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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Magnetic tape storage has never been cheaper anon.


I remember when HD and SDD prices in the long run fell year over year, I hope that trend does continue in the long run after this spike up.


this affects sata ssds too right?


Yes it is the NAND prices that is going up, so the component prices of all SSDs will increase.


>now's a really great time to drop $100k on a tape library!


Unironically yes. Tape has been the best volume per cost option since the 80's and with a tape library you can take advantage of the currently obsolete formats that are being resold for cheap.
LTO-3 drives go for 30-60$ with 30$ per Terabyte in tapes and LTO-4 are drives 100-300$ depending on quality with usually less than 10$ per Terabyte.


how hard is it for current computers to read tape…?


A few years ago it was as easy as putting the drive into the slot below the dvd drive and installing the drivers.


Tape drives usually connect over SCSI. It has cards for PCI and various adapters for firewire and apparently usb 3.0.


There was a time when SCSI disc changers were more cost effective for data centers as disc changes could rack discs much faster then tape changers so if you had a hundred disc magazine with DVDs that was a lot of cold storage in the 2000s yet Bluray never got cheap enough to stay ahead of tapes. There was some planning that had to be done with disc changers as you had to deal with conflicts as only one disc can be racked in a drive and with bad programming the changers can spend too much time bouncing between discs.


Doesn't this use up a lot of physical space?


incredible the frequency we see these retarded price shocks, random consumer goods doubling in cost in 4 months… neoliberalism is truly the end of history, JIT supply chains based on shipping individual components back and forth across the pacific 10 times to save pennies on manufacturing labor are truly the pinnacle of human development


Just swap the tapes manually if you don't want to pay that much. You will need a tape drive though.


Good luck finding anything that reads these formats in a few years.


I think most people recognize that neoliberalism is trash, they just think the class struggle is dead or will lead to something even worse like HOLODOMOR or VUVUZELA.

Regarding the supply chains. This is truly garbage, I always supported localism instead of this bullshit (I hate nationalism though).


You should be using HDDs for your long-term storage anyway.
I don't know why you'd need a 2TB SSD unless you're a gaymer that wants to play all the new 200 GB AAA garbage.

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