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"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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hmmm today… i will post my favorite cat




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more cat


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The story of Iran's Tomcats is an absolutely baller one. Pre-revolution the Shah's regime basically helped fund Grumman and the US Navy's project in exchange for receiving an exceptional amount of training, planes, parts and the unique AIM-54 Phoenix. Post-revolution a lot of pilots and mechanics were thrown into jail first on suspicion of Shah sympathies, then brought out of jail when the Iran-Iraq war kicked off and basically had to fight against incredible odds as machines and weapons dwindled due to the sanctions. Oh yeah, and in the process they produced a few actual fighter aces whose kills have been confirmed on both sides. Real fucking top guns those guys, none of that "Maverick and Iceman" MURICA BS.

Source is "Iranian F-14 Tomcat Units in Combat" from Osprey Publishing.

Side note, Don't really like the colour scheme though, a standard 50/50 brown/beige is just fine for the desert, what're does random streaks of green doing


Iranians are chads, can't believe the crazy madlads still use F-14s. They must've got a lot of love for it for basically winning them air superiority against Iraq. Even now though the only thing they got that is superior are probably MiG-29s, though idk how many of those they got.


Iranian airforce is basically an aviation museum at this point. No one sells us anything and commanders don't really care about the importance of air superiority anyway.
About mig 29… well they are easier to maintain but they are all production variant without any upgrades


What about quantity? How many F-14s and MiG-29s do you guys have?


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It's meh


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Not necessarily tomcat


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Bell Model 216 Engineering Report Improved Attack Helicopter for Iran
from https://t.me/ahpics


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yay page2


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RF-4E tactical reconnaissance aircrafts
first pic captures the lunch of 3 sam-2 aa missiles


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