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"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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Not much of a military fag but was the USSR not even a horde? You always see it portrait as such in the movies that the USSR was a horde of people while the nazis were elite and superior but outnumbered


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lolwut? Of course it wasn't a horde. The nazis started the great patriotic war with more men on the front than the Soviets. It is a commonly held myth (for political reasons) that the nazis had higher quality soldiers, tactics and equipment quality. However the Soviet's developed the best quality of equipment of WW2 and after the winter of 1942 the Soviets had much superior troop quality than the nazis who were left in a desperate situation, forced to hastily pump out as many troops as possible in an attempt to meet reinforcment requirement after their veterans and best trained men who had a chance to be trained during the nazis relatively easy prewar period. By the end of the war the Germans were losing many more men than the Soviet's even as the Soviets raced to Berlin. On the question of strategy, the Soviets set the standard for military theory for the rest of the 20th century and into the present day. The Soviets pioneered deep battle doctrine and the operational section of warfare in between tactics and strategy. This theory is a pillar of modern warfare and was copied and utilized by the Americans after the war. The red army was the strongest military force on Earth ever constructed.


Also see this great thread in edu >>>/edu/220


> (for political reasons)
What are these political reasons?


le leftypol infographic


Obviously it wasn't a horde. Worth noting though that that info graphic was made by an actual schizo who thinks that the Germans lost 4 million men in 1941 because Stalin said so in a speech lmao. Vid related is an actually competent debunking of the "Red Asiatic Horde" myth.


The Nazi ruling class were capitalist and anticommunist, the Soviet ruling class were communist and anti-capitalist. The "Western" ruling class is capitalist and anticommunist and sympathized much more with the Nazis than the Soviets, it even rescued and employed the Nazis after the war to help fight Communism. The west had a need to portray the nazis as stronger and superior but doing a naughty by invading Western Europe and all the heinous genocide and torture and shit that went public. This needed to portray the Soviet Union as having a twisted pipe dream that sounds seductive and maybe even some of you guys think what they're saying doesn't sound that bad but look what happened to the people when they trusted those commies, they had no weapons or technology or strategy, they just had to throw bodies at the naughty nazi ubermensch to defeat them because communists just treat their citizens like flesh sacks.
The western capitalists liked the nazis and fascists, they appreciated their work in putting down communists and worker's movements all across Europe. The people hated them because of how much pain and misery and death they caused, an entire generation of men or more wiped out in many countries. If the western people knew it was the Soviets that defeated the nazis almost single handedly that would cast communism in a much different light. Nor could the Western capitalists fawn over the nazis, for obvious reasons. So what ended up happening was that the achievements of the Soviet's was understated, their war effort twisted to make them look like savage barbarians and the nazis were cast as the sophisticated and powerful elite force of evil that was bad but also really strong and cool. The western capitalists used the actual barbarity of the nazis when it suited them and overshadowed it with shit like wehraboo fetishism in the media at other times. They also secretly supported and bankrolled underground neonazis and quietly installed the old nazis back into governments in West Germany, the EU, NATO, and several American Domestic agencies, even the intelligence agencies of Israel after the war, and this process applied to fascists all over Europe and Asia. Capital wants you to admire the Nazis and hate the Soviets but not know just how cozy they were.


Dumb question but good for you for having the balls to ask.
This too.


Good question newfriend
See >>>/edu/1841

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