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/AKM/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war.

"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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Or would it depend on what environment you are talking about here? Would the blades on the left side perhaps be better in tight spaces where not much of a swing is possible?

When it comes to melee defense if its the only option somebody has, most conclusions or discussions on martial arts have narrowed down the two most effective to be either the leaf blade vs the gladius. Blade length being up to 40-ish anything to smaller 50s at most?

With the most effective maintenance oil being 3-in-one + Metal Glo for polishing when it comes to steel/wrought iron.

Rapiers would only be useful in places like gardens or very long spaces, idk about a cutlass however.

If your country bans blades, you are left with the axe or spear.

Can a physically weak person also get an advantage over 1 - 2 physically strong people attacking them if that is the only thing they can use?


Random blade things.

Brass knuckles, polyester slaps, CBRN


Whichever one is longer and whichever fighter is able to handle blood loss better. You're going to get cut.
>If your country bans blades, you are left with the axe or spear.
Blades should always only ever be a backup. Spears are king.


It seems like any type of sword in general that leans towards being leaf shaped instead of post-armor when they became pointy would be more effective for modern situations where your attackers are unarmored depending on the space you have, that or something like the kukri.

Which means migration era/viking era single handed swords would also be quite effective, though how likely is it that you will ever find yourself in a situation where something longer than a 50cm-ish bladed xiphos would be effective?

Whereas in more narrow spaces or maybe indoors with less room to swing a blade like the gladius and qama might be more effective. Idk about the Kukri in comparison though.

Lengths are best at 30ish - 50ish cm. Bastard swords or longswords would only be effective for melees on open fields like maybe on a bigger plot of land/a farm if no firearms could be accessed by anyone at all. Those cases are unlikely to ever happen but if they did then something like the Oakeshott XIIIa or XIIa with a broad blade for unarmored opponents would cut it well.


The most likely attackers you would probably face are fascists who know your political disposition and paid thugs ranging to those who commit hate crimes against you for being either LGBTQ, Asian passing or a gender nonconforming man/woman.


priortize the ability to hide it on your person, a knife is only as effective as the person you're going to use it on is aware of it; in a defence scenerario pulling a knife on someone who already has the drop on you will most likely end up in you getting stabbed.

if you need to pull it its already gone lethal and you're going to prison if you survive, remember that


Most shortswords, even the ones a bit longer like with about 50ish or almost close to 50ish blades can be hidden depending on what you use I believe.

On the other hand some broad bladed ones can sever human limbs (Legs or arms), so maybe thats enough to put attackers out of the fight without being fully lethal given modern medical technology?

Not sure if a smaller leaf blade can do that such as a Xiphos or Celtic sword though but I do know the longer broad bladed swords mentioned before can.

So if the fascist or anti-asian, anti-GNC, anti-LGBTQ had their arm/leg cut off but still lived would you still go to prison?

Aren't there also self defense laws that say lethal force is allowed if an attacker wants to maim or kill you in some places?


Oakeshott XVIIIa and XVIIa for last sentence*

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