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File: 1644383111165.jpg (151.93 KB, 1024x768, D5eurPyVUAAICYQ.jpg)


I wish there were cool anime/manga/video game/doujin/etc events outside Japan too.


omg I wish I could buy wholesale anime figures tooooooo


The picture is a music event…


an anime concert? nah I don't wish I could do that, I just want to cum on anime figurines


I only care about cosplay events so that I can fuck girls.


any luck yet?


Yes. It's not really that hard to get laid if you know the tricks and relevant rituals.
Once I ended up in a 5 member orgy(2 guys 3 girls including me) and it was a fucking messy riot.


Just how lmao? I am so socially retarded that I can't even talk to a girl.


stop caring so much


You're out of luck if you're socially awkward.


>if you know the tricks and relevant rituals
so youre a manipulative predator?


No, retard. Cosplay cons have a specific social context with its own tacit rules and rituals. You can navigate through that and get laid with consent. You aren't manipulating fucking kids lmao. These are horny grown adults who understand social cues.


To add to this conventions are notoriously filled with horndogs. I'd even say orgies aren't that rare of an occurrence.


That thing in the picture looks like an idolfag event

Cringe, fucking sex pests ruining real life cons.


You're not incorrect, but being a predator, while commonly associated with pedophilia, is also a phenomena among adults.


You sound like fun.


Really easy way to get the bug


>have to ask time off of work (if you're not a neet)
>pay for your plane ticket
>pay for your hotel
>pay to stand in line in the blazing sun with a bunch of stinky japs
>pay premium price on a bunch of poorly drawn censored dicks or touhou remasters
I never got the hype. Pure consumerism garbage and not even of a quality. I'm not telling people to comission western artists or anything, but it's simply illogical to pay more for less.

part of it jealousy though as-well, both a dedication towards consumirsm in general which I never got, I never got joy out of purchasing something in that way. And also the ability to go to Japan twice a year and be content not visting some comfy undiscovered tourism spots. Fuck tourists as well.


<le oomerism is when you hang out with friends over shared hobbies
>part of it jealousy
Sure, part of it lol


>shared hobbies
Mindless consumption of media and visiting a country's origin just to consume more of it is not my hobby. The fact that there's no refund policy alone shows how mindless it truly is. Standing in line is not my hobby either. The entire 'event' isn't desirable in the least. Waste of time and money in which you could be spending time on your hobbies. Unless we are to assume you're less of a person for not engaging in something the masses do simply on the argument that the masses are doing it. I don't desire to belong to such a group. I have friends and hobbies still. Don't you have a buy-thread to make to show off the things you purchased?


File: 1649704810211.jpg (60.96 KB, 270x285, 1648177466183.jpg)

>it is not my hobby
That's cool lol meanwhile countless people are having a great time spending time with others in conventions across the world. Weird defensive rationalizing in both of your posts.


Something mindless inherently cannot be a hobby. Hobby implies an active rather than passive undertaking in something. I know you're dumb as bricks so continue.


And the definitionbrain anglo shows his hand. At least you were honest that it all stemmed from jealousy.


nooo stop consuming the wrong things aha oh sorry i meant "consooooming" XD

inb4 convenient definition of consumption that absolves the poster from all their christian guilt


I've never been to a Cosplay con. What are these rules and rituals you speak of? There some whole culture to it you're saying or what? Also do mainly only cosplayers go to these or people who are there to see and take pics of cosplayers, what's the demographic of interest?


If you want to respond to anything I've actually said. Then we can have a conversation. The least you can do is take yourself seriously. You've not proven capable of following even the slightest of tangent. Dishonesty is no less immoral on the internet.


Because housing in Japan isn't (as) ridiculously expensive you can have lots of cool clubs for music/anime events or niche stores like a maid house where the maidos are sadists with their clientele.


Who are you directing that at?


I've always wanted to go to MOGRA at least once before I die


as a filthy thirdworlder im envious of how cool cons in the first world are


I just saw some cosplayers recently. Must have been some event I didnt know about. I feel left out because Ive never been to anything like that before and Im not used to interacting with people in person and don't know how to act anymore in any situation.


File: 1654657695663.mp4 (6.03 MB, 1280x720, DVYjUTLtNqzUJrkG.mp4)

They look like a fun thing to do every once in a while.


just got back from a con, animazement in raleigh. it was fun, hadn't been to one in years. the panels kind of sucked, and there didn't seem to be any screening rooms??? it was also definitely a covid super spreader event, no way to really socially distance and the con didn't even try to facilitate that. just packed in tons of people. you had to be vaxxed and masked at all times to get in which I'm sure helped, but that only goes so far.

overall I had a great time though


this. after puberty I find it hard to imagine peoples japanophilia isn't motivated by an undercurrent of sexual inneudo.


>a covid super spreader event
You seem six months behind the times, friend. Omicron is one of the most infectious respiratory diseases ever and it's a fool's errand to think it could be contained anymore. Everything you do constitutes a super spreader event now.


cirno if she real


File: 1654744621320.png (58.34 KB, 1080x1080, 1654743784422.png)

>you had to be vaxxed and masked at all times to get in which I'm sure helped, but that only goes so far.
Some cons don't even do that


It is absolutely terrible for everyone involved. First, women into cosplay are exceedingly hostile towards unacquainted men at conventions (for mostly good reasons), and are usually a hotbed of mental illness and general bitterness. A lot of these women grew up being used and mistreated by men and are now very eager to take out their frustrations on fat, autistic nerds. Second, the men at cons are haggard, wretched souls. Though they're loathe to admit it, many of them fantasize about finding their hecking anime-watching soulmate at cons. The desperation in the air is palpable. I've seen groups of "bros" go from "haha, women amirite" to subtly (or explicitly) putting each other down to try and establish dominance for the dime-a-dozen female Genshin cosplayer who engaged the group in conversation. You can see the hint of a smile on her face as she both wants to leave the encounter as soon as possible, but can't help but stay a little longer to watch these grown men playing dress-up flounder around. Then the "Chad" of the group shows up after coming back from the bathroom. This guy's a big deal, he benches 1pl8, and he's cosplaying Inosuke. The rest of the guys deflate at the sight of his 3 month gym bod, but the Genshin cosplayer doesn't think very much about him. They all leave. The guys proceed to play back the same scene in their heads - they're married to the Genshin cosplayer, and living together with their 2 sons and 2 daughters on a cheap plot of land in the Pacific Northwest. Meanwhile, the Genshin cosplayer chuckles to herself about how pathetic men are, then proceeds to make the thousandth thread on the farms about an imaginary Nigel that will never come. There is no release for anyone.

In short, just go outside and do literally anything else.


It's honestly somewhat a turn off for cosplay motivation, if conventions truly have become so infested with creeps.
Did people always act like such sex pests at these events?
Or is this a Burgerstani problem?


>Did people always act like such sex pests at these events?
lol it was worse before
>Or is this a Burgerstani problem?
of course its not exclusive to amerika


haha Jesus Christ


You're an idiot.


there are anime/manga conventions all over the west and there has been since the 90s, however it’s obviously import-oriented so there isn’t much of a creator-fan synergy that the japanese ones have and it’s mostly just lonely middle class consoomers


File: 1654909104702-0.jpg (43.45 KB, 500x394, 1599290233755.jpg)

File: 1654909104702-1.jpg (283.6 KB, 1920x1080, mogra thinkchad.jpg)

Ain't that the truth. At least you've still got some cosplayers actually making their own costumes and artists selling their stuff, but it's mostly marked up Japanese (or Chinese knockoffs) imports.
Where I live we don't even get interesting panels or otaku-themed raves.


Arguments: none.


>idiot doesn't get there's no point arguing with an idiot
of course




copypasta saved


congrats, you are now a WIZAD, you are officially old enough to be the go to guy for the true con idiots to get booze/smokes/etc
but remember, over half the good looking cosplayers and gals are UNDERAGE TO THE EXTREME
but they don't care, they just want to get in there, have fun, make clips to share online, talk smack about your old ass, etc
you are TOO OLD, to hook up at a con anymore unless the woman you are talking to is also as old(easy to tell if they are not mentally broken)

Just remember, a convention is there to
1) Buy shit that you can actually see/handle in real life and not get fucked over by false reviews and trick photography/touchups.
2) Get convention exclusives(less than half are worth it, but still worth it)
3) Talk anime in real life, in the open without being swatted/losing your job/embarrassing yourself(too badly)
4) Talk to those who voice the anime's, make the animes, import/produce the animes, get signatures, cells(if they still animate without computers), and show your geekiness off for fun(remember you are the old one now, remember that old anime that for some reason would actually take off now?? SHARE IT/NAME DROP!!)

A tank convention would be all about guys/gals talking about tanks, buying tank related things, watching tank movies/skits/plays/dressup. Driving a tank in a special pay for service, and more. The only difference is that conventions have a clear age related divide, those under 25 are the con goers that can do almost anything(19 or younger can and will TRY to do everything) and those above 25 are generally there to talk to people the same age, talk the shit, exchange contact info, and will generally RUN the thing themselves.


File: 1658542352583.webm (2.26 MB, 1280x720, 1651144206141.webm)


Don't be a groomer.


lol awesome

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