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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Would you use a window manager with anime mascot?


File: 1705750983331-1.png (1.58 MB, 2480x3508, vaxerski_noBG.png)

She's cute.


File: 1705751108650.gif (1.15 MB, 220x262, ;D.gif)

Based weebs mogging normalfags


they deserve anything that happens to them

just use x11, you can write your own wm in less than 500 lines


Logos and mascots are globosexual, real men have at most a name in some corner hidden away


What a bunch of babies.


whats with the template 4chan thread style


no, also everyone who even considers trying hyprland is fucked in the head so it should stick to having the anime girl by default so normies can see it


Cute design, just way to cringe to use it outside my main machine (even on main would be cringe too, idk, idc)



Next question.



>not a milf


>not a milf
Younger women are fine too.


for me, it's stumpwm


>Younger women are fine too.
it better be a adult woman



Fella, you can't even fuck a woman your age. Stop harrassing married women on the street.


Is it tiling? If it isn't tiling then I don't care.


yes, it's the best tiling wm


>Fella, you can't even fuck a woman your age
you still gay tho

>harrassing married women

who said about ntr? no thinks about singles
your gay


Good luck finding an unmarried milf irl.
Really? What makes it better than others?


Adultery exists.


This is basically a giant metaphorical turd that I need to shovel away every time there's a discussion on how "leftists" are ruining everything - please don't add to the stereotype. It just makes more work for the rest of us that have to explain that you can be a leftist without being a stereotypical, fragile, censorious, permanently offended idpol cretin.

That said, FOSS projects have had a variety of sometimes somewhat awkward mascots for ages , and OS-tans have been popular for years even among Windows users (where in Japan they are semi-official and have extensive backstories including the Madobe surname etc) so I can't really see something horribly offensive here.


>Fella, you can't even fuck a woman your age. Stop harrassing married women on the street.
It ain't ntr if the husband is a porky.


oh no I'm making you look bad on the internet, now all the mentally ill teenagers are going to think you aren't cool


this is just my subjective opinion but I prefer tiling window managers that make it easy to stack and switch between windows instead of trying to cram as much shit as possible onto the screen. being tiling is nice when you need it but I don't find automatic tiling WMs to be that useful unless you have a high res monitor maybe (I don't) or if you mostly just care about posting ricer screenshots on reddit (I don't). stumpwm is also written and configured in my language of choice, which helps a lot with it being my preferred WM.

I don't really see the appeal of other WMs. they're all basically the same and the differences seem to come down to ricer eyecandy bullshit that I don't care about.


Is it on Wayland? Is it in any mainstream distros' repos?


Not everyone on the Internet who opposes idpol is a mentally ill teenager.


Why would I use a window manager without an anime mascot?


Animepfps keep winning


At what?



yeah because x11 is bloated to shit and has a bunch of stuff packaged in it that it really shouldn't, with worse security and future-proofing.


question: is this different from /pol/tards who whine about their software having rainbow splash screens in june?


Already have been. Kemono albeit.


>rainbow splash screens in june?
Lolmao, is this real?
Fucken Digimon.


so i've recently switched to stumpwm after using rio from plan9port for 3 years and added a root window middle button click hook to cycle through groups with the left and right buttons.
now i had a dream where both rio and stumpwm where running. the middle button opened the virtual desktop menu and after selecting one it somehow bugged the rendering of the current stumpwm group, looking like the gpu was fried. just tends to show how deep window managing habits go.


StumpWM, like Ratpoison, is manually tiling WM. You don't need to use the tiling features if you don't want. But if you don't use them, all windows are maximized. You can cycle through them with a keybinding. StumpWM also has support for click-to-focus and sloppy focus. There is extension for Ratpoison that adds sloppy focus.

>Is it on Wayland?
No. But there is a Wayland compositor called "CageBreak" that is a clone of Ratpoison (StumpWM is a extended clone of Ratpoison). CageBreak is not feature complete, however. But it works.

>Is it in any mainstream distros' repos?

You can get it from Debian, Arch and Gentoo repos.


Since it cooled off by now and I don't think it warrants a thread, I'll just ask here.
What do you guys think of the drama that happened a few weeks back between Vaxry/Hyprland and fd.o/RedHat?
https://drewdevault.com/2024/04/09/2024-04-09-FDO-conduct-enforcement.html (Not related, but relevant enough.)


I did not know about this. This Vaxry person seems to be a real piece of shit.


The fact that the blog post by Vaxry chops up the email and doesn't mention what the actual complaints about their fbi.gov were makes me 100% certain they're in the wrong. Not to mention that they updated the post with 'oops I removed the name of the person this post is complaining about, I didn't realise they would get harassed teehee ;^)'


Seems like a typical radlib vs an edgy teen who made a few forgivable mistakes, but tested his luck a bit too much. Vaxry was retarded for not hiding names beforehand and idk why he needs a fbi.gov to begin with, seems like that's what started it all. I don't think he deserves all the shit he got.




I don't care for the immature rightoid being banned. The precedent which the FDO "conduct enforcement board" set with their actions is worrying though.

Both sides seem to agree that vaxry acted entirely within the coc on the relevant platforms. Quite frankly he is right in that freedeskslop is playing internet police. They make vaxry accountable for his conduct as hyprland product manager, yet they are disputing his personal privileges as a contributor on the freedesktop gitlab. His resolve not to reply to future email of the kind, is then taken as a clear threat of ignoring future interventions on their platforms. In hindsight their entire justification for violating the conduct of their platforms is based on this uncharitable reading.

Vaxry is a prominent project leader who had it coming. Still i can't help but think they will transition to a more extensive type of "enforcement" in the future. Imagine if they banned all leftypol_vichan contributors on their platforms, because "hateful ideology" or similar contrived shit.


How could they play "internet police"? They can't ban you from sites they don't control.


Depending on how you see this, they either banned him for something he didn't do on any of their platforms or they did so on a flimsy justification likely for the former reason. If they had any further actions they could take for "violating" their coc, they obviously would. For the project leader of a wlroots compositor, being unable to contribute to upstream at all is not to be taken lightly.

Or think about it this way: When the USA imposed sanctions on Venezuela, were they playing world police or just being shitty in general?


Is he a rightoid though? I don't think he is very politically inclined and this drama is what's likely shoving him into political spheres now. The most political thing he wrote afaik was this: https://blog.vaxry.net/articles/2023-inclusiveActivists and it seems to be mostly against idpol nonsense.


In the first email he mentions that Redhat diversity hiring "scandal", Bryan Lunduke can't stop bringing up (see https://lunduke.locals.com/post/5515346/the-ibm-red-hat-leaks-what-weve-learned-so-far and >>23967).
Also from the log attached to drewdevaults entry:
>Lech Wałęsa vaxry — Today at 12:24 PM
>I like, have never said the n word online
>except for nice or no
>mentally disabled jacekpoz — Today at 12:24 PM
>ψ̴̈͘ ̸͐͘ — Today at 12:25 PM
>Lech Wałęsa vaxry — Today at 12:25 PM
>damn exposed

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