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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1682038982049.png (8.51 KB, 445x120, ClipboardImage.png)


All nitter instances are rate limited now


I can't view porn on nitter anymore.


Docker self host time?


The search function is completely broken now.


It's fucked. The advanced search sorting options were crucial for staying informed. How are we searching tweets now?


So I take it this has to do with Twitter's API limitations? Or is it something inherent to Nitter itself and/or the instances themselves?

I guess even with this its better than what happened to Bibliogram, the Instagram frontend that last I checked was completely non-functional thanks to Instagram constantly breaking it. (https://bibliogram.art/ has the listing of why they're discontinuing it. Code's still FOSS so if anyone has patience and desire to take on the project).


yeah its because the api is so limited now
also theres imginn for insta now but i have no idea if its floss and its littered with ads


This may help at least find what instance is up at any moment at least


Twitter requires you to be logged in to search, with or without API


Searching on nitter used to work until not long ago.


Twitter is going the way of Insta. Sad!


Yeah when you could search Twitter without a login


Search is working again on nitter


the libredirect extension allows you to cycle through instances to find one that has not been rate limited


This is the problem. Biblogram basically got abandoned because the dev was tired of updating it to fight with Instagram's behavior, sadly. Wish it would be revived.


Is there anything on Instagram worth accessing? Besides, you know, petty drama and thirst traps


File: 1684391472191.png (457.44 KB, 613x570, robespierre.png)

god i hate the constant arms race with tech.


I hate this service so much. It's the one thing keeping me coming back to shovel Twitter slop down my throat even though I've mercifully never had an account in the past year. Please Elon just nuke your API so no one has to interact with your shitty site ever again.



twitter blocking their api without login, maybe forever according to a nitter instance.


Went to Nitter for news about the SCOTUS rulings and it's completely broken. Went to Twitter to see if Nitter was down and got a total brick wall. Searched Reddit for answers (using Google and DDG, yes I know cringe) only to be reminded it's gotten remarkably shittier since the blackouts, and the Google precision has declined too.

All the workarounds are failing. Even if we find another way this time, it'll keep getting shittier. Feels like the old internet is finally dead.

Maybe I should finally go outside


whats old internet about reddit, twitter and google lol


>news about the SCOTUS rulings
Twitter sucked anyways.


god damn it i want to check my favorite twitter theoryposters without giving ad revenue to musk fuck fuck fuck FUCK


never had an account but it was a useful tool for reporting and instant updates. what's an alternative without setting up an account or giving a cell number?


Just get the regular bourgeois news, instead of the astroturfed fast food version of it
The Guardian covers most of the important global stuff, and they even have a TOR address


idk if you're trying to make a point or something by shilling the guardian of all outlets in a thread about microblogging sites. we need an alternative


Microblogging is attention economy slop. Also this thread is about nitter, not "alternatives".


neo-liberal shitrag fuck off do better cunt


you've made your point. people who relied on a feed of trusted sources for updates need an alternative


'nothing' is better than 'shit'


>Microblogging is attention economy slop
Yes and no. Its modern implementation is truly awful so the entire thing needs to be reworked. Maybe get rid of those likes and retweets entirely, cast them into the fire. Very early Twitter was way better.

Now, it's still best-used for breaking news, PR and whistleblowers. If you feel the need to document every sip of latte you take then you can forget about your privacy, you absolute clown.


>Just get the regular bourgeois news, instead of the astroturfed fast food version of it
How about neither? Modern journalism can fucking rope itself, the state it's in is absolutely pathetic.


excatly, dont fill your head with the enemies lies


So true, gonna spend my entire day scrolling through a bunch of bloggers doing shitty yellow journalism instead of just digesting a few of the most important news stories of the day then getting on with my life. The Guardian is uhhh neoliteral or whatevee.


>im just going to let a neo-liberal billionare shit on my face a little guys then get on with my day dont worry

the state


File: 1688211310397.jpg (33.59 KB, 512x512, TyFdPl03.jpg)

Lol what do you think microblogging is if not a neoliberal techbro utopian attempt to "democratize information" aka obscure its source while gameifying its distribution for all of the incurious mouthbreathers out there?


Stop. Reading. Garbage.


deflection to shit i wasnt even talking about jesse what the fuck is a microblog just get your news from the streets and basket weaving fourms we also have news anon


>touch grass
I double on this. The moment you touch grass and see how the life really is all the anti-communism and reactionism will slowly wither away. No, going from one building to another doesn't count.


we need something with critical mass for breaking news. it's trivial to control the narrative when everyone is in controlled walled gardens where every click is monitored and recorded and saved to your record which is accessible to your local cop/landlord/porky


Twitter and microblogging are going to die together same as they were born together
This is the end of the road
Fediverse, Blue Sky, Threads, etc aren't going to "replace" it


we're so back


The way I see it, fedi is a transitionary tech as people get reacclimated to using RSS. It may persist as a guestbook / comment engine tho. That's gonna take a long time though, fedi will absolutely replace the certalized stuff, almost unnescessary to metion threads or bluesky when they're both cetralized competitors that came too late.


File: 1706791236181.png (21.99 KB, 902x161, zedeus_comment.png)

Uncertain future for Nitter

>If nothing changes, all remaining instances will go down eventually: Instances rely on guest accounts, which are valid for a certain time and of which you need a ton to run a public instance. The API for this got taken down and it doesn't look like a fluke this time.

Does @leftypol_org have a Mastodon mirror account?


It's so over.


just make a twitter account with a throwaway email if you care that much tbh


How does RSS replace microblogging? They're 2 entirely different things.


there was once a time when I thought that surely if twitter got user-hostile enough people would eventually just like, go somewhere else, but I now see that the modern internet has thoroughly domesticated users to put up with absolutely anything. kinda like the state of the world in general really


you say this like it was different before lmfao, the only thing that causes mass flocks is pretty much dying


like sorry all splinters from somethingawful or 4chan have always been laughably small, even 8gag got most of its users from fucking reddit


fair point but it just is actually incomprehensible to me that people don't just go somewhere else. I left twitter for far less and had a lot more to lose than most people in terms of like clout or whatever. it's bad enough that all these corporate platforms glow like the sun but elon has made twitter objectively worse on a technical/usability level and yet people still keep using it.


its just different priorities i guess. i left twitter and d*scord years ago over privacy concerns but i do miss all the people i met there


It's more the lack of an alternative and also the way that twitter has become integrated with news and media. It's like a form of cancer that gets so deep that you are unable to remove it without destroying your organs.


it's a catch 22. if everyone moved to another platform there wouldd be no worth to twitter. but no single person dares leave because every other person hasn't left. and those other people haven't left because they don't dare to because every other person hasn't left and those other people haven't left because… on and on.


normies wont go anywhere because they hate change and stuff like racism or whatever which has increased under musk doesnt phase them anyways


lol because autists love change huh?


lmfao what


File: 1707850250616.jpg (59.84 KB, 828x833, 8xz851lanwn41.jpg)

slipfox.xyz is dead

pour one out for a fallen fella


Personally I see it as a good thing that Nitter is now dead because now the kind of people who care about privacy will no longer be infected with Xitter brainworms.


And that's it. Fuck Elon.


now ill have to find news myself


news sites have rss feeds


I think it's fairly easy to find RSS aggregators these days. Here's your Twitter.


centralization is a feature for some people
twitter is pretty unappetizing at this point with its constant pornbot spam and MAGAboomer fascist shit
so a demographic that doesn't like that but still needs the centralization of something like twitter will absolutely try out bluesky and threads


I want news about Dasha, not politics.


File: 1712756050354-0.webm (282.33 KB, 1023x720, vid.webm)

File: 1712756050354-1.png (39.96 KB, 600x650, challenge.png)

>just make a twitter account with a throwaway email if you care that much tbh
I have been trying to create a shared login for glownonymous users, but having issues with create account.
Is anyone able to create a shared login? I just want to see what @leftypol_org posts on twitter.


You need to give them your phone number too now.


It's been that way for about a decade. As always, for "security" purposes.


no point in accessing this shithole anymore
it's just bots and chvddies now


>nitter.poast.org now displays without full nitter style formatting
>somewhat unreadable
what do


B-but my hentai…


their style and media arent loading and almost always show a 403 error because their blacklist is super aggressive to deter crawlers

Unique IPs: 33

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