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/AKM/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war.

"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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What it says on the tin - I've seen a couple threads about preparing for a Guerrilla war or whatever, but not much about defending yourself and others at a demonstration or during a riot, which is obviously a much more common situation to find yourself in. I specifically had defending from riot police in mind, but anything would be interesting/useful.


Don’t go to riots. Easy. They’re expressions of collective violence that won’t have their outcome changed just because you have the urge to join the mass streetfight. Let everybody else do the rioting for you while you sit at home in peace then reap the rewards if there are any



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what about legos?


< Spike strips: DIY spike strips can be fashioned using simple materials readily available in hardware stores. One method involves embedding nails or screws into strips of durable rubber or thick cardboard. Ensure that the nails or screws protrude at an angle to maximize tire puncturing capability. repurpose old bicycle tire inner tubes by filling them with gravel or small rocks and sealing the ends securely. Strategically place these homemade spike strips on roadways frequented by police vehicles, such as protest routes or strategic intersections. When properly deployed, these DIY spike strips can effectively puncture the tires of police vehicles, impeding their movement and hindering their ability to control protests.
< Stink bomb: Assemble stink bombs using household items like rotten eggs or vinegar mixed with ammonia. When deployed, these devices emit foul odors, causing discomfort and nausea among law enforcement officers. Stink bombs serve as effective tools to disrupt police operations and discourage aggressive tactics.
< Smoke grenades: Create DIY smoke grenades using household items such as sugar, potassium nitrate (found in stump remover), and a metal canister. Mix together equal parts sugar and potassium nitrate in a saucepan over low heat until they form a thick syrup. Pour the mixture into a metal canister and allow it to cool and solidify. When ready for use, ignite the mixture with a heat source to generate thick smoke. Be cautious when handling and igniting the grenade, as it can produce intense heat and smoke. Remember to use protective gear and handle with care.
< Protective clothing: Create DIY protective clothing using common household items to shield yourself during protests or demonstrations. Start by layering thick clothing such as denim jeans and a long-sleeved shirt to cover exposed skin. Reinforce these layers with additional padding using materials like foam padding or old newspapers, strategically placed in high-impact areas like the chest, back, and limbs. For added protection against chemical irritants like tear gas, fashion a makeshift gas mask using a bandana or cloth soaked in a mixture of water and baking soda. Secure the improvised mask over your nose and mouth, ensuring a tight seal to filter out harmful particles. Finally, equip yourself with sturdy footwear such as boots or sneakers to navigate uneven terrain and provide traction when evading police encounters.
< Noise warfare: Employ simple noise-making devices such as air horns, whistles, or fireworks to generate loud and distracting sounds during protests.
< Shield walls: Create makeshift shields using common household items and basic materials. Start by repurposing large cardboard boxes, cutting them into manageable sizes for individual shields. Strengthen the shields by layering multiple cardboard pieces and reinforcing them with duct tape or sturdy glue. For added durability, consider attaching metal rods or PVC pipes along the edges of the shields to provide structural support. Finally, decorate the shields with slogans, artwork, or reflective tape for visibility. This DIY approach allows protesters to quickly assemble effective shields using readily available materials, enhancing their defense against advancing police forces.
< Counter-ambush:Use everyday objects such as trash cans, wooden pallets, and discarded furniture to construct barricades along the route. Position protesters behind these barriers, ensuring they have clear lines of sight and avenues for retreat if needed.Enhance concealment by draping tarps or large blankets over the barricades, blending them into the surrounding environment. Employ natural features like trees, bushes, and parked vehicles to further obscure your positions. Communicate with hand signals or low-tech walkie-talkies to coordinate movements and synchronize attacks.Wooden sticks, metal pipes, and rocks can be fashioned into effective melee weapons for close-quarters combat. Distribute these weapons strategically among your group, ensuring everyone is prepared to defend themselves and their comrades. Look for areas with natural cover such as alleys, doorways, and building entrances where protesters can hide and launch surprise attacks. Utilize street corners and intersections to set up barricades and create chokepoints that impede police advances.Focus on high-traffic areas such as major intersections, bridges, and public squares where police are likely to concentrate their forces. These locations provide ample opportunities for protesters to disrupt police formations and assert control over the protest space. Position ambush points near key infrastructure such as government buildings, police stations, and corporate headquarters to increase the impact of your actions.Prioritize locations with favorable terrain features such as elevated positions, narrow streets, and areas with limited visibility.
< Forested areas or wooded trails: Establish hidden shelters and tripwires for early warning.
< Industrial zones or warehouse districts: Use large equipment and barricades for cover and fortification.
< University campuses or school grounds: Coordinate with students using encrypted messaging for protests and safe havens.
< Shopping malls or commercial complexes: Employ hit-and-run tactics to disrupt business
< Beachfronts or coastal areas: Seek cover in natural barriers
< Pedestrian bridges or overpasses: Block traffic
< Alleyways between buildings: Evade pursuit and use dumpsters for cover during confrontations.
< Side streets and residential areas: Conduct hit-and-run protests and regroup in driveways.
< Pedestrian walkways and parks: Utilize public spaces for assemblies
< Underground tunnels or subway stations: Move covertly and coordinate access with transit employees.
< Narrow alleys and backstreets: Establish chokepoints and impede police vehicles.
< Parking garages or lots: Block vehicular access and secure elevated positions.
< Rooftops and elevated structures: Maintain surveillance and deploy lookout teams.
< Abandoned buildings or construction sites: Use as bases of operations and establish observation points.
< Public transportation hubs such as bus stops or train stations: Disrupt commuter traffic


red fed
That's a shit read.


Stay at home and don't get shot. Unless if you really want to get that new Gucci belt from the mall or whatever.


>into strips of durable rubber
Old tires.


>just sit here jerking off while the world burns


Yes exactly lol. What do you think you in particular will contribute to a mass temper tantrum? The transformation of society is in the hands of an organized proletariat, random riots are just regurgitated excess. This isn’t a condemnation of them just an observation that your narcissistic adventurism will lead to nothing but you blowing up your own ego: “Look at me I’m participating in the real movement now! Wholesome chungus Che Guevara and Stalib will be so proud!”

It’s gay. Get a job and get organized, don’t get arrested. Riots are for jobless minorities who will eventually be the auxiliary of the actual proletariat but for now are only capable of these sporadic eruptions of violence given their suffocating marginalization. You joining in would be only the most pathetic act of wiggerdom and subterranean worship since the Weather Underground


>thinking you're some kind of revolutionary mastermind
Wagies are pathetic in their cagies, jerking off to their boss's power trips while getting fucked by the system like the obedient cocksuckers they are. too braindead to see beyond their next paycheck, too retarded to stand up


>do everything that is almost enough as long as it's within the tight constraints of bourgeois law


This isn't the early 20th century(yet), in modern day nations unplanned riot fights just result in everyone getting arrested and serving years in jail time, like those patriot front guys were using tactics and training from 100 years ago and it worked against untrained disorganized groups, but it was easier to identity and then arrest them, unless it's a nation like Hatti your not gonna accomplish much with riot groups.


File: 1709851276060.jpg (55.84 KB, 361x200, F9KEIBVXoAADVu5.jpg)

>has not read On Guerrilla Warfare by Mao
try again coomer


What the fuck do you think being posted, I'm talking about being realistic and not living in childish LARPism that at best is a waste of time and worst will get young niave Idiots arrested.


>not living in childish LARPism
its all a larp until it isnt, fed


you won't be like Moa, you will end up like the weather underground, a joke that even the police didn't take seriously.


File: 1709905239663.png (603.75 KB, 454x633, 0.png)

>you won't be like Moa
your probably right we'll be better


Related to this, around the time of 9/11 and the Iraq and Afghan war the US Army were taking anyone and everyone. It actually became a problem because it’s believed they let in a lot of white nationalist gang associated or perspective members and norteno gang members from California. They came back trained better the cops. There is video of it. I think the guy had an AK


Why? Is there a better read out there?



This one is apropos
Mods spoiler plox


The picture was of one of those plastic cock and ball torture condom or whatever the perverts call it things I think

I don't actually know what they look like, but that looked like it.


Rioting from kenya live, watch and learn

The Kenyans do it better than you do.


thanks anon


anyone got any decent tips from this?


post it

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