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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Is it better to shut your PC, and Monitor down? And turn them on every morning?

Or keep the PC in sleep and monitor powered off
Or simply turn the monitor off only
OR just let the machines be, and use them like that, and restart or power off every week or so?

Keep in mind I've kept them attached through a UPS also


I power everything off because there's this barely audible buzzing coming from the power strip that won't let me sleep.



I dunno why nerds jerk themselves off over long personal uptimes. It's doubly stupid if their drives are encrypted.


i don't have a powerstrip or noise problems
that's dangerous anon, i've heard it should not do that

im confused, my drives are not encrypted, i just want my pc to last long, what to do?

turn off everything or let it all go to sleep mode?


Propably turn off, since it strains the components over time. Of course turning it on does inflict more strain as it does in other machinery, but only at the start and if you use it all day with only ~9h of sleep or something downtine inbetween sessions you should put it in sleep mode.


Okay so if you go on vacations and don't use daily - Power off

I use it daily and sleep 10-12hs, I'll put it into sleep and let the monitor go to sleep as well


Computers are made for long, long uptimes - ever heard of servers? Sleep mode also depends a lot on RAM available.
But you should do whatever you want anyway, I for one don't wanna have a high energy bill.


Most people are not running server parts this why mining rigs age poorly as they use consumer grade CPUs, fans and GPUs and the constant load kills them far quicker then servers with constant loads.


All CPUs can withstand being on all the time and even the most expensive GPU is just as vulnerable as the rest to use.


Sever CPUs send to be clocked lower for lower thermals out of the box thus like running consumer CPUs in eco presets by default and tend to withstand more use hours on then your average consumer CPU. Which is why it is far more common when data centres decommissions servers their CPUs still have lots of life in them while gaming and mining rigs not so much. (That and larger data centres have massive industrial scale water loops on top of AC).


Ok saw na, Turning off your PC (as long it is just once a day) and Turning it on daily
Seems like the way to go

I don't use mine as a server
Also there was a computer plague? Damn


It's been like this since I spilled water on it around a decade ago.


>It's doubly stupid if their drives are encrypted
Why? It's free security, all you have to do is offer a second password. You don't need to be chased by a three letter agency to use it

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