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File: 1620255270401.jpg (155.88 KB, 898x600, Carter-Biden.jpg)

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🗽United States Politics🦅


Thread for petit discussion related to the greatest, best country God has ever given man on the face of the earth.


News livestreams:
CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html
MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html
FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html
Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFEegalitarianism
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kek, pretty much everything is dead atp. i don't know what biden's going to do for the next three years. he's not going to cancel student debt or free assange or other ToO fAr LeFt stuff he could do by himself, and congess won't let him do anything meaningful. maybe he'll have to just start a war to make it seem like something is happening.


It’s kind of funny.
I thought the borgs would have the sense to push for socdem policies to avoid pitchforks.
Some of them have even stated that’s what they want to avoid.
I think they are becoming stupider as a class.


File: 1642762100059.jpeg (248.38 KB, 1252x1252, dating7.jpeg)

People forget that Tucker is literally a porky. He's a heir to the Swanson foods fortune, which later got bought by Campbell soup company. His family has millions of dollars and he's literally never needed to work in his life. Tucker is just a trust fund baby frat boi who never lost the look, down to the haircut and the bowtie.

The world would have been a much better place if he had just become a NEET and partied on a yacht for the last 20 years. Sad to think all the supposedly salt of the earth people of the heartland are voting for this aristocratic douche


>Sad to think all the supposedly salt of the earth people of the heartland are voting for this aristocratic douche
I mean they aren't. It's just highly spooked, uneducated and retarded proles and petit bourgeois.


why do all corporations locate their headquarters in expensive places like California? Why don't any companies move to Detroit, or Tulsa Oklahoma, Boise Idaho, or Kentucky, Arkansas, or Tennessee?

Most of these states are way cheaper for real estate and their workers housing, wages, etc. than San Francisco or Boston.

Are agglomeration effects really that beneficial? If these jobs aren't tied to a particular place then why don't they simply locate to cheaper cities?


File: 1642274035282.png (300.38 KB, 1395x611, 123.png)


Are you training? They are.
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Yeah it feels so great to completely exhaust yourself by lifting some random iron pieces and then being in terrible pain afterwards, It's also awesome to waste money on a monthly gym membership, you totally don't do it to fit in shitty porkie standards dude


>Working out feels good
for the lucky few maybe, for me it feels like shit


Agreed, those who complain about working out just haven't done it enough or don't know how to work out in the first place. It clears the mind and gets me out of any mental ruts I'm in. Hell, at this point I get withdrawal if it looks like I'll miss a workout session. Plus, unless you just started or are doing your maxes, you shouldn't be sore the next day, you'll just have some fatigue that'll dissipate soon enough.


File: 1642763957558.png (63.42 KB, 250x250, frog6.png)

>walk all day through mountains
>feel good
>run a short distance
>immediately exhausted


ur not getting air fast enough when you sprint and ur heart is like "oh fuk baby what is you doing"


File: 1642759082190.png (114.83 KB, 360x287, BPD.png)


You might think this is a joke, but it's not. I think I broke the conditioning, took the red pill and exited the matrix, found a third pill and took it as well, took off my ideology glasses, and détournemented the shit out of the spectacle at the same time. I have scientific evidence that proves without reasonable doubt that the Bourgeois Politician Diet (BPD) exists and it boils down to three essential ingredients with little variation.

The secret is, bourgeois politicians are usually fed by staff, or during meetings in restaurants, etc. but then campaign time starts and they have to prove to their voters that they are "regular human beings" like us. This is when their masks start to slip off, and they reveal their natural diets to you when they cook for themselves.

David Cameron's breakfast recipe
>canned sardines
>pre-sliced bread

Virginia Senator Mark Warner (D) tuna melt recipe
>canned tuna
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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oh shieeet


I like making that dough my dude. And the texture and flavour is incredible. Tomato paste and buffallo cheese is the secret. Also autism


If your turkey is dry you are doing it wrong, holy fuck. It's not "how it is" it's "how you fucked up."


ahh fuck


Calm the fuck down, I said he should keep it simple, not to eat takeout every day.
I hope that "buffalo cheese" is actually buffalo mozzarella.



Capitalism breeds innovation

Capitalism breeds innovation

Capitalism breeds innovation

Capitalism breeds innovation

Capitalism breeds innovation

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I pay half that for 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms.
Also my landleech although still a leech is comfy asf we fix shit together and every now and then he gives me vegetables and fruits and what not from his farm.

Not a burger btw.


my sides


Oh fuck. What is the best country to move to in that case? Do we have a thread for this sort of thing already?



that you ginjeet? i see a .hu domain so its hungary?


File: 1642577446750.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.72 KB, 400x320, Flag-Pins-China-Poland_600….jpg)

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>"it's no longer in Poland's interests to continue criticising China simply to please the Americans".

Officials have told Reuters that, as Poland's relationship with the United States has worsened under President Joe Biden's administration, it's no longer in Poland's interests to continue criticising China simply to please the Americans.

The Polish president's relationship with China has been positive recently, with him making a surprise appearance at the 17+1 summit with China as other central European nations sent lower ranking officials. Duda has said Poland plans to take advantage of its geographical location to boost its role in trade between Europe and China.

A U.S. boycott to protest against China's human rights record has been joined by Australia, Britain, Canada and Japan.

"Poland is a sovereign nation and decides its own politics towards China. … Poland is an ally of the United States but Poland also has a very friendly relationship with China," Duda's foreign affairs advisor Jakub Kumoch told Reuters.

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>Now I'm an old fogey so maybe my memory isn't the best but I distinctly remember some Ukrainian communists supporting the Malden
Maybe, but generally it's not as if any of us here are experts on these countries, and in such situations it's probably best to defer to local comrades, especially when they are essentially unanimous as they were in Kazakhstan.
>there's a bias on our part to automatically support what seems to be popular uprisings
If anything the bias is now in the opposite direction, at least when it happens in a country perceived to be aligned against the US.


Out of the frying pan and into the fire.


>Unspeakable based. Poland has been steadily throwing off the shackles of liberalism for years, and this seems like an important step
By how


Up to your choice


you SHOULD dislike us


File: 1642709808886.png (254.94 KB, 600x562, 08e.png)



>Google is recommending that the US government devote more resources to securing open-source software in light of the Apache Log4J 2 vulnerability, which has affected countless business applications and servers.

>On Thursday, Google and other tech companies, including Apple and Amazon, attended a White House briefing about securing open-source software. The meeting was called to help the US avoid a repeat of the Log4J vulnerability, which can make hacking an affected software program trivial for a malicious computer hacker.

>One reason the vulnerability is so bad is because the open-source Log4J 2 utility is used across the IT industry as a freely available tool. However, the same vital software is maintained merely through volunteers from the nonprofit Apache Software Foundation.

>According to Google, the lack of maintenance and IT support surrounding open-source projects leaves the US vulnerable to exploitation.

>“For too long, the software community has taken comfort in the assumption that open-source software is generally secure due to its transparency and the assumption that ‘many eyes’ were watching to detect and resolve problems,” Google’s Chief Legal Officer Kent Walker wrote in a blog post. “But in fact, while some projects do have many eyes on them, others have few or none at all,” he added.


>Walker recommends three ways the US can better secure open-source software:

> Identify critical open-source software used across the industry and devote more resources to protecting them.

> Establish baseline standards for security, maintenance, and testing for the entire software industry.

> Create an organization to act as a “marketplace for open-source maintenance, matching volunteers from companies with the critical projects that most need support.”

>“Given the importance of digital infrastructure in our lives, it’s time to start thinking of it in the same way we do our physical infrastructure,” Walker added. “Open-source software is a connective tissue for much of the online world—it deserves the same focus and funding we give to our roads and bridges.”

>It's unclear whether the Biden administration will act on the recommendations. But in a White House press briefing on Thursday, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said the summit with the tech companies was “an incredibly constructive discussion” on the way the public and private sector can bolster the country’s IT security.

>The Apache Software Foundation also attended the White House briefing. In a statement, the nonprofit said: “We believe today’s conversation is a good beginning that can help catalyze and direct a wider response to addressing today’s security needs for open-source software.”


lol this is nothing new. corporations have been enclosing FOSS projects for a long time, they're just now doing it to help entrench the security state


This just feel like a nothing burger.


File: 1642763527403.png (87.06 KB, 960x400, frama-c.png)

"many eyes" is a poor substitute for formal verification. JML for Java, Frama-C for C



The woman that i like called me "friend". Is there anyway out of the freindzone? I still haven't told her i liked her.
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>Is there anyway out of the freindzone? I still haven't told her i liked her.
profess your interest in her friends. since you're friends, tell her how you like one of her friends, compliment her, ask her what you should get her, etc. treat her as one of your guy friends and ask for relationship/dating advice. she'll get jealous and want you. is it manipulative? a little bit. everyone does it, though.


>The power dynamics in both cases are fucked and you should get out of there.
>power dynamics
go back to your PUA/redpill forums incel


If multiple women consistently lose interest in you because you're doing things they don't like, either work on yourself or stop dating women you have nothing in common with.

Not everyone does this, you sociopath. Not to mention, if she doesn't already like you, this won't make her jealous. And even if she does like you, it probably will make her more sad than anything. Also, what happens when she helps you out and then you go, "wait, I don't actually want to date your friend, I want to date you, and this was a trick to make you fall for me." How's that one gonna play out?


You can still get her. Just be prepared to lose that friendship.


You know, if you're going to go that way, eventually some incel is going to get the bright idea to start raping republican bitches in a no abortion state.


File: 1642128947344.jpg (79.75 KB, 640x408, img_61e03b452cb9f.jpg)


The news portal 902.gr has published an interview with Eliseos Vagenas, member of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and Head of the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE, concerning the developments in Kazakhstan:
— The recent mass mobilizations in Kazakhstan have led to violent conflicts and the intervention of military forces to suppress them. President Tokayev spoke of foreign intervention, of 20,000 foreign militants, which was followed by the military intervention of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) countries. The question arises: Were these mobilizations based on internal developments or was it truly a foreign intervention as in the case of Ukraine a few years ago?

— The root cause of the mass people’s mobilization that took place in Kazakhstan lies in the enormous social and economic problems that the restoration of capitalism has caused to the people of this country.

Millions of people live on very low wages and pensions, millions are unemployed, others are forced to commute to the internal part of the country or to Russia to earn a wage. Millions of young people, in a society where the average age is low, are desperate regarding their future which seems obscure.

At the same time, it is obvious that capitalists live in luxury, that the energy wealth is being looted by local capitalists as well as foreign monopolies, such as US Chevron corporation. Overall, the US, British, and EU monopolies control 75% of the mining sector of the industry, which is the most important in this country. The energy wealth is also directed to the EU, Russia, and China, which are important importers of the energy wealth of the country.

The huge social differentiation led to harsh workers’ struggles. How did the authorities respond? 10 years ago in the city of Zhanaozen the regime’s security forces murdered thousands of workers in strike. There was an intensification of repression; among other things, the CP of Kazakhstan was banned while until today they deny the legalization of the Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan, they banned more than 600 trade unions by adopting new trade union laws in order to fully control the trade union movement. Moreover, an effort was launched to support the nationalist forces, including the justification of the local Nazi collaborators, i.e. the so-called “Turkestan SS legion”, which acted during the Second World War.

The anti-popular economic and sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Based anon, thanks for the compliment.


Hey man
I was pro-Kazakhstan protestors from basically the beginning


Thanks. I'll expect my Real Communist (TM) badge in the mail in a few days.




Billionaires adult son thinks he is oppressed.

Video attached, It was in 1080p HD but I had to downsize the file to post it here.

This kids parents go divorced.
When he turned 15 his dad told him he was a billionare. So he decided to ditch his proletarian mom change countries and never talk to her again.
He made some long ass video on how he is unique and a victim because society thinks people born into billions of dollars are spoiled brats. Whist saying he is a victim for being perceived as spoilt and how this makes him oppressed he shows off his wealth.

What I really want to get your opinion on is his fans.
He has all these fans and his fans call is haters poor.

Why the fuck would people fan boy over people like him?
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>uhm achshually there's no MCM function so his millions of dolllars and private jets don't make him a capitalist, achsually he's a lumpenprole because he's a youtuber or something something


His dad is a grifter that sold degrees to media students. This was his business that he sold. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SAE_Institute


File: 1642760478733.jpg (64.33 KB, 360x366, FaceApp_1640918255053.jpg)


File: 1642762803867.png (20.86 KB, 323x243, 1425509860206a.png)


File: 1642763340626.jpg (94.87 KB, 500x645, cockshottbike.jpg)



File: 1612129656526.gif (2.28 MB, 224x240, 1608608621350.gif)

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This thread is only for feedback related to technical issues (bug reports, suggestions). Otherwise use /meta/.
Public Repo:
If you have any grievances you can make a PR.

Mobile Support:
Thread For Mobile Feedback: >>>/tech/6316

Onion Link:


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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why even limit the filenames?



>when fascoids larps about being tough and eternal but never amount to anything and get destroyed in short order when they do start a fight, only managing to get into power because libs are even more spineless
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strong jojo character energy


did you know he actually helped write venom II and wrestled shia la boof naked?


what the fuck are you talking about moron?
we are talking about drip

fuck off to reddit


is that a carlist militia, the symbol is similar


File: 1642763048870.mp4 (7.6 MB, 1920x1080, 1633480325780.mp4)

The commies did it too in 1917-1922 and won lol
You will never have drip and you will never be a real man


File: 1642691112230.jpg (496.13 KB, 1280x1280, 1639783269370-4.jpg)


Do I have superhuman reflexes if I clapped a bug that was flying near me on first try?

Pls answer
Time urgent: I am going to try and fly
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>you want to be part of my internet superhero team i'm making?
I can read people's minds and also manipulate their minds and control them using mental powers, deceit, persuasion, charisma and general convincingness. I am ready to rid the world of evil-doers and imperialists! where do I sign up?


not OP, btw


iunno i got a knack for that when i had lizards and i liked capturing live flies for them to eat

it was fun seeing them capture the flies and eat them.


oh yeah mr mind mujaheeden (dope name btw)

what am i thinking about right now (it's not tittties)


were you trained as a child in expert fly catching combat?


File: 1642583757141.png (72.7 KB, 309x163, ClipboardImage.png)


Think about it, think about every single sterotype the jews were given

the jews own the banks, the jews have no morality, the jews have no culture, the jews care about money, and the jews secretly control the world imperializing everyone






Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anglos are all liars. Their criticism to others are what they actually do. Know the tricks.




More and more I think there is something to this
like genuinely I think racism against anglos is justified.


kill every anglo


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Ken is the man that we all need.
Ken is the man that we all need,
Ken is the leader of the GLC.
Who is the man we all need?
Who is the funky sex machine?
Who is the leader of the GLC?
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Tomorrow's headline:
>Tory whips making Pisspig Wragg feeling a little hot under the collar (and its not from urine soaking his dress shirt)!


File: 1642696091933-0.jpg (181.65 KB, 987x962, IMG_20220120_155629.jpg)

File: 1642696091933-1.jpg (218.89 KB, 950x933, IMG_20220120_160925.jpg)

File: 1642696091933-2.jpg (215.25 KB, 964x962, IMG_20220120_161652.jpg)

File: 1642696091933-3.jpg (174.45 KB, 911x907, IMG_20220120_162748.jpg)


>ywn see a news report of zombie Stalin and masked IRA guy going on a killing spree at the labour conference.
Damn shame.


I agree. lots do. Why are you not starting a campaign, project about this anon?? You will find help if you feel to do it, i promise you.




File: 1627408387412-0.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 13.53 MB, 960x540, vkEwMFT.mp4)

File: 1627408387413-1.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 8.02 MB, 854x480, PinkMeekMite-mobile.mp4)

File: 1627408387413-2.gif (Spoiler Image, 17.65 MB, 971x728, samra-eejfv-6d0966.gif)

File: 1627408387413-3.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.97 MB, 534x300, 1621714588770.webm)

File: 1627408387413-4.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.95 MB, 484x527, r5vCDQY.gif)

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Post BBC kinonazbolNazbol
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Source tho


what did he say? i cant see it


Just a news article of a black dude who committed a crime


This is peak fertility christ


ironic how /pol/fags only care about crimes when black people commit them, this almost infatuation with a black man's violence and aggressiveness could be a factor towards their obsession with BBC porn.


File: 1608525698099.png (437.5 KB, 1280x720, hmin.png)

 No.3012[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Let's make a thread to discuss, review and analyze tv shows. Everybody is binging something these days.
Argue about dvd commentaries, Post your thesis on King of the Hill, Reminisce about a tv show you used to watch but don't quite remember it's title. Just about anything related to shows. Post your highscore on those Ben 10 CN flash games. Anything goes.
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File: 1642749427035.png (795.84 KB, 1623x730, 124230.png)

Alright enough capeshit

I thought Euphoria was just Zendaya getting fucked up on drugs but nah

The episode starts with some girl detranstioning and being in love with zendaya? wtf

it was beautiful how like the first 2 minute is literally just glimpses of the eye with a song

What is this

>The series dramatizes an alternate history depicting "what would have happened if the global space race had never ended" after the Soviet Union succeeds in the first crewed Moon landing ahead of the United States

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Also anons
What the fuck was the meaning behind Therapy in Sopranos

I never watched that shit, Was it trying to say that therapy doesn't work or that it doesn't work on people like Tony?


File: 1642751306417.png (953.75 KB, 1262x546, no.png)

This show is raunchy as fuck
5 minutes and they're making gross Aquaman fucks fish jokes, and I heard about the superman bit,I get why capeshit nerds are mad
There's so much of internet memeshit in the writing, I don't really like it and the raunchy stuff
But Imma keep watching cause the blond in the intro looks hot

And what the fuck is up with James Gunn projects always with the pervy shit and 80's aesthetics?
Like we get it, You grew up in america in the 1980s


Oh my fucking god bros, I accidentally watched some in between special instead of the actual show's pilot

I was feeling so mad


meh the actual show is just lame
typical teen drama with oooh nudity


File: 1634745931933.png (103.6 KB, 500x544, ClipboardImage.png)


of course most /pol/tards side with caser's legion but looking at it almost every single faction is awful one way or the other, The NCR is literally a reboot of America that is in the middle of a manifest destiny, House is a egotistical maniac and probably appeals to Musk bros and Yes man is just a libertarian wet dream
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I'm right and you're not and I wish you luck in hopefully becoming less of a defective person.



when my mod comes out i'm making a FNC and NV mod thread and the only ones that can stop me are the fucking jannies fuck you motherfuckers


remind me in ten years.


they actually all suck. What i wanted to do when i found out what the game is about was to create my own faction, or maybe pull a couple together but that's not an option, deciding a choice was hard and i ended up believing in my own ego so i betrayed house and created an independent vegas which i regret somewhat.
>Mr. House
is batshit insane while having his head so far up his ass the only heat he feels is internal. dealing with him always felt off, like he was selling me something.
actual autists and larpers, i'm not sure how anyone can take them serious. I understand a hint of the desire to return to past ways of thinking of structure but i can't take the legion as being mentally sound. A bunch of wacko slave drivers.
literally retarded. what the fuck do you mean you value old world tech only and why are you weirdos in a bunker like this and why do you all come off as insane.
america 2.0? no thanks, that ideology is what most likely got us in this situation in the first place, why would i want you back in control just for the same thing to happen again.

honestly though i was stumped on picking a choice, going the independent route felt right when doing it but the ended left me questioning if i made the right choice, i don't like being a fence sitter.


>the independent route felt right when doing it but the ended left me questioning if i made the right choice, i don't like being a fence sitter.

I feel you. I blame the ending being sequested for it. Even if you did everything that'd end you a pretty good ending for every other faction, the result is either inexplicably worse (Fiends terrorizing the Vegas outskirts, despite all their leadership dead and your robot army upgraded), or clashes with the main component of the Indy ending ("secured indepence but the place faces chaotic years blablabla"). It comes of as Obsidian trying desperately add something bad to the ending so it doesn't become the morally good default choice (similarely to how the truce with the BoS was removed from Mr House).


File: 1642758729879-0.jpg (37.2 KB, 500x374, EB8lWiAX4AAx_cl.jpg)


This thread is for:


Post PDFs, reading material, memes, EVERYTHING! As long as it's D&G related!

Have you read any D&G?
Has he BTFOd Lacanians for ever and ever?

What the fuck is a body without organs? Do catboys have feline organs????

How compatible is it with Marxism Leninism?

Where to start?
Start here! https://youtube.com/watch?v=GS35vUMhww4
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.


Great thread

Dolce & Gabbana helped me get out of the intellectual dead-end I found myself in a couple of years ago


Jonas Čeika, aka Cuck Philosophy, just dropped an intro to Deleuze using Drum Machines!

Do you think there's a place for Deleuze in contemporary praxis?


I think his notion of the nomadic war machine and exodus is a lot more adapted to the times than classical ideas of revolution, yes. I'm also a big fan of his rejection of representation in all its forms that follows from his monist ontology.


Interesting. I'd love to see this nomadic war machine idea put into practice.


>Has he BTFOd Lacanians for ever and ever?
Yeah, about that. What exactly is D&G's solution to people suffering from mental illness? Nothing. Just read my book and uhm, idk, get better by yourself, bye!

D&G are to psychoanalysis what leftcoms are to Marxism.
>no praxis
>big words, big theory
>everybody is a faggot except you

enjoy your thread symptom



I propose word filtering anglo to jew or jewish just to show retarded chauvinists how close their arguments are to literal racism, and also to expand their vocabulary when complaining about muh western imperialists.
14 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1642735739730.png (150.67 KB, 500x376, 1322019767369.png)

I second wordfiltering anglo to jew but what could westoid be wordfiltered to?




Ismail is not an anglo.


Peak anglo chauvinism.
1. You discount the cultural hegemony of anglo countries around the world.
2. You discount other cultures as all being similar to anglo cultures.
3. You normalize anglo ideology as being "the default".

The whole world isn't America, yet.

Fucking anglo chauvinism.


anglo until proven otherwise.


 No.15632[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

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The point of this post, which I forgot, is that figuring out these 10% (more than likely far less) is not a high priority. Whether form (spam) or content (naziism) is banned makes in practice little difference. Just an interesting bit of trivia.


File: 1642741468489.png (2.4 KB, 225x225, reddit.png)


I can't take it anymore. The endless amount of propaganda and shit takes on reddit has made me physically ill. Every single part of reddit fucking sucks and it's so ridiculous to be on that shithole of a website in 2022.

I cannot even begin to list the amount of greviances i have had with this website. The anti-China propaganda is even on neutral subreddits now. Every 1 million plus subreddit is filled with utter succ dem nonsense.


The final straw was arguing with a monarchist on a default subreddit in /r/popular and having tens of monarchists defending his position. How can someone be so stupid and anti-democratic?


why are you arguing with the masses with no support and in a den of reactionaries?

i use reddit to talk to small communities about niche topics

don't pick fights without comrades that is my only advice
doesn't matter who is wrong or right, you need support




File: 1642609956112.jpg (209.44 KB, 1080x1243, IMG_20220118_030818_009.jpg)


A copper just showed up to my door to conduct a wellness check because i havent showed up to therapy in 3 months after being hospitalized multiple times for suicidal ideation and a suicide attempt by bebadryl oversose
33 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1642745982207.png (111.9 KB, 583x528, well of course.png)


as far as i know nobody under the age of 40 should feel distressed about anal wellness checks.


File: 1642750125494.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.13 KB, 900x769, 7e9762121aa6eebc3e63a9c314….jpg)

So uhhhhh….. are they gonna go away once they verify my identity and that im alive? I didnt hear from them all day. Are they gonna come back? Should i stop wearing pants?
Ive decided that im going to wear a special shirt when im in bed so that itll soak up the smell of cum and sweat so that once i start transitioning again i'll be able to sniff them. I will not wear the shirt outside of my bedroom. Good idea? Im kind of addicted to the scent of sperm and boysmell rn


the death eaters are coming! they're coming!

must you post porn everytime you post



you can always eat your cum and get cum breathe for a while…
not that i would know about that.




File: 1608680964250.png (23.67 KB, 973x819, PRC.png)

 No.211384[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

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Post proof of the claim lmao. Also : 400 million dollars the chinese sent the Afghan mujihadeen, only 200,000 to the Maoists. Israel also backed the Mujihadeen alongside the CIA. Cope and seethe


From the BDS website:

> The Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) calls for a boycott of Israeli and international companies that are complicit in violations of Palestinian rights. Virtually all Israeli companies are complicit to some degree.

Good job samefagging though, and good job making up bullshit. You had one job, shut up and read, but instead you continue to embarrass yourself


Research kills the dengoid




You can read all about it in this thread, the source is first introduced by a retarded dengoid who thought nobody would read the part where it says China funded the Islamic CIA backed mujahideen for 400 million and only quoted the 200,000 to the Maoists. What’s more, the Maoists got one cash dump whereas China funded, trained, armed, and provided logistical support and intelligence to the CIA/ Israeli/ British backed Islamic mujihadeen throughout the 1980s


File: 1626035232709.png (74.78 KB, 385x363, itg.png)

 No.370215[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

/Internet Trash General/ - endless eceleberry
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>Aimee Terese, strongest Marxist and Anti-Imperialist
>RT by Mike Pompeo


Or it has something to do with:
>USA being a settler state thus with a settler ideology which needs to justifiy occupying a foreign territory defending yourself against the "horde" of natives.
>Majority of Mass shooters are whites, the settler ideology is build on white supremacy slaughtering big groups of people who are unarmed and innocent
>Mass shootings also happened before the 90's, like, since Europeans set foot on america


>invents a literal conspiracy to defend being shorter
Shocked kiwi farms hasn’t made a wiki of this guy yet


>glowie approves of Aimee Terese
So business as usual?



I don’t know why but this is such an incredibly bleak video


File: 1642685488367.png (1 MB, 1913x553, Scent Slayer.png)


Is it the remnants of fascism?

I'm watching Demon Slayer and this just comes out of nowhere, and I've noticed it often in shounen anime

I don't particularly disagree with it, You have to be strong to protect anything you love, but I see why so many fashies are attracted to anime and turn into weebs

Also feels like this kind of messaging is why so many of japanese men are salary men loser otakus who are too scared to fuck

Like "BE strong or lose everything" and "yay consumerism!! gundamn models!!" sort of message just seems to create these kind of people
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>do you agree with that statement?
absolutely, I agree. what defines strength is the ability to defend the weak, so that they might one day become strong as well. without the strong, the weak are constantly at threat of losing their freedom. do we expect children to protect and raise themselves? no, they are born weak and helpless, and rely on their tribe in order to grow.
to the contrary, fascists simply despise the weak because they have no genuine love for their own and are thus blind to any seeds of strength. they therefore only value a child when enough mystical properties align (bloodline, heritage, etc). why? because they don't know what it means to cultivate; all they can do is destroy, humiliate and pervert. they are precisely what they claim their opposition to be: degenerates.
>okay, so why do you think [the Japanese] are like that
capitalist realism, or the consequence of living under political and economic mechanisms that deflate consciousness. what they consume is merely a reflection of such.


Because it helps move the plot along to get somewhere more interesting than someone constantly running away and hidding which only works in horror and anime isnt a great medium for horror. Not everything is because ideology.


File: 1642750069176.jpg (28.33 KB, 415x476, PURE IDEOLOGY.jpg)

<Not everything is because ideology.


You will notice that I did not make a value judgement on whether or not the fittest deserve to survive. What I am pointing out is that they do. The USSR didn't win against the fascists by being weak.


>i mean, that's a reality that can be changed but okay i understandable
Yes, that is the ethos of shounen manga. It is to go from weak to strong and to better the self. This isn't a bad value to hold. In the past, socialists dreamt of making a better man by educating him, caring for him, and showing him his struggle connected with all of his comrades.
>it's just that all these separate truths, together from all animes, always seems to form this image of a reactionary mindset in japan to me
That may be the way you look at it. I always view it as inspirational. I must confess, that at my over 30 years of age, I still enjoy dragon ball and other series like this. They don't seem to scream these mindsets at this, but maybe it is because I became a leftist much later in life.
>i am moreso interested in learning why, what seems like leftover fashy ideals have seeped into anime that i notice
Is it the fascist aesthetic? Or is it the idea? The two are not the same. Let's not forget that a large part of the aesthetic was stolen from the left.


File: 1642602865314.png (505.16 KB, 1242x1242, ClipboardImage.png)


how do i talk to people online

i know how to do it but like where?

every place is slow
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Also I forgot to ask ye

Do you use any kind of TV tracking software or website?

Like do you have list that you keep to make sure what you've watched or is it all memory that you use


It really depends on the series. There are some really great stories that do a lot with their characters and the idea of fighting and being a magical girl. But some of them are aimed at younger audiences, so the stories don't tend to be too deep or anything. It's still cute, though, and it's nice for watching between darker or more plot-driven shows.

The .gif you posted is from Mahoutsukai Precure, which is one season of an anthology franchise. That season has some really great designs, but the plot isn't the best, especially since the second half of the show is essentially the first half over again. It did really well for toy sales, though, so I'm sure Toei and Bandai were happy.

Kodi marks episodes as watched for me, and for anime, I just keep track of things on MAL. What about you?


Ha, all the shows in japan seem to end up in the toy sales paradigm

How are the regular non figurine drama shows even funded in Japan? How do they make money

The Kodi setup really is sweet, I've tried it sometimes but never got it to work with my laptop

I guess when I turn a 30-year-old dad, the genes will kick in
You ever notice how the tutorials for those kodi videos are always middle aged dad types? lol

I use trak.tv, I feel like a freak, cause I've to individually go and put in the time and date for each episode

It feels so robotic, I'm just thinking of fully watching a show and then adding the date for it on the day of finale as the day I watched the entire show


Most kids' shows everywhere are essentially toy commercials. The majority of money comes from toy and merch sales. Just look at something like Paw Patrol or any Disney franchise. You can find anything on earth with the mouse's face printed on it.

I haven't watched any kodi tutorials, but perhaps I didn't need to because I'm 31, hah.

I've considered putting my watched on a similar sort of site. Sometimes it's hard to find out when new shows start or get recommendations for similar things since I don't use any streaming services or have any ads targeted to me. I think adding a show entirely after you've watched it seems fine, especially if you're able to remember which episode you're on.

Do you have any other daily routines besides TV?


im a horny virgin

im a sucker for pain and heartbreak, sign my ass up!


File: 1642616337778.png (134.03 KB, 817x300, fetishistic execution.png)


the holocaust happened, cultural marxism doesnt exist, singapure and taiwan usted heavy statist intervention, the economic liberty index is a hoax, Chile is more,not less,unequal than other latino countries of the region.
what do i do now? I spend 10 years being a far-right (internet)activist but since 2 years ive been reading rebuttals to the right, apologetics, fact-checking,double-checking etc.

>i still am scared of working class people,as im a snob,but supporting the Right just isnt rational anymore
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Join the liberation theologians in Latin America and build Christian Socialism™


liberation theology is cringe but christian socialism is alright


OP listen, organizing right now especially in the US is practically useless and it honestly seems hopeless. You can literally get cancelled for saying 'retard' so if any of them found out about your past they'd crucify you publicly. And joining a psycho anti-idpol cult like the Caleb Maupin brigade or some larping maoist organization is not a great alternative either. Unless you're a striking nurse or a train worker there's not much direct action you can do at this point.
I recommend you mooch off your rich parents until you can't anymore and make sure you inherit their properties, hire somebody who knows what they're doing to help you avoid the estate tax in your country, calculate how much you need to live comfortably while working a job a few hours a week and then use the rest of your wealth to buy guns or 3D print them. And join a leftist reading group. If you are American, you should be stockpiling weapons like it's the French Revolution (economically, it is). Don't donate to CPUSA/DSA, they glow and they won't use your money to do anything useful like actually arm people or teach them to shoot. I will say the SRA seems promising though so consider donating to them. Good luck


Even Austrian School autists have better arguments against Marxism than 4/pol/ ever will. Wading through the sewers of 4chan for a "real dialectic" would be an exercise in futility.
The only time a reactionary made a good point was when Mussolini dunked on anarchists.



Yes I'd love to show you how you're wrong but that's not allowed here. You should think about that instead of whining about 4chan because they call you the n-word. It's a free speech zone. The realest one anywhere.


I bet you love your little bubble where no one can contradict you.


Stop posting the nazi war economy stuff. Its bullshit


File: 1641615297463.png (67.28 KB, 1300x1213, ClipboardImage.png)


The process of a prole becoming a capitalist is a meaningless goal in my worldview. I believe that as every successful enterprise gets wealthier that enterprise will divide more role of management that the CEO would do between multiple people until the CEO becomes irrelevant to the enterprise they’re supposed to be managing to increase annual revenue. The process of a prole becoming a capitalist with the information stated above in my worldview is pointless as the prole will always be left without work or a purpose to labour.

I will conclude this text with a question. Why do proles seek to become capitalists if the role of being a capitalist will inevitably be divided?
5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


>Why do proles become capitalists again?
So they don't have to be proles.


>Why do proles seek to become capitalists if the role of being a capitalist will inevitably be divided?
Nobody becomes a capitalist. They express the ideals of capitalism through their relations in capitalist society. Everybody wants to be seen as successful, so they simply reflect that values of everyone else so no one can make them feel outcast or unwanted. Similarly, in a crowd of leftists, one would adopt their sentiments for no other reason then to be left alone.
The only other way they can express themselves is through a union or a political party, but both are still inexorably tied to their personal relationships. A union is for working class people to win concessions from a boss, but that's not relevant in the USA because most people are not working class. So there needs to be a national party of leftists coordinating amongst themselves at a local level with those in their immediate proximity to win seats in government before someone can even begin to think they're not capitalist, and not a single person I know can say that for themselves. It's not their fault, we're all in the same boat.


> The process of a prole becoming a capitalist is a meaningless goal in my worldview
Because you have a poverty fetish and you don't want to get rich and live wealthy and never have to worry about the stress of bills and food security ever again


Because most proles are, quite literally, mentally ill. They don't know what they're doing and they desire to throw themselves into the unknown just to feel something.
It's mass suicide.


If proles wanted to build companies, we would see them organizing for this, since opening a company on your own will limit types of activities, more cooperatives, yes.

Why they do not organize even if there is a capitalistic reward? May be lack of free time and inability to afford time to think on this. But some people have free time and still have very tiny goals if any.


File: 1642192568181.png (4.83 KB, 268x188, ClipboardImage.png)


Anyone got any links relating to how the bolsheviks or Stalin produced goods and services within the ussr? Asking because since I already have too much info on the capitalist mode of production I wanna understand the fundamentals of how the soviets organized everything.

Yes this is under the assumption the soviets didn’t just do capitalism but with more planning and zero usage of currencies.

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Read Dobb


File: 1642210955211.jpg (607.55 KB, 1482x2338, 91xbVxFyL5L.jpg)

Related to OP's question, I was thinking of getting pic related. Is it good? Has anybody read it?


It's a decent piece of fiction that sort of peters out towards the end


Read about the chinese economy


Yes it explains what could have been…


File: 1641586280256.png (168.13 KB, 350x356, ClipboardImage.png)


they had no reason to make her this hot
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Shame there's no good statutory milf dr. ock on miles porn. C'mon get your shit together internet.


Cum, cum! I must cum!
<this is you


What is so attractive about her, she seems pretty mundane?


Dormammu I've cum


No. That is me.

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