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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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They're fumbling by searching for a new one instead of replacing him with an AI.


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is this another EEE move by micro$oft


Your very tweet says even Microshit wasn't told about this.
> Microsoft, which has invested billions into OpenAI and integrated its technology into the Bing search engine, was not informed of Altman’s firing until “just before” the public announcement, Swisher said, while employees were not given any advance warning.


More like Sam AltF4man.


Did the investors finally realize that "AI" is a scam?


investors want openai to move conservatively while altman was pushing it too aggressively for their taste


either that or they're getting greedy and picky


he is bailing, because this AI thing is another fugazi. impressive toy for some things but won't revolutionize anything, so he probably doesn't want to be the face of it anymore since it will now move into the corporate grift phase where they will hawk it to companies to "strategize their productive processes" or some shit, down from the techbro utopia hype that it was running on until now.


investors taking over now that AI hype is hitting its limit and their discount zuckerberg isnt needed anymore


This wasn't a move by investors. OpenAI is structured very oddly, and the board isn't ran by investers. It seems like Microsoft was against ousting him, and behind a public PR campaign to get him back (which seems to have failed). If you want deep discourse on this topic go to Hacker News, which is run the start-up incubator Altman used to be the president of: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=38342643

There are people of all political leanings on Hacker News, but they're disproportionately Californian Ideology fanboys.


What's the chance that he will be tied for his crimes against humanity?


>safe AGI
>slowing development so as to not accidentally create Skynet!!!!
HN lemming horde as ever running full speed in the direction of the hype
I don't think there is another website online with such a large collection of NPCs.



hes with microsoft now.


It's not that the average HN user knows what's going to happen, it's that they know more about Altman, Microsoft, the structuring of OpenAI, and the structure of startups in general, than the leftists trying to make sense of this news over here and postulating jgnorant thing about investors controlling it or Microsoft ousting Altman – and there's a lot of them, and they're pedantic nerds, so when one of them is clearly wrong that tends to be pointed out and reflected in their point system. This discussion has some gems, but yea, I warned everybody they were disproportionately Californian Ideology.


Nothing about this story makes any sense. Really hope once the dust settles we get some juicy deets


Microsoft didn't out altman. The board of open ai did and now altman works for microsoft


Exactly, look upthread and you'll see people acting like Microsoft *did* do that – because the typical Leftypol user knows jack shit about the tech industry, just like the typical HN user knows jack shit about leftist theory.


He's back. Did Microsoft just took over OpenAI?


>you'll see people
It's 1 post.


Am I a schizo off my meds for thinking investors are already cutting their losses on this shit? Like after months of nothing, suddenly my linkedin inbox is once again getting daily available vacancies and then THIS happens. Like the cat is out of the bag, no? No more dreams of AI replacing tech jobs?


> OpenAI is structured very oddly, and the board isn't ran by investers.
OpenAI is ran by cultists who are going to be out of a job soon now that Microsoft runs their joint. It's so transparent it's hilarious.


OpenAI has been intentionally working at a loss for months already, only to stop alternatives from propping up.


I don't read it that way. I think the employees leaving were leaving for *Altman*, not Microsoft; if Altman had secured funding somewhere else, that's where they would've headed too. In 2009, Paul Graham put Altman on his list of the most interesting founders of the prior 30 years and wrote this:

>5. Sam Altman

>I was told I shouldn't mention founders of YC-funded companies in this list. But Sam Altman can't be stopped by such flimsy rules. If he wants to be on this list, he's going to be.

>Honestly, Sam is, along with Steve Jobs, the founder I refer to most when I'm advising startups. On questions of design, I ask "What would Steve do?" but on questions of strategy or ambition I ask "What would Sama do?"

>What I learned from meeting Sama is that the doctrine of the elect applies to startups. It applies way less than most people think: startup investing does not consist of trying to pick winners the way you might in a horse race. But there are a few people with such force of will that they're going to get whatever they want.

Microsoft did run a public PR campaign to get him back, but it failed. After it failed, they hired him and the vast majority of staff left to join Altman's new team. They didn't leave for Microsoft, they left for Altman, and they wanted Altman for the same reasons Microsoft did: he's logically a great captain to choose for this ship, and I say that as somebody who hates hierarchies and would like us to design ships that don't need captains. It's not Microsoft who has the leverage here, it's Altman.


Why do burgers in tech love cults of personality?


is it a form of commodity fetishism? instead of focusing on the countless anonymous engineers around, people believe all the tech products they love only exist thanks to "leaders"


The cpmmon belief in Startup Land is that bureaucracies can iterate on products and improve them from generation to generation, but that bureaucracies are bad at creating new product categories and that the creation of novel products is best brainstormed and iterated on by individuals and small teams who can pivot quickly without bureaucratic overhead if needed yet can also commit to pursuing the creation of a product which is not yet profitable without cancelling it for the sake of quarterly earning reports (two goals which stand in tension with one another and require a live player to manage that tension and decide how to act when). I basically agree with this despite desperately wanting to find better ways to create new things. Wanting a different future shouldn't prevent us from recognizing and describing what works best at accomplishing certain goals in the present. I do think there's a base human cult of personality thing going on, too, and the interplay between that and the realpolitik reasons that having a captain in charge of the ship might make sense is probably really complicated.


wake up babe, OpenAI is about to invoke the spirit of J. Posadas and breathe new life into this dying trash planet: https://www.reuters.com/technology/sam-altmans-ouster-openai-was-precipitated-by-letter-board-about-ai-breakthrough-2023-11-22/


> Given vast computing resources, the new model was able to solve certain mathematical problems, the person said on condition of anonymity because the individual was not authorized to speak on behalf of the company. Though only performing math on the level of grade-school students, acing such tests made researchers very optimistic about Q*’s future success, the source said.
Wow very impressive, let's keep wasting resources in making machines do what anyone can already do but exponentially more energetically expensive.


File: 1700810253463.gif (320.41 KB, 320x180, facedesk.gif)

> But conquering the ability to do math — where there is only one right answer —


So everything concerning OAI ends up being some marketing scheme, lmao.


Critical support to e/acc Sam against doomer reactionaries so he can fulfill Posadas' predictions.


>omg le freaking AI takeover!!!1 o_O
No one cares
Go cum your cargo shorts to Star Trek or whatever


File: 1700881019969.jpg (99.34 KB, 530x795, 1579616348-ALE0271.jpg)

nothing wrong with cargo shorts

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