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Comrades, we need a thread on privacy. Any decent activist should try ways of staying anonymous on the web and prevent being tracked by governments and corporations.General tips===* Use free software as much as you can.* Use GNU/Linux and keep it up-to-date, to be sure that you don't have unpatched security exploits* Don't use Flash Player, use youtube-dl instead for watching streaming videos online* Do not use Google, use DuckDuckGo or StartPage instead* Use a password manager like Keepass or for GNU/Linux users keepassx. Create new passwords for every site that you visit and use a strong password as a master password. A tip for easy remembering of your master password is to use a sentence. "i fucking love cookies and tits!" with extra capital characters etc. is easier to remember than some random characters and long enough to prevent brute force attacks of any kind.* Use the Tor Browser Bundle if you really want to stay anonymous.Firefox====* Go to Preferences -> History and set History to "Never remember history". * See for additional tweaks: https://github.com/amq/firefox-debloat and https://vikingvpn.com/cybersecurity-wiki/browser-security/guide-hardening-mozilla-firefox-for-privacy-and-securityAdd-ons-----------* Use uBlock Origin for preventing tracking etc. Bonus: use hard-mode to manually whitelist external domains on sites. Don't use uBlock but be sure to use uBlock Origin https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Blocking-mode:-hard-mode* HTTPS Everywhere* DecentralEyes: prevents CDN hosting from tracking you (Google for Jquery etc.)* Self Destructing Cookies: only allow cookies that you choose to allowOS==* Encrypt your hard drive or home partition at least* If you use GNU/Linux, you can try to restrict systemd or syslog from logging. * Use a distribution which takes security seriously. Also, be sure that you don't install a lot of things outside the repository. It will cover most of your needs.Real life tips===* Pay with cash if you canFeel free to provide tips to each other comrades!
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I'm using keepass and tbh I don't see the problem with just transferring the file around, its like 5kb, I've got into the habit of just copy/pasting it across my different machines when I update it on my main machine, it takes like 2 seconds to copy it to my phone and push it over waprinator or ssh to my laptop, if I needed to get it remotely for some reason I could just put the encrypted password file in a cloud repo or github or something and up the masterpass complexity/change the pass after downloading the file (I don't forsee ever needing this so I don't have an online backup of it, doesn't seem like the greatest idea even if a 30 character properly configed masterpassword should be virtually uncrackable)

I think the slight hassle is worth the extra comfiness of knowing its not being passed around in a cloud server by some company somewhere, and the passwords don't need to change often, since they're so strong, and they all get changed at once since force change after a certain time is enabled for them


I really hate that I can't post on fourchins with my vpn. I want to basically fight every right wing post that they shoehorn into any thread.


anyone virtualize whonix on debian: what version of virtualbox do you use?


File: 1608526359657.jpeg (794.57 KB, 1800x1350, faceprint.jpeg)

Hello /tech/,

I will be getting a passport soon to leave the country. I want some advice on how to best obfuscate my face to defeat the facial recognition involved in the biometric photograph I need to take for my passport. What can I safely implement to do so that won't cause me grief now or in the future? I want my passport photograph to be accepted, but I don't want to then get detained in another country on suspicion of having a fraudulent passport as a result of my obfuscation measures.

The following is what I have already considered and may implement:

1. Be clean shaven. Since I cannot grow enough facial hair to cover my jaw line, I will not benefit from having any in my passport. I can begin growing my facial hair once I leave the country, but before then it is better to not provide the AI with any data on my facial hair, which alone can be used to uniquely identify me on the basis of growth pattern and hair phenotype.

2. Wax my eyebrows. Since facial recognition relies heavily on data from the brow, waxing my eyebrows to a length and width slightly different from my natural look can obfuscate this, hopefully without giving me any trouble in the future.

3. Change my hairstyle. Having a hairstyle that obfuscates its length and phenotype, such as by slicking it down with gel or ironing or curling it, can minimize the amount of reliable data on my hair that can be extracted from my photograph. This should not pose any major problem for me in the future as long as it is not obvious.

These I have considered, but rejected as too risky:

4. Wear colored eye contacts. While this can be effective, it is an obvious change that will be very difficult to believably explain in the event that anyone objects to it. Anyone closely inspecting my passport photograph will be able to determine that my eye color is different and may question me on those grounds. How am I to convince border agents in some backwater African or Asian country that those are just colored contacts that I no longer use, and not that the passport is fake, when they may not even know that colored contacts exist? Why would they believe me even if they did?

5. Remove my eyebrows. This is also too obvious a change and will also look ridiculous on my passport photo. There is little more to gain from this than can be accomplish with waxing.

6. Add/remove birth marks. This will be unlikely to help with facial recognition software and will likely just increases the chances of me being interrogated and detained at borders. Like the colored contacts, this is more useful for scenarios that don't involve a mandatory biometric facial photograph.

7. Apply makeup. This can be done to subtly change the tone and shadowing of my face to confuse the AI and cause larger error margins, but it may either be totally ineffective due to the facial recognition algorithm being used (as has happened to CV Dazzle[2]) or effective enough to cause me problems later on.

And finally, this is one I am considering but unsure about how risky it is, which is the main inspiration for this thread:

8. Use cloaking software like Fawkes[1] to subtlely distort my face in photographs to utterly defeat facial recognition while still being easily recognizable to humans. While this is very effective, it is so effective in fact that any attempt at verifying my identity by comparing my face to my passport photo will likely fail because the AI will classify them as two different people. This may not be a problem so long as I am not required to undergo facial biometric verification, such as by opting out of them where possible and avoiding countries that have no opt-out option, but that may just set me up to get completely fucked in the future in the event my only path is through a face scan.

Unlike the eyebrow waxing and other changes I mentioned above, which will likely lower the confidence of the match or even confuse it while not defeating facial recognition altogether, the morphing that will be applied to my face will be in areas considered permanent and stable without major plastic surgery (like the nose bridge, mouth corners, and jawline). It is reasonable for a person's hair style, facial hair, and even eyebrows to change over time… not so much with eye color, nose bridge, and jawline.

What do you think? Do you think any of the ideas above might work? Or do you think they are all too risky to try and that I should just bite the bullet by letting the government have an accurate copy of my face? What about morphing using Fawkes? Is that too risky?

If you have any other ideas or recommendations, I'd love to hear them.

[1] - https://cvdazzle.com/
[2] - https://sandlab.cs.uchicago.edu/fawkes/


Does no one have any input on this? I need to get my passport ASAP and I'm still unsure about whether to use Fawkes to break facial recognition on my passport photo.


As someone who's never traveled outside I had no idea it was THIS fucked.


Every day I feel like giving up and just hope that eventually things are going to get better. I applaud you for trying so hard to fool algorithms.


I would just go for it honestly
christ your post was depressing though


I would advise against changes that might look suspicious. Getting your eyebrows done is as much as I'd go with. Maybe having long hair.


File: 1608526377150.gif (650.11 KB, 647x363, 1436241318147.gif)

tfw data harvesting won't stop until we either reach the communist utopia or the global system collapses for whatever reason


Lads how the fuck do I make it so I don't look like I'm showing as a tor poster? I'm tired of the endless captchas


Keep switching circuits until you get one that isn't blacklisted by the pozzed admin.




Is there any point in caring about privacy when using a smartphone? I barely use it so perhaps I'm just wasting my time (and possibly money) by wondering if I should get an iphone (probably more private than stock android but expensive, not so much if bought used), a google pixel (expensive as fuck but the most secure) or just give up and keep using my android smartphone. Or downgrade my phone and get some older android device.

There's also whoever being at the other end not using a secure/privacy-concerned device, rendering this issue even more moot.


You'll still have some kind of footprint, shoe size will be smaller though.


Get a Pinephone if you really must have a shitty touchscreen device to do things you can do better on a computer anyway.



>The best option for privacy/security on Android is to get a Pixel >=3 and flash GrapheneOS. GrapheneOS does not contain any tracking unlike the stock OS on most devices and includes many hardening enhancements such as a hardened memory allocator, hardened C library, hardened kernel, stricter SELinux policies and more.

Save up some money and get a used Pixel if you actually care.


File: 1608526398681.png (447.36 KB, 834x646, NSAiphone2.png)

Old but still relevant.

They collect BSSIDs and GPS data for their network location service.

They neglected fixing a security vulnerability for three years so law enforcement could use it as a backdoor. Who says they don't the same with iOS?

They also have a backdoor to remotely wipe phones.

Apple proposed integrating the fingerprint scanner into the screen so you can't use the phone without giving away your fingerprint.

Apple collects all your call history.

We had the fappening happen because it uploads all your images to iCloud. It even sends the files to the cloud without asking for permission.

Most iCloud data and some data from passcode-locked devices can be provided.



Search engines are all data mining, and even the privacy focused engines have backendes built on other search engines and sketchy glowey companies operate them.


Uninstall the games.


yeahhhh ddg uses a tracking pixel, although they do provide a .onion service which is what i use


How about using DDG without JS?


File: 1608526411097.pdf (6.43 MB, Shoshana Zuboff - The Age ….pdf)

Did someone read the age of surveillance capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff here? I heard good things about it, plan to read it asap.


Is the focus on privacy overrated? It's fundamentally an individual thing which shifts the responsibility onto the consumers, risking distraction from the fixing of problems that were caused by capitalism's normal operation. What's the purpose of willfully self isolating from the majority of people who cannot afford pricy boutique devices or must use proprietary software and online platforms? Shouldn't directly attacking the capitalist corporations by labour organization be better than doing basically bunker tactics? That is far greater protection provided than trying to dodge the glows by technical methods.


obviously privacy itself should not function as praxis but ignoring privacy as countermeasure to advanced police state would be a mistake for any leftism movement organizers.


I was wanting to do this with a corebooted hardrockpro from pine for a FOSS (no proprietary blobs!) email and media server. Should be versatile enough to end my youtube and gmail use outright.


People who take the privacy bullet are usually FSF enthusiasts and are slowly trying to move towards a fully FOSS setup for themselves. For most people using Google and Twitter or whatever is fine however there are best practices of privacy that should be followed when you expect to be tracked (like at a protest). Ignoring those not only puts yourself in danger but everyone you may be associating with at said protest/riot. Further reason to ditch your smartphone for a Linux or De-Googled Android phone is that apple/google surreptitiously rolled out 'contact tracing' to all devices which also tracks you in doors.

Also convincing your friends to switch from facebook to a signal group is really easy, I forced my friends over and it's a lot comfier and more personal (cuz its just 4 people).


oh i forgot to mention the best practice (turn off your phone or remove the SIM card) for protests


Or use a pocket faraday cage.


What does it mean by “don’t install lots of things outside of the repository”? I though on Linux you could only download stuff from the repository.


you can download shit from wherever you can get it


Does Whatsapp's E2EE actually mean Facebook can't see your messages/audio/video? I've heard they only get your metadata.


they advertise that their protocol is based on signal's p2p encryption and they cannot observe or store exchanged keys but it's not open source and we don't know how to capture and analyze their protocol yet so nobody can verify it.


Even if it was true Google still sees everything you do, unless you're using whatsapp on a custom ROM.


Haven't read it, but I'm kind of skeptical of these kinds of books. They all seem like technoliberal bullshit to me, trying too hard to define this 'surveillance capitalism' without actually understanding capitalism in the first place. I had the same problem with those Netflix documentaries, "Social Dillema" and whatnot. Still, that doesn't make the book irrelevant, I'm sure it contains useful information about these matters. Have you started reading the book by now, anon? I'd like to hear thoughts.

I heard that the automatic Google Drive backups Whatsapp enforces are unencrypted, meaning both Google and Whatsapp get to see your messages. I also heard they store all the names to files you send, but can't see the actual contents of the files. Just to be clear, I have no confirmation of whether any of this is true, it might all be be FUD. In any case, Whatsapp is not to be trusted whatsoever. Remember:

>When Facebook gives you encryption, that only means they no longer need to see your messages to track you.

Meaning, your metadata still allows them to know a lot about you. Think about the fact that they have all your contacts, and your contacts' contacts, and so on. They also have a log of who you talk to, as well as frequency, time, etc. Even if they don't know what you're saying, they still know who, when, etc.


The best thing will be something with open firmware. Coreboot is the best one. System76 and Librem sell laptops that use coreboot. The other high security option is to buy an old Thinkpad that can run libreboot or coreboot and install that over the stock BIOS.

For browsers I would just use Firefox with add ons. As the code base is extremely well audited.

A Linux distribution is a ready to use GNU/Linux operating system. It usually comprises a kernel (Linux) basic utilities, a graphical user interface, application software, and an online software repository that is used to keep the system updated. Popular Linux distribution examples are Ubuntu, Fedora, Solus, elementary OS, Debian, POP! OS, and Linux Mint.


>System76 and Librem sell laptops that use coreboot.
Just buy a thinkpad and flash the mobo yourself. You'll save at least $100 by doing that.


>What do you guys think of Comodo IceDragon? It's a free Firefox-based browser (so it can have the same add-ons), but it comes with some built-in security features IIRC.


Dragnet makes me sick to my stomach, saved.


System76 laptops turn off system management mode in the processor, or, ring level -2. That's part of their appeal.


there is a simple privacy manual? that can be translated to the masses?


Hello comrades, I have a quick question and I hope this is the proper place to ask.
plebbit spacing in honor of the ongoing gamestop short squeeze
Are there any good, privacy-respecting (but also free) www whiteboard services? Ease of use is a high prio since I need to get normies in on it.


Some days ago both DDG and Startpage.com stopped allowing search requests (at least) on Tor Browser with JS off, sooo…
Just leaving this here if anyone else were looking for an alternative, I hope this is a temporary bug of some sort because Startpage images is very reliable, and I had just gotten into the groove of using "" around terms and words on DDG onion to get quite good search results…

I'm not fucking enabling JS or using Google. Only forward.


DDG disallowing searches from tor w/o JS is alarming if true.

I have to disagree with everyone else in this thread, my experience has been that DDG has provided superior search results for almost five years now, and Google’s results have been in steady decline since 2007, becoming particularly shitty in 2003. My personal stance is that if Google provides you better results than DDG, you are the cancer that’s killing /b/, the algorithms were designed around you.


>Use Searx more than twice
>Rate limit exceeded
Wat do?

Also, I tested both my default Tor install with only the security preset set to "Safest" (no js) and my IceCat install with JavaScript disabled and a custom user.js from reddit via EFF's Coveryourtracks tool (FKA Panopticlick).

Can anyone explain why my IceCat install is marked as fingerprint-protected (1 in 4000 browsers have same fingerprint) and my Tor install isn't (unique fingerprint)?
I'm trying to wrap my head around why this is possible given Tor's whole point, so maybe I misunderstood what it does and doesn't do in the first place.


html.duckduckgo.com works without JS
The TBB approach to browser fingerprinting is to blend in https://blog.torproject.org/browser-fingerprinting-introduction-and-challenges-ahead

>Rate limit exceeded

Change Tor circuit, or use another searx instance https://searx.space


You know there is a tor instance, too, right, anon?



File: 1615027317921-0.jpg (193.49 KB, 719x1351, WhatsApp Privacy.jpg)

File: 1615027317921-1.jpg (295.3 KB, 713x1351, WhatsApp Privacy 2.jpg)

What must I do, comrade?


Get telegram

Unique IPs: 10

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