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I've been using Linux exclusively since I was 13, which happens to be 20 years ago, lol. I'm trying to apply for jobs, and they've sent me an "online meeting app's" (Skype, Microsoft Team, etc. clone's) link that only runs on Windows.

I'm totally out of the loop, mates. How do I install a Windows (TM) system on my spare laptop? Do I just download an .iso file from Piratebay (and if so, which? plz link) and burn it somehow (plz link Linux software to use) onto an USB stick?

I feel like a child here, please help me out.

Worst part? It's for a job at Huawei, a Chinese coop, that you'd assume would be more Linux-friendly. Sure, they offer an Android version, but guess what, it requires registration providing your phone number, that doesn't include my country's intl. +xx call code. Lol.


Well first, you get windows. Then, you put it on the stick. Finally, you boot from the stick on your laptop.


Great, I guess, but:
>Windows torrent (which? plz link)


I assume you have already tried wine.
You should first see if your pc can handle a virtual machine. KVM with qemu-system-x86_64 offers the best performance it's less secure than other options though.
IIRC there is a Windows 10 trial version available, that you can use indefinitely and has a watermark in the bottom right. I never looked for Windows 10 ISOs and licenses, but for Windows 7 Ultimate they are easy enough to find.


Don't do wine if its for a job. Particularly a dev job.
Does the company offer windows licences? If not then just partition your drive. Stick the installer in a USB stick and boot it.


The installer from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10ISO should offer the option to install without a license key.
The gentoo wiki has a quick guide for setting up a windows guest with qemu (https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/QEMU/Windows_guest?useskin=vector) and there are also tutorials for the virt-manager GUI (https://matteocroce.medium.com/windows-as-qemu-guest-a115a56043b6).


You could check archive.org just ddl for a few minutes


Get windows iso from microsoft website, burn it with Rofus and later on just run some activation script (or don't, you can use it for work without activating it)


>not knowing how to use wine


> Chinese company
< no name online meeting app
I would just tell them that I am no longer interested.


Don't bother with torrents. Microsoft doesn't care for keys/activation anymore, you can literally just activate the official Windows 10 permanently with a simple command prompt line (google it). Download the Win10 iso from Microsoft's website and use Rufus to load it on a USB stick and boot it from your computer's BIOS.

Also I'd recommend using Win10 debloater to get rid of all the garbage that Microsoft adds to Windows (Though I'm not sure if debloater will delete some of the apps you've mentioned), and Uninstall Edge.cmd to remove Microsoft Edge for good.


I think that windows teams software runs in the chromium browser well enough
it also has an Android client, so if you have an Android phone it should be no big deal.


They should give you a url, you don't need to install it.


i need to eat, dude

tried, not compatible


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