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"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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I was talking about spikestrips in another thread. Never looked them up before but it seems they are illegal in Texas and probably other states. Of course setting them up on a public road would be highly illegal regardless. So best bet to not get caught would be to set it up with no hope of recovery, but they're kind of expensive for that purpose.

So what would be a more cost effective DIY spikestrip? Maybe slicking the road although that might take a lot of oil. I guess a couple large nails in a 2x4 could potentially do the job although it would probably get smashed after a single car drives over it. Maybe putting screws through a metal pipe would work better.


They are illegal if they are hidden or not extremely conspicuous. Otherwise It falls into a category almost like booby traps like how it's frowned upon to hang fish-hooks at eye level in the woods around your property but a razor wired fence is fine. High security places use spike stripes all the time but have to put up a sign.

Which, defeats the purpose of using them to secure your rural cabin when you're gone but idk.


How you think this will go:
>I made this really durable spike strip and I'm gonna do a heckin domestic terrorism, dumb pigs are gonna drive right over it one after another
How this will likely go:
>one guy accidentally drives over your redneck spike strip because they're texting and driving, maybe the guy behind him
>it's quickly pulled off the road and cameras are checked to see who put a spike strip down
How this will almost certainly go:
>get out of car
>pull out your redneck spike strip
>take too long because it's too long and bulky to fit in your car properly and it's a bitch to get out
>someone stops and asks what you're doing
>"y-you too"
>drive off with the hatchback of your minivan still open, tears streaming down your face


Who hurt you anon?


who are you quoting


My secret idea is just to buy a bunvh of nails and bend them and put them in a bag or jar so you can just toss a bunch on the road
See above too fast to get busted


You can easily weld nails or similar material together to make caltrops and with limited materials you could construct a disposable remotely detonated launcher to instantly cover a large stretch of ground and bury it or conceal it in debris or vegetation within range of a road.


Tell me more about your remotely detonated launcher.


How are these things effective at all if you just place them down on a road? Wouldn't they be very noticeable? If you notice on movies where a car is being chased and they use these to lose the pursuing car, those are very effective because they're deployed rapidly and onto a car that is only slightly behind you and driving fast, they'd have an extremely small window to dodge or even see them being deployed.

Now those are movies ofc but the reasoning behind their effectiveness would still apply irl, however I don't see how placing one on a road and have it wait passively for a car to drive over it would be very efficient.


>How are these things effective at all if you just place them down on a road?
they're not, OP wants to larp as le epic gorilla warfighter(flaming in /alt/)


For one you could rapidly deploy them, for two it blocks the road.

Back to reddit lib faggot.


Just got an idea. You could drill a hole into concrete and then hammer in a stake. Also depending on how tight the tolerance is, that could be extremely hard to get out(I know from personal experience)


Investigate mortars and roadside IEDs as well as canister shot. Investigate remote firing.
Investigate remote surveillance.
This is the future of guerilla warfare.


This video shows another technique, hammer nails in a hose.
Use drones to fly in front of cars and drop them.

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