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/AKM/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war.

"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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Just don't talk about gun control
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File: 1636299354531.jpg (178.45 KB, 770x526, ATI-GSG-16-3.jpg)

is it a meme?


What is it? Looks like an mp5


yup, basically an MP5 but 22lr and cheap



horrible weapon ideas:

>handgunized Tommy 45

<essentially cutting down the barrel as short as possible and rewmoving the stock as well
>Krinkov Bayonet
<no words needed
>Obrez 7.62x54R mare leg
<based around the Russian contract Winchester


>M16, AR-10, AR-15 rifles and M4 carbine and all clones of them recently banned in Klanada
fuck. what's a good alternative? might just get a chinese surplus SKS and learn to be happy with it


cool video essay on the new Type 191s


File: 1636596843171.jpg (115.28 KB, 2048x1155, remote controlled maxim.jpg)

Here you go.


Assembling AR-15's is extremely easy and there's plenty of guides for it. The main thing you need to know is you'll likely need a very long allen wrench for the grip screw and a set of punches.


I know this isn’t fully gun related but could w also talk about patches in the thread? I think only a few of us have guns so this might bring more life to the discussion if we talk about something everyone and anyone can have


/roulette/ is currently about all this sort of stuff


Holy fuck this site is dead. Heard you guys were still kicking around from faggots on tardchan complining about raids. Don't know why bunkerchan is gone, but here we are. I'm not trying to swing my dick around, but if you're new or just don't have any real world experience, feel free to ask. I won't tell you anything too sensitive, but we're losing the arms race, and that needs to stop.


>faggots on tardchan complining about raids.
It's free adverting living rent-free in their heads. We literally don't do anything and they yell our name.
I wouldn't call 1500 posts a day dead, by that metric everything is dead compared to 4chan. This timezone does suck though.
But yeah feel free to also check out the current /roulette/ theme (oh shit this is meant to be the last day, but there was a delay in changing so they might keep it longer).


Thanks a lot, fam. Didn't even know that was there.


soviet/russian/chinese/balkan surplus stuff are available anywhere


also, start with a carbine like the SKS. handguns and rifles are too specialized


Hold on, what do you mean that rifles and pistols are too specialized? I mean, I don't disagree with you, a semi-auto rifle like the SKS is just fine, but you should also take into account that the weapon you are most likely to use in self-defense is a pistol, not a rifle under some sort of home invasion. People often ignore pistol skills and that can really come to bite you in the ass.


File: 1638740555254.jpg (184.06 KB, 1080x1080, zillakami.jpg)

why would pistol be more useful in a home defense situation than a carbine/rifle?


i'm not even that into guns, but it's pretty obvious a smaller gun can be maneuvered more easily in a small space like a room



why would pistol be more useful in a home defense situation than a carbine/rifle?
It's not more easily to maneuver see this >>840
In very close combat it could be easier to grab your rifle and disarm you, than to grab your pistol. You can mount a knife to the front of a rifle or use it as a club, tho.
Pistols are just meant to be small, so they can be hidden or take up less space, rather than be a better weapon for some scenarios.


that video doesn't show anything lol. all of them were maneuvering their guns in exactly the same way


Did you get the point of the video? The point is that the size difference between a long gun and a pistol while aiming is negligible, only a few inches, because while aiming with a long guns your hands are bent, and with a pistol your arms are fully extended. That guy only talked about the stopping power advantage of a long gun but he didn't even mention what I've heard a lot of experts say, which is long guns are better for novices because the recoil is mitigated by the stock, whereas with a pistol people often hit everything but what they're aiming at because they can't control the recoil.


>your hands are bent
arms are bent


In a home defense situation, not so much, but the point of a pistol is that you take it with you. I carry one every day, and I wear it around the house. Just based off probability, you'll be using something like that more often. Of course, the ideal thing is to use it to end things quickly or fight your way to a rifle.


Joerg Sprave presents two new crossbows, which are even more powerful than his extremely popular Adder seriers. Just thought, people in gun-cucked countries might be interested in this.


this seems like a fun hobby. This particular crossbow seems very impressive and might actually provide enough protection against wildlife to obviate the need for a rifle for forestry work. But as a weapon for fighting ? lets be realistic.


Anyone here see the videos floating around the internet of people and their cheek pistol gun builds? Seems pretty interesting and more importantly pretty reasonable for someone to throw together to get all the benefits of a lower profile firearm (home defense, urban CQB, vehicle work, etc) without spending hundreds of extra dollars on a gucci SBR set-up or a decent pistol brace.

Basic concept is getting a good cheek weld on the side of the pistol, having an optic with a riser tall enough to allow your hand to grip around the top of the receiver to push downwards with, and then using your primary hand on the pistol grip to push forward and absorb as much recoil as you can. Looks pretty legit and can be pulled off with a variety of platforms, recoil looks surprisingly manageable even with larger calibers if you shoot right.


Can't listen with sound rn. How is the sound dampened? Suppressor with subsonics? Otherwise motherfucker is going to go deaf so fast. Just get a pistol or whatever that fuckery is with pistol carbines available in some American states as long as they use a pistol brace instead of a stock. Or just get a fucking SBR that you can use in the car and on foot. You are going to die anyways if you can't even get out of the car or drive away without being shot. You may want to get something like a short profile bullpup rifle. Hell get a .300 blackout AR15 pattern carbine with a decent suppressor. You can probably use it okay in the car if you need something bigger than a pistol, and it will work great like a normal fucking gun within standard combat ranges, even with subsonics.


That being said a pistol would be just as fucking loud without a suppressor. Shorter barrel length=louder in most situations with supersonics


Легендарный противотанковый пулемет КПВ (Калибр 14.5) |


Find it kinda funny that this whowouldwin thread about NYPD spun off into a discussion of trigger pull poundage and bad gun discipline in NYC.


Can someone explain to me why many standard service rifles are often heavy large rifles specialized for mid to long range (G3,FAL and to the most extreme m14) while training recruits in semi auto is good but isnt it a lot better to relly on mid to short range alternatives like the ak?


Because in actual warfare you're almost never going to actually fire full auto. In my 8 years in the sandbox I saw exactly ONE time someone fired on fully automatic and that was clearing a room. Most firefights that soldiers see are at the kind of range where you're barely able to even see the guy, and intermediate calibers like 7.62x39 and 5.56 NATO just don't cut it.

This is part of the reason why the US (and Australia and also rumors of Mexico) are switching to the new 6.8mm round. The stated goal was to punch through body armor at range, but it also extends the effective range of the standard infantry weapon from 600 to 800 yards.


most militaries, especially western ones, don't expect to face off against any enemy more threatening than unarmed villagers in some foreign country


But countries train people who do their millitary service with FAL,G3 and m14 , if you are expecting to defend jungle,mountaines and airfeilds it feels to me you whould need something that will be usefull in shorter range ,like how many troopers can reliably hit someone 600 yards away without scope, as i said yes in the desert when you are waiting for the isis guys to go out of the house but in europe and latin american i dont see the use
Ofcourse semi auto is way more useful


>like how many troopers can reliably hit someone 600 yards away without scope
Who knows? Optics are cheap, and you literally have to be able to hit a target 500 yards away reliably to stay in the Marines. Nobody in the modern world is relying on BUIS to hit a target.


TBH a [person I shall not name] Served in the Soviet forces as an SAM RADAR operator. Shooting also had been required and most soldiers could hit an apple from 100 meters, no scope. Kalashnikov got it right, most firefights are 300m or closer and that's the distance that matters in most fights, any area involving open spaces ought to be backed up by armor and/or snipers, because at long ranges you're not likely to hit anyone fatally or accurately. I knew an American fellow that claimed to be involved in the attempt to recover the remains of a crashed experimental Soviet Satellite. They clashed with Soviet border guards in a brief long distance firefight (this had been in the Arctic) … and nobody really got hurt because even with prone position firing nobody could accurately hit one another from long range.


>I knew an American fellow that claimed to be involved in the attempt to recover the remains of a crashed experimental Soviet Satellite
that is a tall tale, lol


As in 5.56 NATO?
It depends where you are. If you have affordable acces to it I would suggest 5.45x39, the modern AK cartridge used for example in the ak74. It is similiar in qualities and be some metrics superior to 5.56 NATO. It has a flatter trajectory, greater maximum range, much less recoil, it's a lighter and smaller round, possibly more devastating in human tissue/greater incapacitating potential, greater penetration ability.
It is an improved and more modern cartridge than 7.62x39, although there are certain variants of 7.62 that perform decently in a certain capacity, however most are inferior to modern 5.56 NATO rounds.


Then why train the troops with iron sights this is happening since the 60s were optics were expensive
This is my idea 100 to 300 ,not 400 to 600


>Then why train the troops with iron sights
They don't anymore.


Most people do during their millitary service


I don't know when you were in the military, but when I was in you did your annual weapons qualification course you did it with your ACOG, because that's what was going to be on your rifle in a combat situation.


crossbows and compound bows are illegal without a loicense where I live :)


shit dude, that's no good
make a spear or something out of a knife and a stick


File: 1647452733616.png (4.32 MB, 1352x2048, ClipboardImage.png)

Really nice read
Anyone has any more pdfs about the organization and strategy of palestinian,lebanese and syrian militias ?
Also i expected more irish stuff like the green book


wait you made this?


get good at point-shooting from the hip with a shotgun and you can practically use it in a closet. The only way you're going to get any real advantage out of using a handgun is if you're not using it with arms fully extended, which also basically means shooting from the hip, which you'd only want to do over extended arm (one or two handed) at practically knife range.

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