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/AKM/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war.

"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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I'm thinking about getting a mossberg 88 which is only about $300 and seems to have really good reviews. I'm wondering what other kind of guns are under $600 but still worth picking up?


Uhhh, maybe if you narrowed down what you are looking for…

Obviously you can get most models and brands of pistol for under that price. Rifle a little more challenging.


why do you need guns, anon?


To shoot people and or animals.


>To shoot people
just tase them or pepper them
grow food and some affection, anon


Yeah $600 is a bit low, how about a rifle for under 1k. Something light, fast and easy to maneuver.


What are you looking to hunt?
>birbs in flight, small game
>stationary birds
Low power rifle, either .22 or .222 or both or a combination gun
>big game
.308, 6.5x55 or similar


guns are for pussys
this, get therapy


File: 1712356274345.jpg (278.98 KB, 1280x720, mae.jpg)

to add to this, if you want cheap guns, get a bolt-action rifle and a break action shotgun. this covers a lot and both are cheap. where I live break action shotguns go for $50, bolt-action rifles $150
there's nothing wrong with killing


oh and of course a 10/22 for plinking. they're $500 here used, but that usually gets you a whole bunch of accessories


>anti guns fags are all glowing
No surprise there.


people who need guns are compensating, chins dont need them why do you?


File: 1712357116571.jpg (62.03 KB, 720x940, nonviolence.jpg)


Some kind of AR probably. Good because there are so many options to build your own part by part. Downside is a lot of research to do.


You take it on the chin I give it on the chin. We are not the same.




>chins dont need them why do you?

For larping or comiting illegal action
Both reasons are BASED as fuck


Forgot to turn the flag back on


gun chinlets aching as i type this
the only honest and respectable answer. high honors anon


Oy Yea


If it's for legal home defense, which I'm assuming because it's a moss 88, then that shit is usually a larp and will never get used so you might as well just get the cheapest break action shotgun you can find for that 1/1,000,000 scenario in your head. The reason for a shotgun is not because of the "spread" in that short amount of distance, but rather you have more control over the size of the pellets which helps against overpenetration. The median amount of shots used in self-defense scenarios was 2 and that was mostly with handgun shootings, which you'd likely panic dump. The break action is also nice because of the extremely low chance for a malfunction or user error because you definitely can fail to fully rack the slide, easily if you don't have extensive practice with it. It's like how a revolver is more reliable than a regular pistol.

An 88 isn't a bad choice though. It'd get the job done. I'd only recommend going north of the 88 if you're an enthusiast and you just like guns.


File: 1712359758837.gif (3.59 MB, 343x498, tenor.gif)

>real men use their fiss-ACK

Imagine the species that only gained world dominance over more capable animals through tools arguing that we need to fight with our teeth and claws like all the animals we beat with tools.


How about not be a retard that gets into deathmatches in the first place.


The world is a deathmatch my uygha.


Do you know any good places to start researching?


If you don't act like some thug and/or hang around obviously dangerous people then you're almost certainly never going to need to fight for your life, how many times do you think the average person has to do that?


I absolutely agree that prevention is the best defense. At the same time what does it matter if someone has a gun or not? We all have knives but we don't stab people. Many of us have cars but don't commit vehicular homocide. Antiguns is just liberal hysteria.


Guns make it much easier to kill people though. Obviously it's possible without them but much harder and usually more visceral and brutal. Maybe if society was more healthy it wouldn't be needed to get rid of guns but as things are I think it's crazy to allow people to fuck around with them.


All i want is that the people i dislike (Right winger in general, school shooters, FBI, US soldiers, mentally unhinged people, ultraconservatives neoliberals) don't have guns, while the people i like (Posadistas), have guns. It will make things much easier


>make a whole board dedicated to guns
>faggot liberals still show up to whine about them every thread
Shaggy digging. Maybe we should have a /noguns/ board so we can contain them and their way of the fist shitposting.



>Antiguns is just liberal hysteria.
no gun faggots are obnoxious asf just like 420 culture
this is 90% of gun faggots


counterpoint: the gun is good


guns are for pussys who eventually kill themselves. 80% of suicides use guns. try again


Do antigun fags even hear themselves?

>real men don't use vehicles, not even public transit, they use their legs

That's how stupid you sound


Hmmm… has 5hat parallel ever been drawn? Antigens faggots and luddites? Yes that is exactly what it is.

>Heh you are using an image board? Real men send letters on the pony express!


File: 1712393431121.png (269.56 KB, 347x479, 669.png)

stop pretending to be 2 different anons
>Do antigun fags even hear themselves?
heavy projection,gun faggots really are homos in their obsession with phallic objects


Lol we're trying to go the full spectrum of liberal pop psychology ITT are we?


>immediately starts talking about penises where it is not relevant

Kek. The ironing.


>not going to the shooting range and then circle jerking with the boys


What about woombic/vaginic(what is the hole equivalent of phallic?) guns?


File: 1712394801895.png (86.68 KB, 190x262, 09.png)

atleast your honest
> liberal pop psychology ITT
<denying legit psychological coping mechanisms
marxist and freud would slap and rape the shit out of you. sounds hot


Are you trying to win an award for how much of your personal sexual pathology you can put in every post?


No he is just actually mentally disabled


File: 1712396999430.png (176.33 KB, 1280x853, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone with a driver's license can go to Uhaul or Home Depot and rent a truck and run over more people than 99% of spree shooters can shoot easy.


we should ban cars


>99% of spree shooters can shoot easy.
spree shooters are true proles
>we should ban cars
we should make forts and castles out old cars and enforce neo-medevalism with socialist characteristics


>neo-medevalism with socialist characteristics


engulfing/trapping weapons like net throwers and traps


Paranoid schizoid thread, meds.

Just tell the guy what fucking spicy metal to buy


The recent generation of Taurus handguns is more reliable than the previous generations that gave them their bad reputation.


>Just tell the guy what fucking spicy metal to buy


Their revolvers were always decent. FBI statistics show you don't need a double stack pistol unless it's an occupational risk factor, so capacity isn't really a concern. Also consider the fact that defensive firearms (I assume OP wants it for that reason) will never be used in your life, so the reliability of the revolver is much better since you'll probably get tired of maintaining it after a year or two.



>I'm sure to win because I know how to punch


…That's not what this scene was about, at all.



Just get some ar 15 on sale. You can even find some well reviewed ones for under your 600 price tag. Be careful with the rules with the "pistol" ones.


Why ever suggest a handgun to anyone for any purpose? We have hundreds of years of war data showing handguns cause 0.00001% casualties (except for suicides) because they are hard to shoot accurately.


File: 1712563798425.jpg (56.24 KB, 680x680, Guns-in-America-10_v2.jpg)

Well in domestic society they cause 80% of firearm casulalties.


File: 1712564588651.jpg (24.64 KB, 474x261, OIP(9).jpg)

I only got hit by 5 9mms to the chest and then one to the skull when I fell to the ground. Nothing but a scratch. No stopping power that one.


Handguns look cool, are easy to hide, and are great for 90% of situations you'd find yourself in. I can't imagine why you wouldn't have one?

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