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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Why do people like books, still? All the reasons seem dumb/spooked and highly feels-based to me:

> i just like the feel man
> books smell good dude
> you can like actually hold them and stuff
> wow like sit under a tree bro (e-readers let you do this)
> you can make notes in the margins (e-readers let you do this)
>muh physical bookmark

<a library of 10,000 books will require an entire dedicated room at least, but can fit on a thumb drive in ebook formats
<can't search text quickly and easily
<can't get rid of other peoples notes
<waste of paper
<highlights and notes are permanent
<mass produced paperbacks are shitty and fall apart
<used books have torn pages, dick drawings, and other gross shit
<need to actually use the index instead of ctrl+f
<non-clickable table of contents

e-books are actually held back by trying to mimic real books too much. they're constrained by the expectations of what a book should be. page numbers are totally irrelevant in a digital format. There's no need for pages or page numbers unless you plan on printing. An endless scroll with hypertext links like epubs provide makes way more sense than the constraints on pdfs. Even an old web page is superior to books in that you can embed animated diagrams as gifs instead of drawing the same diagram several times.

publisher cucks and the academic industrial complex require us to keep purchasing these expensive wasteful ugly tomes for no fucking reason. the only books I think are cool are the really old ones. the leatherbound vellum artifacts that never got scanned. the historical curiosities. the things you need gloves and a degree in humanities to eve be allowed near.


File: 1692681628035.jpeg (12.03 KB, 275x183, download (5).jpeg)

who cares negro just read

mods i am black so i can say it


File: 1692683683181.jpg (122.48 KB, 1475x1475, 337907._UY1475_SS1475_.jpg)

more reasons:
- easier to make at home than an e-reader
- pop-up books, textures, holographs, reflectives and foil.
- easier to pirate stuff on average, i.e. just scan it.
- medium aware content like in picrel


Idk but whennever I read a book , I'm somehow trapped inside it, half numb. It may last for short or long depending on the book, I remember that I had read 300-400 pages of a minecraft story book in my childhood

Now, I have focussing problems tho. My mind is always full with other thoughts or entirely foggy to focus on a thing, so I've not been reading for a month but I really should I guess.


>>21372 ( correcting myself )



>I had read 300-400 pages of a minecraft story book in my childhood

It was in one day, the book series was long


they're easier on the eyes than a screen. don't have an e-ink reader so can't say much about that
<a library of 10,000 books will require an entire dedicated room at least
>not mogging guests by displaying the vast collection of books you've read
that book inspired myhouse.wad. give it a play if you haven't. requires gzdoom


They're a better way to store information than digital storage


Don't need electricity


> i just like the feel man
> books smell good dude
> you can like actually hold them and stuff
anyways even technology still helps with physical stuff
see: abebooks connecting used bookstores with buyers across the world


Also you can fit hundreds of books into a tiny shitty apartment with IKEA bookshelves (or just stacking them anywhere)
I still have a Kindle for extra space of course
It's all mix-and-match


easier on the eyes to read paper for a long duration than a screen


Books require no electricity and are easier to understand if you don't know the technology used to store files. For example it would be infinitely easier for us to decode physical alien writing then for us to figure out an alien computer system, access its files and then decode the writing in the files. Thus it would also be easier for future archaeologists to decipher modern physical writing if we go through a dark age and nobody then knows what a PDF is and they are all using quantum computer system completely alien to ours.


Both have their places, I think one of the most interesting thing with books is that they can be easily shared, gifted, borrowed.

E-ink screens are like paper now but you can change the font and size of the lettering, so e-readers win for the ease on eyes.


It's easier on the ways to read on paper. I read more ebooks than physical books because I'm poor, but if I was rich I'd definitely read just physical books, I get to read way more and understand way better due to less eye strain.


Other than what anons said above, a book is great because you can dedicate yourself to it easier than on a computer.

If you get bored reading a book, you can't tap on it and switch to youtube.


My biggest issue with my e-reader is that I can't have the book open at two places at the same time.


not everything is scanned


There's a serious fetishism for physical books in the world lol, mostly from people who never read too.


lol sure fragile paper that gets ruined by anything moist or fire is better than digital


books last much longer than hard drives though.


i like them because you can hide sheets of LSD in them


just copy and paste uygha. cant do that with a physical book


The point is entrusting all of our information to computers could be a massive mistake, if society collapsed then we would literally be back to square zero, it would be like the fall of Rome but a million times worse because at least some ancient knowledge survived.


How many times has society collapsed?


the increasing privatization of information and restriction of access to it based on class lines is particularly worrisome for those in the third world. it will be another vector by which the position of the global south as subservient to the global north will be enforced. the greater the number of uncontrolled formats there are for valuable information the better.


i dont have many physical books and rely on a kindle since i have an unstable living situation
physical books are kinda nice to hold and look at tho ngl


indeed thats why youtubers love having a shelf of brand new books (that they will never open) behind them in their videos


It's happened many times on a local scale throughout history, now that we're a global society there's a risk it could happen everywhere at once


because its less easy to get distracted than on a computer where you can just open up youtube and shit


Ereaders suck and computers are full of digital heroin.


The same book can educate generation after generation if stored properly.
The programmed obsolescence of your shitty e reader will only let you use it for a decade or two, if the blue light doesn't fuck up your eyes and completely claim your very ability to read before that.


File: 1698022129139.jpg (527.36 KB, 1280x960, Visicalc.JPG)

Meanwhile people are still archiving 8-inch floppies that even today mostly hold their data.


>mostly hold their data

wow impressive

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