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/AKM/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war.

"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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Got any questions about guns, equipment or combat? Have some knowledge you can share? Ask and answer away


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why are AKs so beautiful?



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File: 1636670326883-1.jpg (32.45 KB, 600x600, ak 74 comparisons.jpg)

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Because they were made with love <3


what rifle is he holding at 0:23


Mosin-Nagant Model 1891/30 sniper variant


>assault rifle
>battle rifle
>sniper rifle
>designated marksman rifle
>standard-issue rifle
What's up with that?


>>assault rifle
Just a description for a select-fire rifle in an intermediate caliber.
>battle rifle
Same, but no select-fire required only semi-auto operation, but most have full-auto capabilities. This rifle is had in a full-size caliber. The NGSW is supposed to be one of these.
>sniper rifle
Any rifle belonging to the sniper section and designed for taking targets at a distance. Some of them are semi-auto like the M110, but most are bolt-actions like the M24 and the M2010. You can even have anti-materiel rifles like the Barret, even though it's technically less precise than the M110. Seriously, shit's like a 3MOA rifle.
>designated marksman rifle
Another accurized rifle. The EBR was the big thing a while back, but most of the time is just the accurized version of the regular rifle. This is a squad-level weapon. You don't need a section like a sniper section for it, and it is an individual weapon system. It is not worked in teams like the sniper rifles.
>standard-issue rifle
Whatever it is that you choose to make the standard. That could be a Mosin-Nagant, or it could be a G36. It depends.


The simplicity, consistent positioning and the wooden aesthetic.


I think they're ugly as fuck.


let me guess: you like aluminum/polymer modularshit and are also american


No. I like steel and wood, but the AK is an ugly bitch. My go to rifle is, obviously, what works best, though, and that's muh aluminum/polymer modularshit. My current favorite rifle is a CZ 500fs, which is now discontinued. By the way, AKs have had polymer on them since before you were born, so there's that too.


im getting a tikka t3x as soon as i can


I've always ignored military history when learning about history but now i feel like its necessary to begin to understand how weaponry actually works and how military tactics work these days.
Where should i begin?


Tldr on how different assault rifles work?
From your picture, i can see that the AK47 uses springs for the recoil. How do other rifles do it? What are the main rifle types?


this is p much the basic design behind most auto/semi-auto rifles, especially any well-known "assault rifle"


as for manual actions, most modern rifles just use bolt action


File: 1639621569823.png (106.65 KB, 750x424, ClipboardImage.png)

Can confirm. Held picrel for the first time today, and mother of god, what an absolute marvel of human engineering.


they look even better with all metal


It's polymer


I have a question about GDP.
If I understand correctly, GDP measures the "value" of all goods and services sold within (but not necessarily by) the relevant country's borders during any given year - as opposed to wealth, which measures the value of goods and services produced by (but not necessarily in) a given country. Doesn't this inherently make this biased against countries with central planning systems, where increasingly efficient planning methods are precisely supposed to lessen the amount of transactions (as in, the amount of times a given good changes hands)? I'm a total economylet so if there's anything I got wrong please lmk!


yes, GDP is a measure of the value created specifically in the market, so it's inherently biased against central planning and all that
also, wrong board


>>How accurate is this?


It was accurate for early models of the m16 and the akm or previous ak-47. Especially for use in a punishing environment like Vietnam. However modern ar-15 pattern rifles are of higher quality than modern kalishnikovs in most situations, imo.


The performance of Vietnam era M16s also suffered due to moronic practices instituted by Pentagon bureaucrats. The AR-15 has very close tolerances, the parts fit together very tightly with little empty space inside the rifle. That means it requires frequent cleaning, otherwise powder resideu will build up and cause malfunctions. It also has a direct impingement gas system, which means that gas from the round detonation is funneled directly against the bolt instead of pushing on a piston. This means that they tend to get dirty fairly quickly. Normally this isn't an issue if you are cleaning it regularly and properly (most armies train soldiers to clean their weapons at every opportunity), and the rifle has many great qualities when properly maintained. However Pentagon bean counters went full retard with the M16A1. They issued lower quality, dirtier ammunition than the rifles were designed for, and also told troops that they were self-cleaning. They basically did the two things that are guaranteed to fuck up an AR: make them get dirtier and tell soldiers not to clean them. When properly maintained and fed decent quality ammo, the AR is debatably superior to the AK. For example they're usually lighter, more accurate (though idk how this varies between 7.62 and 5.45 AKs) and are more tightly sealed against the elements. AK's by comparison are lower maintenance and less sensitive to foreign materials, but also less able to keep such materials out.


File: 1640122417611.png (237.53 KB, 2626x1460, download.png)

The US Army Ordnance Corps and their cronies in high command are the culprits behind the M16 nonsense. This is the probably the best article I've seen on the subject: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1981/06/m-16-a-bureaucratic-horror-story/545153/
Another example of capital interests screwing things up lmao


what's the better cartridge for a revolver: 22lr or 357 magnum


I think this question actually is worth its own thread, but I'm posting here since I literally don't know a single thing about guns so this probably will come off as incredibly moronic.

How viable is for a civilian to manufacture a clone of a commercially sold rifle nowadays? I don't mean a ghetto-rigged gun like you constantly see being confiscated in Brazil, Philipines and wherever else, I mean an actual copy of the real thing, assembled from parts made according to these blueprints. I figure the technology embedded in most guns doesn't go beyond making a metallic league and cutting it in specific shapes, so a civilian with access to metalworking tools might be able to make one, can't he? Of course, it would take ages, and no way in fuck this could be done in a scale large enough to arm even a tiny group, but this is beside the point, and the point is that, with enough effort, it would be possible for someone to have a rifle stashed away as absolute last resort even in a country with tight gun restrictions.

So, is this viable or not?


tooling the bolt could be pretty hard. it can be swiss clockwork levels of finicky


Depends entirely on what you're doing with it.


Don't bother trying to clone commercial. They are designs specifically tailored to mass-manufacturing methods like stampings.

There's designs that are made to be made at home that are perfectly servicable. Rifles are probably the hardest one to do but not impossible. The most difficult thing is the bolt and barrel. If you can get into 3d printing and metal castingor at least get something from a shop from one you can often make that work


are there any studies comparing manual action and self-loading rifles in any way


I don't know but the only thing I hear is that on a bolt-action the bolt is more predictable whereas in a semi-auto you get more variance between shots.


self-defense? gonna get both just to be safe though


I think we should create a thread dedicated to rioting and crowd control


you can make one


File: 1648062499814.png (1.62 MB, 960x720, ClipboardImage.png)

What's with random stamped bits on guns? Like the ridges on the dust cover, or the bits on the folding stock that have seemingly no use. Does it stop them bending/denting as easily or something like that?

Doesn't really warrant a full thread so general questions thread I guess




Its usually for internal parts, kind of like handrails in a bus, keeps them in place better. The extra rivets on the folding stock are because it's actually several connective parts to the stock to make sure it's steady and doesn't bend. The ridges on the dustcover conform to the general outline of the firing mechanism.


File: 1686613025298.jpg (283.36 KB, 1281x892, 308-2.jpg)

I was just gifted a 4½ kg (~180 rounds) box of 7.62 NATO by a relative. what do I do with them? as best I can tell it's 40 year old ammo some conscript kept. should run fine in a .308 rifle


>What's with random stamped bits on guns?


you would need to be a skilled machinist with a lot of equipment or 3d print it


just the fact that different parts have different levels of hardening is likely to be a problem. "just cnc it lol" is not enough


How do you think guns are usually made anon? Milled parts are usually favoured for their strength anyways


yes milling is used. my point is that blueprints are not enough. you also need to know what kinds of metals are used and their heat treating. you need to be able to test headspace. and many other things
>Milled parts are usually favoured for their strength anyways
ACKSHULLY cast or forged parts are preferred, that are then milled or turned to final dimensions. most of the time anyway
note that anon >>409 specified a clone of a commercial rifle, not say a gun that is designed to be made in a small shop


oh and also you need to be able to proof the barrel, unless you want it to explode in your face


Emptied propane tanks make good mortars


I have an old Lee enfield. It was a wedding gift from my great grandfather to my grandmother.

I do not know how to clean guns. Anyone have a good guide?

What cleaning kit should I get? I think my grandad’s kit from the 60s is probably old and rusted out.

It’s also missing the magazine and has no clips. Where should I order online?

303 is very expensive. What do?


Put your Enfield in a nice display case and buy another gun with cheaper ammo.


Might get 2 pistols from work. Will keep you posted.


get into handloading


File: 1690835796955.png (5.31 MB, 2389x2990, ClipboardImage.png)

where can one get their hands on weapons made by the DDR?


I think a huge portion of it was destroyed out of victorious butthurt


why would you want weapons with harder to get ammo?


There are also some roller-delayed assault rifles, such as the HK33


not very

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