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/AKM/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war.

"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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Just don't talk about gun control
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>I knew an American fellow that claimed to be involved in the attempt to recover the remains of a crashed experimental Soviet Satellite
that is a tall tale, lol


As in 5.56 NATO?
It depends where you are. If you have affordable acces to it I would suggest 5.45x39, the modern AK cartridge used for example in the ak74. It is similiar in qualities and be some metrics superior to 5.56 NATO. It has a flatter trajectory, greater maximum range, much less recoil, it's a lighter and smaller round, possibly more devastating in human tissue/greater incapacitating potential, greater penetration ability.
It is an improved and more modern cartridge than 7.62x39, although there are certain variants of 7.62 that perform decently in a certain capacity, however most are inferior to modern 5.56 NATO rounds.


Then why train the troops with iron sights this is happening since the 60s were optics were expensive
This is my idea 100 to 300 ,not 400 to 600


>Then why train the troops with iron sights
They don't anymore.


Most people do during their millitary service


I don't know when you were in the military, but when I was in you did your annual weapons qualification course you did it with your ACOG, because that's what was going to be on your rifle in a combat situation.


crossbows and compound bows are illegal without a loicense where I live :)


shit dude, that's no good
make a spear or something out of a knife and a stick


File: 1647452733616.png (4.32 MB, 1352x2048, ClipboardImage.png)

Really nice read
Anyone has any more pdfs about the organization and strategy of palestinian,lebanese and syrian militias ?
Also i expected more irish stuff like the green book


wait you made this?


get good at point-shooting from the hip with a shotgun and you can practically use it in a closet. The only way you're going to get any real advantage out of using a handgun is if you're not using it with arms fully extended, which also basically means shooting from the hip, which you'd only want to do over extended arm (one or two handed) at practically knife range.



What legal options does an NYC citizen have for becoming armed? I heard that one can get a pump-action rifle through a legal loophole, but am not sure if this is true or not.


File: 1655425507774-0.png (860.38 KB, 798x604, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655425507774-1.png (1.15 MB, 759x954, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1655425507774-2.jpg (10.61 MB, 4032x3024, beautiful khyber ak.jpg)

You have no clue what I would be willing to do to get one of these beautiful things.
>tfw you weren't born a gunsmith in Khyber Pass
Why the fuck even live bros?


they blow up in your face though


You can own any SAFE Act compliant shotgun or rifle in NYC you just have to apply for a permit/ registration. The permit is a pain in the ass but unlike the handgun permit, pretty much anyone is approved for it. It's designed to discourage not to actually restrict and invite lawsuits.

I'd say like a pump action 12ga shotgun if it's strictly for self defense. I think the most effective common rifle you can own legally is a BAR MkIII DBM which is a hunting rifle, but has 10 round magazines and can be chambered in .308 or magnum rifle cartridges like .300 Win Mag making it a pseudo battle rifle thing. M1A I believe is legal too.


Nah, the Pakis that make them are very talented and are known for making really good quality guns. They primarily make them for themselves, they're not going to make shit guns that don't work


You can make better guns at home in the imperial core.


I'm not from the imperial core


For some reason the idea of home defense with .300 Winchester Magnum just tickles me. It conjures the image of a man absolutely terrified of a moose charging into his fifth story apartment at 3am.

I would honestly go with a shotgun, loaded with birdshot because I'm an autist that loves Paul Harrell.



Good news uygha NY (and every other state) is now shall-issue as of today.


shall issue?


Concealed carry has technically been legal in all 50 states for years now, but only now is it actually legal. States like CA and NY were "may-issue" states, meaning that the state had discretion on whether they would issue you a concealed carry permit. What this means in practice is that only millionaires, celebrities and the politically connected were able to get permits in may-issue states. Hell, a few years ago cops in NY went to jail for selling permits.

Now, those 6 retard states have to stop being retards for a second, and now if you apply for a concealed carry permit they're required to give it to you. Instead of deciding if they "may issue" you a permit, they "shall issue" a permit.


>crossbows and compound bows are illegal without a loicense where I live :)
Such is life in my cuntry


wtf do i even do if i live in a gun cucked country


Depends on which country. There might be a way to get a gun.


i live in aus, our laws don't even allow us to carry self defense weapons of any kind. is holding an illegal gun even worth it compared to holding some other illegal self defense weapon? im a gun autist and genuinely think they're a cool hobby + i wanna be prepared but the consequences are so fucking dire in my cucked state


Almost anyone can buy bolt action rifles in Australia. All you have to do is join a shooting club. You can also join a shooting club for handguns, but they'll make you wait longer to buy a handgun.

The guns that are hard to get are semiautomatic rifles and machine guns. That's why there are straight pull bolt actions made for Australia. This video shows a straight pull AR-15 that almost anyone can buy in Australia.


is it worth it? are you an ausbro? i've previously looked into the requirements for getting a gun through a shooting club, and at least in my state, there were a lot of hoops to jump through (year or so minimum in the shooting club, active participation in activities, police-hosted course, etc) and I got a bit discouraged, the wording they use is like 'maintain a genuine reason to own a firearm' and how tf am i supposed to do that without living on a farm or something


It's at least a year to get a bolt action rifle and at the moment there's a long queue for the police checks, depending on your state. You're supposed to go to four shooting competitions a year. Most clubs treat it like a social event. Your 'genuine reason' is that you're a target shooter.

None of the shooting clubs have leftists as far as I've seen, but not many right wing gun nuts like in burgerland either. It would be good to have a leftist club that gets other leftists through the hoops of owning a gun.

It's worth it if you like guns. You're not going to overthrow the state with a bolt action rifle.


Good evening/k/omrades, burger here and though I don't normally post on this board I had a funny experience today I wanted to share on leftypol. I'm getting a can for my AR so I had to fill out some forms and under the required gender selection there were three options including non-binary. Sorry if this is old news but it was just very funny to me imagining a culture war addled twitter brained boomer witnessing an invasion into one of his most holy safe spaces


>Almost anyone can buy bolt action rifles in Australia. All you have to do is join a shooting club. You can also join a shooting club for handguns, but they'll make you wait longer to buy a handgun.
m8 have you seen the cost of doing all that + loicenses? Easy $4k and two years just to even start.


Do people still post in here? I can teach you guys how to get equipped if you will listen…


Do tell!


What can you recommend for a cheap optic for an AR? I'm still on flip-up iron sights


ugly but versatile, like your mother


Forgot about crossbows? In 200 AD the first automatic weapon was made called a Chukonu. Anybody can make one, requires no chemical, electrical or gas propellant, just manual power. You also have blowguns and slings/slingshots, but those aren't quite as effective. This one was made on Mythbusters. Every other simple DIY weapon is a hands-on contact weapon (like knives/blunt force).


There's a channel called Крупнокалиберный Переполох where some Russian dude uses all manner of weapons and talks about them at length. Guy even used a captured NLAWs recently and several vehicles like the BMP-1/2, t-72 and Grad M-1


File: 1665651254531.png (94.26 KB, 752x750, 1655584908679.png)

So I live at home still while I attend uni here in America, and I'm getting a bit uncomfortable with everything going nationally and globally and think I might want to get a 12g soon, as a first step just in case SHTF. My parents are kinda anti-gun and would probably sperg out over it, so I'm not sure if I was gonna tell them either. Kinda embarrassing but I'd rather ask about this and be serious than twiddle my thumbs as the world goes to complete shit. I want to have at least a chance to protect my parents and myself, but I'm also worried about having it around and the convivence of easy suicide that comes with it TBH.


I basically did the same thing, except I got a handgun and a rifle. If you're gonna do it, you need to carefully consider where you're going to hide it. Does your family enter your room often? How about when you're not around? You also need to consider how you're going to get it out of there to practice.


I have a fair amount of privacy so hiding under the bed is almost guaranteed to be a safe bet. Getting it in and out shouldn't be too much of as hassle either with a bit of careful planning. Really my biggest concern is just the negative risks that come with having a gun around (going postal, suicide, etc), but its quickly getting to the point where not having a gun is so irresponsible given the dreadful state of affairs that the negative risk are negated both morally and logically to protect my family from murder squads and looters.


I'll admit that I still don't have a good answer to that question. I have personally struggled with that kind of ideation at times, and it really does seem like an easy way out. Ultimately what stopped me the one time I seriously considered it was the knowledge that my family and partner rely on me, the trauma of finding me would cause them, and the sheer hate I have for this system. If capital and reactionaries want me dead, they can try it themselves. I won't do it for them. On a more practical note, if you have friends you can trust, you can always ask them to hold some critical component for you while you sort out some personal problems, like the bolt for example.


Get a pistol instead of a shotgun. It is far more practical. Most of the new polymer 9's are very good, go to a range that lets you rent guns, rent a few of them, pick one you like, buy it.


I guess it depends on what they're preparing for. Shotguns are very robust for home defense and give you lots of options for what to load in them, but a handgun would give them the option to carry it wherever they are.


Handguns also take a fair amount more training to shoot accurately than rifles or shotguns.


Does the SRA do any gun shows? I saw this video of an NRA gun show and holy shit that's a glowie nest, and that was back in 2017.
At the very least, what should I look for when deciding what gun shows to visit?


lmao, classic


>Flea Market Socialist
AFAIK the SRA still doesn't have that kind of influence, unfortunately. The one gunshow I went to didn't really have any good deals, and from what I've heard, you're probably better off vising a gun store. Did have a fair selection though.


Как спастись от американского тепловизора? ATN MARS 4 | How to fool a thermal scope


File: 1668438370479.png (Spoiler Image, 78.08 KB, 614x421, commentary.png)

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