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"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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File: 1650420308099.jpg (15 KB, 274x400, s-l400.jpg)


So fascists are becoming reckless in my city and although I'm now terminally online enough to not get in those stupid fights anymore they since recently keep doing those retarded flash attacks on places leftists have. My old father sometimes does the dude at the counter ready to receive anyone in an anarchist library which was attacked like two days ago and there's no way I'm letting him keep doing that without any protection so I'm getting him weapons, but legal and non lethal. Since the fucks attacking come in between 5 and 20 people I want to get him a big ass pepper spray but the legal limit is 100ml here.

So is it sufficient to push away a cowardly rightist gang probably drunk? Are there any tricks to deter relatively big groups of retarded people without hurting anyone too much for a smart average joe using non lethal and legal weapon?

Also thread to discuss those weapons I guess.


best thing is to keep them out
pepper spraying maybe as a last resort if they get extra ape-y and try to break in


If you pepper spray a gang of fashists, they might pull guns on you. It's best to physically secure the building. If they still cause trouble, try to come up with an excuse to use lethal force and that will put an end to the fashist gang problem in your city.


We don't know if this guy is a burger or not. Maybe pepper spray is the strongest stuff available in his country.

Why don't you just wait for them and then jump them with more guys?


I mean they're rolling pretty deep themselves if you're saying they sometimes show up with 20 guys. Do you know where they congregate. Get a bunch of dudes and go jump them there probably would be most logistical. Better yet just jump them individually when they're alone if you can get that kind of intel.


Anyways I've never been in such a situation. Honestly if it's me I'd be putting people in the grave. It's the safest bet. Dead men tell no tales. He who is never found will be missing forever.


Dear god, do not get yourself or anyone else killed here. The police will be all up in your ass and you will damage the movement’s credibility, along with possibly ending your and your father’s life:


>when you kill your enemies they win
Go to the police if that's an option. If it's not don't take half measures.


I say it's better to invest in either bulletproof or stab proof armour depending what type of weapons they likely habe. With that many people it's better to just block entrances, cover your back from attacks and have an escape route because you never know if they will try and torch the place or something so you need a way out.


File: 1650543017362.png (2.95 MB, 1200x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

i think laser schizo has it in the right for this: a 5W laser hooked up to one of these


That plus some absolutely deafening sound (?)


Country is west European. Police is on their side now and they exchange information but they pull guns it becomes another story; because although I somewhat respect the discipline of the average active right winger to go the gym compared to anarcho hippies or somebody like me they really can't organize for shit and aren't in any position to just murder people with guns. Like I said it's more like a retarded drunk mob thing. I'm just afraid those shit flash attacks will eventually end up with people hurt badly or dead, and leftists can't exactly organize rapid response teams or something like that here even if I'd put a lot of bets on the local antifa collecting intel and preparing a big and violent response to put fear in those fucks.

Anyway tomorrow I shall receive a fat gel teargas sprayer and after a test/training I'll give it to the library my father works on so they can respond in case of an attack.


More likely to attract attention that way. In some cases good, in others bad.
Also: >>1714
> Like I said it's more like a retarded drunk mob thing.
You could make teagas smoke grenades.


this is a video literally everyone on this board should watch, smoke is a useful thing to produce



Just thought of best deterrent but only if it were legal and properly and relatively safely made (would require high voltage expertise) and operated. A microwave energy weapon like those used in crowd control just a bit weaker maybe. Basically it can be hidden and turned on discretely and they are drunk so they wont know what's going on just realize they feel uncomfortable and will want to go somewhere else. Though a few ways it can go wrong if they have a lighter in their pocket in theory it could ignite the lighter fuel so youd want to avoid aiming waist side just aim more for the face where it's secretly set up and concealed but this also makes it improtant not to be overpowered so they arent permanently blinded or burned which will cause obvious legal troubles. Could have a remote switch to turn it on and an aluminium mesh wall to stand behind to be shielded from the microwaves. Also obviously cant be used in combination with pepper spray which likely cause severe burns and possibly ignite from the propelant by my guess.

Safer option 2. Get subwoofers capable of playing infrasound and play a pure sine wave of 19hz at a safe but relatively high volume. It wont be heard (unless it's too loud) but will be felt in form of feelings of dread. Maybe have earplugs handy for added protection. Point is make them uncomfortable and not know why, not to permanently deafen them and your dad. This is actually the most passive method possible and least likely to cause retaliation if set up properly assuming if they dont respond to fear with more aggression.


Damn this was super interesting, coolest boomer.
I'm gonna make some of these, just have to find where to peacefully buy potassium nitrate.
But smoke bombs are extremely situational, particularly with a long fuse you have to light. If shit's going down rapidly it's not something really usable, although I'd see this in a defense of a building/position a relatively well organized group of defenders know well and the attackers not. No idea how to make it tear but then again doing that you better hope to have masks ready to go, and then it becomes even more situational and dependent on training and gear.


Check out his channel and probably generally download his shit before it eventually gets wiped by the tech giants.


>No idea how to make it tear
Spray pepperspray in the wax. The fact the wax is being turned to thick smoke means it's being just barely burned and then ejected by the black-powder like reaction of the KNO3 making high pressure gas that forces it out of the compound.
This means you'll get small amounts of unburned pepperspray in the smoke on the wax droplets that then rapidly disperses thanks to being aerosolized.


Yeah it's allegedly for educational purposes but the dude explains how to scale it up, matter of time before google realizes chemistry students have no business doing smoke bomb factories.


You gotta put a lot of pepper spray in it I imagine, maybe I'll do some tests when I end up fabricating those. And how long those smoke bombs are good to go btw? The mix of sugar / potassium nitrate I mean. Does it go bad or something? Or does the fuse not light up at some point?


Haven't done the pepperspray personally but have read it can get bad fast from people who have tried with different, other mixtures. Haven't tested for longevity. I mostly am interested in improvements in molotovs to make them into thermobarics.


Dual layer it with something explosive like gunpowder? Might as well just make a pipe bomb actually. Hypothetically in minecraft. Not that molotovs are legal either lol.


That's exactly how they work it seems. I was just guessing.

>A typical weapon consists of a container packed with a fuel substance, the center of which has a small conventional-explosive "scatter charge". Fuels are chosen on the basis of the exothermicity of their oxidation, ranging from powdered metals, such as aluminum or magnesium, to organic materials, possibly with a self-contained partial oxidant.


>it can get bad fast
Damn that sucks, fast how? I'd settle for a lower mix that'll stay good for a year or two tbh, making those looks fun but not something I'd do on a monthly basis. Besides if I end up successfully making those when make a batch and give them to some people I would like to put an expiration date, loosing time on a dud is stupid and dangerous


In terms of a small-scale one you can liquefy butane in a standard consumer freezer (boiling/condensation point 0C) and then mix it into gasoline and put it in a glass bottle with a screw lid and some PTFE tape around the screw. When it's brought back up to temperature, the butane is still kept liquid by pressure (partial pressure @20C = 1atm-ish) which is low enough to be contained by near any standard glass bottle but high enough and well-mixed in with fuel to atomize the gasoline.
>Damn that sucks, fast how?
i mean the people who tested them were made miserable by their own devices a lot faster than they anticipated. A lot of the oils vaporize more quickly than they expected and went further than the visible smoke cloud. I don't have any info on longevity for any of these.


Respect for the knowledge but not the thread to discuss molotovs, pipe bombs and thermobaric weapons, pretty sure those can be extremely lethal. Let's stay on devices that (are meant to) only superficially hurt people here, if you will.

>people who tested them were made miserable by their own devices a lot faster than they anticipated

So unless you make your smoke bomb and use it in the days after it goes bad? Not something you can keep stashed for defense then, I guess you can fabricate them just before a planned protest you know will turn into a riot. It could fuck up the organization of cops with a lot of them thrown at the same time for example.


No, I mean I don't have any info on the storage of them and you'll have to do that yourself. I guess I could try stashing some.
I mean they're more effective than you expect when you use them. I don't know the expiration date on such a composite. POtassium and wax likely won't go bad anytime soon if they're sealed alright, I would expect the main enemy would be the usual suspects of things like water. If you're worried about it you could probably bake your ingredients and cool them in a silica-lined chamber to dry them thoroughly, mix, seal, and store in a dry chamber.


Also there's a few ways to get potassium nitrate. There's ways to look up getting it from plants, it's a common stump remover, and in a pinch can be fabricated from potassium hydroxide and nitric acid (dangerous for the heat and sheer corrosiveness involved)


Are you allowed to have paintball guns in your country? Just freeze the paintballs and that shit will leave welts like you wouldn't believe. Frankly even possibly potentially lethal.


>If you come across a situation where you need to remove your gear, always exit the field first. Conclusion Therefore, a standard paintball gun can shoot between 240 to 280 FPS, which is between a range of 163 to 190mph. Some will go up to 300 to 400FPS, which is 200 to 270mph

So 400 FPS plus frozen paintballs or marbles or something will probably start breaking bones at a certain point.


Here is marbles tearing up a phonebook.


makes me kind of wonder what sabotted ammo would do


>bake your ingredients and cool them in a silica-lined chamber to dry them thoroughly, mix, seal, and store in a dry chamber
I honestly have no idea of how that goes, and it's somewhat contradictory with what I understood, the tech ingredient dude precisely said you don't want to bake your sugar for example.

Thanks I can buy on the internet but I'd rather not, I'll ask up my friends involved in landscaping

Nice thought but impractical. You prepare something in advance far from your freezer and your balls won't be frozen. You want to react to a particular situation and you can't exactly tell the fucks assaulting you to wait until you grab your balls and put them in your rifle.


File: 1650604603757.png (919.43 KB, 1200x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

>Nice thought but impractical. You prepare something in advance far from your freezer and your balls won't be frozen. You want to react to a particular situation and you can't exactly tell the fucks assaulting you to wait until you grab your balls and put them in your rifle.
Marbles work too see:
Ball bearings might be best. No chance of shattering inside your gun.

Just find ones the same size as the intended paintballs for your gun.


File: 1650604756799.png (112.37 KB, 963x640, ClipboardImage.png)

You could do all this with a simple wrist rocket as well but a paintball gun obviously has a higher rate of fire and is easier to aim.


So basically you take the most legally powerful paintball gun and load it with hard balls like marbles. Pretty sure that's illegal in my country but I'll look it up, probably can be excused in case of defense.


let me re-check.
baking is either a really good or really bad thing in a lot of chemistry for longevity and i haven't watched this vid all the way through in a while


I don't know about your country but I'm pretty sure any injurious device will be "assault with a deadly weapon" just the same. I dunno about the bombs either if that would hurt a self-defense charge that you're using homemade explosives. Definitely read up on the laws and the outcomes of related cases in your country.


Don't be stupid. That will just be illegal from sounds of where OP is. You can get rubber balls specifically made for that use that act as a non lethal. There also are pepper balls which are paint balls filled with pepper spray like material so you can shoot people further away aiming for their chest.


So I'm OP and the really big problem is that the cops and the fascists who do the attacks are extremely close. Even though there is a somewhat independent justice and a few lawyers among us, pigs have been and could charge people who defend themselves illegally, hence the need to walk this fine line of legality when using violence in self defense.
Like if you're a random dude who kill an intruder in your house with a rifle you possess illegally they'll most likely will let you go, but if you're a radical leftist who broke a fascist arm because him and tens of his friends jumped you it's not gonna go very well for you in case you end up at the precinct.


You really should consider the infrasound trick mentioned a few posts ago. It very likely has no legal limitation plus you're basically just purchasing a nice sound system you can play music with when it's not used as a subtle deterrent. No guarantee it will work though but worth a shot.


> a few lawyers among us
uhh talk to them.

Here's a ready made one of those sound devices.

You should figure out what ready made stuff is out there for you to buy in your country.

But yeah talk to the lawyers about what you can do legally. Maybe take video evidence of the harassment. I don't imagine it can look good for them if they are coming to your place multiple times and harassing you.


It's interesting but impractical. Cost too much, would get stolen, needs activation at the good time etc.
>uhh talk to them.
I'm not talking to anyone, yet. I'm researching what's possible and practical by having a nice discussion with anonymous comrades. Btw like I said, I had my share of fights and I don't hang out with leftists anymore, just want to protect my father who does and learn stuff on the side.


That's different from what I was talking about in two posts to OP. Seems that device is for causing ear pain which may cause them to be aggravated in retaliation and know all they have to do is come back with ear protection. Infrasound cant be heard by human ears but is felt in the body producing feelings of uneasiness or blurred vision even so they will have no idea what's going on. So while both sonic the strategy is totally different.


Stick a baguette up their ass France bro


I just tried your infrasound thing. I can definitely still hear the speakers just more softly. Plus it's going to resonate stuff and you can hear that. Also bass waves don't just travel in one direction. When they hit stuff and vibrate them it's going to vibrate things behind the speaker as well. Honestly it just sounds like someone blasting their woofer. I dunno if I was outside and you had some kind of amazing sound isolation under the woofers to keep them from vibrating the surface they are resting on. I think it's just going to sound like a loud ass woofer lol.


Oh yeah and it's going to disturb the neighborhood more than an airhorn probably. You know when a car drives by and you only hear the woofer? Lol.


If you don't have good enough of subwoofers I think they incorrectly shift the frequency but Im not sure since Im no audiophile. You also can perceive infrasound if its played louder than it should be played at. Im not sure the exact mechanics, I just know it causes people to feel uncomfortable.


In some European countries you can own legally own and carry guns that can only shoot blanks you can load them up with tear gas ammunition they are loud as fuck can create alot of confusion and disperse a crowd but if you want to use tear gas in doors you should really be careful if you don't see enough anymore to get out it is absolutely possible to suffocate


yeah never mind on the baking thing. I haven't got a whole lot of storage and long term stability info on it. I think in general checking on stocks once a year probably would be fine but any and all home chemistry really should be considered a short-term thing.


Also, you could probably get a few of those very bright pulsating flashlights. Strobes and the like. If you're willing to put up with it you could go as far as having them wired up permanently, just decoration strobes that get hung from the ceiling behind the counter or the like


Can you put up an electric fence or electrify the doors?


There is sometimes laws against civilians putting up "man traps"


have a friend follow them all home and then get your mates to steal and wreck their cars and possibly homes or just get comprimising and embarassing footage of their actions and fash shot and dox them to their boss, friends, family, neighbors etc.


Oh shit why didnt I think of this before. Since they do this when drunk what if you just use footage of them and show it to people that sell alcohol and see if you can get them to deny them service?

Have you also considered filing a restraining order? They cost money to file sometimes so any favoritism cops may have may go away.


Got me, don't forget to listen to good music on your way of killing yourself


OP what did you wind up doing?


you are full of shit or delusional. stop looking for a fight you freak.


File: 1659564352953-0.png (1.7 MB, 1000x750, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1659564352953-1.png (1.16 MB, 720x960, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1659564352953-2.png (97.59 KB, 425x354, ClipboardImage.png)


bold of you to assume the moment you threat with non lethal violence they won't resort to lethal violence and then make a day with a case of how it was a "patriot exercising self defense against those antifa terrorists"

What you want is a "handheld struggle ender"
or like we like to call it down here a "farm knife" but what we're thinking is "cuchillo saca tripas" (gutting knife)

heard you can get a couple used ones on ebay and shit.
if you know how to hit a gut shot fight's over before anyone knows because what you're doing is quite literally hooking someone's innards inside out.

heard you can get one at mexican "hood" stores
but if you can't find one cus they are a bit difficult to come by (which is why i'm forging mine)
you can just go for the "csgo kiddie" version the karambit which i'm convinced you can get quite literally anywhere.
not even half as devastating but you can get a couple good cuts to come out on top anyway.


File: 1712612688679.png (942.58 KB, 1280x817, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1712615435472.png (113.49 KB, 1194x623, 78nq6q49f9r41.png)

NaNO3 is sometimes easier to get than KNO3 and you can turn the former into the latter using metathesis with KCl from low sodium salt
https://www.pyrogarage.pl/ sells KNO3 in Europe
t. /chem/ on >>>/edu/
also may I suggest picrel but with a not too sharp wooden tip

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