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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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> Amazon makes custom CPU (AWS Graviton)
> Google makes cusom CPU (Google Tensor)
> Microsoft makes custom CPU (SQ3)
> Apple makes custom CPU (M1)
> many other big tech companies announce that they are planning custom chips too
Am I the only one worried about this trend?


I'm sure a tech bro company will try to appeal to opsec schizos


Those are all derivatives of the ARM processor, ARM allows those that licence its processor design to make changes. Any ARM kernel should mostly run on all them within an ARM generation with the bulk of the differences being handled at the firmware level (so to the kernel they look mostly the same).


I wish we had more chinese cpus


Is there a way that they can make them all proprietary and not compatible with each other even tho they're on ARM architecture?


That's already the case.


I think he meant above the firmware level. The capitalists so far doesn't want to have port the Linux ARM kernel and software. Thus you can take a system drive from Amazon's ARM based server and slap it into a Google server and it will boot.


>giving data to Chinese
>Giving data to Westoids


Yeah that too but cheap is importanter


File: 1669317199272.png (4.18 MB, 2146x1608, ClipboardImage.png)

If you live in the West, probably, yeah. WTF is the CPC going to do with my data? Do they really have as many data centers devoted to compiling American's data as America does? I would find that hard to believe.


They’re just custom ARM architectures optimized for their own use cases


that's what $they$ want you to think.


We are not the customer (except for the M1 but ARM Linux already runs on them too). The others are for servers and they couldn't be arsed to recompile Linux ARM software for their data centres.


There's nothing in the architecture, as far as I am aware, that would prevent them from doing spooky shit in the background.


Malware has already found for x86 motherboard firmware that infects the UEFI to overwrite the Windows kernel in RAM.


You do realize this is what ARM was meant to be in the first place, right? It’s a baseline ISA specification that’s meant to be built upon by licensees for enterprise purposes. Also, tech is never free, welcome to the world.


I hear they're making some pretty neat RISC V cpus, and I think they also make the CPUs for ESP32s which are popular for hobby projects.


It's meant to be implemented, not built upon. That would break interoperability.


ARM isn't concerned with "interoperability", it's concerned with licensing its patents to manufacturers who use it as a base to design and build their own CPUs for any specialized purpose.


They are concerned, you are not allowed to change the architecture. Every Arm processor (licensed from Arm or built from scratch) must conform to the architecture and they validate this.


So is everyone here totally fine with a single corporation owning the whole stack from hardware to software just because theoretically you could run the mainline LInux kernel on it?


You mean ARM? They abandoned their own OS (RiscOS) to the open source community like two decades ago.


China can't make their own chips to the standard of the west or taiwan due to sanctions/trade embargos preventing the import of uv lithography machines.


No, I mean Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc. all making their fully controlled stacks.


I think most of us ARM wise are running Raspberry Pi or jail broken Mac/Android. The fact Microsoft and Intel are pushing hard with "trusted keys" in UEFI is far more scary as it might mean Linux users in the future might have to jailbreak x86 machines for them to run anything but Windows.


>China can't make their own chips to the standard of the west or taiwan due to sanctions/trade embargos
No the sanctions didn't work, China is catching up in chip-manufacturing technology. They used to be 3 or 4 nodes behind and now they're just one node behind. The west in on the 5nm node and China is on 7nm. It won't be long until they reach parity. If anything the sanctions had the result of speeding up development in China's high-tech sector.


we'll see. remember semiconductor manufacturing is very specialized, even the west or taiwan would be crippled if they couldnt get UV machines from that one dutch firm.

i'm skeptical China can catch up that quickly, maybe in 20 years or more though.


Why would they do this? I agree with the business concerns. Here are some business needs.

> Amazon makes custom CPU (AWS Graviton)

Challenge: Managing like 20% of world computing power is hard?

> Google makes cusom CPU (Google Tensor)

We want to do AI. This is hard and slow. We need no GPU encoding junk.

> Microsoft makes custom CPU (SQ3)

We want to sell a laptop to people that like long battery life. To get long battery life you need ARM. What if we customized it?

> Apple makes custom CPU (M1)

Customers want lots of random accelerators. Are the accelerators on the CPU or GPU die?

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