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just got thru watching this and a bunch of youtube videos trying to explain it. still fucking confused by this series, is lain god or not?


I still need the ending to Texhnolyze explained to me.


I watched it a long time ago. Incoherent fever dream as far as I could tell. It may be brilliant but even then I thought to myself "should I devote any time whatsoever to do research and find out? What if it turns out there's nothing and I'm just prolonging the time I already wasted watching it? Fuck it maing".

Also I guarantee you 100% of the reason this show has its niche is because of the aesthetic of a cute hacker girl typing on her gigantic computer, and nothing to do with the actual "content" of the show.


I saw it as an existential show about the damage that can be caused by online personas and the internet with elements of cultism and philosophy shoved in.

I don't understand why people act like it's some obscure shit though and think people are fucking around when they're only around for the anime hacker girl.


i heard lain is supposed to represent the collective unconscious or something


something something lain is the god of the wired, something something her dad is the dor of real life.
that's literally all i remember about lain


>Also I guarantee you 100% of the reason this show has its niche is because of the aesthetic of a cute hacker girl typing on her gigantic computer, and nothing to do with the actual "content" of the show.
The show's aesthetic alone is more than enough reason to love Lain.


File: 1608528842587.jpg (64.42 KB, 490x457, lain-sphinx.jpg)



i used to know what it was really about but i forget after one month
and yeh theres smthing to do with collective unconscious becoming collective conscious and lain representing the humanity itself or smthing


>Kek, when Serial Experiments fans edit Evangelion memes


can someone post a torrent of it? I couldn't find one


nvm hadn't checked TPB and there's one there lol



You should really use nyaa.si for anime and stuff. It's by far the best source. sukebei.nyaa.si has jav, hentai, and eroge if you need that stuff.


I just started watching it, I'm on episode 3. It started out rather slow with little going on. The setting is weird as fuck, and weird shit is going on. It's hard to stay engaged when you don't understand anything and your getting dribbles of new things going on.

I'll keep watching, just to see what the fuss is about.


I watched lain for the first time in 2016, and to me at the time I drew a lot of connections with the politico-cybernetic dimension of social life and I think lain was actually supposed to be more of a speculation about how we would relate to the internet as a collective group in the future. For example, to most people outside of 4chan before 2016 the alt right probably seemed like something mysterious and contingent to them, kind of like lain at her computer, but as time went on physical outbursts occurred in the more obvious public space that were the result of these mysterious contradictions in the internet, laymen started to become aware of what places like 4chan are and how the internet is cultivating Nazi terrorism at a crazy scale. As a student of Hegel I think the parallels between Lain and the alt-right are because they’re both a very dialectical motion from things that once seemed contingent and mysterious becoming necessary and unavoidable in the public consciousness, in particular for the case of the internet and how it relates with the rest of public collective experience. I think even today a lot of the people are unaware of how they’re being ideologically manipulated by algorithms and driven into an ignorance that might result in an eventful outburst in the real world again, changing our Zeitgeist and making us more aware of these same contradictions. Lain to me is more or less an allegory for a Badiouan truth-event that the internet experiences as a subject.


>alt right
Eh, look. I can understand how you can connect the two, but I would say that you are describing a different phonomena. Or, maybe an entirely different phonomena, but a different expression of the phonomena. SEL captured the zeitgeist of the Internet as it was unfolding upon society. It was incredibly presient- still is- yet it couldn't have possibly predicted an explosion of human activity. The wired is active, its algorithms subconsciously affect the majority of us in ways we can barely perceive, but in SEL, its effects are subtle. Very withdrawn. The world is sleeping while change is at work. This indicates it is in transition, and I feel like this is what SEL captured. But, perhaps not what happened after. It did however get it right with the Knights of the Eastern Calculus though. I looking back at what Lain got right.


>As a student of Hegel


Nah I don't think literally. Imo she was just as god as the other guy, and even though she tries to one-up him with psychological warfare she never really transcends what he is either. He just liked to mess a bit with the world because he had the power, and when Lain got the power to she just made stuff normal for probably equally as selfish reasons (although I still am trying to find an interpretation that avoids "infallible psychological egoism" or smth) so she more so represents an artificial god of man that they have created. Lots of different interps tho and even the creators weren't sure what the coherent explanation/meaning was


Fucking lol.


Ok, care to expand?


lain is literally me!


So what's your point? Just more sagefaggotry?

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