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/AKM/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war.

"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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People talks a lot about having guns and being armed but I don't see anyone talking about training, organizing and acquiring equipment other than guns and ammo.
Why don't we go camping and pretend to be soldiers in campaign? That has to be better than just shooting at cans.


I suggested a socialist hunting club one time on here but didn't get a response. My thinking is that it will help with the optics and the feds/cops etc. if you're not putting out rhetoric about training for an upcoming armed struggle. Also all the best soldiers and shooters of all time grew up as hunters. Also allows you to filter all the vegan soys.


Brilliant! Tho I do feel bad about hunting innocent animals.


i think there should also be an emphasis on digging foxholes and such, war isn't all just guns and bullets after all
though i wonder, lets say an armed struggle breaks out in a western nation - would entrenching yourself in a little hidey hole really be all that effective when the enemy has pretty much every advantage imaginable? i guess that's why insurgents love their urban battles so much, as that's where many of their advantages are stripped away in which case it'd be wise to study urban guerilla warfare i think


Get more socialists into the military, we need guys in all sorts of jobs, officer schools, artillery, logistics, combat medics, etc


Hmm this could also be intertwined with eco-socialism for hunting problematic animals like deer or wild boar that lack a natural predator. It would also be an entry point for anybody trying to go innawoods to establish a self-sufficient commune off the grid, which would come in handy in the event of a protracted people's war.


she real quick with that AK


>unnecessarily killing a bunch of animals so you can get some experience that'll never come in handy
only ameriKKKans do this psychotic shit


Why are you posting on a gun board hippie?
Animals in nature die to predators all the time. Many places, including the US has a problem with invasive species or lack of predators (due to settlers killing them) that wreaks havoc on the ecosystem. Hunting is based and helps the wild animals in the long run.


i'm interested in guns, i'm not interested in killing animals for "practice", fuck off with the chauvinistic gun culture
i like how you didn't address the bits about it being unnecessary. shooting animals in the boonies won't do shit to prepare you for stuff like urban guerilla tactics which is what most people need to learn anyways


But what kind of excuse could justify practicing urban warfare like a hunting club does for jungle warfare?
Sure, I just hope the military doesn't wash their brains.


File: 1636575892182.jpg (119.77 KB, 400x580, uygher_wmn_horse.jpg)

You can't brainwash a committed socialist.


So you'd think, but even Heroes of the Soviet Union sometimes became traitors.


Yeah this is who we need to filter. Also you eat the animal typically dipshit.

> urban guerilla tactics

Is just planting roadside bombs everywhere. Obviously not something we can practice.


You are god damn right. Nice painting


>Is just planting roadside bombs everywhere
no, it's a bunch of stuff like clearing certain types of buildings, recon'ing and asserting control in a neighbourhood, etc


also dealing with p*lice and gangs and other kinds of formations


That's regular warfare not guerilla warfare. Guerilla warfare is about never letting them know where you are and escaping to where they can't find you. That's why every guerillaovement ever has been out of mountains and jungle.

You go hide among your urban populous and use them as your human shield because you're a millitant brooklynite vegan who can't kill wild game but thinks he could kill a person.

Like I said you are who we need to filter. You do your chaz/chop and we can do our thing seperately.


>millitant brooklynite vegan who can't kill wild game but thinks he could kill a person.
not even a vegan
your brain is destroyed by culture war


But you are expressing vegan ideology. If i said: I hate jews and you called me a nazi it would be ridiculous for me to nitpick you about exactly what kind of anti-semite I am.

>your brain is destroyed by culture war

This is exactly it. You are a culture warrior. Not an actual warrior. Go start a thread for how to make effective protest signs from repurposed cardboard city slicker.


Some more on this "urban guerilla" vs actual guerilla shit.

Urban fighting only happens once you've reached parity with your enemy and you can capture whole cities from them. This is the last 1% of any guerilla conflict where the enemy has been so degraded that you can beat him at his own game.

See: Afghanistan


ITT(Don't derail here please)


File: 1636668023537.png (162.02 KB, 600x659, cringe.png)

go back(Don't derail here please)


Guerrilla warfare and protracted people's war in an industrialized society mainly takes place in an urban environment as opposed to the guerrilla warfare and ppw in the mid 20th century agrarian societies in the imperial periphery. Look at the difference between China or Cuba and Chechnya (not ppw or a communist insurrection but similar principles).


>organizing and acquiring equipment other than guns and ammo.
I've been stockpiling bottles of wodka and dirty rags. What are the cops gonna do?


>implying vegan soys can't shoot a rifle
yeah, I said it hitler was a vegetarian soy and he caused some fucking damage


I don't recall him being actually vegetarian, I think that's a myth, correct me if I'm not right.


Fellas let's stop beating around the bush and start a camping club to go and play soldiers up in the forest.


File: 1637026241325.mp4 (1.62 MB, 854x480, glow.mp4)


You could feed the poor with them, if thats makes you feel better.


Alright, organize a meetup. I'm in the Northeast US

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