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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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>Australian schools are “flying blind” and lagging globally on the use of artificial technology in classrooms, the author of a report on edtech has argued.
As long as the teacher critiques the text in dialogue with each student individually it's fine and likely more beneficial for each student than a world without automatic text generation however flawed


Sales pitch. 90+% of the world does not teach with AI tech.
Hell, I'd even say 99+%.


How do you find out they're doing it?


NTA but I've never heard of any school using "AI" teaching before this thread


They haven't obviously
The point is to engage in one on one dialogue with the student

Make all of them read it to the class and have other students ask questions if you're lazy

Nothing wrong with lazy in this case



> Outdated policy is hindering use of edtech that can be used to improve learning outcomes, particularly for disadvantaged students, expert says
This is just the usual euphemism. I'll translate: "stop wasting money on poor kids, just let the robot nanny distract them while you give every advantage to my kids".


Probably but in this case the robot nanny will be a better teacher than their supposed good stuff advantages


ChatGPT is unreliable, it makes things up all the time. It was made to produce convincingly looking text, which makes the bullshit harder to spot. It is not useful as a learning tool, especially not for children. If you want to improve educational outcomes, the single most effective (and actually backed by science) policy is providing students with free meals. All edtech nonsense is just a way to funnel public money into private hands while making education worse for both student and teacher.


>it makes things up all the time
So no change from the current educators


If that was true, a lot more people would fail standardized tests. Unless you believe that students can learn the curriculum despite their teachers misleading them.


There's a serious point I'm making here if the student cracks the bullshit code, and education is largely lies to children and this is not a bad thing because they need to learn those simple lies to have a hope in hell of learning complex truths, by and large the teacher is upset if they're not overworked and utterly stressed then they'll give a good educational response if they are we'll…

Robot nanny doesn't have feelings or an ego and sometimes for the student cracking the bullshit code will get very interesting responses >>20353

The first subsaharan PhD at a German university delivered their thesis orally with few to no notes

They passed inb4 hurrdurr affirmative action
This was in the 17th century or so, if anything
the bias would be in the opposite direction

Automatic text generators can pass medical exams education will change for the better or it will become even more disconnected from reality

Most factories have multiple break shifts and the break shifts aren't governed by a bell btw


It can pass the (written) medical exam because there are canned answers for it. It's a fault of the exam, not an achievement of ChatGPT. It would absolutely fail an oral exam. The examiner would very quickly figure out that it does not actually understand anything it says.

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