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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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pdf on left wing hacktivism
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File: 1631724544205.jpeg (80.37 KB, 1280x719, (me).jpeg)

>there are other ‘Red Swarm’ manuals


AFAIK It was a planned series that never got beyond book 1


Is there anyone here that would contribute to a zine?


depends what about. hacking i guess?


I know this post is old as fuck, but if you're still interested: basic programming, especially in python, is way easier than it may seem from the outside. Just read "automate the boring stuff with python" and you'll be good to go in like two weeks or so of afternoon study.


Cool little blog on kernel stuff

Yes. Thought its be nice to drive revolutionary interests into the scene.



Any updates? Idea's for a group project?


>Any updates? Idea's for a group project?
We should start an IRC channel. A space to actually organize projects and infrastructure. I recomend libera.chat, how about #redtech?



> install Firefox

get that insecure shit outta here




I too agree, but who should make the channel?


irc.libera.chat #redtech I have made it. :)
Stop being a dumb faggot. All browsers are insecure.


you should make a matrix channel, there's already a leftpol community there.


>you should make a matrix channel, there's already a leftpol '"community"' there.
If i thought matrix was a not shit idea it's what I would have recommended, anon.
I have been to the leftypol matrix, with this I am interested in doing some things, not hanging around with a bunch of lonelies desperately trying to find a faximiie of community and disruptive shitposters.


irc is dead, boomer. Get with the times.


It's not dead among hackers.


I'm a Matrix advocate and your post is stupid.


>I have been to the leftypol matrix, with this I am interested in doing some things, not hanging around with a bunch of lonelies desperately trying to find a faximiie of community and disruptive shitposters.
no one wants to download/install irc though but whatever just b urself


File: 1639759620891.jpg (44.58 KB, 680x382, ab0[1].jpg)

>he doesn't know jabber or onion irc


>Can confirm. A lot more hacktivists (or at least skiddies) are more post-left illegalism types than MLs. But then, that's a gross generalization too, I'm sure there's a few great tankie haxxors.
Marxist-Leninists place a tremendous emphasis on meeting people where they at and attaching themselves to popular struggle, building a mass movement through the good deeds of working with others. The emphasis is on building a movement through material means. Hacktivism is just a grouping of related tricks and tactics conducive in bringing down information systems, but these tactics are not conducive in building a mass movement. It's like talking about the use of rifles as if they alone, without theory and material analysis, would be capable of bringing about communism.


Both of these posts completely miss the point of building a mass movement. The technology you use DOES NOT MATTER. "The Capitalists will sell us the rope that we will hang them with." - Lenin
Use whatever technology is useful for whatever direct action is necessary, but seriously do not overthink this shit. Revolutionary orgs will use Signal or PGP or ProtonMail but I guarantee none of them are such fucking nerds that they would demand their members use GNU/Linux and learn proper network administration.


would a modern maoist style peoples war utilize cyberwarfare and then have a cyber war unit?


+1 on matrix channel.

nobody wants to use jabber mucs or ircs.

matrix is easier to use and safer


Yes, definitely. Especially as we have to reorient more and more into an increasingly urbanized environment.
>At the turn of the 20th century, just 15% of the world population lived in cities. According to the UN, the year 2007 witnessed the turning point when more than 50% of the world population were living in cities, for the first time in human history.


no one wants to download/install matrix though but whatever just b urself
>would a modern maoist style peoples war utilize cyberwarfare and then have a cyber war unit?
I imagine so, yes. It is a form of action that has become integrated with the wider bag of tricks we are used to.
>matrix is easier to use
>and safer
Why are you lying though?



Take a step back from your perspective as someone whose been using IRC for 20 years and think about the average person (even the average technically apt person).

Matrix is easier to use than IRC, like objectively.

And yes, it is safer. Not the perfect security tech, but its better than the… lets see… NO ENCRYPTION and no security that IRC offers.


>all IRC is clear text
Many IRC servers allow connecting over SSL/TLS on port 6697. Authentication may be done using nickserv, optionally using SASL. For reference see https://freenode.com/kb/all for reference.
There is also work being done on a decentralized chat protocol with strong encryption resembling a subset of IRC http://pest.bitdash.io/


TLS is very weak in comparison to the encryption on secured Matrix rooms. The older chat protocol that is up to par with Matrix on this is XMPP with specifically OMEMO, but IRC with TLS is way weaker to be quite clear.


element is kinda janky, and the matrix bullshit about your keys every time you log out basically makes it impossible to have multiple accounts (tho i think i saw a thing that advertized u could be logged in to multiple acconts at the same, time, idk if nheko or some cli matrix bullshit)
i used to use it n got all my anarchist friends to use it, but its just not that great

i use xmpp now p much exclusively and i dont get the hype of matrix when this shit has existed forever lmao. Shit's more polished (not shiny, but works well and is stable), and you can use it over tor easily so wtf matrix??

the only thing is that omemo might not work in mucs? or is difficult at least? idk

can u do omemo in group chats?


File: 1644965129528.png (461.36 KB, 800x388, ClipboardImage.png)


>Early last week TechCrunch revealed that security researchers had discovered 50GB of unsecured GiveSendGo data including scans of passports and driver’s licenses. The crowdfunding platform said it fixed the issue, but the Daily Dot reported Thursday that the data was still accessible.

Fucking lol


I think a lot of what you said here is interesting and a good injection of reality into this thread. A few comments
He's ok I think, I think I read his blog on "freetardism" which left a bad taste in my mouth, because it was stupid. Only other problem is that we have no idea who he is and whether his cybersecurity background is. Looking at his stuff now most of it seems to be informed, detailed, and mostly not cringe.
>IMO don't even begin unless you have at least 3-4 transhumanistbooted xx00-series thinkpads with either gentoo, trisquel, arch or heads, and know how to flash new MAC addresses and know how to use aircrack-ng/airsnort and know basic tradecraft.
Libreboot with "insert le epic super duper hard linux distro here" may be going a bit far in terms of baseline (speaking as a libreboot user), but the overall point is valid because all modern computers have hardware vulnerabilities in the IME and starting to switch over to linux generally is valid (but you don't need to use, literally mint or ubuntu is fine to start and then work your way up to a more hardened system, whoonix, tails, trisquel, whatever.). If anyone is interested in libreboot/old thinkpad stuff, start here:
You can also just buy one on ebay but the prices have gone up in the past little while.


File: 1646771931996.png (225.34 KB, 326x643, jobhereisdone.png)

"yeah bro the nation state is omnipotent, there's nothing you can do, so anyways just mindlessly fetishize cryptography and proxying and LARP as cypherpunk. btw i hate trans people" thanks, i guess


holy shit libera is the worst
>ur using tor, go to this page to see how to connect over tor
>you have to use sasl with a cert
>"to use saslt you have to register with NickServ"
>to register with nickserv you have to connect
>to connect over tor you should probably use tls
>to use sasl external you MUST connect over tls
>there are two ports you can use to connect to the onion, 6667 and 6697 (corresponding to plaintext and tls)
>try connecting using onion w/ cert over the tls port
>instantly disconnected, no message even like over plaintext

wtf is is libera, jesus christ
im gonna have to set up rdp just to log in because it REQUIRES a clearnet IP linked to you to connect to its servers

Can anyone tell me: is that irc even used, or is it totally dead? please please save me some time


It's pretty active, and I understand your pain. I just connect to it using Matrix, the bridge works perfectly.


does this channel still exist?


bruh why do random ass posters just be shittin on any and all praxis as ULTRA/TANKIE LARPING!1!!!!11!! thats actually bad for the movement


File: 1678812370380.png (1.23 MB, 800x600, ClipboardImage.png)

bruh this thread as over 100 posts and not a single thing has been done, sure some information has been exchanged but you all were not even able to set up an communication channel which is the simplest most basic thing to even think about group hacktivism.

If people are serious there are various IRC servers with .onions but people here are clearly not serious. they like the idea of hacktivism, the nostalgia of anonops perhaps, not the reality of doing the work.



Which IRC servers you recommend?


NTA, but i looked into irc and there are several lightweight, relatively simple to configure daemons.
For something like this you could host a tor hidden service at home. Such a setup is vulnerable to traffic correlation with your regular internet activity if you don't set bandwith caps on everything, but personally i think paying for a server is a far greater liability.


can you explain why paying for a server is more of a liability? assuming you're paying anonymously and with monero over tor


Third parties, contracts, loss of control, federal law, and a whole lotta other shit.


I agree, for good measure I would connect it to a cracked wifi point too.

other leftypol has a tor accessible irc server.
anarchyplanet.org has a irc accessible tor server and like everything anarchyplanet project (a.nti.social, theanarchistlibrary.org, anarchistnews.org, etc) has an .onion address.


contracts aren't a thing for any servers i've rented, you just pay and get access. They ask for PII but you just feed fake shit… on the other points, its basically one point? That the company owns the computer and can see everything that goes on in the server on it. That's fair, but isn't it best practice anyways to not say anything personally incriminating and assume you're being watched, because you don't know who other anons are or if they'll snitch eventually? So it's not like much is lost there. If they decide to take a chat down, we have backup communication here on leftypol and could just spin up another server. Subpeonas typically take a while to serve too if the gov was really involved, so it would be more of a cat and mouse thing than crippling to communication. Not that we'd get that kind of attention most likely. And encrypted communication is always better.

But fr i dont think those worries are well-founded


This link was last updated a year ago. Are these Firefox exploits still relevant?



if only more people did what this pic shows


Cameras around me are often dome.
Have good starts against these?

Protip: networked camera if u can access are a good way in to a commercial network from the outside that is underutilized. Some are even powered over Ethernet (ppoe).


File: 1679848206060.jpeg (1.32 MB, 2304x4096, DYK-w-HXUAAngq4.jpeg)

anyone got more of these civil disobedience infographics targeted for the man on the street?




I have an old small print radical graffiti book that had this in as well as a few other things, i will look for it.
I had this idea of making stencils to do graffiti that goes around ATM machines i would like to do, like anti capitalist agitprop above the part the money comes from or between the letters, which i think could be quite cool and will only require taking measurements of a machine.
Yea, I was thinking more long-term Is there anything that if sprayed on to the plastic dome would melt or deform the plastic a little, enough to ruin the image probably?
There has to be some methods we can brainstorm and test between us.

Unique IPs: 30

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