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/AKM/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war.

"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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if the thread gains some traction ill post some more ideas ive gathered over the years


This video has basic area denial devices for your home. They're not booby traps, so anybody can put them around their compound.


I mean the survey stakes aren't. The spike strip might be illegal.


1. Don't make it look like a compound
2. Lockheed Martin is making very good Ground Penetrating Radar as current gen stuff only goes 100 feet. They are using different parts of the Electromagnetic Frequency. I don't know exactly. I just trust that Ground Penetrating Radar will descend further. Be ready.
3. Everything you build must have a valid reason. That is for my pool construction gig. That livestock incinerator is for my farm. The ammo is for my hunting expedition.
4. Make sure that the value of attacking you costs a lot (be underground) but the value gained to the government is nothing (this is not the base of a operation, this is Mr. Boomers underground hole).
5. Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) swarms networked together are the future. When you only have to penetrate 1 guerrilla, you can send a team. When you have to go across the entire country, it is no longer viable.

The future is just all of Nevada, Eglin Air force Base, and something in Virginia being converted into a city of 100K People who spend 8 hours a day remote controlling a Geo-fenced murder drones loaded with sensors (Microphones, LIDAR, NVG, Thermal NVG), Weapons (Direct Energy Weapons, Guns, Bombs, and chemical gasses), and messaging systems (Projections, Speakers) from a compound. AI will conduct facial recognition with LiDar and FLIR Imagery. Social Media Analysis systems will conduct PSYOPS evaluation systems.


What a person could do

Growing food underground in dedicated rooms.

Assorted wells with monitoring.

Geothermal encased in concrete that does not go to the surface.

Wreck the rock (rely on water pressure as much as possible) and (spinning metal bits you will go through fast)
Remove the rock (belts)
Deposit the rock legally (the hard part)

Backhoes can dig down 14 ft only. This is still alot.
Bobcatts equipped with tunneling devices would be neat.

Any defended structure will probably break laws.

Don't get started on this until 100% of your web traffic goes through a VPN or Tor.


How a state would attack bunkers:

1. Bunker busters that descend to 1000 ft underground.
Therefore, make it political suicide to strike by being next to a church, a school?

2. Human canga lines of raids.
What people get wrong about raids is you don't defend it. The better you defend it, the more that is sent your way.

3. Remote controlled battle droid swarms
These are resistant to gasses, cost less to raise, can be made in bulk, have smaller hit boxes, are great at aiming, and are totally fine going on suicide missions.

4. Degrade a bunker
Food: Wait, diseases?
Water: Chemical weapons, diseases?
Sewage: Block access?
Energy: Destroy all solar panels within your property.
People: All movers within 1km are logged and categorized.
Known people get logged.
People who go to far get attacked.
People have to give justifications.


Outcomes of all of the above posts:

Fun sized bunkers made across the entire country by lone individuals of all political parties makes it impossible to decide which one to strike.

Everyone on the planet must be able to quickly make
Mining Machines: Spinning metal and high pressure water on a contraption that moves
Material Removal Machines: Belt systems that are long and can go at any angle.
Deep Borehole Geothermal power for electricity generation: Everyone must be able to both dig the hole and operate the hole.
Pool Concrete/Concrete systems for operation

An AWCY Mining Machine, Mining belt, Geothermal Power, and more…


How hard do I have to worry about my safety after posting this.
I am just brainstorming.
Tor nodes are banned on leftypol last I checked.


no theyre not? i can access leftypol thru onionland just fine unless ur referring to something else


My bad


no worries, comrade


This guy's tunnel is interesting and it's something you can DIY.

Who are you defending against? If it's a gang, you can probably fortify your compound against them. If it's the state, forget about trying to stop them. It's probably best to dig an underground escape route that doubles as a bunker.

Also make sure people can't throw grenades down your ventilation shafts. They built grenade traps in WW2 bunkers.

There's no problem using Tor. If you can't post, use the leftypol onion site.


About me and the onion site, I just did not open tor in a few months. I did not know about the onion site.
I watched that guys series.
1. He had no automation such as a way to move the jack hammer up and down. The jackhammer was held by his weight alone.
2. He had no conveyor system for rock removal. He has carts that are better for bends but require certain specific planning.
3. He did not compliment his jack hammer system with high pressure water sprayed in a few jets.
4. He mentioned that his neighbors heard him early on. He did not have a small business to justify it.
5. He did not have a circus tent or some "goofy" project to hide tunnel specific equipment like the cement truck that came to his property.

Not complaining, I am very happy to hear about progress and methods.


6. He posted a YouTube video of it.
7. He got planning permission.

It's a small tunnel for his backyard, automation is overkill for such a small job. He should have built it at the same time as the bunker and used cut and cover, like he did for the bunker.

Is it too shallow? If you're building a home defense bunker, would digging deeper actually improve defensiveness more than the cost.


peak autism
peak comfi


On your 7: I am aware that he got permission for the tunnel after it was completed. He could not record the inspector.

On automation as overkill: For 1 person making 1 tunnel, it is overkill. For many people making many tunnels, 1 person publishing schematics on Odysee would make sense.

On your statements about depth cost relation: You are right, tunneling won't pay off.


u guys can learn a ton about base building meta from the game rust, widegap peaks, roof peaks, inner peaks, optimal turret locations, jump down traps, honeycomb, etc. all this stuff is applicable to real life to


How much would something like this cost to get installed? https://www.atlassurvivalshelters.com/round-culvert/


File: 1663657494171.png (1.42 MB, 1769x1195, ClipboardImage.png)

"If you have to ask, you can't afford it" -Cynical Bob

Issues with that shelter:
1. You can't move pallets into this shelter. The Proletariat will be in need of logistics. That does not just mean enough for oneself, but enough for allies. It might be handy for these pallets to be underground.
2. Can pallets fit through all doors?

1. You already know it. Tested, tried, and true.
2. Smooth brain Excel Munchers such as ourselves can't guarantee the safety of our structures to guests.


>Fun sized bunkers made across the entire country by lone individuals of all political parties makes it impossible to decide which one to strike.

Maj i Enver Hoxhës Jeto përgjithmonë!



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