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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Of course they're all just CIA honeypots.




Im just running on the assumption everything is honeypot at this point. This site probably serves some kind of purpose too, but I mostly just come here to shitpost and get in stupid arguments.


I got banned from protonmail for literally no reason, no emails even sent they just said I was suspicious and deleted my account. What email is good to use? Right now I use gmail cause it's convenient but google is terrible when it comes to collecting data


ProtonMail literally already handed over people's data to the EU cops and they just decided to look the other way and keep using it for no reason
I feel like ProtonMail and Signal had giganormie marketing, I can't explain how they appeal to people while fishing for phone numbers. Shady!


Tuta is very dank, that's my home base for all of my Firefox Relay free accounts, where I make various services prone to locking me out forward my mail to. Doesn't requite an email and if you have a shady IP they just make you wait 3 days to use your new account. Also, there's no searching on free versions! So you'd better know your way around any spam you add haha.
Can't vouch for their security at all but unlike ProtonMail hadn't ALREADY HEARD ABOUT THEM SELLING PEOPLE OUT lol


It's good for temporary emails that aren't instablocked.


It's all based on trust, everyone should operate on that axiom.


It's not a honeypot. Protonmail is not an anonymity service. Nobody will ever go to jail for you.


TBF what country could an email server be based in that WOULDNT have to do this shit legally?

If the alternative is hand over the IP address or go to prison im not surprised this shit is what happens


Just use gorilla mail


>Just use gorilla mail
most of their domains is blocked by companies in the kno. plus, their website throttled sending capacities for tempmail. it's good for a throwaway, bu i wouldnt advise any furthr.
also side-note tbh- if ur usin Protonmail for shady shit (ion kno what the Spanish guy didnt i aint read the article), u gotta b usin PGP in all ur emails, no questions round it. it'll b hard 4 glowies to book u w/ jus a random series of letters and numbers tied to ur name.
>Of course they're all just CIA honeypots.
orrrrrrrrrr normal websites that jus conceed to the heel of the boot? sounds more likely.


>opsec? nah, I just trust company X lol
most people are like that
ultimately any email provider can work as long as you assume they're an adversary and act accordingly

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