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/AKM/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war.

"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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excavating tunnels, trenches, ditches, ramparts, moats, holes, any kind of defensive earthwork where industrial machinery isn't viable

you can get most stuff off of amazon or any hardware or milsurp store


What's the point of this? Legitimately curious. I also think shovels are cool.



t. european armies before WWI


Did the USSR really build a defensive line around Kursk that was the equivalent to the distance between Moscow and Madrid?


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and now it's just /pol/ 2.0 and full of feds


remember what they took from you


Can we post urban fighting positions here?


This is a normal tactic on protest sites. I'll probably be on a site with tunnels next month.
If you want to understand these things I Suggest you get on site and learn from experience.


Yeah, go ahead

Are you replying to the cap? How is that relevant?


I'm jus talking about building tunnels anon. It is a good tactic and knowledge worth learning.


Sounds fun.


Anarkyfriens have been building them over the UK. I recommend going to one of the anti HS2 sites to learn.
They're also good places to learn to spot undercovers for newer comrades as these camps are laughably overrun with the incompetent retards.


Thread Theme


What do we do with all of the rock from the peoples tunnels?

True volume:
8ft diameter and 1 Kilometer Long = ~19,000 m^3
19,000 m^3 means a cone of 54 meters radius and a height of 6 meters

River and water: Bad
Landscaping: Quantity
Walls: One can only explain so much rock.
Art: Way to much is extracted.


Don't forget that those Soviet MPL-50s can be used as a weapon in a last ditch situation.


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DPRK is full of massive tunnel networks, they get brought up quite a bit when the Americans are whining about nukes.
Kek I just searched it and there are a bunch of articles on it, but this wikipedia article is even better:
>A total of four tunnels have been discovered so far, but there are believed to be up to twenty more.[7] The South Korean Armed Forces still devotes specialist resources to finding infiltration tunnels, though tunnels are much less significant now that North Korean long-range artillery and missiles have become more effective.[8]
They're living the moleman dream.


what Hezbollah does in their stretch of territory is even more impressive, they have veritable fucking fortresses built underground across the entirety of Southern Lebanon. i think more and more people are gonna realize that 2006 Lebanon war was the first conflict that would indicate how 21st century conventional shit might play out, even though it was extremely limited in scope. It´s very similar to the Viet Cong underground battle tunnels.


What is the viability of using shorthandle shovels from the hardware store to dig a fighting position? I've used one to dig fire pits and the like but it seems a little bulky to carry around on a pack
/k/ really sucks now, but it's fun to troll on there

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