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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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File: 1688233535847.png (96.01 KB, 1005x627, 1688231220702130.png)


Terminally online bros… it's over


Fedi admins bracing for impact rn.


uygha has to be doing this on purpose. Just tanking the website out of spite because he had to buy it and the userbase despises him.


File: 1688237765430-0.png (194.81 KB, 888x834, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1688237765430-1.gif (9.54 MB, 514x480, twitter_ddos.gif)


Based. I don't care if it's unintentional, single-handedly destroying the most cancerous website on the planet is the best thing he's ever done


He can't pay the servers


File: 1688239623003-0.png (54.01 KB, 583x288, ClipboardImage.png)



Elon Musk's whole career be like


Holy shit again?


I'm starting to think it is intentional.


Normalfags will never move to fedi just like the reddit migration to lemmy because of the jannitor protests is already dying out. They will just fuck off to zuck's twitter which should come soon, or maybe he'll wait a while longer because "never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake" or something like that


>zuck's twitter
Isn't the plan to make that part of the freddyverse?


I'm not talking about normies, I mean artists and such. Like every time Elon does this shit every server gets a huge influx. Even my dad, who is kind of a normie but he's a musician, just told me to make one for him.


yes it is


>just told me to make one for him.


File: 1688245947715-0.png (591.67 KB, 1475x1581, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1688245947715-1.png (683.83 KB, 939x1207, ClipboardImage.png)


Not accusing you of believing him, but if it was temporary I don't think he'd be monetizing it.


There's a way to view some tweets but should I post it or no so that the site can die?


just let it die, people here need to learn to use fedi for porn instead.


all the good porn artists are on twitter


Twitter is a bad platform for sharing any kind of media or art lol.


The hentai is pretty quickly moving to misskey and the rest are trickling their way over to mastodon, you'll find plenty of the goods on fedi.


ok? doesnt change that everyone is posting their stuff there


Maybe this will encourage people posting to places more suitable.


I use twitter primarily as a news aggregator and also to stay up to date with certain youtubers and twitch streamers (and also, as a guilty pleasure, to read about their various dramas). I really wish they would all make up their minds and migrate to some alternative. It annoys me because all of them complain incessantly about how shit twitter, youtube, and twitch are. But for some refuse to even set up mirror accounts on other platforms. Some of these people have a shit load of money so it would cost them nothing.


for some reason*


>twitter primarily as a news aggregator
twitter being used for that purpose is the only thing standing in the way of RSS being used for that purpose, because twitter initially got in that position by being easy to set up an RSS feed with, then they disabled that.


It's about the API changes, isn't it. Now bots turn to webscaping and ddos the site.


nah its about not paying google


nah it's the site ddosing itself, scraping barely hasany impact compared to a normal user just browsing, because the code for loading a tweet is beyond fucked.


thats an effect not the cause


File: 1688311314608.png (78.55 KB, 591x645, ClipboardImage.png)


MagaKINGS stay winning


You're talking too much and showing too little


Is there a good list anywhere of alternative sites that could be shared to help encourage people to jump ship and sink twitter faster?



Even tumblr in it's propreitry has some value to that end. They're planning on becoming a fedi instance too, even.



Will get to this in a minute
There's a lot of layers here of possible stuff from just plain incompetence (though this would also suggest that a lot of the engineers and whatnot would be incompetent as well), to an intentional attempt to explain away issues on the site as by bad actors exploiting them, to other hypothetical of varying sorts but really, its too early to tell - lets see how things develop.

>Zuck's Twitter
The concern here is "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish". Even if they decide to use actual ActivityPub, given how everything from Facebook to the Metaverse has been handled as a proprietary exploitation platform, be very skeptical
The Fediverse (note the Fediverse Party link also has an "apps" section that shows a LOT of Fediverse projects and "links" to other sites like TheFederation that also are useful) is the best solutions we have so far, but realize they're a bunch of open source decentralized and federated social media projects each with different aims. For instance, Mastodon, Pleroma, and Misskey are meant to be Twitter-like microblogging services, but there's also a lot of others like PeerTube (a youtube and livestreaming alternative which is pretty ambitious), Mobilizon (a Facebook Events / MeetUp style platform from the same people behind PeerTube) , Pixelfed is an Instagram-alike, Friendica and Diaspora are a macro-social setup like Facebook, plus many other projects.

Aside from what Zuck may do, the other big unknown so far is Bluesky/Bsky and its supposed AT Protocol which are developed by h Jack Dorsey, the original Twitter owner. At the moment its invite only , though some docs suggest one reason he didn't just go with supporting Fediverse / ActivityPub apps is that he wanted to make a new federated protocol standard where even accounts would be portable and something about "subscribing to/choosing algorithms " but its all up in the air until we see more and the focus on it being monetization friendly is surely a concern. I have no doubt there will be a LOT of money, advertising, name recognition etc… pushed behind Bluesky/Bsky's debut as it becomes a bit more open and when others sites using its protocol are rolled out, which could be a problem vs the underdog "fediverse / activtypub" projects , draining off users interest and money alike that may have otherwise gone to Fediverse platforms. Time will tell though how Bsky stacks up and if ATProtocol was really necessary and/or useful or did it have a more "not invented here syndrome" or worse, other vested interests carrying it forward.


File: 1688372301971-0.png (270.04 KB, 800x1360, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1688372301971-1.png (135.41 KB, 1500x757, ClipboardImage.png)

threads app leaked, it's gonna be full of ads and it's confirmed to use activitypub.


File: 1688372413879.png (209.5 KB, 1460x750, ClipboardImage.png)

They are also planning to federate with Mastodon in the future


Without Twitter and Reddit imageboard users are about to really miss out on a long time traditional verbal tic, huh?
What are we supposed to say now, "go back to Amino?" Doesn't have the same ring to it.

Fedi's been too based for the role, and there's no incentive to be needlessly inflamatory. People only post art and shitposts on tumblr these days. I haven't seen a single bluesky screenshot shared anywhere else so that's dead in the water before it gets a chance to be a cesspool. People don't really have political discussion on PlanetMinecraft aside from "i made a skin with my camp's flag colours." Ect…


Just keep saying "You have to go back." People's insecurities will naturally fill in the unsaid part.


So is "threads" going to be an entirely different site (more microblogging focused?) or is it basically going to be either an app / set of features, or new way of interacting with Meta's existing suite of sites? I'm wondering how isolated it will be for instance, if only "threads" will support federation, or if they'll be making it so that say.. Instagram itself is compatible with Pixelfed etc.
>activitypub and eventual federation with Fediverse/Mastodon
While on one hand I'm glad they're going ahead with ActivityPub and show openness to federate with existing platforms , the "embrace extend extinguish" paradigm would do the same thing. They'll initially use fediverse standards, but if Facebook/Instagram/Threads etc.. manage to convert even a handful of their other users to the activitypub standard, they'll become some of the largest fedi projects and instances around. Then, as you see from their ads, they will start to add and change things that aren't in the basic spec, saying we need to extend blank to support our growing features..but its done THEIR way. Sure, other projects can opt out of it but if other Fedi projects and/or clients that don't want to support NewAdBrowserDataThing then they won't be able to be used on Facebook/Instagram/Threads or whatever hot new feature is around. Its a bit like how Google, despite using "open" web standards, has a de-facto monopoly on web browser engines with everything being Chrome/ium powered so if you want to do something in a way that Chrome/ium and Electron and everything else doesn't well… you look like the odd man out and people don't use your stuff outside of a hardcore niche.

It may be that things don't evolve this way or this is a temporary flirtation with the Fediverse, but given Meta/Facebook/et al's behavior in the past and the fact they're looking for any way to monetize again, its a concern. If nothing else, perhaps it will be a bulwark for the Fediverse against Bsky and the ATProtocol if a big company like Meta throws their lot in with ActivityPub and Fediverse, but there is still danger they'll exert outsized forces on the Fediverse if they show up as the biggest fish and start trying to remake the pond to their preferences.


File: 1688694747695.png (16.93 KB, 3840x2160, Evernote-Logo.png)

initially posted in /isg/ but it'd be more appropriate to post it itt.
Evernote Fires All Employees

I guess any corperate centralized site is doomed lol.


This sucks. Twitter was probably the last hold-out of the digital pangaeas. Facebook became an ad landfill and isn't used by anyone under the age of 50 anymore, Tumblr got puritanized, 4chan is 4chan, Reddit is also dying.


The internet is going to become a bunch of petty tyrannies from now on


Oh tumblr realized that wasn't gonna work out, so they've started allowing drawn stuff for the most part, and are gonna fully rollback the ban once they're federated and will be getting posts from instances with no such ban anyway.
I don't even think small wallad gardens can survive now that federation is an option.


Don't worry they will grow until a handful become big sites again and the cycle will repeat.


The conditions that created web 2.0 megacorps (decades long financial expansion and bubbles, fresh optimism at a new format that new users had pretty much never experienced before) will probably never be replicated anytime soon


How does it suck. All of these platforms were dogshit.


They probably have investments or smth.


Maybe people will start creating websites again


Yep, been seeing a lot of artists either making new websites or putting more effort into the ones they already have. Even good ol' plain html sites with rss feeds.


Just use nitter's RSS feeds.




File: 1690286842121.png (754.67 KB, 720x960, xorg.png)

Old: Twitter videos
New: X videos


based retard.




Misskey is about to have so many users named 下 join at once they'll have to add an emote for it.


How does this even happen? It's not like the retard is implementing this by himself. I'd expect at least someone would tell him that not everyone is an anglo.

The only explanation is employees don't give a fuck anymore and do whatever stupid shit he comes up with. Or someone is actively sabotaging the website, which is even better.


>How does this even happen? It's not like the retard is implementing this by himself. I'd expect at least someone would tell him that not everyone is an anglo.
He doesn't listen to reason and pushes whatever he wants, especially if he gets any pushback. Employees at Tesla and SpaceX have come out saying that in order to get anything done they basically need a team of people to babysit him and be yes men when he shows up just so he won't actually meddle in things (more than they can avoid) and cause tons of problems for everyone. Maybe he was just lucky to have people like that at the previous copmanies where he had that kind of pull. He apparently doesn't have that at twitter.


File: 1707924440862.jpeg (362.31 KB, 1284x1948, c7cc97548ef57b93.jpeg)

I really expected it'd be lower. That 29% is holding on for dear life.


twitter's CDN blacks out for a few minutes at least once a day at this point
good job firing all of those tech people, dipshit


Fucking LMAO what a piece of shit website


>How does this even happen? It's not like the retard is implementing this by himself.
Anybody who raises concerns is fired immediately. Allegedly at his other companies they have like a whole department for tard wrangling Elmo because he's like this, so the people who actually do the work can do the work and the PR people can kiss his ass just right so he doesn't sabotage things too much.


Is this the service that Mr. Emerald Mine wants me to put all of my financial transactions on?

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