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/AKM/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war.

"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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>Do you feel better knowing that with only a microwave, a stick, and a soup can, anyone can turn your mobile phone into a grenade?

>Their radioactive death-ray gun works on more than just cellphones. Most humans will be able to escape before it bakes them or gives them leukemia, but it has a tendency to quickly detonate gadgets. They've tested it on a number of electronics, no doubt left by their neighbors as they fled from a series of unexplainable explosions.

>Microwave weapons, also known as high energy radio frequency weapons, are not as uncommon as one might think and desperately hope. Besides entertaining mad Ukrainians in their backyard, they're used to disrupt or destroy digital equipment. It's as simple as aiming a beam at the thing you want to fry. It's also important to remember that energy like this doesn't necessarily need a clear line of sight. It can, for example, work through a wall or even a floor with enough power. So, if you've got 10 minutes and know exactly where your annoying neighbor's stereo is …


I understand the temptation to solve problems with high energy death rays, but you could ask your neighbor nicely to turn it down a little, or talk them into buying headphones. People also have found ways to make things go boom that don't require plugging into a electricity outlet and aiming for battery packs.


fucking meds


>A magnetron gun, normally built from components from an ordinary microwave oven, are more than likely illegal. The FCC regulates EM emissions such as radio, TV and yes, microwaves.

>There are relatively few purposes for a magnetron gun, except to heat something, at a distance, transmit Morse code or other coded signal, or disrupt electronics, such as those found on drones. In fact, a magnetron gun will disrupt some of the electronic systems in a drone, especially the GPS guidance system.

>The problem with using these, is when the microwaves overshoot the intended target, they continue on and may strike other unintended targets, such as aircraft, birds, or even passing satellites, causing safety problems.

>Now, in order to “narrow and strengthen” the beam, you need to adjust both the diameter and length of the metal tube. Think of a shotgun, pushing many pellets out from the end of the barrel. If you want a greater concentration of pellets, you “choke” the end of the barrel slightly, to bring them together. This example is an oversimplification, but it should get the point across. A tube shaped like a flare or cone would disperse the microwaves in a wider pattern, but with less specific intensity.

>Also remember that microwaves are in fact “waves.” So the length of the tube should be tuned (shortened or lengthened” for optimum wave correlation strength. This would require some kind of instrumentation to measure the microwave field intensity at the desired distance from the gun. A tight fitting, telescopic metal tube can be used to “tune” the gun with.


>Yes. A magnetron can generate plasma. I've watched a video where a man took one from a microwave. Connected it to a linear induction motor. Created plasma and launched the plasma ball about 15 feet at high speeds. Basically the same way a railgun works, but with plasma instead.


Anybody can make this at home out of a microwave and a few other household items. Let that sink in. These things are unfathomably dangerous. And anyone could make them anywhere at any time.



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Kreosan are not hohols


"Hohol" is leftypol slang for anyone that doesn't like Russia


Shut up holhol

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