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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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How do you not kill yourself, or at least function in society normally, from the ever increasing mass surveillance from both corporations and governments? As a paranoid schizo I don't know how to cope


Solving systemic privacy violations will require a combination of technical and political solutions.
It's a difficult struggle but it is one that we can win.

You should try to find a privacy minded communities online and in real live to help you do harm reduction for your personal live.

The surveillance mania is temporary, it won't stick because it's attached to civilizational decline.
Ultimately there are 2 ways to use info tech.
The prosperous use is cybernetic planning of the economy.
The ruinous use is when you try to controle people with it.


Well for one, I spend most of my time in my garage, so it doesn't effect me that my parents are all-in with proprietary stuff like iPhones and windows.
My phone burned out last year, so when I need to call someone I use the landline. Might build a phone with a raspberry pi I have lying around, but for now landline gets the job done.
For my computer, it's a prefab, so I guess there's some liability there, but I don't need any proprietary firmware when installing arch so it's probably fine for what I have the means and technical skills for at the moment.
Software wise, I try to run as little as possible so games run smoothly, which lends itself to privacy too. Sway window manager, LibreWolf with NoScript, UltimMC so I don't need to log in with MicroSoft to play MineCraft, In the infrequent case that I need to use glowcord, I'll just use the in-browser version since the client is both probably spyware and just slower than the browser version.
In stores I wear a mask, and will continue to wear one regardless of what the gubbermint says because I like how they look. These days that probably doesn't do anything against facial recognition, but I wear the same tattered backpack and cartoon nerd glasses everywhere so that was already a lost cause. Not much can be done about that other than revolution.

I'd say it's best to look at privacy as a resource. You start with none, and you can slowly learn how to get more privacy.


id love to give you some advice but im in the same boat, i deleted everything i did on the internet years ago but the problem is that im an utter failure irl too so i dont have any solace online like i used to do, just the boring rotten husk of current day imageboards


Qubes OS, make it so.
CNC Machine and 3D Printing as a hobby and as training for the fun times ahead.
Offline social networks.


The utopianism about Internet tech was always naive, and the romanticized golden age was delusion and illusory petty bourgeois idealism. The libertarians turned out to be pedophiles, fascists, and imperialists, and now reactionary brownshirts of Silicon Valley and the American empire such enthusiasts of cyber space anarchisms are. The ostensible normies, perhaps, have been the correct ones.

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