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The only solace in life is White genocide is real. But they did it to themselves. Have fun.
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"The white race" is a mythic concept. It's not even consistent or whatever lol.


the average person is so stupid you can just throw a random graph at their face and theyll believe anything


It’s fake shit


File: 1696077369591-1.png (286.89 KB, 1645x871, ymbBd.png)

I have anxiety about race mixing purely stemming out of being into redheads. They have to be saved.


if designer babies become a thing alot of racial anxiety will leave


File: 1696079458370.gif (595.59 KB, 220x221, cat-bruh.gif)


"We must acknowledge our privilege compared to historically marginalized groups."

"Listen to black women."

"I'm not your model minority."

"Y'all aren't ready for that conversation."


File: 1695918914633.jpeg (117.71 KB, 896x1107, F6-3uUwXcAAo7ju.jpeg)


In an alternate timeline a bunch of alcoholic Polish crusaders crashed a plane at two skyscrapers in the middle of Tehran
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SEX with Gunther Fehlinger


I would prefer loving affectionate hugs with Gunther, like a son towards his father.


File: 1696062885028.png (972.19 KB, 4332x2140, ClipboardImage.png)

can't stop the Gunther doctrine


File: 1696078250423.jpg (15.62 KB, 200x356, kneel.jpg)

>tfw Gunther is redpilled on the lithuanian question


it's belarus


File: 1608680964250.png (23.67 KB, 973x819, PRC.png)

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he was an incel too, before it became fashionable


Volcel ackhually.


Seed retention ain't involuntary, padawan.



wasnt there some recent agreement about it or did i misremember and it was just this ?



Private economy thriving in DPRK, but still with great difficulty, of course. How many more years until DPRK becomes capitalist like China?
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>socialism involves abolition of market with "rational" plan, market is considered in marx-lenin lit to be the root cause of inequality
Yea and my point is that those countries are establishing socialism, but they have not finished the project. The abolition of market (even if you insist is central to socialism) can only happen after you create it via capitalism.


But Lenin (during war communism), Stalin, Maoist China etc. pretty much demolished it. Anyway Xi chan already said "we wont go back to planned economy" so ur point still falls flat either way


All these leaders had to industrialised and introduce capitalism to countries that do not have it.

Even if you firmly thinks Xi is against a planned economy, even he thinks china has not reached socialism and wants to reach it by 2050.


>All these leaders had to industrialised and introduce capitalism to countries that do not have it
Huh ? No, Russia and China were semi-feudal states when they took over, even though they did initiate central planning

>Even if you firmly thinks Xi is against a planned economy, even he thinks china has not reached socialism and wants to reach it by 2050

"Prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious, beautiful, and socialist" China by 2050 is just a codeword for high GDP per capita by 2050. China abandoned socialism a long time ago. They give mouth service to socialism now and then to maintain political stability and keep the population thinking they still have socialism. I can kind of understand why a government would do that for stability

>Even if you firmly thinks Xi is against a planned economy

> he thinks china has not reached socialism and wants to reach it by 2050
Read that again. These two statements contradict each other. Xi and Vice Premier Liu said they would "never return to the planned economy and that's impossible" and not "we will not return to the planned economy just for now". ITS OVER for you fren


same is the case with other aes like Vietnam btw



The best way to find out whether someone's a shitlib or not is to ask them if they think the expulsion of Indians from Uganda under Idi Amin was justified.
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Wh*te "people" shouldn't be allowed to have opinions on inter-BIPOC conflicts period.
Who the fuck cares what some clit-dicked timmy has to say about monumental clashes between brave African warriors?


Yeah cause the local Ugandans just welcomed the Indians with open arms. Fucking retard.


Can you people engage in logical thought?


Logical thought = black ppl good, brown ppl bad



File: 1696078574982.png (97.87 KB, 600x800, 1696068547720.png)


indian americans make like 450k per year so they have to make up shit to get mad about like apu from the simpsons or bobs and vagene jokes


so if a black person makes more money than you are you just gonna scream the n word to their face?


File: 1696061410299.jpg (489.41 KB, 2048x2048, 1242623753566755647893.jpg)


i haven't eaten in 26 hours and i only realized it when i thought about it

was puking cause i was dehydrated and nothing but bile came out

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it be like that sometimes


i remember i went 34 or so hours without any food around the time i went to that bdsm sex party


Sounds like a manic episode or something. It's not a good thing. And on top puking from dehydration? Like bro do you want to kill yourself? What is wrong with you, seriously?


try to do it until you're unable to post


File: 1696078563999.jpg (147.28 KB, 1440x1440, 1242623753566755647913-1.jpg)

Dude, I legitimately know pedophiles IRL that will not be brought to justice because they know how to work the system.

I live in a world where things are absolutely fucked against me here; the job market has already been consolidated and I'm unable to find employment no matter how hard I try. I have been raised to not know any independence and I constantly make egregious mistake after egregious mistake.

Mentally, I have ruined myself. I've had sexual intercourse with 27 fucking people between my 18th birthday in January of this year to about July. And yet, I still think that I am sexually a "loser" - like, incel-tier. I'm constantly hateful, and extremely envious, to a wide variety of different people.

I have no redeeming qualities besides being physically attractive, but even that attribute is hanging on a fucking thread. I entirely rely upon internet-sourced validation (IRL validation barely works anymore) where I need to constantly lie to others about my body with use of camera angles and filters.

I live in hell for my sins. The least I could do is incur some suffering upon myself as penance for the sins I have committed, and as a prayer that the suffering will be lessened.


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File: 1646098612270-1.jpg (122.55 KB, 1304x818, hold the line.jpg)

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🗽United States Politics🦅

Absolute State of America Edition

Thread for the hellish discussion related to the greatest, best country God has ever given man on the face of the Earth.


State mandated propaganda livestreams:
CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html
MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html
FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html
Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFEegalitarianism
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This Milley cope is so lame. He is a lib and now retired.


> apply the same logic to justify police surveillance of anyone who espouses revolutionary views
Bourgeois moralism.
They already do this.


> freedom of speech
Fake shit


File: 1696078125603.png (62.5 KB, 200x200, ClipboardImage.png)

Don't listen to the Fake Prophet's demoralizing smears; National Salvation is coming.
It is time to Heal. Trust the Plan.
- M


Who is the Sixth Head?
Look to the eponymous 11th Chairman.


File: 1651015581675.png (447.04 KB, 400x649, spectacle.png)

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A thread focused on discussing the parasocial relationships cultivated by the Almighty Algorithm to generate profit off of our atomization and society's hyper-normalization of petty internet drama.
Make sure to check and consider to read the reading list!

Reminder That None of This Is Real!


>The Society of the Spectacle (1967) by Guy Debord
📖 • https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/debord/society.htm
📺 • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7oEabMTmEww2oeqWuoI3wL-PyJmo2Vbv

<The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (1936) by Walter Benjamin

📖 • https://www.marxists.org/reference/subject/philosophy/works/ge/benjamin.htm
📺 • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7oEabMTmEwynPKHnsxfdpM7jq68JN8vL
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elon clearly tasked with destroying twitter's reach, it became too powerful. based decentralizer


wef discourse is normalized now sweaty, I'm listening to respectable boomer centrist journalists talking about memetic warfare and limited hagouts over here. The ss nazi that everybody knew was a nazi but nobody knew was a nazi looks like a planned exit strategy for the last major wef puppet now that western liberalism is ogre. The NZ PM, the Scotland PM, next the Canada PM. DeSantis, who the wef lord insisted would win, is also out. Western liberalism will take a hard right turn to protect and conserve what remains of empire as hegemony evaporates. Has this event changed minds in Canada about Ukraine?


Anal Cunt


File: 1696077954848.png (951.95 KB, 1061x1255, pic.png)

Exhalation Odor - Reactdroid Deletion


honestly voosh manages to look kinda drippy next to liberal haz


File: 1696033432675.png (3.78 MB, 1920x1080, gaddafi_shades.png)


Discussion about the Muslim/Arab world, MENA, and it's intersection with the Capitalist/Colonialist west. Muslim resistance in the nations of the West as well. I'm not a Muslim but I've been studying it for years and have an appreciation for it and many of it's 20th and 21st century figures have taken a great deal of their inspiration from Communist thought. I'm studying Arabic at university and would love it if there was a Muslim imageboard but I don't know of such a thing.
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>OP is a white thirdworldist islamists-worshipper
The only things wrong my grandparents did after physically getting rid of the french was to not getting rid of the islamists.
Kill yourself you fucking degenerate whore.


The songs of the Islamic State are more beautiful than any other songs that I have heard. (This is not an endorsement of the Islamic State.)


I hope you will get beheaded by a Pakistani salafi immigrant your soon-to-be-shithole western country imported for being against your daughter getting raped by the mullah. Faggot.



File: 1695668315946-0.png (892.62 KB, 658x989, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1695668315946-1.png (598.19 KB, 841x470, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1695668315946-2.png (30.51 KB, 486x242, Picture-2.png)

File: 1695668315946-3.png (648.14 KB, 956x1029, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1695668315946-4.png (2.63 MB, 2137x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

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REMEMBER: слава Канаді! Slava Klanadi!

>european officials say they'll stop buying russian energy

>russian officials say that if europeans stop buying russian energy they will freeze
>european officials keep buying russian energy despite the posturing

>McConnell: American support for Ukraine is not charity. It’s in our own direct interests – not least because degrading Russia helps to deter China.


>america could grind china to a stalemate against taiw-ACK

>"why isn’t russia building epic wunderwaffen during a war instead of sticking to the more reliable and available models they already have??"

<putting the pathetic nazi faggots who lost WW2 in charge of NATO did irreparable damage to your militaries, jesus christ

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There will be no congratulations here on the day of “joining”. They didn't deserve it.


And yes, mobilization in the LDPR began on February 22, 2022! (Almost a year earlier than in all of Russia)

Those mobilized from the LDPR were thrown to slaughter without equipment, ammunition and equipment; they went into battle without any social and other guarantees, as well as salaries (and their salary was 70 thousand rubles per month). There was also no compensation.

Rowing absolutely everyone, crooked, askew, old, young, those who served and those who did not serve, as well as the disabled and crippled.

And now, almost two years later, from the moment the North Military District began, a kind man accepted them into Russia, and they, fed up with injustice and losses, fled in all directions.

And according to the new laws, a tribunal awaits them all for leaving their unit without permission.

So, wait a minute.
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None of these suggest Russia is on the offensive after Bakhmut or that artillery isn't doing its job. No analyst is making your claim which is really all that matters here.


We have very little insight into the situation for Russian troops at the front. One thing that Western analysts are exaggerating is the extent (and cost) of Russian counterattacks at the first and second defensive lines, saying that it nullifies the existing fortifications designed to draw the Ukrainians into a defense in depth. That's just wrong. But these counterattacks are noticeably and completely missing from Anglo Z analysis, where spaces like here prefer to think of the fighting as correlating to the few videos that RT puts out where Russians are just chilling and watching Ukrainians blow up rather than a brutal slugging match.


File: 1678207743025.jpg (521.38 KB, 576x776, cybercom.jpg)

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This thread is for the discussion of cybersocialism, the planning of the socialist economy by computerized means, including discussions of related topics and creators. Drama belongs in /isg/

Towards a New Socialism by Paul Cockshott and Allin Cottrell: http://ricardo.ecn.wfu.edu/~cottrell/socialism_book/
Brain of the Firm by Stafford Beer
Cybernetic Revolutionaries by Eden Medina
Cybernetics: Or the Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine and The Human Use of Human Beings (1st edition) by Norbert Wiener
Economic cybernetics by Nikolay Veduta
People's Republic of Walmart by Leigh Phillips and Michal Rozworski
Red Plenty by Francis Spufford
Economics in kind, Total socialisation and A system of socialisation by Otto Neurath (Incommensurability, Ecology, and Planning: Neurath in the Socialist Calculation Debate by Thomas Uebel provides a summary)

Active writers/creators
Sorted by last name
>Paul Cockshott
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>requisite variety
Stafford Beer did tackle a mismatch from both sides: not just increasing the scope of responses by the org, but also reducing the variety the org encounters. Apolito just says variety good.


variety good, but variety also bad


it's dialectical you see


Yes of course. You want to produce some thingamajing and you poll potential costumers about what they want. You can produce exactly one model and for that you aim for a compromise. But you realize that to produce only one model is a choice, you can also produce a variety of models. To produce a very large variety of models is also a choice, and there are pros and cons to it. On the pro side the specs can get much closer to what this or that customer wants. Except for one thing: cost. If you instead produce only one model, you may have the biggest savings through high-scale production. You can also easily repair broken units by cannibalizing parts. If you produce a large variety all with unique parts that are not exchangeable, repair is much harder. So you produce a moderate variety of models that share some components. Some variety is good because the theoretical maximum of savings through high-scale production require a very stable environment to work out. If you optimize production for a single model and there is a problem with even one of your suppliers you can be in deep shit.


The conference has started. Twitter accounts by some of the people there:
Johannes Buchner https://nitter.net/BuchnerJohannes
Jan Groos https://nitter.net/FutureHpodcast
Max Grünberg https://nitter.net/MaxGruenberg
Elena Hofferberth https://nitter.net/E_Hofferberth
Spyros Samothrakis https://nitter.net/spysamot
Christoph Sorg https://nitter.net/christophsorg


File: 1689174781165.png (373.16 KB, 1024x480, cyberpunkcorpboss_career.png)


Previous thread: >>1263434

Talk about job/career advice and other related stuff from a leftist perspective. EX: How to get a job, promotion, skill, switch companies, resume, life hacks, etc.
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I’m not even mad anymore about how slow the job hunting process is anymore, I’m mad over how slow everything is in general here in leaf land. Fucking 40+ applications, 2 interviews and a drivers license and then I got a fucking retail job over 4 months. And now that I’ve been hired I had to wait another week before I would know all the information required to setup payrolls and positions would be finished, and then another fucking week before I could show up for my first day of work to setup scheduling for only 2 weeks of work, for a fucking part time job. It’s so fucking isolating to only really have my family to talk to in all that time man. It’s so disheartening knowing all the professional work and other shenanigans here is exactly like that for normal citizens.


>40+ applications
lol rookie numbers bruh. Any job gets like 250+ applications nowdays. You need four digits before you start despairing


You think I don’t know? I know a guy that had to throw out 130+ before he got his first real job and plenty more that have to wait years worth of unemployment before they can find any work.


Is your job isolating?


>here in leaf land
this is totally off topic leaf anon but is the nazi in parliament going to break through and affect public perception of the Ukraine conflict? Make a report plz



Ungern-Sternberg, chevalier romantique, tu attends la mort comme un amant sa promise
Ungern-Sternberg, chevalier romantique, les rêves les plus fous sont les seuls que l’on réalise


File: 1696058386378.jpg (77.58 KB, 600x890, Chekist.jpg)

He was an aristocrat cunt who was only good at terrorising those who couldn't fight back. Bolsheviks put a well deserved bullet in his arrogant, slimy skull.


He was a lickspittle


File: 1696022079134.jpg (55.48 KB, 1024x576, 1121634_15044138345762.jpg)


>read through election program of local Communist Party
>criticizes NATO for not stopping "invasion of illegal immigrants"
Well I guess Ill be voting social democrats.


The upshot of MAGAcommunism idiocy is it will never catch on because it's based on pissing off as many people as possible.


File: 1696031493258.jpg (103.48 KB, 1920x1080, cover3.jpg)

>far right nationalist party in europe that rejects "globalism" and euro integration
>look inside
>EU exiters but support NATO
Meloni, le pen, brexiters, etc all end up like this for some reason


Socialist countries aren’t in a position where they naturally need socialist policies to continue, imperial countries are dying and resorting to increasing amounts of centralization and socialist policy to prolong their existence.


Baysd kummunists? Wat cawntry?


I am fairly sure every single progeny of eastern block communist parties is like that. Nationalistic.



YouTube historian destroys the myth that capitalism has made people work less hours that pre-industrial societies. Why is this myth perpetuated? Anthropology has demosntarted that humans have worked for most of our history in bursts. (8 hours a day but 2 hours the next day). The mean is 4 to 6 hours per week. I think it is the best time to push for 6 or 5 hour workdays. Thoughts?
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Literally who tf believed capitalism made people work less? When tf do you actually see even the most fascistic neoliberal states advertise capitalism as a system people should barely work under and not actively glorifying and encouraging workaholism?


reading history will do that to you


So your agrument is that the quality of work has increased under capitalism. Or at least under service-based countries. I would say that's false chief.


I wonder if he ever read Parenti's book The Assassination Of Julius Caesar: A People's History Of Ancient Rome

If not, it'd be a book that'd interest him I think.


You can show the same by looking at labor productivity growth.

I think a subset of companies could be selected and given to workers under condition that anyone in the country can get a job there, even if companies do not need more labor. Who wants to work less, will join one of those companies, with more people, work day will be reducing. The wage could be set to: 3 times the value(necessary for living incuding rent), from this, price on products those companies make, can be calculated. The demand on those products should inelastic, such as on food, to be able to set higher price. It might be necessary to introduce some protectionism for those products, but only in price, so foreign product could not be sold for less than locally made, but they can compete in quality.


File: 1694978866993.jpg (130.21 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

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Since losing the 2020 Artsakh war to Azerbaijan, the Armenian nation has faced an intense existential crisis over its very existence. Azerbaijan was able to win because Israel sold it advanced weaponry that it used to flatten the Artsakh forces. Since the end of the war, Azerbaijan has been blockading what's left of the Artsakh Republic, and threatening to invade Armenia proper. The ultimate goal of Turkey and Azerbaijan is to take the Zangzeur Corridor from Armenia, thereby connecting Turkey to Azerbaijan to Central Asia. This was the exact same goal the Turks had in 1915, to wipe out the Armenians and create a Greater Turan.

Russia has abandoned Armenia as punishment for the 2018 color revolution. Pashinyan, the Prime Minister of Armenia is a traitor and almost probably a Turkish agent. Iran is the only country that has said it would back Armenia if Armenia proper is invaded, because the Islamic Republic hates Azerbaijan for being anti-IRI and pro-Israel. But there's also a huge Azeri population in Iran that could spoil things.

A lot of leftists, especially those who endorse multipolarity, seem to see Turkey as an ally even though it is literally in NATO and can never be trusted.
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Don’t bother mate, the ziggers from ukraine general are ITT posting /pol/yp-tier nonsense about Armenia because of its current treasonous government, without knowing the brief history of the republic and how the prior pro-Russia administration was disliked by Putin for doing pragmatic politics…or how Putin supported Pashinyan and worked with him closely…or how Russia long ago pivoted away from Armenia in exchange for Turkey and Azerbaijan, both of whom are strong allies of apartheid Israel.


CSTO treaty does not apply to the unrecognized republic of Nagorno-Karabakh


Are the "ziggers" in the room with you right now cracker?


Who cares? Their bourgeois nationalists were and are anti Soviet.


File: 1696031012754.jpg (178.61 KB, 1080x1842, 1695948872055020.jpg)


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This, basically. It's just like Microsoft IE back in the day but a bit less obviously trash. Chrome has generally good engineering but implements anti-features.


Even images on this website are webp. Try and save that thumbnail kek. Yet you can't post webp. Weird.


Chrome is ass.


It is, but it's not IE is basically what I meant. Whatever the case, the shit Chrome does, FF needs to implement. Sometimes even broken shit.


Trusted sources only ;) broken settings saved the day. I tried to fix it but I couldn't look too much into it. The way lainchan handles images is very convoluted for no reason.



Hey comrades. College senior here. I’ve often been told that in order to be a good Marxist one must simultaneously be a good philosopher, good economist, good psychologist, and good historian.

So, what would you recommend if I were to ask you for six books on philosophy from a Marxist perspective, six books on economics from a Marxist perspective, six books on psychology from a Marxist perspective, and six books on history from a Marxist perspective?

Hard mode: NO Marx and Engels, Lenin, or any of the “classics” but more secondary sources by scholars in the Marxist tradition.
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>back when actual subjects were taught
Ah yes, actual subjects like phrenology, and classics courses about how the Roman Empire was the perfect civilization (slavery is part of the natural order anyway). Ruling class indoctrination was always a part of higher education.


The indoctrination back then was of a monarchist nature, and students like Marx who thought liberalism or socialism would be a progress over monarchism were spied upon by Prussian moles and agents.

Also OP hasn't indicated if they are in "gender studies" or anything whatsoever, you are just parrotting FOX News shit like a /pol/tard, fuck off.


You're acting as if you're not gaining immense value from those pages.
Its 1500+ pages ANALYZING THE ENTIRETY OF PRECEDING ECONOMIC THOUGHT ON THE NATURE OF SURPLUS VALUE AND THEIR CLASS ORIGINS, with complete with elements of Marx's own economic and philosophical worldview.
Do you expect such a massive undertaking to be less than 200 pages? Do you think that dogshit like Debord is more "worth reading" just because its thinner? I'd rather read one longer book by Marx rather than 30 shorter books by most other authors.


How does knowing human psychology enhance Marxism?


I'd love to collate this into a nice chart divided by topic and sorted by length*difficulty.


File: 1695961370311.jpeg (983.93 KB, 828x1066, IMG_0322.jpeg)


I’m turning eighteen in a 3 months, haven’t had a friend since I was 14 and I graduated high school without meeting or making connections with anyone throughout that time. I got back from work, and I felt, I don’t know how to describe the feeling; something felt missing or wrong. I didn’t talk to anyone, barely saw anyone at work talking to each other and even some of the customers I was helping would take several dozen minutes before asking anyone else and I for help, I got back home and barely anyone else in my family spoke to each other beyond greeting me once and going back to their chores/screens. How’s making new connections going on with you guys?
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Problem is OP, the time to make friends is passing you by. Childhood is where you make your long-term friends, usually, outside of mere luck maybe. Highschool was most definitely THE TIME to get active socially. Keep trying, talk to other employees, try getting to know them and invite them to hang out with you, do what you can now. It won't get any easier as you get older if you don't learn to socialize properly. It can take practice but it's well worth the effort even if you sometimes get nervous or embarrass yourself.


>>454848 delete this post RIGHT NOW!!!!!
i'm about to be a 7 if I don't inject minoxidil directly into my veins :C


There’s two things wrong with your post anon, there isn’t a “designated time” to make friends, you can do that at any point in your life and mass media fucks people over in it that it treats things like making connections with others or gaining an education as an age specific endeavour. Two, part of the loneliness millions of people and I face today is a naturally existing aspect of how society today is structured, social atomization exists in the form of infrastructure designed specifically to provide consistent use for a given number of people(typically one) in most countries. It’s pretty typical that at some point the average wage worker is gonna be in a position in life where they won’t actively seek out deep connections with others simply because they don’t have to and there aren’t any real incentives to either. Maybe that’s a good thing, maybe not, but it’s just something to keep in mind than treating contemporary loneliness as some sort of illness that just “popped” into existence.


>everyone in it is at least 4 years older than me still, and all women.


The older you get, the harder it is to make friends. And your friend group will only shrink. It's just how it is.



I’ve been thinking about advertising under capitalism and how much of society today revolves around constant consumption on goods alongside services that function as commodities and spectacles. However I’ve noticed a trend, one that commonly occurs in industrialized states where spectacles should have the most influence. An inverse relationship can be seen between the industriousness of a settlement with respect to how many spectacles occupy the minds of its civilians. Just take a walk in a bigger city and compare the density of advertising to a sparse small town, or how much less eye catching modern clothing is despite how unprofessional most of it is. Even by historical standards the vast majority of modern clothing is on par or even as visually boring as peasant attire in the Middle Ages. Commodities themselves as products are slowly losing their visual intrigue, take cars. Modern cars thanks to global pushes towards mass standardization have seen centralization in their design and aspects of their visuals become consolidated to the point where the distinction between one car and another is their immediate function and lifespan. Another are the modern day homes and stores built today, younger generations will grow up seeing less or even no street vendors, small shops with bright and colourful logos but rather similarly designed blocks of concrete and brick meant to efficiently house and support as many small businesses in smaller amounts of space. Many in my city are hard to distinguish from one another without direct viewership of the logos representing each company. I can keep going on about how the increased infrastructural and industrial development of the planet had led to visual homogeneity of commodities, thus ending critical aspects of spectacle society, but what’s important is to recognize that this is even a trend. What’s the capitalist world gonna look like now that were in its final years? Will fascism be even more boring and repetitive before a socialist revolution towards mass standardization of all that’s produced? Will media be the only spectacle left in a homogenizing planet?
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.


We call that artificial scarcity, but that’s a good way of thinking where the concept of spectacle within consumer goods came from. With everything mass produced including digital media itself, people are inclined to care less about what they observe in the things they consume


>Modern cars thanks to global pushes towards mass standardization have seen centralization in their design and aspects of their visuals become consolidated to the point where the distinction between one car and another is their immediate function and lifespan.
And they're all the same colors. It doesn't cost car makers more to allow custom colors. Every car is white/silver/black because that's what consooomers want.


>I’ve been thinking about advertising under capitalism and how much of society today revolves around constant consumption on goods alongside services that function as commodities and spectacles.
I too remember thinking about capitalism for the first time. Welcome to the revolution, anon.


>And they're all the same colors.
The first mass produced car, the Ford Model-T, came only in black, because it was the cheapest color.


Good. Kill specialists. Behead specialists. Roundhouse kick specialists into the concrete.


File: 1666906690469.jpeg (3.36 KB, 208x243, images (31).jpeg)

 No.23574[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

it's been up for over 20 min on /siberia/
118 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Leninhat stuff remained up longer, that was actually funny. This was just boring and unoriginal.


PR relationship thread in siberia






It's gone now. 😷



<The Lesser of Two Evils is a Democracy for Psychopaths

>Donald Trump has to be stopped. The man is a menace to democracy with an insatiable appetite for debauchery, a geriatric career gangster with a rap sheet longer than his Freudian phallic tie. The bastard has left a gruesome trail of mutilated corpses in shallow graves from Atlantic City to Jerusalem and has grievously molested nearly as many institutions as he has teenage sex workers with his greasy little orange pussy grabbers. His crimes have all been absurdly well publicized and flamboyantly brazen, yet somehow all the available polls seem to indicate that this Hammer House monster of a political supervillain could very well take the White House back with a vengeance again in 2024. The mind boggles at such madness. How? How could any sane human being possibly justify voting for such an unapologetically revolting sewer mutant?

>The answer is actually pretty simple, because Joe Biden has to be stopped. After all isn’t he also a geriatric career gangster with an insatiable appetite for debauchery? Pretty much every mortal sin that Donald Trump has ever committed, Joe Biden has committed at least twice. The man is a barely veiled racist sexual predator and serial plagiarist who has built a seemingly endless career pushing Black children in front of armored police trucks before posing for selfies with Bono and telling a crowded Baptist church that he was the first white member of the Jackson Five.

>And now that crusty old bitch has added full-blown dementia to his routine. This is why the Democrats store him in a warehouse freezer in Delaware for most of the year and only cart him out when the wreckage of his administration needs to be publicly surveyed in order to prevent an all-out riot. The reasonably dire need to stop a creature like Donald Trump is the only reason why a creature like Joe Biden is even in the White House and the equally reasonably dire need to stop Joe Biden is simultaneously making Donald Trump’s seemingly unthinkable return to the scene of the crime a very real possibility.

>This, ladies and gentlemen, is American democracy in 2024 and everybody is doing it. While polls show the two grabbiest perverts in the convalescent home neck in neck in their crawl to the White House, they also show a country
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.


We need to save democracy!!!


<We need to save semi pluralistic oligarchic electoralism
People need to get Aristotle pilled, on what democracy actually means, so that liberalism Hegemonic ideology can be deconstructed and weakened for pollical radicalization and agitation.


political not pollical


>on what democracy actually means
>so that liberalism Hegemonic ideology can be deconstructed
You won't get very far with that.


>Do what the real hippies and the Amish did, drop out of a sickening system and start living like human beings again
You cannot outcompete capitalism on channeling apolitical discontent. The capitalists will always have superior means of escapism and rewards to offer for dropping out of social/political life. At no point they will let reality, or perception, slip into the "nothing to lose but your chains" mood, not even close.

You can wail about this until your throat is sore and your mouth is parched and it wont come any closer to truth. You won't even get beyond being shouted down,co-opted or derailed, much less infiltrated. The office jockeys who would trounce your movement with the stroke of a minimum wage pen don't even know of you. The men with batons and guns who raid your gatherings can't tell you apart from any other "undesirable" in need of battering.

You are yelling at a billboard, griller. Somewhere, a PR firm has predicted all you have to say, and do and now you are a known quantity in their schemes.


File: 1642442497034.jpg (135.91 KB, 1029x1383, DPn0z2WXUAAlxwW.jpg)

 No.695716[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

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File: 1696060439573.png (209.97 KB, 545x497, ClipboardImage.png)

Uno spettro si aggira per l'Italia, lo spettro del governo tecnico.


How could Italy produce world class communists like Gramsci but also the worst of all communists to ever exist like Bordiga?


File: 1696070075156.png (166.4 KB, 656x496, 1601594502399.png)

We're a country of contradictions. How could we produce world class art and yet be a country of illiterate petite bourgs obsessed with the tribal defense of our cuisine as essential part of our national identity? How come we have Europe's oldest universities yet higher education is undervalued here? How come we have high-tech industries yet politicians keep saying that "tourism is our petroleum"?


>entire existence living off what people did 1000+ years ago


We live on the shoulders of giants, unable to continue their legacy. We're extracting rent from things built before the concept of Italy as a nation even existed. Only socialism can save us and create a new Italy.


File: 1694720554447.jpg (137.46 KB, 1280x720, canon.jpg)


Stuff that everyone posting here must know of:
> Wonder Showzen
> Renegade Angel Xavier
> Darling in the Franxx
> Madoka
Did I forget anything?
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>Dialects of nature
Dawg just post the infographic of marxist philosophy books or somthn.

Dialects of nature wasn't finished, and was made during a rough patch in physics history – it's at best an outlook at the time period of when it was being drafted, especially for marxist physicists out there.


you cannot ever make me watch anime.


How do you know if you have not read the rest?




File: 1696070988971.png (9.49 MB, 4961x7016, 102132694_p0.png)


File: 1696000507736.png (396.64 KB, 445x843, 1695988153734.png)


Is the FSF going to die with him? That's sad to think about.
13 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


What an awful site. You can tell they tried copying leftypol.org but failed miserably.


File: 1696065938124.webm (2.1 MB, 1280x720, rms.webm)

Are YOU safe?




incels take note not everyone is born to be a bvll turn ur sexual energies inwards


disregard popularity, acquire freedom



Post game animations, both official and fan made


Starcraft: Judgment Cinematic (2023) [fan made]


TheParryGod does some pretty brilliantly made shorts that would not be out of place as part of the Half-Life canon.


the SWTOR cinematics were pretty cool



File: 1696035361001.jpg (157.39 KB, 1200x777, turkey-protest-context-2.jpg)


European unions call for solidarity ahead of Turkish health workers union officials' trial
In May 2021 police carried out a dawn raid against the SES and arrested officials Selma Atabey and Gonul Erden. Both were accused of terrorism, but the unions believe that both officials were arrested because of their trade union activities. Ms Erden, former chair of the SES, was sent to prison in September 2021 but released after a hearing in March of this year.

Protesters confront security forces as Iran marks anniversary of crackdown
The clashes came on the heels of an incident at a facility in southwest Iran in which prisoners started a fire to protest against a death sentence issued against a fellow inmate, and shots were heard, an Iranian news agency reported. “Following the announcement of the death sentence of a prisoner in Ramhormoz prison, several prisoners have started a riot by starting a fire,” the semi-official news agency Mehr reported on Friday. “Gunfire could be heard from outside the prison.”

A journalist and four HDP politicians sentenced to one and a half years in prison in Bursa
An appeal trial against several members of the Kurdish democratic opposition ended at a criminal court in the western Turkish province of Bursa on Thursday with a verdict of one and a half years' imprisonment each. The defendants were Aynur Yılmaz and Mehmet Akbaş, the former co-chairs of the provincial association of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) in Bursa, Halis Şanlı responsible for the Mudanya district, and the HDP activist Ismail Hakkı Gökçe. Journalist Emrah Çaçan was the fifth defendant to appear in court.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Automakers grow frustrated over pace of UAW negotiations as new strike deadline looms
The first high-level, “main table” talks between the union with Fain and the two automakers came only after that Wednesday announcement, in a late-afternoon meeting the same day with GM, without CEO Mary Barra, and a midday Thursday meeting with Stellantis, the sources said. The union Thursday afternoon confirmed it submitted a counteroffer to Stellantis during the meeting – giving the company less than 24 hours to respond ahead of the fresh deadline.

Judge: Starbucks violated federal labor law by withholding pay hikes from unionized workers
Starbucks violated federal labor law when it increased wages and offered new perks and benefits only to non-union employees, a National Labor Relations Board judge found Thursday. The decision is the latest in a series of NLRB rulings finding that Starbucks has violated labor law in its efforts to stop unions from forming in its coffee shops.

US DOJ files meat industry antitrust case against Agri Stats
The U.S. Department of Justice on Thursday filed an antitrust lawsuit against data company Agri Stats, alleging that its weekly reports on meat pricing and sales have enabled anticompetitive practices in the chicken, pork, and turkey industries. Meat companies including Smithfield Foods and Tyson Foods (TSN.N) have previously faced lawsuits from restaurants and other food buyers alleging they use reports from Agri Stats to conspire to drive up meat prices.

Supreme Court MPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


(TrueAnon ) Episode 322: Dude Where’s My Dad: POW/MIAs (Part Two)
Part two of our POW/MIA series examines the freaks, scammers, bone sellers, and widow seducers who made the alleged POWs in Laos a big business.

Azerbaijan’s Ethnic Cleansing of Nagorno-Karabakh Is Fueled by Regional Power Struggles
Today the Armenian population, which has had a continual presence in the region for more than two millennia, is in the midst of fleeing to Armenia proper, seeking refuge from both the humanitarian crisis engineered by Azerbaijan over the last several months and the near certainty of collective violence that awaited them at the hands of Azeri forces. This most recent round of fighting followed a familiar script: Azerbaijan targeted civilian infrastructure, attacked soldiers with drone strikes, and left evidence of atrocities against civilians and military personnel alike, gleefully posted on social media platforms that have, much like they did in 2016 and 2020, allowed these images and videos to circulate freely. The result of this barrage has been the disbandment of Nagorno-Karabakh’s political structures and the disarmament of its defense army, effectively ending Armenian political authority in Karabakh (or Artsakh, as Armenians refer to it), which has existed in some form or another since antiquity. The conflict, however, is a wholly modern phenomenon, the result of processes unleashed by nation-building projects initiated during the Soviet period. These continue to operate at the foundations of the conflict and renew cycles of violence at every turn. Yet despite being embedded in similar processes and institutional settings, Armenia and Azerbaijan have followed divergent paths the last several decades. Underlying causes of that divergence, concomitants of regional geopolitical transformations, have not only heightened the risk of violence — they have called into question the very efficacy of the liberal international order and the rationality that binds it.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Thanks News Anon


Is the intranationalist fragmentation of some European states the consequence of a reolutionary vacuum filled by reactionarism?



<1. In view of the fact that the present soviets do not represent the will of the workers and peasants, to re-elect the soviets immediately by secret voting, with free canvassing among all workers and peasants before the elections.
The soviets that existed in 1921 represented the dictatorship of the proletariat, which was necessary to defend the revolution from internal and external enemies. Re-electing the soviets by secret voting would have allowed the influence of counter-revolutionary parties and sabotaged the workers’ power. The Kronstadt rebels wanted to restore the bourgeois democracy and weaken the proletariat state.

<2. Freedom of speech and press for workers, peasants, Anarchists and Left Socialist Parties.

Freedom of speech and press for the proletariat was already guaranteed by the Soviet constitution, but not for Anarchists and Left "Socialist" Parties, who were agents of the bourgeoisie and sought to overthrow the Soviet state. They had to be suppressed by the proletarian dictatorship. The Kronstadt rebels wanted to give a platform to the enemies of the revolution and spread their propaganda.

<3. Freedom of meetings, trade unions and peasant associations.

Freedom of meetings and worker associations was also guaranteed by the Soviet constitution, but only for the proletariat. Any organization that opposed the proletariat state was a tool of the bourgeoisie and had to be banned. The Kronstadt rebels wanted to create a network of fascist opposition and bourgeois resistance to the Soviet authority.

<4. To convene, not later than 1 March 1921, a non-party conference of workers, soldiers and sailors of Petrograd City, Kronstadt and Petrograd Province.

A non-party conference of workers, soldiers and sailors was unnecessary and dangerous, as it would have created a parallel bourgeois power to the soviets and the Communist Party, which were the only legitimate representatives of the working class. Such a conference would have been infiltrated by counter-revolutionaries and used to undermine the Soviet authority. The Kronstadt rebels wanted to challenge the leadership of the Communist Party and divide the workers’ movement.

<5. To liberate all political prisoners of Socialist Parties, and also all workers, peasants, soldiers and sa
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Edgy people should be castrated
The only type of people who say this are the type that don't have sex


>"we gotta save humanity from extiction and fascism" is very much moralism
So you haven't killed yourself yet because you're a moralfag? There's no morality when it comes to survival, you dumbfuck, all living beings have an innate wish/need/will to survive.
>why are you running away from the flood, are you a moralfag?
>why don't you want to work 20h a day? are you a moralfag per chance?


>The soviets that existed in 1921 represented the dictatorship of the proletariat, which was necessary to defend the revolution from internal and external enemies. Re-electing the soviets by secret voting would have allowed the influence of counter-revolutionary parties and sabotaged the workers’ power
If the workers themselves don't actually control the state, and they didn't in the USSR, then workers power can't be anything besides a legal fiction, it's the equivalent of saying all men are created equal while treating slaves as 3/5 of a person. If you don't have any control over your workplace, if you can't strike, if your old manager is put back in charge of you, and if harsh production quotas are set for your work then what "workers power" do you concretely have? It's bullshit premised on the idea that someday, in some utopian future where the revolution is completely victorious, globally I guess, that the state won't be necessary anymore. In the context of the civil war I can see how people deluded themselves into thinking that but we've seen Leninist revolutions secure power and there's no correlation between how secure they are and how much actual control of their workplace and society in general workers have.


We humans are all hypocrites anon, who cares?


Opinion on >>1609041 ?

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