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/tech/ - Technology

"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Made as an extension of the main moderation recruitment thread, this thread is meant specifically for developer recruitment for /leftypol/.

We are asking for tech-orientated volunteers to help with development of the site's code and features, especially if you have experience with web design, common website coding languages, and/or development of mobile apps.

To Apply:

1. Log into your e-mail site of choice, and compose an email directed towards [email protected]
2. Decide on a short code word or phrase to identify yourself with, using it as the first part of your email and posting it on this thread.
3. Answer a short questionnaire, outlined below:

How would you describe your personal political tendency?
How long have you browsed or posted on /leftypol/ or her alt-boards?
Have you any experience working with leftist groups in the past?
How do you want to help the administration of leftypol.org?
How often will you be available to your work described above?

4. Post your favorite leftist work: art, book, or other - be it as an attachment, link, or just the title or even an excerpt from it.
5. Send the email (double-checking it is to [email protected])!

And that is it! The moderation team will take some time to review emails and get back to you, if your application is selected then your email will be replied to with a link to an element chatroom for a short informal interview before voting on your approval. Please be patient, as many people may be interviewed before you finally are selected.

Potential dev recruits will also be given a basic introduction to the site's functionality and have their own element room for discussion of site-related issues and requests. It is work-at-your-own-pace, contribute as you will - even if you are someone who will only contribute occasionally, you would still be valued.

If you are not selected for an interview, it will most likely be due to the desired quota of new devs being reached - do not be discouraged, there is always next time!


Isn't the website already open source? Couldn't someone just make a pull request


File: 1680337549632.png (182.72 KB, 963x1280, cat ear area.png)

Do you have to wear cat ears while working?


Absolutely, if you don't you're out.


File: 1680403631698.jpg (118.3 KB, 671x810, retro_catgirl.jpg)

wait until you hear about Alunya cosplay sundays



Yes this is mandatory.
If you do not have any cat ears, those will be provided by the team.


Sounds cute.


I'd love to contribute but I'm a C(had)++ so I don't do webshit and I don't know Java so I can't do mobile


C is perfectly suitable for web development. Caveat is that one has to be a programmer, not a codemonkey copy-pasting from stackoverflow.



why don't you guys just fork the vichan repo and let people contribute code as they wish without having to go through some formal process of being a developer. it's not like you're gonna be paying people to do this

vichan is written in PHP and I doubt they're planning on making a new engine

>doing webdev in C



openbsd is cool but doing webdev in C is pointlessly low-level wankery imo. anyways, this is off-topic


>doing webdev in C is pointlessly low-level wankery imo
yeah, fuck learning how things work, I like my languages as abstracted as possible.

include website.library
include application.library
include everything.library

start {
website name : name;
optimize for (desktop, mobile);
loading screen : 1

pages {
create content;
create CSS page;
create login_page;

A website with 4 paragraphs of text and a sign-up form is 450mb large and takes 2 minutes to load. Every movement of the mouse is actually a JSevent, displaying a white background you need to install a web framework and link to 7 different websites to fetch 100mb of javascript scripts so that the input box could change colour when you select it.

A web server SERVES pages on the WEB. Your "we application" shouldn't exist. You can have a "server-side" application that communicates with the web server through a socket.

My god they have fucking Web USB APIs, because webpages should be able to read and write to a USB stick for some odd reason.




>t. JavaScript+RubyOnRails "fullstack" "developer"


you're responding to a strawman my friend. I don't think SPAs are desirable or necessary for most web services but going the extreme opposite and implementing everything from scratch, including parsing HTTP requests over a raw socket, is nonsense. it's fine if you want to do that for fun or learning, in fact I think everyone should at least once try to dig deeper into how the technologies in their stack are implemented so they have a better picture of how the pieces all fit together and work, but once again, it's completely off-topic for this thread.

sage for autism


>fork the vichan repo
fuck no
i would write an imageboard or activitypub software in python+flask if i could bother to learn


actually i wouldnt write imageboard software since they should just die


Literally what did your schizo mind think you were adding to this conversation by these dogshit posts? lmao.


it was a gut reaction to that post recommending vichan meandering into my apathy for imageboards in general
as for the conversation, i was the one that posted this >>19125


this is a mod btw


File: 1694077793887.webm (9.04 MB, 696x576, gurochan admin.webm)

>why don't you guys just fork the vichan repo and let people contribute code as they wish without having to go through some formal process of being a developer.
leftypol.org has been open source from the start - https://git.leftypol.org/leftypol/leftypol
although it's a bit nastier because it's actually a lainchan fork
openbsd is also wankery btw. no disrespect to BSD

honestly this doesnt even matter: it's a volunteer codebase which has had about 2 extremely casual devs in 2 years. making C a prerequisite is a fast way to kill any chance of more volunteers, not to mention the extra attention needed to avoid security issues.


I like how there's an error at the top of the page, likely unrelated to the actual error


>C is perfectly suitable for web development.
Are cniles so delusional?

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