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File: 1642577446750.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.72 KB, 400x320, Flag-Pins-China-Poland_600….jpg)


>"it's no longer in Poland's interests to continue criticising China simply to please the Americans".

Officials have told Reuters that, as Poland's relationship with the United States has worsened under President Joe Biden's administration, it's no longer in Poland's interests to continue criticising China simply to please the Americans.

The Polish president's relationship with China has been positive recently, with him making a surprise appearance at the 17+1 summit with China as other central European nations sent lower ranking officials. Duda has said Poland plans to take advantage of its geographical location to boost its role in trade between Europe and China.

A U.S. boycott to protest against China's human rights record has been joined by Australia, Britain, Canada and Japan.

"Poland is a sovereign nation and decides its own politics towards China. … Poland is an ally of the United States but Poland also has a very friendly relationship with China," Duda's foreign affairs advisor Jakub Kumoch told Reuters.

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Post it, I’m fluent in russian and can speak a little polish.


another stunning accolade from the staunch anti imperial government of Poland. Another true communist ally not like those dirty Kazahk oil workers wanting to be actually paid for work


Are the Dengists in the room right now?


stale meme. I love it when goids pretend they don't exist though. Like when a kid shuts its eyes and says if I can't see you you can't see me


Well… Polish geopolitical strategy up to this point was about reducing Western economic domination and bribing the USA to bear with it by regularly chimping out against Russia and Belarus. If the American government doesn't tolerate this recent opening towards China, then the Polish government will have no incentive to be hostile towards its Eastern neighbor and if the USA initiates sanctions for some contrived reason, then Poles will be forced to start a detente with Russia and Belarus. All of this would basically make them anti-imperialist.


File: 1642259766355.jpg (187.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-2.jpg)

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Is there a proxy conflict coming?

US will act ‘decisively’ if Russia deploys military to Cuba or Venezuela – White House

Are NATO and Russia on the brink of war over the Ukraine crisis? (Ex-UK ambassador to Russia)

US claims Russia preparing ‘false flag’ in Ukraine

Russia ‘fabricating a pretext for invasion’ of Ukraine – White House

Is Russia really preparing an offensive against Ukraine?
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>Constantly attack people who take the time to write effort posts and are actually active in the worker’s movement that exists in the real world
>Shill for capitalist states
>Shill for forcing workers to labor under conditions of mass death from a pandemic
<Call others “feds” for opposing you


Don't put CPUSA anon with the likes of hyper online wastes like you, you shameless motherfucker


I got banned from /leftypol/ because Krates was acting like a faggot


>Russian Federation = Soviet Russia
See, told you you would say it eventually ;)





Norman Bethune or as he is called in China Bai Qiu'en, 白求恩. Everyone in China knows who this guy is and he is a big part of why Chinese generally have a favorable attitude towards Canadians he is one of the first things Chinese people bring up if you say you are Canadian.




Why won't you condemn Assad Putin anon?

If you are not a Putin shill getting paid by the Kremlin, it should be easy enough.

Say "I condemn Putin." If your reply doesn't include this phrase verbatim I will assume you are FSB. Какая погода в Москве?
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Communism is when you diddle the communist party out of election votes. It is also anti imperialism. If you don't like it that is ultra leftism


In not a single post you made an argument, you just insulted and Russiagated people you make up in your head.

Communism is when you spend months in the "Cuck Quarantine" of a middle-sized streamer arguing about semantics. True communism.


communism is when you are anti strike, read dugin and think women have two holes, what I did, I did for the good of the board


And he has no chin


>4 threads in 4 days, 800+ posts
<Literally nothing happening


File: 1620255270401.jpg (155.88 KB, 898x600, Carter-Biden.jpg)

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🗽United States Politics🦅


Thread for petit discussion related to the greatest, best country God has ever given man on the face of the earth.


News livestreams:
CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html
MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html
FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html
Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFEegalitarianism
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>american communists


I think NATO's plan is to sacrifice Ukraine's military in order to tempt Russia into a quagmire à la the USSR in Afghanistan. As you say, it would be extremely easy for the Russian military to subdue Ukrainian forces with minimal losses, but after that point, Russia would have to maintain a long-term military presence to contain a belligerent population that wants them gone. Moreover, it would cost an enormous amount of time, money, and energy to build up and maintain the infrastructure of Ukraine, which is one of the poorest countries in Europe. All of this would create enormous discontent with the Russian public, and Putin really can't afford to lose their support.


Based. Just wait till russia bans the kprf and the ukrainians start supporting kprf insurgents and independent novorossiya against putin



>2 weeks
more like 72 hours max


File: 1642616337778.png (134.03 KB, 817x300, fetishistic execution.png)


the holocaust happened, cultural marxism doesnt exist, singapure and taiwan usted heavy statist intervention, the economic liberty index is a hoax, Chile is more,not less,unequal than other latino countries of the region.
what do i do now? I spend 10 years being a far-right (internet)activist but since 2 years ive been reading rebuttals to the right, apologetics, fact-checking,double-checking etc.

>i still am scared of working class people,as im a snob,but supporting the Right just isnt rational anymore
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have you tried a bullet in your head


Christ on toast, what is this shit?


im not trolling, (back then)I would watch footage of usa soldiers inspecting ovens ,some even with corpse leftovers, as I listend to grindcore/gorecore or such genres, it was a feast of edgyness,looking back.


No, I mean your bitch ass refusing to go to a party with lumpens and proletariats. Take a good long look at these people, because these are your future.


south korea and japan also used heavy state intervention



>Technically “proles”
<All class traitors to a man though
<All worship porky and despise other workers
<All invest with the aspiration of becoming porkies anyway
<See people as assets and pawns in the same way porky does, not capable of actual love, empathy, or friendship
<Will absolutely be the human shields who die fighting communists on porkies behalf
<Readily accept all the most reactionary ideas in the W*st
<Unironically worse than lumpen who will at least frequently float to the socialist camp
Why shouldn’t I hate labor aristos?
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Y'all should know better the main culprit is the Monopoly capitalists.



Its okay to hate whoever or whatever you want. Hatred is a valid emotion that merely represents a very strong aversion to something. Its perfectly normal to hate things.

The real issue is keeping one's hate in check (not denial or suppression) when it comes to philosophical and scientific analysis.


It's just pathetic ressentiment on your side. Get over it. You should focus on converting as many people to the socialist cause as possible anyway and your feelings of inferiority will only act as a liability there.


>pathetic ressentiment
>feelings of inferiority


No. They’re one family tragedy of turning into you or even worse.
t. burger


File: 1642567220048.png (11.21 KB, 283x346, doomer.png)


I am basically a doomer.png but I will trust Maoists/anti revisionists over revisionist larpers.

I am curious why you Maoists think PPWs will acheive state power relatively soon etc.
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Your right Maoists aren't a cult, just a fed op made to look like one.


and what do you believe?

oh okay. Post the evidence then


did the milk lady deserve to be killed by a bunch of violence obsessed middle class leftists in Peru?


Based post


Sage, sometimes I appreciate your posts but you got to convene with me that Gonzalo shit it's literally cultish.

Sison at least is more credible in his politics.


File: 1640190728517.jpg (59.34 KB, 768x474, marx jesus.jpg)

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Can we get a Christian Communism discussion thread going? My Christian beliefs have only served to reinforce my commitment to Marxist-Leninism. Does anyone else have similar epiphanies?
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File: 1642125112825.png (1.04 MB, 1410x565, bunker.png)

The authoritarian, fantastical Abrahamic mind virus will never be compatible with a materialistic analysis of the world. Except as the most petty of rhetorical tools, the ideas of Christian and Muslim charity are incompatible with the abolition of private property relations and worker power.
I respect Muslims in this Anglo-Christian dominated world, but after the revolution comes and those hierarchies are defeated you WILL eat the bacon.


Fulfilled prophecy is the main proof that the Bible (AV 1611) is the written word of God.

The bible makes more then 800 prophecies, all of them removed far enough in time from their fulfillment so that there could be no chance of accident. These 800 fulfilled prophecies, 300 of them have already been fulfilled literally, and there are 500 of them that remain in the future.

The mathmetical probability of these prophecies coming to pass is less than 1 in 10 to the 895th power.
There are not as many electrons in the universe as there are in the chances of accident being involved.

So when we speak about the bible being Holy Scripture we're speaking with mathmatical certainty of a scientific fact.
There are no books in science that are written that accurately, there are no textbooks on science that can match the word of God.

The word of God for example makes 48 prophecies containing 152 details about the Lord Jesus Christ first coming.
The chances of 48 prophecies with 152 details coming to pass about the life of one man, with the prophecies wirtten 400 - 2000 years before he was born are 1 in 10 to the 157th power. As stated earlier, there are not that many electrons in the universe.

So when we speak of the Holy bible we speak on a level far above any scientific achievement in the world today.
There are no scientists that could possibly keep up with the word of God. Afterall, the bible makes 48 prophecies with 152 details about one man 400 - 2000 years before he was born, and all of them come to pass on the button. There are no mathmatical geniuses dead or alive, and there are no textbooks on mathematics that have been written, or gonna be written, that would take such a chance. And if they did, they certainly couldn't produce the goods.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Indeed OP, my Protestant beliefs have certainly kept cautious enough to avoid from adhering to the cultist authority-worshipping garbage known as "Marxism-Leninism". I find myself naturally averse to perversions and distortions of Marx to serve the interests of a state and power-hungry party opportunists, much like how Christianity was perverted and distorted to serve power-hungry popes. Plain old Marxism works for me.


Muslims literally can't be communist because they can't say that literal slavery is bad because your prophet was a slaver.


i'm as much of an epic atheist as the next, but obsessing over hijabs and burkas is dumb


File: 1626035232709.png (74.78 KB, 385x363, itg.png)

 No.370215[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

/Internet Trash General/ - endless eceleberry
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>just look at le memes dood
I came across this the other day, you cringe you lose


File: 1642630646343.jpg (20.84 KB, 300x316, 1631383934407.jpg)

now this is some schizo posting


>thinks statistics is bunk but offers schizo arguments about how "memes are the mitochondria of ideology itself"

touch fucking grass, holy shit


I refuse to believe that anything good comes from this world. I do not think that zoomers are as anti-right as you think they are. You laugh at me, but I know for a fact that I can sense the decay of the world around me, and when you see that shit it fucking changes you. I touched grass and the grass touched me. I can feel the demons inside of everyone's minds FUCKING THEM with rightiod ideology, we live in the most right-wing apexes of history in which the talons of reaction sink into the flesh of humanity and tears into them to shreds. subs like anti-work or random ml tiktoks don't negate SJW cringe shit (which is CIA) and the reaction against it. I saw that my brother had a tiktok and I knew how it hooked him. That is the grass that I touched and that is when I became a knower of memes.


I'm pretty sure you're actually psychotic.

Log off and check yourself in.


File: 1608680964250.png (23.67 KB, 973x819, PRC.png)

 No.211384[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

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Go to >>>/siberia/ with your fetish shit


>Implying chinese socialists are not chauvinists and don't believe in the supremacy of chinese intellectualism


File: 1642627455354.gif (4.13 MB, 500x574, image0-14.gif)

Weibo users are backing Beijing's claim that it received Omicron via Canadian mail, saying an 'ugly nation' sent them 'poison'


Canada confirmed the most hated nation by China.


Based Weibo users


>Deflecting that most western socialists are chauvinists and do believe in the supremacy of western intellectualism

Do you have an actual argument with substance or is snarky and empty Uno reverse card No U wordplay all you got?


File: 1632260229953.png (83.07 KB, 1000x813, MEL-bg.png)


Hello /edu/! /read/ ( >>5912 ) here to announce a new project to you. It's https://archive.marxists.xyz. It's a new public archive of Marxist texts and books, where anyone can edit and format texts.

We're running what is essentially the Marxist counterpart to The Anarchist Library, same software and all. There are a few advantages this software provides us over a traditional site like marxists.org:
>uses a database for storing data, easier to maintain over time
>texts are formatted in a simple markup language, adding new texts is incredibly easy
>site automatically generates various formats of ebooks for use on different devices or even printing
>advanced search and browsing function
and best of all, it's public, so anyone can contribute! Whether adding new translations or just fixing a typo on an already published piece, anyone can help!

The goal of the archive is to be a public place anyone can use to publish Marxist literature in a general sense, whether republished content from other sources, or new translations and original writings. We try to be non-sectarian, as our community itself is diverse. We'll let most classic works be published right away, but original pieces will require a closer look by moderation.

We've already published a few different pieces so you can see for yourself how it all works. For example this one: archive.marxists.xyz/library/friedrich-engels-principles-of-communism

We'd love to have contributions from you! We also invite the translation team at >>2085 to publish their work on our site.

That is all for now, thank you.
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Yes, because as opposed to marxists.org, there is a formatting standard which can then be used to apply a wide range of formatting options, rather than a hodge podge of different inconsitent html styles.


First publications of 2022 are out:

>"Fifty-three Years of Revolutionary Struggle for Peace, Land, and Bread", an interview with a comrade from the Communist Party of the Philippines

>"The British Road to Revisionism", maoist article discussing the old CPGB programmes we published not too long ago and British communism in general
>Joseph Ball's "Did Mao Really Kill Millions in the Great Leap Forward?", an article originally published in Monthly Review which for some reason has been wiped off their website.


Thank you to the anons who submitted these!


Another one added:

>August Nimtz's "A Return to Lenin — But without Marx and Engels?"

This article was originally published in the Science & Society magazine. It's a commentary/critique of Lars Lih's Lenin Rediscovered. The author has some interesting disagreements with how Lih frames Lenin in his book. A must read to anyone interested in the whole debate about Lenin, Marxism and German Social-democracy.



Connection to the site seems to be fucked.


File: 1637003870881-0.jpg (89.24 KB, 640x400, fa_ar_as_m01.jpg)

File: 1637003870881-1.jpg (36.48 KB, 900x486, bjmdmnqd-900.jpg)

File: 1637003870881-2.jpg (116.95 KB, 615x936, image.jpg)


You read the title. Post guns that look awesome.
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File: 1640547941046-0.jpg (15.33 KB, 400x159, unnamed.jpg)

File: 1640547941046-1.jpg (442.54 KB, 1920x1984, bogdan-patrascu-mk23-05.jpg)

File: 1640547941046-2.png (1.42 MB, 1920x1080, eX97BvT.png)


File: 1640576004682.jpg (10.61 KB, 600x171, AR-18.jpg)


File: 1640576127134.png (2.24 MB, 1920x1080, AR18.png)


File: 1642630225103.jpg (98.35 KB, 800x328, mp5a3.jpg)



Hello, we forgot to properly schedule a vote on what to do with /roulette/ this month so I will make those votes here;

Vote: Create /lounge/ as a board now that its tenure as a /roulette/ has ended.
33 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


Voting against /spoox/ as it got around 150 posts in a month.


I note m00dy votes yes on creating /spoox/


personally vote against /spoox/ as it was low activity.
as a counter-proposal, I propose we instead merge /spoox/ topics into /dead/.


lefty/lgbt/ now


I don't think concepts with an inactive /hobby/ thread should be done. I'm also hesitant to continue /roulette/ as it just clutters the site with more dead boards.
Against /spoox/

>16 - /t/ - Torrents

I think this would be cool, although maybe it could be /pirate/ for a more general concept.


File: 1642560760943.png (3.88 MB, 2208x1242, Bruh.png)


<some douche
>hey sir our blatant, irrefutable evidence on this guy says that he killed over 70 people, is a neo nazi, a domestic and political terrorists and has 0 skills to offer to society how should he be executed?
<the sir
>nah let’s give him a trial and put him on probation rather than immediate execution, seems like a logical response
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I think it's a square vs rectangle type of deal, political assassination is terrorism, but terrorism doesn't need to be political.
Even though breivik didn't target any politicians, just a summer camp. Not sure how you an justify that as "mass political assassination" but not terrorism tbqh, unless you're b8ing.


>just a summer
He specifically targeted the Workers' Youth League, where future leaders for the labour party are groomed.


>future leaders
it was literally a summer camp for due paying members to drop their kids off so they can bang at home in peace


No, the island was owned by the workers' youth league.


Yes, it was literally a summer camp for due paying members to drop their kids off so they can bang at home in peace

Anders original target was actually an ex-prime minister, but he got there too late to kill her too. In that sense, I can see it as an attempted political assassination, and the massacre was politically motivated, but I don't see it any differently from the christchurch massacre.


File: 1642408084500.jpg (25.15 KB, 369x486, matyas.jpg)


Matyas Rakosi?
Enver Hoxha?

rank them in order of brutality/repressiveness
23 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Probably Rakosi, repression was so intense that he CIA even said infiltrating Hungary during his rule was basically impossible. Of course it also massively pissed off the entire population. It's worth noting that of the people OP listed, he's the only one who remains deeply unpopular to this day, whereas there's considerable nostalgia for Ceaucescu and Hoxha.


File: 1642617692881.jpg (435.64 KB, 2660x2004, rakosi.jpg)

Rakosi deserves rehabilitation.


Why? That mf ran one of the most fragile, unpopular socialist regimes in history. There's a reason why his government collapsed literally within hours of the first protests.


The most repressive communist leader of eastern europe hasn't yet come to power.


>>'dissidents' (striking miners) were given cancer
How you do that?


File: 1642583757141.png (72.7 KB, 309x163, ClipboardImage.png)


Think about it, think about every single sterotype the jews were given

the jews own the banks, the jews have no morality, the jews have no culture, the jews care about money, and the jews secretly control the world imperializing everyone






Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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yes and this has been noted before. Anglos are the actual jews


You're like 6 years late on the Hibernian meme, friend


File: 1642592190091.png (3.52 MB, 1580x2528, klu92zyktdp61.png)

Both the anglo conspiracy and the jewish conspiracy was a diversion created by 🍀🍀🍀them🍀🍀🍀


based , and checkedxd




 No.645630[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Anyone interested in helping me fuck with these guys? If you don't know, they're an at least partially fed-run satanic nazi group whose deal is infiltrating organizations of all kinds (nazi, leftist, churches) in order to make them more evil. Implicated in child trafficking and cp distribution, rape, terrorism and murder.

Anything anyone knows about them would be really helpful and if anyone wants to help me report their shit that would even better (currently trying to get dreamhost to drop hosting for their main site).
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Is that Sutter guy a spook or just mentally ill?


feds and spooks use mentally ill people a lot of the time, so could be both




Commandant Cultus


File: 1612129656526.gif (2.28 MB, 224x240, 1608608621350.gif)

 No.6724[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This thread is only for feedback related to technical issues (bug reports, suggestions). Otherwise use /meta/.
Public Repo:
If you have any grievances you can make a PR.

Mobile Support:
Thread For Mobile Feedback: >>>/tech/6316

Onion Link:


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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these mf's using php lmao


 No.679471[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Ken is the man that we all need.
Ken is the man that we all need,
Ken is the leader of the GLC.
Who is the man we all need?
Who is the funky sex machine?
Who is the leader of the GLC?
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File: 1642610152585.jpeg (249.83 KB, 2048x1365, licensed-image (3).jpeg)


Why does his name sound familiar to another person

that thought that atuism is Vaccines which is pretty stupid



That cunt should get the fucking wall


Tell me the lie


File: 1642627552727.png (220.05 KB, 1284x548, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1642527021080.jpg (49.11 KB, 700x700, flashdrive.jpg)


Be sure to include the relevant SHA256 checksum for verification. Latest stable AMD64 versions preferred but no strict requirements obviously.
7 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


linux-related websites can be blocked by ISPs more than you realize, and it's good to have a central dump for this stuff
don't the images usually have a pre-installed instance of the OS on them that you can use to prepare the hard drives and install through there? i remember the devuan cd image let me do that


>don't the images usually have a pre-installed instance of the OS on them that you can use to prepare the hard drives and install through there? i remember the devuan cd image let me do that
yes, thats what I meant by installing by hand, you skip the installer provided by the image and you do every step of the installation yourself, from extracting tars to setting the timezone and installing a bootloader


oh right
debian has a good guide for it here, it's what i used:


File: 1642625940722.png (123.47 KB, 1550x2048, Debian-OpenLogo.svg.png)

Debian 11.2.0 "Bullseye" AMD64 ISO
SHA256 checksum: 45c9feabba213bdc6d72e7469de71ea5aeff73faea6bfb109ab5bad37c3b43bd

Debian 11.2.0 "Bullseye" i386 ISO
SHA256 checksum: 8a8ea6f10f884907bbf5876823641a8618ee60787c4e28bd6f48baa53a1d702903fa1889e53e5fef9353389a7b86dc01876ff6228eadcbc23b80f8c5c05a787a

Debian 11.2.0 "Bullseye" ARM64 ISO
SHA256 checksum: 6dd3f42f84597ba87d3b71d50d69dca2a3b4138cbd7b007cea3d4ba81cc51493

to run your system with rolling release, in the installer image, go to /etc/apt/sources.list and add "unstable" right after the repository links, save it, then run "apt update" and "apt full-upgrade"




>Uncritical support for the Russian government that formed under Yeltsin after the destruction of the Soviet Union and his own couping of the Russian parliament to prevent communists from ever getting near power again and is now an openly capitalist petrostate that upholds the Orthodox Church and the Tsarist Empire!
>Uncritical support for the Taliban that formed from the remnants of the Mujahideen that took arms and funding from the US to destroy the socialist government of Afghanistan and return the country to a theocratic shithole!
>Uncritical support for the government of Kazakhstan, an anticommunist capitalist state that accepts all cummers whether they be Russian, Chinese, or American; has violently put down working class protests multiple times including one that occurred less than a month ago!
<If you don’t bare open your asshole for all three of these groups you’re a pro-US neoliberal pro-NATO fascist!
<Also if you care about forests and climate change and stuff you’re a fascist because Hitler had a dog or something!

Why do I keep seeing these dogshit positions on Leftypol?
Why don’t I see them in any other communist space?
83 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I recommend reading the journalist and columnist Pepe Escobar


This piece speculated on motivations and interests of some imaginary parties involved, but most tellingly, did little analysis of the protest movement itself, the demands posed by the protestors and what could characterize the leadership thereof.

Kazakhstan wasn’t a color revolution, chief, no matter what some vulgar anti-imperialists might tell you.


File: 1642625634450.jpg (118.21 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault(28).jpg)

>OP you are gaslighting. If you look at the timing of the " hey guys lets criticize Russia threads", they always coincide right when the US is doing an imperialism that crosses swords with Russia.

THIS Look how many whine about Russia threads these dupes and glowies have filled in the last few days.

I think they all must be Maddow watchers.


Or maybe we come about when we have threads about Russia and Putinfags start foaming at the mouth like late stage rabies patients about how we actually need to blindly support this anti-communist bourgeois state because they’re a US adversary?
>When we discuss Russia, people who oppose Russia appear, how curious 🤔
You are a fucking retard
And considering America has been jingoistic towards Russia for the last 8 fucking years when the fuck are communists allowed to take Russia’s dick out of our mouths in your book?


I doubt its glow or gaslighting, but people who refuse to critically appraise either side. Russia, for all its “authoritarianism” is still weaker than the US in terms of competency with their oligarchs AND in their overall popularity. They’re coasting on the fact that there’s the big bad US of A to manufacture consent for their regimes. Without that they got nothing.


 No.213976[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Welp edition
Live Updates: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
Global Tracker: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
The mod team asks you to please limit all covid discourse outside the mainstream media (vaccine skepticism, mask non-compliance, etc..) to this thread
495 posts and 66 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1642620770958.jpg (73.87 KB, 670x475, 1553448993842.jpg)


More like:
>almost no research being done about treatment, you are being called anti-vaxx when you claim that the focus should be on treatment
>doctors prescribe things that they would also prescribe for a flu because they don't know much about the virus
>things like ibuprofen, ivermectin, vitamine D, etc.
>some people say ivermectin really helped them
>obviously some unvaccinated pick up on this
>the media launches a gigantic media campaign in the entire west to call ivermecting "horse paste" and discourage use
>barely any studies about
Of course it is going to be amplified, but not by the people and doctors who prescribe perfectly fine human medicine, but by a crazy media circus that wants under every circumstance only push for vaccines as the only solution for this pandemic. Also:
>Ecosystem of grifters and social media bubble effect amplify the fad
Being anti-vaxx gets you banned from social media, so probably no.



>Being anti-vaxx gets you banned from social media, so probably no.

Only if you're unlucky enough to have a big fuss made about you, there's plenty of people making big bank off of anti-vaxxing.

Case in point.


>Case in point.
Jimmy Dore isn't anti-vaxx, he also days to get the vaccine every single video because YT forces him to.


File: 1608528376620.jpg (174.9 KB, 1024x768, Solidarity_Attack.jpg)


>ctrl+f music
&lt0 results.
ITT We post music.

Old Trees - Violent Resistance
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awful garbage, except for ariana grande


nobody likes music snobs, anon


im talking about the metal shit. it's bad


Can you post some good metal please?



Comrades, we need better anime literacy on this board. I've made this thread to help direct people to good leftist anime. Listen to me or not, but I have watched a lot of anime so these are my serious recommendations. If you watch these shows you will also be broadening your tastes and escaping from seasonal consumerism. I will specifically recommend leftist/revolutionary anime.

>Belladonna of Sadness

This 1971 film has a lot of sexual content, but it is one of the most beautifully drawn anime of all time and is a great audio-visual experience, with varied styles of art over the film. It includes incredibly experimental and interesting shots. Plot wise it tackles the sexual, religious and feudal heirarchy with great visual storytelling. It flips the idea of sexual corruption as bad, and turns satanist hedonism into a revolutionary force which only positively affects the villagers.
Tomino's Gundam is a masterpiece because of how good the characters are. They are astoundingly well developed and feel real due to characterisation present in almost all episodes. Tomino's style of storytelling is obtuse, and the subext is not narrated out like in most anime, which many people really enjoy which is why the show has such a strong fan base. The themes of the original show are extremely well expressed in the last third, and a number of scenes towards the end are absolutely fantastic. As for the leftist analasys, Gundam is anti-fascist, with a possible Trotskyist degenerated worker's state analasys on the antagonist faction, who were originally a revolutionary anti-earth eco-fascist group until they were taken over by a ruling familly. However, their ideology is not wrong as the Earth Federation opresses the space-underclass as well as destroying the planet. There is a lot to unpack here and the evil principality is well humanised despite being clearly in the wrong, except for Char who did nothing wrong. Tomino is known to have some sexist takes, but this isn't really present until the 90s and before that his anime all have strong women.
>Gurren Lagann
It is the ultimate revolutionary anime. The entire show goes about combating conservatism and reactionism in a highly bombastic way, without making them seem evil. Instead, conservatism is just wrong and impossible to maintain. The show is epic, with very strong pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Tomino's Gundam is a masterpiece because of how good the characters are.
Ah, so a troll thread.


Is there anything to recommend this season? I've checked out a few series and it's not looking good.
>Rose king
Compelling MC courtesy of the twice removed source material, but the art is very rough around the edges. I'll keep watching it.
>Police in a pod
I didn't know my copaganda could be this cute. Weird tonal shifts hamper this one - imagine if you will a *comedy* with statutory rape and domestic violence taking center stage in episode two. Two separate cases mind you!
>Sasaki to miyani
Boring and gay. I can deal with either but not both. There's no secondary plot thread/gimmick either like he wuxia in mdzs, it's just the gay and dick all else.
>Monster development department
Office comedy with a gimmick. Very lowbrow with big tiddies so far. Watchable as long as they don't load up to many annoying characters or pedobait. Fingers crossed.
>Fantasia sengo
Rips off better donghua, total trash.

Anything good out there?


>Boring and gay. I can deal with either but not both.
That's because you're not the target audience, retard-kun…




I dunno. Having the leads be into each other without antagonism or denial and exchanging bl smut right from ep one, with no special setting either, gives the story little to work with imo


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The other thread was full.
Anything Latinoamérica related, let's unite in discussion while the CIA-funded military hasn't decide to torture us to death for the time being.
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You can't make this shit up.


A los mercenarios no les gusta que les hayan dado rl trato de mercenarios sus maestros imperiales


File: 1642423921265.jpg (166.15 KB, 1420x754, amarillos.jpg)

Ministro Juan Carlos Jobet, de Energía y Minería señala que se acordó con Diego Pardow e Izkia Siches -asesores del Presidente Boric-, el acuerdo de LICITACION DEL LITIO.



Nuevo video de Ahi les va
Lo que comenzo como un globo al aire que hizo que los medios imperiales y subditos se jalasen los pelos es solamente un globo de aire pero como siempre refleja el doble rasero que hay


Barbados elections today. I looked at a map of their 2018 election and labor won 100%
Whats up now?


File: 1635004757199-0.jpg (108.82 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

File: 1635004757199-1.png (1.16 MB, 1040x596, last_run.png)

 No.13224[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Its out soon. Any other HOI4 etc. grand strategy enthusiasts here?


The Second World War’s hardest fighting was on the Eastern Front of Europe.

No Step Back is the newest expansion for Hearts of Iron IV, Paradox Interactive’s grand strategy wargame about the world crisis of the 1930s and World War II. This expansion adds greater detail for many nations in Eastern Europe, unique game systems to reflect Soviet politics, and many improvements to the military aspect of the game.

>New Soviet National Focuses.

>New Polish National Focuses.

>New Baltic National Focuses: Shared alternate history paths for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as unique paths for each.

>Army Officer Corps: Build a general staff, drawing on the talents and expertise of available officers to take advantage of changes in technology and tactics.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>yfw someone is making a Rhodesia submod for TNO


>This mod isnt just for Rhodesiaboos



Which Russian empire (Not Russia in general, Particularly the Russian empire statelet) path in red-flood is the 'less bad' considering that socialists are not an option for them?




<Literally status quo semifeudal shithole that doesn't change
<Mass industrialization with proles still under Bourgeois thumb (with locomotive characteristics)
>Black Hundreds
<Literal Theocracy established upon Kolchak shithole
<Same as Black Hundreds situation
<Monarcho-socialist Accelerationism under a benevolent aristocrat
Honestly, you're best off with the Mladrossi path if you want the most /lefty/ outcome out of what you have.


I guarantee the paths will either be

1) Mugabe Kill-whiteyism
2) Wholesome Ian Smith
3) Wholesomer Zimbabwe-Rhodesia
4) Hitler


>1) Mugabe Kill-whiteyism
now this is an opportunity to troll them.


File: 1608526718424.jpg (142.77 KB, 1280x720, LordOfTheRings.jpg)


Noticed a lot people talking about Tolkien’s works and philosophy. So, I created a thread specifically dedicated for that and other things related to it, like the movies and games.
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Tolkein supported Franco during the Spanish Civil War. He is literally a christcuck fascist. This thread is cringe.


>muh Christianzzzzz
You sound very asshurt. Cope harder



Anyone think that Amazon's new LOTR series going to be a massive dumpster fire? I mean it's written by the same guys who wrote Star Trek:Beyond.


Yeah probably. It's pretty obvious the Tolkien estate doesn't care about the quality of adaptations. The original LotR trilogy being good was basically a fluke.


File: 1641938312391.gif (2 MB, 399x264, 1500894904615.gif)


who was this n1x I hear about so often?
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>I'm just already regretting posting in this thread
Then stop
Nobody cares about you


Someone cared enough to make this thread.


Do you fit more in on Twitter? That site seems even worse than imageboards. I can't imagine why would anyone ever want to use it.


File: 1642621978177.png (77.07 KB, 1129x627, alright.png)

i don't think she's a big fan of hobos or anything similar


ok who cares?
can we fuck now or what?


File: 1622844213997.jpeg (41.93 KB, 742x560, 8e6.jpeg)

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QTDDTOT - Questions that don't need their own thread. The last one died, so here post your questions here.

I'll start, why is a centralized authority important to achieving communism and why is this seen a positive aspect.
495 posts and 85 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I was also thinking about the privatization of basic utilities which then leads into a corresponding drop in services and increases in prices.


I don't suppose there are ex-national socialist authors that wrote books debunking their racial monoliths?

Picture not related


How do central planners know not only what people want, but in what quantities to allocate each good to each person? Bourgeois theorists say markets do the best job of this.


Yuri was a grifter. Every /pol/tard circlejerks over his clips but none of them actually watched it in full. He claimed Social Security was a communist plot. Of course expecting a trumptard to understand that is too much so his youtube videos are a prime example of how no one actually watches the videos they supposedly like.


>Its not a bourgeoise vanguard. There are definitely flaws in soviet style organization.
Calling the vanguard running a state capitalist system not bourgeois is a bit like calling a rags-to-riches capitalist not bourgeois. Just because you came from the working class doesn't mean you are always a prole. Class is your relationship to the production process, which can change. If you have special control over the production process as a party insider or vanguardist that the common people don't have then you may not be strictly bourgeois but you are still in a separate economic class from them. The only way a dictatorship of the proletariat actually works is if it is indeed the proletariat who dictates what happens, not if there is a "representative" who dictates what happens "on their behalf" but is not accountable to them to put in place what they dictate. Even if you initially have dyed in the wool communists running things like that, their administrative positions are going to attract people who don't give a shit about the people's interests.

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