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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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I’m installing linux for the first time, what distro should I use? I’m fine with it taking hours to set up, as long as it’s free. I ain’t paying for that shit. I was leaning towards gentoo but what do you guys think?


The DPRK created distro, obviously.

If prior experience with Linux is not particularly high, then just install Ubuntu, Debian, or one of the mainstream distros. There are some variants of those that strip out the few proprietary components if that matters a lot, but those are maintained quite decently and are widely used in the real world.

They won't be as "LEET" or "cool", but it's better for general security and functionality than if one tries to use some obscure distro without the requisite knowledge to actually do so safely.


File: 1616745633340.jpeg (31.61 KB, 474x538, 34t34t34t.jpeg)

ubuntu is easy to use and intuitive. I am currently running it now. ubuntu has been caught before attempting to sell user data to Amazon, though, via some shady pre-install shit. It has not be retracted, but, that should be reason enough for concern.

On my desktop I use gentoo and, yes, while complicated and, yes, you are correct it can be dangerous to put powerful distros in peoples hands who do not use them there is no denying that gentoo is with out a shadow of a doubt secure and totally free and open source out of the box.

OP: My suggestion to you is to Either start with Ubuntu, or, Linux Mint (Or if you are using a toast use lubutnu) and use those distros for a solid year, or, two. Do not shy away from the terminal. Live in the terminal. Breath the terminal. Do everything from the terminal. Watch some youtube videos about linux basics; basic commands, how the filesystem works (hint everything in linux is a file) and just live in the enviroment for a year or two. After you get accustomed to linux switch to Gentoo, or, Arch linux, or, Slack and build it from the ground up. That's what I did and now I barely even touch the surface net, lol. When I do reach out to the surface net its through a docker container over lokinet.


Use a *buntu flavor like Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Kubuntu.


Go with Linux Mint. It has recently become a clearly preferable entry for people since Ubuntu's Canonical Ltd. rapidly became pants-on-head retarded.
Mint also has a more intuitive Desktop Environment (DE) than Ubuntu for people that are familiar with Windows.


Mint, as an Ubuntu derivative, ultimately incorporates changes made upstream by Canonical. It's really baffling to me how people recommend it as a way to escape Canonical's bad decisions. If you want to get away from them while still recommending an Ubuntu-like distro you should recommend Debian.


Nope, see the snap vs flatpak controversy.
Mint is now-a-days doing better decisions and does do good changes from upstream whenever Canonical shits the bed (Mint never implemented Ubuntu's Amazon adware tracker into the status bar either).


>>7278 (me)
>status bar
I meant Start menu*


Most *buntu (if not all?) flavors that use different DEs did the same over the spyware thing. Now I'm curious what changes upstream Mint actually incorporates though, that they can still consider themselves to be an Ubuntu derivative.


Oh they definitely still are an Ubuntu-derivative, they just seem a bit more concerned about not developing into a Canonical-exclusive corner (Mir, Amazon spyware, snap) and from my point of view this also indirectly makes them provide more reasonable security (snap is partially proprietary for example).


personally i use Debian as much as i dont want to reccomend ibm os, but fedora is probably the best newbie but non ubuntu distro, followed by debian.
>easy to install
>free as in freedom
>stable for a semi rolling release
>recent packages
debian testing still has some package issues and will need more tinkering, however, uses a better package manager and if you download from the net its a lot easier to find propreitary .deb packages than .rpm packages
also fedora is a bitch to remove

manjaro is a total ass in stability and mint is ubuntu derived so it implements canonicals bullshit at least to an extent like >>7277 said


*but as much as i dont want to reccomend


Clément, the creator and main maintainer of Linux Mint, is anti-zionist, so it is de facto the /tech/ distro.


I recommend manjaro + plasma. But honestly, distributions aren't that big of a deal, just choose anything that's:
A) Not base ubunto
B) Not difficult: gentoo, pure debian (from what I've heard), or pure arch. Basically avoid anything that requires an actual tutorial since there's nothing of value to be gained from following step by step with a tutorial.
C) Not Dead
D) Isn't a dumb gimmick (devuan, void, etc.)

Also any distro that uses systemd is basically the same so if you're planning on using a distro that uses it, use what's popular.






Debian is a decent starting point

Gentoo is only nice if you have a powerful computer, compiling stuff on a laptop sucks ass


>Debian is a decent starting point
No it's not. It's not simple to go from Windows / Mac straight into Debian. It's also not intended to be, as it's mainly a server distro made for sysadmins. Debian requires a degree of habituation with the GNU/Linux system in order to be used comfortably, unlike distros made for average desktop users like OP, for who Mint and *buntu would be more suitable.
Manjaro isn't a bad rec, but it's based on more unstable ground (Arch, rolling release) instead of Debian (Mint, *buntu) and thus is more prone to crashes / problems. I would place this higher in terms or recommendability rather than pure Debian, Deuvan, pure Arch, Void or Gentoo though, of which some have mentioned ITT.


Noob from windows? Linux Mint is my rec.
Debian is a pain if you need up-to-date stuff as opposed to stable, like games or media software.


I don't agree, instaling debian with a DE is easy as pie, maintaining debian is simple but not too simple, and so OP will be able to learn the inner workings of a gnu/linux distro while still having a working OS.

Mint is decent too tbf



all you need
everything else is useless cringe niche


Why did you suggest Debian twice?



Hannah Montana LinuxpiratePirate


If you actually want to learn Linux, go for Gentoo or at least arch, and do as much through terminal as possible. I recommend a tiling window manager. They're honestly the absolute shit once you get used to them.


Linux From Scratch


debian sid
fedora/rocky linux
everything else is meme


Qubes OS


>I’m fine with it taking hours to set up
Are you also fine with having to spend hours even after setting it up?

Gentoo is excellent if your willing to put in the time, if not, Arch is the closest you'll get to a good poweruser and usable distro


ooh qubes is nice too (i'm the poster right before you)
gentoo and arch are absolute memes. they only exist for people to see linux as some anti-practical niche hobby thing and attract tryhard n00bs as a result


EndeavourOS is arch without the weirdy of Manjaro


I used to recommend alpinelinux over the mess that is glibc/freedesktop, yet now stable release 3.15 fails to boot, presumably when loading the ramdisk, without any debugging info whatsoever (not going to compile a kexec kernel for that). I will mirror its repositories, but will probably witness the breakdown of my archlinux chroot with steam in a few years. IMO the best option would have been multiple chroots or bedrock linux with a lightweight and stable base system like sabotage or kisslinux. Unfortunately my machine is too recent to go full dulapgentoo.


File: 1641483492762.jpg (11.17 KB, 213x236, proxy-image.jpg)

Gentoo is shit don't fall for the meme it's a time sink AND it's vulnerable
Idk maybe they fixed it but at least until recently it was trivially rootable by mitm that shit didn't verify packages lmao even tho it had the infrastructure in place it didn't have it configured, now how can you trust people who don't care about security enough to simply enable a basic security feature, how can you trust those people to actuually develop securely lmao
gentoo devs and users are stuck up morons

arch is decent tho it's still vulnerable to freeze attacks iirc but that's not so bad
besides what alternative is there? I need latest libs to develop, and debian patches the out of them to the point where my gtk4 using program compiles literally everywhere but debian, my hybrid graphics work everywhere but debian etc. Let alone it's buggier than arch


debian is a good balance of easy, and respectful, clean, etc. and i recommend it
fwiw i started out with Void, and its super well documented and VERY minimalist and clean, doesnt use systemd, but is easy to maintain. I had a friend to help me set up though and it was still a pain. But next time i set it up it was the easiest thing… just follow the instructions lol.

qubes is great too and honestly its nice compared to linux, its comfortably monolithic in feel (even though under the hood its a mess) and that might be a plus for a windows or mac user? But the downside is that its a pain to set up at the beginning, and a huge learning curve, and their documentation is poorly centralized. Also ive had to just restart as the install got fucked for no reason i could decipher… but since then shits smooth. It was a couple week project for me though (being lazy) to get it all worked out how i wanted though, whereas any good linux distro is a few hours max, or like 10 minutes if u go stock everything and have very normal hardware.

(Btw, USE KEEPASS - forgot to mention whonix also but its great cause it comes with keepass and other privacy tools and makes proxying over tor a breeze. Anyways whatever you use, keep your dang passwords safe and dont lose them)


>Idk maybe they fixed it but at least until recently it was trivially rootable by mitm that shit didn't verify packages lmao even tho it had the infrastructure in place it didn't have it configured, now how can you trust people who don't care about security enough to simply enable a basic security feature, how can you trust those people to actuually develop securely lmao
You're talking about the verify-sig useflag?


I'm talking about not fucking exposing your ass to any mitmer, yeah


What bug was it? and No, "I remember" coupled with lmao x 20 isn't a description, give an actual CVE


k here you go
it says fixed but NO it fucking wasn't fixed not until 2021 that's for sure maybe they haven't even fixed it now can't be bothered to look into that shit again


Manjaro is good.


File: 1642212213955.png (196.18 KB, 1920x1200, 2xjq9xkbtcg71.png)

If everyone on /tech/ doesn't use linux mint you may as well kill yourselves.

Or get a Macbook.


i used to use kubuntu and then xubuntu after that
and then after that i just learned how to properly install and configure x11 and xfce and customize it myself


>get a Macbook
I'd rather kill myself


I'd rather kill myself


dragora seems to be dead
shame tbh


>Or get a Macbook.
Pay me to get one, I don't have a thousand dollars left around for an overpriced piece of plastic


File: 1643340247315.png (66.03 KB, 1200x1090, Guix_logo.svg.png)

Guix. Immune to Ken Thompson compiler attacks, free from binary blobs, immutable software store, easily spawn sandboxed ephemeral environments, containers, and VMs, support for object-capability microkernel GNU Hurd. Maximum protection against the glowies.


Also managed by duplicitous wreckers trying to destroy the GNU project.


>Maximum protection against the glowies
FOSS will not protect you against backdoors.
it is just as easy to put backdoors in FOSS as it is in proprietary software
in fact its even easier since you retards seem to have way too much trust in them, so ofc glowies will backdoor FOSS even more than proprietary software


Got any proofs or are you just here to spread FUD?

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