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/AKM/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war.

"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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Hey /AKM/, what do you think of my new neck knife?


ywnbaw(don't shit up edu)(/alt/*)


'mirin the leanness
>t. fat


moistcritical lurks on leftypol?


Good, I am not trying to be.
Thanks my guy


Buildup some fat there bud

Any bullet colliding with that stomach of your will immediately penetrate through your skin fat and finally muscle tissue right through smooth muscles and into your vital organs when your that fucking skinny

You don’t have to be buff you don’t have to be obese, just have enough fat to resist the immediate impulse felt from a collision


do you know how bullets work anon?
Most bullets are gonna pass right through your body and leave an exit wound. idk how fat plays into this but the last thing you want is a bullet getting caught in your tissue. Overpen where the bullet stays intact and doesn't tumble and slides right through and keeps going without transfering most of it's energy or leaving a large cavity is relatively common without body armour and certain relatively solid rounds and would be less damaging


Why the fuck would you prefer having a bullet pass through your circulatory system and leave an open vessel that’s ripe for internal bleeding than just having the shit disslodged in your body where it can at most all it can do is build up BP overtime


🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 very nice
also the knife


Because you are going to heammorage blood either way and need to plug that shit, preferably with gauze or something similar. If the bullet doesn't leave an exit wound then it means that it has expended all of it's energy inside the body and likely expanded or fragmented or yawed before coming to a stop within the body. This means a larger permanent cavity than if it passes right through smoothly and keeps going, where the permanent cavity may be about the size of the bullet's diametre.


Reminds me of this weird anarchist dude I knew who would wear this little Jennings .22 pistol on a hemp rope around his neck sometimes in my open-carry state. He said he did it so anyone he talked to could quickly kill him and vice versa and thus eliminated the imbalance of coercion in any given conversion and everyone he talked to would be equal to him as such. I think he really wore it to be an edgelord but he said it cooler than I paraphrased it.


Fucking anarchists man


You're hot. Nice knife btw.


humblebrag thread


I was considering learning martial arts since guns for self defence are illegal in my cunt but I reckon a knife would do the trick, thoughts?




Can I suck your dick?


dfkgjdflkgdfkgdf holy shit pls top me


I have a dagger-like one with a T- shape. A lot smaller but equally as stabby and probably easier to use. Can't show it as I gave it to my sister for rape prevention.
Fun fact: I procured a similar one for a british gang member that I met in an institution. In minecraft, of course.

Also i wanna put my head on your tummy aaah kill me

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