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"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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Gonna start a thread on this since I just found something cool I want to share, will post it as a reply.


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Original post:

>Wanted to share my year-long project: a homemade fusion monocular. Uses a ULIS Nano384 (384x288 thermal camera) and a Litton M891 tube (gen 3, pvs-7 format, maybe 1300FOM?).

>As you might expect;
>-Non inverting tubes suck to make monoculars from
>-This thing is super heavy
>-Thermal fusion is awesome no matter how badly it's done
>Forums like this, content and advice from people like Nick Chen, and the general trend of increasing night vision use inspired this. I'm definitely going to make a more practical version of this, but let my pain be a reminder that night vision isn't only an expensive product (This only cost ~$3000CAD!!) - it's something that can be modified, experimented with, fixed, and redesigned.
>I give a bit of a more detailed breakdown here: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/thermal-imaging/custom-multispectral-fusion-monocular-project-overview/
>Also, shoutout to Rhys Dunnill Jones at https://www.borealdefence.com/ for the custom DNC helmet cover. It works great!
Note: Market NVGs of this generation cost ~$40,000

Original thread:

Unfortunately after reading closer he will be selling the files but if they surface I'll post a copy here
I'll be posting other designs though because I've noticed a few people trying to build NVGs


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Bumping for interest. Have you seen the army's ARG thing? I have some interesting stuff including a diy holographic site with digital display and ammo counter that I will post eventually.



ok this is very cool.


not cool

>size of a brick and head mounted


Very cool project though. Any possiblity of mounting it to a rover or something and piping the video feed to a tablet or light VR glasses?


interested in this


Very cool. Seems unnecesarilly large and complicated to me. Couldn't you instead do digital night vision and infrared cameras stacked on top of each other and run that through a digital screen hooked up to two monoculars or a binocular piece? Like you would with a digital holo. No magnification or use some kind of low zoom adjustable magnifier built into the eyepiece. Maximum POV, Same principle as with ARG. Could blend and process the camera feeds into something natural looking with a stripped down mini computer like a raspberry pi or something. Probably could get it just as portable as military produced infrared/nvg combo optics. From there you could add modules for networking and other sensory capabilities. Encrypted radio, toggleable journal text, highlight squadmates. Depending how advanced your processors and programming is, you could run a script to highlight detected human heat signatures, beacons based on gps coordinates, etc.


Tips on buying thermal optics and shielding myself from them? Is it even possible?


go to /k/
go to /nvg/
you are problems is solved


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This thread is talking about optics and vision. Lets sneak in some AI.

Computer Vision Algorithms can Recognize Camo.

It is trained on civilian vs military vehicles.

We have very light Persistent Monitoring & ISR.
My theory is ISR gets integrated into every vehicle should it ever get cheap and the data stream manageable as most won't leave RAM.


Good idea.
>We have very light Persistent Monitoring & ISR.
>My theory is ISR gets integrated into every vehicle should it ever get cheap and the data stream manageable as most won't leave RAM.
ISR? And what do you mean light? Like low level monitoring and lightweight resources or weight wise? Do you mean trackers that keep tabs on friendly vehicles for battle space management or do you mean have optics and brains running detection programs in every vehicle for ID and targeting? Beaming that back to a central location?


Shielding from thermal wise you just need some kind of barrier between you and the sensor. A space blanket works well because it insulates heat very well. Dirt or leaves or whatever work too though. Not sure what you would do clothing wise while you are on the move aside from try and avoid showing your silhouette conspicuously, same as with day time operations. But if you are In a trench or fighting position then cover your spot with something, Ive seen space blanket and fabric cover and leaves block IR from a drone completely. If you are sleeping in an unprotected shelter/bivouac wrap your whole self up in your bivvy sack or your sleeping bag if it's not too hot, and you can cover yourself in leaves or snow for camouflage and further heat signature isolating if you need it.


>Market NVGs of this generation cost ~$40,000
A PVS-14 + ECOTI is only like 10k


File: 1699238819286.png (1.86 MB, 2000x2000, guide to thermals.png)


File: 1700084486703.jpg (1.09 MB, 2056x1542, nvgs for poors.jpg)


File: 1700084829667-0.png (308.5 KB, 1383x4995, nvg training.png)

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