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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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I view Threads as a project that Facebook/Meta had always on the backburner, and they were pushed by the US to release so that intelligence services had an alternative ready if/when Twitter dies. If Threads doesn't release on Europe, I would view that as another crack on Atlanticism and another step in the creation of an American Firewall. Thoughts?


Well they popped it up too late, it'll be boring now because no one is gonna federate with it.


Everything is orchestrated by US intelligence services. Every last thing. I don't have any curiosity about public events so I just assume they were caused by something along the lines of the plot of a forgettable action movie from the 00s/90s.


File: 1688844617318.jpg (65.82 KB, 567x733, 6dc4c623ad2083e1.jpg)


It's devoid of basic features, doesn't innovate on the format, and has facebook's ridiculous neoliberal censorship built into it.
It's so bad that Twitter, even with Musk's idiotic decisions, is still better than it.


>called threads.net
>can't use it from an internet browser
What did he mean by this?


David Revoy, CC-BY 4.0


On the contrary, they released it earlier after seeing twitter was imploding and thats why they couldnt release it in europe


This is unironically part of the intention of integrating into the fediverse. It's obvious there's a global neoliberal project to control all speech on the internet and censor any dissent from establishment narratives. The fediverse is resistant to this so the plan is to have major corporations establish a large footing they can leverage to affect the behavior of independent platforms.


This. It's also the lesson that should be learned from the earlier experience of the decentralized nature of email that then Microsoft and later Google was able to undermine by partaking in it (by allowing free registration in conjunction with datamining of contents).
This is why the revolutionary technical vanguard is continuing the development of P2P solutions (qbittorrent, I2P, IPFS, GNU Jami, Briar, GNUNet, etc.). 'Serverless client-to-client' is the solution to this problem that will be continuous throughout capitalism (client-server is perfect for corporate firms).


>>20870 (cont.)
For a decade now (Snowden Leaks) it should have been fairly obvious that some of these services, like matrix.org, the fediverse, etc. are merely temporary stepping-stones and can't work as the real solutions (indeed, as of late more and more western imperialist governments have joined the matrix, now Musk and Zuck are intending to centralize & extinguish the fediverse around themselves)


it also doesnt come with federation (yet) despite facebook never shutting up about it


DNS isn't only used by websites, it's used to resolve any IP address in general


> If Threads doesn't release on Europe, I would view that as another crack on Atlanticism and another step in the creation of an American Firewall.
Stupid take.
True. Also likely that Meta will control the fediverse protocol and bend it to its will, like IE, now Chrome.


I have not seen a single threads or bluesky screenshot.
People are just parking their names and not touching it. EEE schemes require convenience to the user to work, these platforms have nothing locally and can't import content because every instance except maybe gab and baraag is blocking them premptively.


>I have not seen a single threads or bluesky screenshot.
Threads doesn't exist. It's a fake app meant for use to appear in TV shows.


>Threads doesn't exist.

I preferred The War Game anyway.


The only screenshots i saw screamed linkedin energy


Lets put aside all the glowing conspiracy nonsense shall we? Its crying wolf to the point that when there is something legitimately concerning people will be tired of you claiming that everyone and everything is somehow a CIA plot with hairbrained "evidence"..

>Threads in Europe delay

This is just as simple as that the EU has at least a handful of of privacy and data use regulations that aren't present in the US. Everyone heard that whole Threads connected to Instagram accounts et.. thing here in the US? Well in EU they have to prove that the info is silo'd and there are more declarations and and that probably a lot of the "retention" and data mining stuff that Zucc wants to do and is free to do in the US, cannot be done without jumping through more hoops in Europe.

Its all basically just Zucc trying to take advantage of Musk's mistakes and get another type of social media user into their walled garden. This is why connecting it to all the other Meta apps is important and also they're trying to leverage another form of "engagement" which can be monetized. Honestly, if it wasn't for Musk doing crazy shit very public with Twitter I imagine they would have taken on a TikTok alternative first.

>Fediverse stuff

Though I like the picture and think its well made, I think it gives Meta too much power. Certainly be wary of their behavior, but there are other things to consider.
I don't think this is accurate, assuming there some single speech controlling project globally. There are a number of different interests that cross over or make use of resources at different times but its not as though there's some giant cabal with one intent all sitting at a table. A lot of it is simple to explain by normal capitalism doing capitalism profit seeking.

The Fediverse has its own issues we'll get to that later, but it isn't as though even if a corporate entity had a large footing on the fediverse it would necessarily alter the behavior of any other servers or communities.

I think you're missing a critical point - though Gmail and Hotmail showed op with (especially Gmail) offering huge amounts of storage, features etc.. that most other mail services of the time did not in exchange for (originally very limited - there was a time when gmail had a single adwords block at the top of it that read from your current email and that was it! So if you got a mail from your wife saying to buy dog food, you'd get an ad from best places to buy dog food etc) data mining at a time when things were far more anonymous and generic . However, none of this prevented users from going elsewhere , running their own mail services, taking advantage of other mail hosts all without losing compatibility with users on the big names ; the power of decentralized federation working as it should.
The problem is that P2P just doesn't work very well for social media because of discoverability issues. Trying to get around that either requires intense bootstrapping (which usually depends on a handful of hosts), extremely long waits and at times significant metadata leakage, or just only communicating with known connections. THere are benefits with P2P, but something equivalent to "social media" where you may want to make connections through the platform/protocol with those you don't already know and a lot of the messages are broadcast in public as far as possible. Decentralized specifically Federation is pretty much the best solution for this use case when the other options are either centralization (easiest with all its downsides) or distributed/P2P (with the issues described above and not really suited to this use case)
While its good to be concerned about the power of a large actor,, its important to be realistic both about what they can and can't do both a technical and operational sense. As I described above, pure distributed P2P isn't generally suitable for what we call "social media", so if there is to be a successor to a whole generation of users who have grown up expecting social media sorts of interactions its either going to be another centralized platform i nthe same way Facebook followed MySpace followed Friendster, or its if we're very lucky it will be a Fediverse or other federated protocol. Having big corporate social media interest in a federated platform could be more beneficial to the Fediverse users than anyone else, by means of de facto ensuring that the big corporate users are operating on the same protocol as opposed to something separate all together. Also, it means that if someone gets tired of being on a node operated by Facebook or whateve the fuck and you already have friends on some other Fediverse node, you are familiar both with the workings of the tech and you can possibly port/sync/forward your account elsewhere or at worst make a new account on another federated server, plus you can still talk to your friends on the corpo server if you wish

The major issues of concern are either A) corporate node decides, after integrating themselves heavily into the ecosystem to make some technical contribution or change that, while it may add some technical benefit, only nodes others do/follow/accept can connect, essentially acting as a fork. or B) Corporate node defederates with many others so only those who ideologically or policy wise align (ie accepting some sort of monetization) will be able to communicate. Neither one of these seems very likely and both take a significant investment into getting into the Fediverse community and userbase while also being willing to burn a lot of the users and goodwill they generated in the first place so while its possible it would be difficult to be a return on their investment financially or otherwise. To say nothing for the fact that B can happen just as easily (and stupidly) by admins on smaller fedi nodes and is another issue to be discussed entirely.

However, the possible benefit to a decentralized federated protocol to have the big corpo nodes there as part of the interoperable network , exposed to and exposing users elsewhere that there's something besides the rules of the corpo node that's on the same network, and a lot more , to say nothing for the "next social media platform" transition being a federated decentralized network instead of the next also-ran centralized walled garden, is a big potential benefit.

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