let the non-techies find out that we are paid mad money to do nothing.
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


It's better than it ever has been fortunately! But yeah, I just started my first SWE job so I'm gonna try to keep the fire alive haha. I try to read books and study as much as I can in my spare time.
I hope you are able to get where you want to be anon! For me, lots of regular exercise and de-centering romantic relationships did the most to help me with my self esteem and mental health. Sounds cliche but it really does work.


>I just started my first SWE job
Let's return to this topic in five years.


I assume this is exclusively an American phenomenon where wages for the tech sector are greatly bloated.


Will do anon


This is mucho texto so I'm not gonna read, but a lot of the absolute flotsam working at large tech companies is being purged recently, so kind of slowpoke here.

"Task bloating" is a good recipe though to assure that you don't get overwhelmed with shit. I always like 3x my estimates.


File: 1679420985637.jpg (39.16 KB, 500x333, Greek-Nose-Pride.jpg)


Cracked my self in the nose shaving my chest. thing i might have broke it. feels bad.

Tell me about the last time you accidentilied your nose to make me feel better anons.
The last time for me was when i was trying to read a book and walk at the same time and walked in to a street light.
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I don't remember any such things but I have allergies and has been blowing it so much it keeps bleeding


my cousin sat on my face


I've hit myself in the nose doing all kinds of stupid shit, still can't figure out how one would do it while shaving their chest, please elaborate OP


Impressifying feat OP.


terrifying feet op


File: 1679434466228.jpg (98.51 KB, 737x1000, CL193-119-3886015851.jpg)


West Bank settlers win Israel parliament vote
Israel's settler movement celebrated Tuesday after parliament annulled part of a law banning them from residing in areas of the occupied West Bank the then Israeli government evacuated in 2005. That year the government of Ariel Sharon, a long-time settler champion turned peacemaker, oversaw a unilateral withdrawal by Israel from the Gaza Strip, and the removal of Jewish settlers from the Palestinian enclave and four settlements in the northern West Bank.

Top Israeli minister: ‘No such thing’ as Palestinian people
“There is no such thing as a Palestinian nation. There is no Palestinian history. There is no Palestinian language,” he said in France late Sunday. He spoke at a memorial event for a French-Israeli right-wing activist who denied the existence of a Palestinian nation and advocated annexation of the West Bank. The lectern was adorned with what appeared to be an image showing the map of Israel that included the occupied West Bank, Gaza and Jordan.

Thousands mourn four civilian Kurds killed while celebrating Nowruz
Local sources told Middle East Eye that brothers Farhan Din, Mohammed, Ismail Othman, and Ismail's 18-year-old son were killed on Monday evening when fighters from the Sharqiya Army opened fire on people who had lit fires for Nowruz in the town of Jindayris. Three people were also wounded, one of them seriously.

HPG: One soldier killed after Turkish attack on guerrilla positions
The HPG Press Centre statement on Monday said: "The Turkish occupying army is committing war crimes and continuously attacking our forPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Labor Tensions Rise in Stalled West Coast Port Contract Talks
Tensions in long-running contract talks at West Coast ports are worsening, with employers accusing unionized dockworkers of slowing cargo handling at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the nation’s busiest gateway for imported consumer goods. The sharp rhetoric marks a shift from a longstanding agreement to maintain public silence on issues around the negotiations, which began last spring. The two sides appear to be no closer to bridging the gap on their disagreements, pointing to the possibility of deeper disruptions to U.S. trade flows. … Willie Adams, the president of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union representing dockworkers, said his members are allowed “to take a lunch break just like everyone else.” Union officials said truck backups can form outside terminals for many reasons and that the PMA was highlighting the recent queues to influence public opinion.

Critics Warn Another Fed Rate Hike Would Be the 'Straw That Breaks the Camel's Back'
The Fed is widely, though not universally, expected to raise interest rates by 25 basis points on Wednesday despite concerns that the central bank's tightening of monetary policy over the past year is at least partially responsible for the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), a top lender to tech startups and venture capital firms. Rakeen Mabud, chief economist at the Groundwork Collaborative, warned Tuesday that another rate increase would be a huge mistake with potentially devastating consequences that will fall most heavily on vulnerable workers.

Trump supporters begin gathering in NYC with indictment in Stormy Daniels hush money probe possible Wednesday
Donald Trump supporters flocked to the lower Manhattan courthouses Tuesday — the day he incorrectly predicted his arrest — with possiblePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The FBI Used an Undercover Cop With Pink Hair to Spy on Activists and Manufacture Crimes
The young woman with long pink hair claimed to be from Washington state. One day during the summer of 2020, she walked into the Chinook Center, a community space for left-wing activists in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and offered to volunteer. “She dressed in a way that was sort of noticeable,” said Samantha Christiansen, a co-founder of the Chinook Center. But no one among the activists found that unusual or alarming; everyone has their own style. They accepted her into the community. The pink-haired woman said her name was Chelsie. She also dropped regular hints about her chosen profession. “She implied over the course of getting to know her that she was a sex worker,” said Jon Christiansen, Samantha’s husband and another co-founder of the Chinook Center. “I think somebody else had told me that, and I just was like, ‘Oh, OK. That makes sense,’” said Autum Carter-Wallace, an activist in Colorado Springs. “I never questioned it.” But Chelsie’s identity was as fake as her long pink hair. The young woman, whose real name is April Rogers, is a detective at the Colorado Springs Police Department. The FBI enlisted her to infiltrate and spy on racial justice groups during the summer of 2020.

Tudeh Party of Iran, Our country faces a mounting dual threat from the ruling theocracy and imperialist forces
Numerous signs in recent years show that Iran is in a deep crisis and facing very serious problems, with no hope of resolving them for the benefit of the people under the current circumstances. This situation underlines that the unchecked continuation of the destructive neoliberal economic plans, rampant inflation, crashing of the national currency, and the increasing socio-economic crises compounded by the widespread destruction of the environment have pushed our country into a stage where its security, and people's livelihoods and welfare, cannot be assured under the despotic rule of the theocratic regime. The domestic and foreign policies of the ruling dictatorship have placed Iran in an increasingly grave situation. These destructive policies, which have brought the country to the precipice of catastrophe, willPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


'imperialism is fine bc theyre not a nation'


File: 1677785161575.mp4 (1.83 MB, 576x720, L4xNmuOMvCaE97Ou.mp4)


Wigger edition.

Previous Thread: https://leftypol.org/siberia/res/331887.html
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That guy from Zer0 books? I do not love him.


who that


File: 1679416918951.png (117.89 KB, 393x293, 1599446955571.png)

He did a Q&A on /leftypol/ but the video is set to private now.


Didn’t he lose zer0 books or something?
I heard he didn’t own it anymore


wide peepl happy


File: 1679435198737.jpg (149.07 KB, 1200x800, 20220825_174538.0.jpg)


Artstyles are private property


ok and


File: 1679439301824.jpg (88.89 KB, 960x570, 1410824108119-lang.jpg)

Only in a world with copyright laws.


 No.383992[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

<Stalinism and Capitalism are… le SAME!
Why the fuck does anyone listen to this pseud?
130 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


There is substantially more CP on the normal internet compared to what's accessible by tor. The idea that anything which the glowies can't track you on is only used by pedos, violent criminals and nazis is silly. You should know this anon :)




You said earlier that you find sex scary? That's a common symptom of pedophilia.


meds and bbc therapy


File: 1679436006593.gif (719.07 KB, 498x281, vaush-soy-jak.gif)

>you don't like inviting the antichrist into your body and murdering billions through ejaculation? um. that's kinda problematic my dude

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