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File: 1644998533370.png (1.6 MB, 719x1111, FLCL.png)


Can someone explain this anime to me? I watched it and I'm completely lost.


Never heard of it
Is it worth watching?


I had to watch it several times to get the plot.
It's about slice of life, coming of age, lust, family, a bunch of stuff, but also it's an absurdist experience of all of it. It's more about the experience of all these things going on at the same time.
I think the "nothing ever happens in this town" line sets the stage.

You don't need to "get it" like you get any other anime. You just watch it and maybe you like it, maybe you don't.


It's basically a metaphor for growing up and so on but like this anon >>13264 says, it's more about the feeling of it than decoding specific symbols, which is why a lot of it might seem like nonsense. It has some genuinely pretty inspired moments


I would say so, it's pretty funny and it's only 6 episodes.


File: 1645046891811.png (199.6 KB, 398x404, ClipboardImage.png)

As someone whose favorite anime is FLCL, there really isn't anything deep about it or anything you need to "get". Like the other anons said, if the visuals, soundtrack, characters etc. appeal to you and you overall enjoyed the experience despite understanding absolutely jack-shit about what you just watched, you'll like it, otherwise you'll probably end up hating it.
The plot is purposefully confusing, both because the creators were probably pretentious fucks who wanted to make something needlessly complicated, but also to put you in the same mindset as Naota being completely lost. After the second and maybe third watch, the plot will make complete sense once you have the complete context. Unlike other anime, rewatching it is not a chore, it's so entertaining and there are SO many details you probably missed your first time through that you will probably notice something new every time you come back to it. The pacing is perfect, there is no "filler" and it never goes too fast, the story is delivered at the exact pace it needs to be. One of the first things I appreciated upon rewatch was the fact that every single frame is deliberate, they make use of literally every possible second to deliver a plot in just 6 episodes that for other anime would probably take dozens. The writing is actually really good considering the kind of anime it is, Naota, Ninamori, Mamimi etc. feel like actual people, their character arcs are convincing and they actually go through meaningful development over the course of the series, again, it would probably take other anime like 20 or 30 episodes at least to do this. The visuals and the soundtrack are fucking godlike, I don't think there is any other anime where they go hand in hand so perfectly. It's a fuckin anime about a coomer 12 year old getting his first boner, it has no right to be this fucking good.


Anyway I'm gonna drop some super schizo interpretation of it for shits and giggles, get ready
>Japanese anime has been broadcast on non-Japanese television networks since the 1960s, yielding much scholarship about it. As anime works co-produced between Japanese and non-Japanese companies also have increased since the 1980s, power dynamics behind such co-productions deserve more attention as well. This article examines the anime series FLCL (2000–2001), which has led to Japan-U.S.A. co-productions of additional seasons. Considering the mutually profitable business relationship between animation studio Production I.G of Japan and Cartoon Network of the United States of America, the article shows how FLCL presents a relationship of desire and (re)production between self and Other on two levels: among its female and male protagonists, and between the Japanese cultural production and its U.S.A. consumers. The article argues that the original FLCL capitalises on the ideology of Cool Japan, which hinges on Japan’s self-exoticisation to non-Japanese markets, by reinforcing its circular power dynamic of self-Othering and Other-desiring.


It's like an expressionist portrayal of growing up in the modern world. Everything is exaggerated to an absurd degree, and the way that the whole thing is presented is meant to capture the feelings and experience of that stage of life.


This anime reminds me so much of my childhood in ways that i'm not willing to admit. Don't date older women.


It's just consumerist slop.


As we all know, consumerist slop is when you almost run out of budget making a short passion project anime that you don't even bother to market and even then most of the people that watched your shit either hate it or were extremely confused the whole time because you went out of your way to make it as hostile to normal viewers as possible


>I don't like this anime, thus it's consumerist slop.


Welcome to leftypol.


>half the "jokes" rely on one having consumed a mountain of shit in order to get them
Yup, it's consumerist slop.


You should make outrage reaction videos on YouTube, you'd be perfect for them.


Life is what you make it.


ha ha, i watch flcl too. it's so underground. i thought i was the only one. we can die togeth


By the way that USSR girl is totally /ourguy/. I bet she's the OP.


File: 1647647081415.jpg (148.06 KB, 1125x945, 1647642154919.jpg)

Adult Swim is making two more "FLCL" seasons lmao


It's amazing how Gainax managed to self destroy that badly, this is pretty much sabotage.
I still remember when they used to make games too..


a new gunbuster season would have been dope


Why God?


kek anno btfo, fuck that faggot




>First episode date: April 26, 2000
Holy shit has it really been 22 years?


post-modernist shlock of the worst kind


i hate americans so much


This but unironically.


File: 1690094177493.mp4 (11.66 MB, 1280x720, flcl grunge.mp4)

Why do they keep remaking FLCL and how do they keep making it shittier each time? I don't know how they can make the animation look worse at this point.


We all know why they keep remaking stuff. It’s profitable, many important processes like character design and writing has been done beforehand, the ip is liked and popular so there will be an audience etc. Japanese people seem to have supraingly low standards for quality of animation.


I didn’t realize there had already been a remake. The first one was fine. I dont get why they haven’t made a sequel instead.


this looks really bad and European but i also think that toonami anime millenials deserve to eat terrible slop forever as punishment for their complacency


The girl in glasses seems cute.


>Why do they keep remaking FLCL
Nostalgia because the original was kind of a hit
>how do they keep making it shittier each time
different times, different mentalities - they can't replicate the good parts properly because there is a disconnect to aspects of life reflected in the original, that cannot just be aesthetically copied over.


File: 1697488066919.png (1.39 MB, 680x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

If you liked FLCL I think people here would like Birdy the Mighty


>this looks really bad and European
Huh? How?
>toonami anime millenials deserve to eat terrible slop forever as punishment for their complacency
The fuck does this mean, and the toonami millenials aren't the one consuming the slop, it's the next generation that does.

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