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/AKM/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war.

"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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File: 1647481262238.jpg (249.59 KB, 941x1024, 1647479627688m.jpg)


are you ready comrades? there is a revolution coming in Canada


File: 1647491614600.jpg (2.84 MB, 4658x1525, little buddy.jpg)

inshallah brother
t. quebecer


beauty LMG, what did you use to attach the light and foregrip? 3D printed parts?


this thread kinda glows why are you posting your own arsenal?


File: 1647551740409.jpg (2.91 MB, 4889x1377, side view.jpg)

just used a cheap barrel clamp and foregrip from aliexpress

>why are you posting guns on the gun board


>>>abridged capital
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>democratic socialism
beautiful SKS. debating between one and a 3rd gen type 97
more norinco kino?


we have bigger shit at hand, like this damn ban. they have no choice but to extend the amnesty while all this court shit I don't understand has to be contested by the CCFR. goddamn, it sucks that some of the most right wing groups in this country are the ones I have to rely on and they don't even have an obligation to give regular updates, let alone succeed. I am praying to God the rightoids in AB create some kind of sanctuary so people who live here can continue to use their cool pews, along with anyone who wants to store and shoot them here. there's just no fucking feasible way you are going to get 80k+ AR-15's alone across this giant landmass, especially with the royal canadian horsefuckers in charge.


if you are only getting one go for the type 97 but if you can find cheap sks's get three


tell me about, it i put in my order for an atrs upper and lower a week before the shooting, now i have a grand worth of useless gun parts kicking around my house


fuck I am coping so hard sitting on a shit ton of parts. I think I am just going to legally sell these to a relative in the US if it comes to it. I'd rather use them once a year on vacation than give the horsefuckers even one spring


just build it anon
the rcmp isn't going to know


>there is a revolution coming in Canada
Wait, what are you leafs doing now


File: 1647715422641.jpg (3.41 MB, 4032x3024, gat.jpg)

trying to convince the most coddled leftists in the world that their police protected "protest" marches and a handful of indigenous ceo's won't change anything.

>has family in the states
>doesn't just buy an upper and 80% lower on a family visit


Just be prepared for some shit on April 30th.


i'm jelly


Hi jelly, I'm dad!


came across this, don’t know much else about it though
the website isn’t secure so i wouldn’t bother using the online order form, but they do have a phone number


oh, they use paypal


Is it true Canada has all its rifles have scopes in the military?


Yes! It's called the C79, and it's like an ACOG with lower magnification but twice as much eye relief for maximum comfy.


Thanks m8


why the FUCK did they ban the AK, i know it was even earlier than the AR ban


The ban is a spook, especially after The Honkening. They delayed it another 16 months because they know that if they try to seize guns right now then there won't be anyone left to bury the cops. It's going to keep getting delayed until the end of time because Parliament is afraid of the situation that exists in NY where literally nobody complied with the assault weapons laws.

AKs aren't allowed because they're the bad guy weapon in movies that the current administration watched when they were kids. Weird shitty Chinese bullpups are allowed because nobody's seen them in a movie yet.


are they really that bad


the bullpups, that is


File: 1647840867345-0.jpg (443.69 KB, 2840x1578, type 97 chart.jpg)

File: 1647840867345-1.jpg (6.19 KB, 334x151, type 97.jpg)

No they are actually pretty based. The newer gen (of the norinco type 97) is a really solid rifle, it's shorter than an AR of similar barrel length, lighter, it has less recoil iirc, and most of the problems the previous gens had are solved, the trigger is less terrible although not super responsive still, like most bullpups, it has a decent rail system, it even has an adjustable gasblock that can be used with blanks or rifle grenades. The only real issue is that it has a terrible safety. The safety has been fixed now on the new gen of the Chinese military version so perhaps the next gen of the type 97 Canadian export rifle will have a fixed safety. Best of all the rifle itself is veeeery cheap by canadian standards, possibly the cheapest 5.56 NATO semi auto rifle in Canada. It goes for about 1000 CAD last I checked


It's SHIT.
Nah, it's alright, but heavy af for what it is, ugly, and the OS4x from the same company used by the Brits is better.


whats happening April 30th?


a partial solar eclipse in the southeastern pacific, apparently


>30 rounds (+1 in chamber)
safely ignore that


my belife is how prominently they featured in the oka crisis, one of the last protests with any teeth against status quo liberalism in canada, it was if nothing else a symbolic declawing of meaningful resistance.


when and how was it banned though. firearms regulation is extremely shady here. there can be orders by the government that don’t need parliamentary approval and occasional bills in parliament. so how was it banned specifically


ok so it was the Prohibited Weapons Order No. 13 in effect January 1, 1995 which was consolidated with other prohibitions/regulations in 1998 and then again in 2020
could have been motivated by the Oka Crisis and rising indigenous and ecological movements


File: 1648167318398.jpg (103.25 KB, 1080x1080, 1630158197614.jpg)

I see your reddit post you motherfucker


this website is ded, sorry bru


Canadanons, what do you guys think about the Communist party of Canada, I have no knowledge of it at all and wanted to know if they're genuine communists or eurocoms/socdems


They're socdems. CPC hasn't been actually communist in my lifetime.


How do you fellow PAL and RPAL chads reconcile your stance on guns with the lefties in your life and in public? I basically say nothing about it, while secretly being an opportunistic member of some gun rights groups.


I'm open about it, because I hate that such a large part of Quebecer culture is being disarmed.

Canada is a lot like a small western European country in the sense that we're a satellite state that's unlikely to ever be invaded directly. Because of this the government hates the idea of civilians having guns because, with no foreign powers to fight, they know that they're the only ones that armed citizens will fight.

So I say fuck it, tell people about guns. Take your wife or girlfriend or tinder date or whatever to the shooting range. People here are only afraid of guns because they don't come into contact with them.


File: 1649706051963.png (214.04 KB, 727x709, copsareheroslol.PNG)

this >>1554
the contradictions in capitalism are your friend here, most of my friends and family have been moved(at least stance wise) both left and towards seeing the benefits of firearms, ironically the ones i know who are still opposed are those who believe in free markets, but the first and biggest step towards de-spooking guns is to get them to shoot one, have them aim at a target and miss, let them realize for themselves that this isn't like in a video game, make it fun but treat the event with due seriousness.


palestinians had AKs, provos had ARs to the teeth
where are they now with their big dick rifles
gun control has nothing to do with taking down an insurgency


>>1654 lol their "dig dick rifles" are the only reason that the uk government took them seriously, disarming the IRA was the main goal of peace talks in the 90s, now without arms they are a toothless tiger.
and when did the Palestinians stop fighting? this is news to me.
i know legislating gun control doesn't take down an insurgency, but disarming a population in peace times is an effective way of preventing/hampering future uprisings,




they were a toothless tiger from the start. thatcher had zero problem starving them in a prison for all to see because she knew how materially powerless they really were
did the basic facts short-circuit your brain?


I'm actually thinking of researching mental illness in relation to gun violence as a med student just to show people that it's not the damn gun. fuck, I plan on marrying a burger just so I can get that citizenship and that sweet tax stamp for a can.


Based lol. you can just make your own can illegally tho and use it as a flower vase or whatever if you need to hide it. I have seen some that are just as quiet as commercial cans so you can have a literally silent rifle with a bolt action 22 with susonics and ur can and it will hit and kill (your animals) within 200 yards iirc.


i have a family member that brings up "gun facts" they learned in poly-sci back in thcci e 80s, like "households with guns are more likely to have gun deaths" like yeah and houses with bathtubs are more likely to have people die of drownings. they are terminally fukuyama brained and unable to imagine any reason to weigh the short term benefits of saving an exrta hundred or so people a year with the long term implications of consolidating power in a governing body that changes hands every couple years.

i have found that with a 26" barrel cci quiet .22 are noticeably quieter than my pellet gun, great for small game hunting in places where you don't want to upset the neighbors, but i wouldn't try using it at 200 yards as it drops of hard after 50y like 1 foot at 80 and 2 feet at 100


>terminally fukuyama brained
stealing that one


>SU-16F out of stock everywhere

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