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/tech/ - Technology

"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Linux, Windows or Mac

You like and use, Post 'em

I'll start

7zip the best file archiver

Honeyview, Imageviewer handles all images and gifs and zip images too

Goodbye DPI, helps bypassing region blocks, not a VPN but it's something

Media Preview, helps you customize the thumbnail of your files and pick what frames it should use
I can't find the official site, I just see filehippo and softonic, dunno if these sites are safe anymore

YAC Reader, this is the best I've found for reading comics, It has a magnifying glass feature and also a library shuffle side

Revo Uninstaller, It's a paid software but man if it isn't the best to get shit out of your PC, It's the IDM or uninstallers

mpv.net, UI Player for mpv, the best

MPC-HC, another player, fork of MPC

Sharik, transferring shit from your PC to Phone without using a cable, over your home wi-fi

Tell me yours, preferably open source
I'm looking for you new stuff, I want to replace Sumatra PDF and Musicbee


What do anons use to take photos of their PC, just the ingame screenshot or some third party one?

I heard those are not safe cause they're uploaded somewhere else, but I Imagine it must be convenient

Also does anybody use those game launchers that bunch up game launchers? how do they even work that cross platofrm stuff


Idk if I was paranoid about my shitty ass screenshots getting uploaded my pc would be wrapped in foil already


I use ShareX, it's open source, and ScreenToGif (also open source) for gifs/webms/etc. I think ShareX can take video as well but I prefer ScreenToGif a little more in that regard since it has an editor. Both great programs though.


i did not know sharex as open source, nice
screentogif sounds awesome

there's no short video capture thingy for PCs really,

i was trying out lightscreen,

are there any open source FPs monitor programs, the whole riva tuner thing doesn't work without MSI's afterburner stuff


Anybody got a thing with which you can control your PC with your phone?


termux + openssh


qBittorrent, the best torrent client
calibre, good e-book library manager and desktop interface for your e-reader
WinFF, GUI for FFmpeg
zzzFM, fork of SpaceFM, a flexible multi-panel file manager built with GTK+
Pidgin, for everything instant-messaging related (IRC, XMPP, etc)
HexChat, which is dedicated to IRC
CherryTree, rich text notebook program
streamtuner2, internet radio browser


https://handbrake.fr/ Another video transcoding interface


That's retarded


youtube-dl / yt-dlp + mpv (+ tor) = (anonymous) online media consumption from the terminal, faster and more stable transfers than from a web player

bash/python/c/… = they're some kind of "languages" that let you create your own programs somehow

Nah, it's a brilliant idea if you find the correct (and secure) use case. Turn your phone into a remote for media playback for instance.


>HexChat, which is dedicated to IRC
Hexchat's download page for windows is hilarious, they have a buy hexchat for $5 button on top and then download the free installer right below it.


I just found out that neither mpv or mpc support browsing a blu-ray for extras

there is no king
all are fake

i downloaded this BDVM for nothing! I WANTED TO SEE THE EXTRAS


>proprietary format doesn't work with a FOSS player
you could always rip the raw video files of the extras and convert them into an open format


Proprietary software needs to be outlawed after the revolution

We will build a state funded CD format

I just gave up, I wanted L&T extras but the one I downloaded didn't have it

Time to join a private tracker
Also fuck all these HDR formats, I messed with VLC, MadVR, MPC-HC, MPV settings until I realized I needed a Dolby HDR Monitor

I use the yt-dl fork now, It downloads faster than the og one for some reason, ytp-dl

how did i never notice that

handbrake, the best encoding software fr fr

>GUI for FFmpeg


>Media Preview

Is this the best thumbnail making software or do I need to…?
I can't find any other



I found the official site for media preview, i don't know who babelsoft is but i've heard about them before

They make good stuff, Install K-Lite Codec if you want just .webms to have previews

But I like it when my TV show files all don't have the same thumbnail as well


Thanks for tip anon


it only downloads youtube poops
do you think the new restriction with 4k, it'll still be able to download 4k stuff?


Just found out about that, what a bullshit policy. You could try downloading stuff that's already under youtube premium like movies. If it works 4K ones propably will as well.


What new restriction are you talking about? I'm still able to download 4k videos with yt-dlp


What are some good softwares to update my drivers? Driver booster is shit in every way imaginable.


File: 1665411546776.png (1.22 MB, 1336x987, ClipboardImage.png)

someone made an open source battery indicator for win 11

i have a desktop


I've never used it but I heard everyone uses DDU, at least for uninstalling

what OS are you on?



has anyone used this?
anti-spyware tool (ik ik i know)


having to use windows for the first time instead of linux because of a new work contract and by allah you people are dogs, I do not understand how anyone lives like this


Have fun and don't forget to click through all the million menus to end up searching for help online


>i have a desktop
That's some pretty good battery life for a desktop.




Which is the prettiest looking music player?


File: 1666367860485.jpg (205.55 KB, 1066x559, le_winamp_skin.jpg)



pretty is subjective, which is why quod libet with a GTK theme that you like and a customized layout is best


File: 1673656146202-0.png (400.35 KB, 837x657, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1673656146202-1.gif (3.12 MB, 1298x709, rssguard.gif)

https://lzone.de/liferea/ RSS/Atom reader in GTK
https://github.com/martinrotter/rssguard RSS/Atom reader in Qt


https://gajim.org/ for XMPP only chat


If you're on Android poweramp is pretty great with luminous dark skin it fits pretty well with amoled displays.


Why is MS Paint so fucking good, and why can't a single FOSS programmer replicate its simple genius

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