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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Hello, I've been wanting to switch to Linux for awhile now, but I'm not sure which distro I should use. What distro would you anons recommend I use?


Linux Mint


Linux Mint since Ubuntu is turning increasingly shite from what I hear. perhaps Lubuntu is still decent
I use Debian


Gentoo, Arch, Void.


IMO you can start with any "advanced" distro if you give yourself the time to learn it. Once you have your main programs set up, using them will naturaly make you accustomed to their specific workflow. If you wanted to avoid the command line as much as possible, that would entail having a file manager, program bar, right-click menu and installing smaller graphic configurators as needed.
Archlinux has an accessible learning curve due to the large community. Its deep flaws only come to the surface after prolonged use and by then you should know what you want from a distro. Any system setup ultimately boils down to installing programs and configuring them according to their documentation. The archlinux repo, aur and wiki ease beginners into this paradigm.
Mint is acceptable, as they take pains to remove questionable aspects from ubuntu upstream. Antix is a much preferable alternative though. While also based on debian, it has significantly less of the brokenness regularly assaulting windows users: obtuse error messages and buggy background processes (see all software on freedesktop.org).


Void Linux, if you want one that is still linux-y. and trust me, you will come to appreciate features like easily writing startup scripts, managing startup and running services in general, sane defaults in applications, file structure that makes sense, helpful community, etc.

>but why not Arch, Gentoo or Slackware

while Slackware (or as I like to call it Slackware+AlienBOB) and Gentoo are good and stable, Slackware's lack of a package manager makes it difficult to install new applications and hunting for sources to drivers can be fun when you're 15 and have nothing to do, but otherwise it's a hassle. Gentoo has a package manager, but still compiles everything from source so installing anything takes a while, which can be annoying when you just wanna install and use something quickly. Arch is a mess, don't even bother.

If you want something akin to the windows experience, then any Debian-derivative with KDE should do.


It's an operating system, not chess


I'm into competitive distro hopping.


I'd say start with Linux mint, familiarize yourself with the command line and try to find FOSS alternatives to stuff you'd normally use.
After a few months when you aren't too busy, skip all the distro hopping and just go straight to NixOS, since using Ubuntu/Debian eventually leads to using Arch, and Arch eventually leads to either Void or NixOS. Don't know much about Void, but I recommend NixOS since it simplifies the whole dotfiles process, and I haven't broken my system once yet.


speaking of programs, what kind of work do you usually do on your 'puter OP? just browsing and email or?


Not all distros have good learning curves. The average Window and Mac user has not put up with *nix eccentricities for decades. New users would be better served with those distros that do a good job simplifying configuration and maintenance so they don't have to jump into the deep end.


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delete this


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I'm a pro-capitalism liberal btw if that matters


kill yourself then


many such cases


arch linux, i've used linux since 3 years ago and out of all the distros i've used i prefer that one the most

i'm pretty certain they added an installer to that distro, but either way you can also install endeavour os instead or something which is just arch linux but with gui installer

but anyways op did you already choose a distro


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linux mint for beginners who don't care about proprietary software spooking the OS
trisquel for beginners who do not want proprietary capitalist software and want a 100% bourgeois free system; it's 100% free software OS

archlinux with parabola repos(or parabola with arch repos, it's the same thing though) or fully optimized gentoo for the best system ever made ever in the world

or LFS if you're genius


>or LFS if you're genius
all you have to do is to follow the damn instructions uygha


it's like saying all you have to do to build a motorcycle is to also follow the instructions

I mean, it's a notable achievement


>typing ./configure && make && make install is an achievement
The only complicated pieces are kernel and bootloader. You can get by with the debian kernelconfig and the archwiki page about bootloaders should explain everything well enough.


It's cool but I find it very weird how people mythologize GNU/Linux as some dark art that can only be learned by the chosen ones and even they have to study it for decades before becoming comfortable with it.


KDE Spin of Fedora, Kubuntu, or KDE Neon.
Linux mint if you want a stable system.
If you don't like the Windows GUI and you have 0iq then you will like GNOME.
I use OpenSUSE Tumbleweed with KDE btw.

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