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/AKM/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war.

"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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itt we proposse meassures wich could improve the hypothetical shelling of an hypothetical "nation" by mostly using hypothetical rocket artilley


idk tunnel underground


Idk anything about imaginary actor's armament but it would appear:

1.Moar dummy rockets

2.Moar lethal warheads

3.Fragmentary, incendiary, or nbc hazard warheads

4.Maximizing on psychological effects. Hypothetical actor is hardened, hypothetical invader is weak and decadent and requires a higher quality of life to continue the aggression, which must be diminished at any opportunity.

5.Combine with other solutions such as loud noise

6.Most active when least convenient, do not allow the invader any rest or respite. No holidays or RnR

7.Combine with drone bombs for valuable targets

8.Sneak over the border and set up timed rockets and mortars In normally safe areas, introduce uncertainty

9.Call in false threats constantly, maximize the response to non existent threats keeping the invader's military on the move and inconveniencing or causing accidental casualties in the invader's civilian population

10.Reward dissent in the invader's population

11.Commit attacks in the enemy's territory and blame them on the factions of the invaders

This imaginary actor needs to innovate more, their tactics seem to work well but it's not enough on it's own. They must be willing to see their cause to it's complete victory.


Zyyz would singlehandedly fling M-75s to Tel Aviv like the sigma chad he is


>Well if your going to fighting a modern 1st world military state the most important thing you'd want to do is knock out their air force so you can run military operations in the open and cut off the opponents main advantages.
I had a dream where the American government was couped by a militarist faction and I had to help some dudes attack the local airbase and what I did was make a shit ton of rc planes that carried explosives to swarm the air base and knock out the fighters and bombers there. Idunno could work irl, I'm sure that some military force has tried that in the past somewhere.


1. Get lots of drone parts in bulk identical to ones used in attack.
2. Recovery results in being tracked. No recovery results in delay.
3. RC planes can't carry much.


Iron dome missiles are expensive, so all you need to do is fire lots of cheap decoys until they run out of missiles. Then fire your rockets with real warheads.


Can someone redpill me ,are Gaza rockets any useful?


There's not much to hypothesize about, more rockets is the best advice one can give.

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