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Gonna start a thread on this since I just found something cool I want to share, will post it as a reply.


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Original post:

>Wanted to share my year-long project: a homemade fusion monocular. Uses a ULIS Nano384 (384x288 thermal camera) and a Litton M891 tube (gen 3, pvs-7 format, maybe 1300FOM?).

>As you might expect;
>-Non inverting tubes suck to make monoculars from
>-This thing is super heavy
>-Thermal fusion is awesome no matter how badly it's done
>Forums like this, content and advice from people like Nick Chen, and the general trend of increasing night vision use inspired this. I'm definitely going to make a more practical version of this, but let my pain be a reminder that night vision isn't only an expensive product (This only cost ~$3000CAD!!) - it's something that can be modified, experimented with, fixed, and redesigned.
>I give a bit of a more detailed breakdown here: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/thermal-imaging/custom-multispectral-fusion-monocular-project-overview/
>Also, shoutout to Rhys Dunnill Jones at https://www.borealdefence.com/ for the custom DNC helmet cover. It works great!
Note: Market NVGs of this generation cost ~$40,000

Original thread:

Unfortunately after reading closer he will be selling the files but if they surface I'll post a copy here
I'll be posting other designs though because I've noticed a few people trying to build NVGs


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Bumping for interest. Have you seen the army's ARG thing? I have some interesting stuff including a diy holographic site with digital display and ammo counter that I will post eventually.



ok this is very cool.


not cool

>size of a brick and head mounted


Very cool project though. Any possiblity of mounting it to a rover or something and piping the video feed to a tablet or light VR glasses?

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