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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Having a dark theme is optional.

I'm tired of duckduckgo's retard results and searx's confusing and non-related results (being a pain to use it private windows since all configuration is cleaned etc.)

Sorry for not elaborating much, I'm too tired and have a test tomorrow, see ya comrades.


duckduckgo's results are retarded because google's results are


there aren't any better general search engines. bookmark some specific searches and get gud.
>private windows
what do you think you're using private windows for? browser anti-fingerprinting is a piss in the ocean, donottrack makes you trackable and some browsers even disable adblockers in "private" mode. it gives you the illusion of privacy by temporarily clearing site data.
install umatrix and make data non-persistent instead. a well-configured umatrix will block most forms of fingerprinting and history wiping insures against that which happens regardless.
>dark theme
get a userstyles manager, inspect the page and start writing some css.


I think search engines, or at least web crawlers are just conceptually flawed. SEO will always emerge and ruin it.
I've had better luck just making an html document and taking note of sites that may help me find information I might need later, and setting that as my homepage.


getting the results directly from google is actually better since the whole algorithm is designed to be tailored to an individual anyways


to sell you stuff, sure.


haha funny picture OP


doesn't duckduckgo get results from bing?


And they're better than Google's for most queries.


DuckDuckGo started showing me completely unrelated results in my native language, even though the query was in English and I do not set it to limit the results to any region.


I fucking LOVE that having "4chan" anywhere in your search terms will automatically make it so your only results are wikipedia articles about neonazi shit and NOTHING else.


are you sure about that?
i mean, what did you expect? seriously.
thanks for the tips, it was a bit of a slap, but i'll try them. thanks again anon


I mean regardless of what terms you use, as long as there's "4chan" somewhere, you will get more or less the same results every time.


reminder that google is fascist(just like all of big tech and all other bourgeois/proprietary infrastructure)

yandex is better, and searx is kinda cringe


are you saying yandex isnt bourgeois nor proprietary?


I mean, a non-bourgeois search engine doesn't exist(metasearch engines don't count because they depend on other search engines that are bourgeois/proprietary)


fair enough.
>yandex is better
isn't yandex proprietary? the only thing about yandex that i like is the fact that reverse image search is reeaaally good, especially when compared to others reverse image search engines.

>and searx is kinda cringe

ngl sometimes it is. auto-detect language feature is garbage, failing most of the time. some results are interesting but aren't the norm.

>a non-bourgeois search engine doesn't exist

could you elaborate?


>could you elaborate?
have you found one? I haven't

yandex is also good for torrents, since they don't hide torrent sites


4chan is probably mainly a white supremacist site now
even if you go to one of the more side boards, you'll find a bunch of idiots complaining about minorities and not much else


>touch light
atheist here. do christians believe satan can be redeemed? what about judaism and islam?


no. satan is le evil guy. he can never be redeemed and will never be wholesome bronze age keanu reeves chungus


satan did less evil than god. a comparison between the two would show who's actually evil


>have you found one? I haven't
got a point (i didn't read the metasearch engines part).

thing is: even if the engine is completely open source they'll still gotta have its database/index from somewhere, and i dont know if there's a open source thing like this

>4chan is probably mainly a white supremacist site now
indeed. even searching for something """wholesome"""/"""entertaining""" about it, always have a redirection to a nazi article about it.

>even if you go to one of the more side boards, you'll find a bunch of idiots complaining about minorities and not much else

i used to lurk on /wg/ and /po/, and it's amazing that even there were some retards saying "i want to suck hitler's balls :pppp" fuck that site


>touch light, Lucifer
Christians don't even know their own mythology.


I still laughed at it even though it is unfunny.


you can still post anti-nazi stuff and it won't be gone. as bad as 4chan is, i like that you can post opposing views. on other communities online if you are not 100% in lock-step with the normie userbase, your posts disappear or you get banned.


Absolutely false, Pol mods actively remove non nazi OPs


the site is more than that board. I don't go there anyway because it's the worst board but you can still post pretty freely on all other boards.


Well I haven't really tried the other boards but I don't know why you would want to, it's literally just 75% racism and/or anti LGBT shit.


idk, I like fewer restrictions for whatever reason, could be because I miss the old internet where you could post shocking stuff and if someone didn't want to see it they could just avoid it (I still haven't seen any of those old shock videos like Mr horse or whatever because I never wanted to). 4chan still has a lot of restrictions but I still find like the anonymous aspect of it and that people feel free-er to say things whether they be unpleasant or not.


thats a myth, 4chan was a lot more ban happy before when it had a tenth of the current userbase


People used to be proud of being banned.


I've been thinking about the idea of a US government run search engine. Free, no ads, no sponsored results, and no bias towards mainstream searches. It would be more specific like old Google. It would still clean out obviously illegal results like CP/etc.
Let's say there was a federal agency kind of like the Post Office but dedicated to running public internet services such as a search engine, map service, e-mail, and even a social media platform.
Let's also say that it wasn't immediately undermined by political interference and it was actually allowed to work properly (which is obviously unlikely).
How well would it go? Would it be more functional than the competition? Would it be possible for them to continuously adjust their search algorithm to counteract SEO bot spam?
Also are there any actual things like this in real life in other countries?


Search engines exercise a lot of power over user behavior, demostrated by how they currently exist.
If a government run search engine were to be established, intelligence would heavily lobby for the right to siphon user data, politicians would regularly try to impose their agenda under the pretext of public morals and after a while the public entity could be spun of into a profitable public company.
I cannot see search engines being important enough as infrastructure to counteract these developement. Hell despite the importance of broadband in the US and the regulations surrounding it, ISPs are notoriously unreliable and predatory. Some people even use cell phone networks at home because of how bad things are.


There used to be a very solid search engine called Gigablast.com, programmed and operated by a single guy (you would not ever guess that from the product!), but I stopped using it because it required cookies and javascript. Went looking for it because of this thread, but it vanished in April.

There are two good passion projects now, both with usually very good results if they have anything to show for your query: https://wiby.org/ and https://search.marginalia.nu/ (source: https://github.com/MarginaliaSearch/MarginaliaSearch)

The government of each country should have at least a search engine for the texts on its own websites.


muh freeze peach
good luck having your post ignored or flamed because it doesn't have the obligatory tie-in to how hecking tr*nnies are ruining Western Civilization with immigrants
if you fill your website with a bunch of 14-year-old neo-Nazis and Fox News watchers, it doesn't matter what rules, or lack of rules, there are at that point

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