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/AKM/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war.

"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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Weapons are often the subject of criminal law and of surveillance. There are many people in situations where it is within their, or our, interest to be armed, but being caught with a weapon would be incriminating.

Three of the solutions of this are:
>hiding the existence of the weapon (generally ineffective if they are aware you may possess weapons, could be effective if no-one is doing a thorough search)
>hiding the purpose of weapon (obfuscation: think of a walking cane with a weapon concealed within. Probably ineffective if they know what they are looking for or are doing a thorough search)
>plausible deniability: having a believable excuse for possessing the weapon, or its components, at least if not in extreme amounts ("I have ammonium nitrate to fertilize my plants", "I have potassium nitrate as stump remover and sugar as a cooking ingredient", "I have petroleum in plastic cans from when fuel prices skyrocketed", "I am legally allowed to own airsoft rifles for recreational purposes", "Vodka isn't illegal and nor are old rags I need when painting.")

What are some plausibly deniable weapons? For the sake of slow board, it's fine to list highly-available typical protest weapons like Molotov cocktails (alcohol/petroleum are usually legal and unsuspicious when disassembled), laser beams and power-tools like nail guns, but I'm curious to see what the most useful weapons are that are completely unsuspicious when disassembled.

Example scenario: pigs know you are an organized radical anti-capitalist and find an excuse to do a general search, hoping to find drugs or unregistered guns or something. What, in it's disassembled form if necessary, could evade their suspicion?


>What, in it's disassembled form if necessary, could evade their suspicion?
A metal bike lock can fuck someone up, but you need to have a bike for someone to not question it
Baseball bat is good too. Keep some softballs and a glove in your car so you have plausible deniability
A pocket knife with a small blade, something where you can legally carry it around.

The problem you're gonna run into here is twofold. One, cops are smart and pretty good at figuring out if something is able to be quickly assembled and used as a weapon. Two, having the components of a weapon quickly available to assemble oftentimes can get you charged with conspiracy or intent to commit a crime. Having a bunch of nitric acid and hexamine tablets isn't going to look good if you're not a chemist/outdoorsman combo. Hell, a plastic auto sear is legally a machine gun even if you don't own a firearm to put it in.

Really though, if you're seriously considering maiming or killing someone as a political statement, then go big or go home because you're clearly past the point of caring about plausible deniability.


Good point, but that's where having a good lawyer would come in. Anti-capitalist or not, lawyers will still defend you if you cough up the cash.


Lawyers can only do so much, anon. If the cops bust down your door and you have a 3D printed suppressor and a yankee boogle sitting next to your 11.5" upper, you're gonna go to jail.


and this is why, leftypol, u gotta always store illegal things someplace you do not own, if possible. If it's very important to you, make sure to not track residues into your home or on your clothes if you cannot afford to get caught and you think you could be searched. There are levels to it though, and you should 100% try to learn what cops generally do for what crimes, and what departments would be involved in your crimes (e.g. local police, parole officer, state troopers, highway patrol, FBI, ATF, border patrol). If you want to find info/lit on this stuff, probably go check around militant eco anarchist spaces (Tor pls), since they're the ones in the west doing sketchy shit and trying to pass on knowledge to other activists.


Living in a rural area would allow you the legal excuse of needing a rifle as means of controlling feral animals.


TLDR: Feds mad about hand tools on concrete

"(U//FOUO) Concealed Weapons/Hand tools: … bring small hand tools—such as hammers, picks, or tire irons … to engage in violence … handheld weapons, breaching tools to break windows or pry open doors of vehicles and structures… tools to acquire sources of projected items. On 31 May, protesters in Washington, DC, stopped a violent opportunist who was damaging a sidewalk using hand tools… The production of debris in such a manner has been highlighted in anarchist extremists texts as a means to produce objects which could be thrown at law enforcement…"





Robert Evans Podcast of It Could Happen Here:

Lighter + Axe Body Spray = Fire


Oil filters have uses for interesting outcomes. Big and round with a hole through the center.


File: 1663351960331.png (1.22 MB, 1150x600, ClipboardImage.png)

you see the stuff this comrades of mine hold
If someone asks they are flags


File: 1663482554261.jpg (32.3 KB, 628x504, concern.jpg)

>Oil filters have uses for interesting outcomes.
<Big and round with a hole through the center.


VR Googles Means people are very comfortable objects next to their brains and eyes.

IEDs and Embedded Lasers in VR Googles. Drop it near racists.


Suppressor, not sex toy


These are literally my costudents

t. I was there too a few times. years ago.


very interesting idea
it's extremely easy to make a good suppressor by cnc milling a cylinder of aluminum and stuffing the holes with steel wool for baffles. There is also 3d printed suppressors now but I still need to research them before I can comment. They are probably the best option today, in fact the new line of rifles the American military is rolling out right now all come equipped with a 3d printed suppressor.

For an extemely low tech solution you can simply use a plastic (PET) water bottle from the recycling as a suppressor. In fact that is what the chechen seperatists used to great effect during the first battle of Grozyny. A plastic PET bottle taped to the barrel of a bolt action .22 rifle firing subsonic ammunition will be completely silent aside from noise made from crunching the bottle etc. You could even stick one to the end of a .22 pistol and if it doesn't cycle the action then no one in the room with you will hear it fire. Just the sound of a body hitting the floor if you don't catch it.



Dump massive buckets of HRT into the water supply of the Pentagon covertly.

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