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Why are anime girls always rich?


Pandering to weebs who hate the dirty poors


Japan is rich country.


Most Japanese don't live in giant homes though.


Last girl in your picture lives in a cardboard box.


Beeing poor is not wholesome


1)Otaku media is supposed to be pure unadulterated escapism
2) only rich people can buy anime BDs. They are that costly.


they're not. these are all from the same show


Most anime follow this pattern too.


They are all from Yama no Susume, which is actually pretty unusual in admitting that Kokona is poor. If wealth differences come up in other anime it is usually a character who is very wealth compared to the usual middle class characters.


Name at least 20.


I think the last anime I remember where they tried to make a poor girl wholesome was Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, which is kind of sad considering the anime isn’t exactly wholesome.


i never expected to meet someone who could miss the points made in szs which are pretty on the nose


Pick any 30 in random


Leftoidism: an infantile disorder


I thought the whole thing was supposed to be a parody of Osamu Dazai’s “No Longer Human”.
What did I miss?


File: 1645559637814-0.png (342.71 KB, 805x661, a.png)

File: 1645559637814-1.png (50.52 KB, 354x189, b.png)

Wait, you thought Maria was supposed to be wholesome?


Wholesome in an unwholesome world, yeah. I thought that innocence and naïveté to the point of absurdity was part of what was supposed to be generating the comedy.
granted I never read the manga and I saw the show possibly a decade ago


The 2nd point is 100% true, anime BD's in Japan are a fucking scam, the BD's are like $100 each and they only contain 2 or 3 episodes so a full series costs like $600-800

Fuck that, I glad I can pirate shit here.


Can't they pirate shit there?


BDs are a scam in general.


Japan has harsher IP laws than even fucking Amerika and the average Japanese citizen is more than willing to cancel you if they catch you pirating stuff.


Pirates can get jail time in Japan. It's not like they don't pirate, it's just more dangerous to do.


How do BD rips still get out? Is it all from exported copies?


Sometimes it's chinese people, sometimes it's japanese people.


It's just Chinese people pooling money and sending it to someone in Japan who buys it and sends rips back to Chinese who upload it on one of their platforms which then gets copied by multiple groups and uploaded elsewhere.


Apart from their government instantly blocking all foreign piracy sites that pop up, and ruthlessly clamping down on their local pirates, there's also this strong anti-piracy sentiment embedded into the moral fabric of their current culture. Pirating is a grave sin and anyone who does it should be ashamed of not supporting the creators whatever his circumstances might me. Even archiving old shit for posterity is wrong. This moral outrage is something that people living outside Japan can never understand without at least tuning into the Japanese discourse online.
But still you'll find a significant amount of nip IPs on nyaa


holy based


hmm never thought about it that way but it seems to be pretty common now that i think about it,
probably part of the reason "ascendance of a bookworm" is the only anime I'm excited for this year
>oh you are a pretty smart person who got isekai'd?
>too bad you where reborn as a sickly peasant child in a feudal cast system, goodluck!


>a pretty smart person who got isekai'd
I guess he'll build a nuclear bomb by the third episode.


But they aren't. When they are rich it's just an excuse to draw pretty architecture and be escapist or for part of their characterization.


>supporting the creators
never understood this,it's not like I can litterally send money to some of the animators patreon or something.
People LOVE to forget how monthly wages work when it comes to "culture".


Nips see it as supporting the entire infrastructure that employs creators


they think exactly like the copyright cucks do elsewhere. interesting.


trickle-down economics moment


Lolno. I am not rich and I have a large collection of JP BDs. You just have to be single and childless.


They are a scam, but also affordable to childless people to most people with disposable income.

This. You just have to be a manchild. A kiddult. Or any other term you wanna throw at it. It's sickening to think you would throw away that money but that's the only thing that makes you happy. To slave away at a meaningless job just to consume meaningless things that are mass produced. Meanwhile if you cut out the desire to purchase and cultivate your mind you can move mountains.


lol massive projection going on here


If you didn't enjoy buying things you can easily obtain for free. You wouldn't do it. But you know what? You're not entitled to my time.


keep getting mad that people are consuming the "wrong" things and arent having kids you religious neurotic


Now who's projecting here? I'm not mad simply cause another retard didn't understand my basic gestalt. Another retard that didn't think before hitting reply. Simply another. Yet another.


>Now who's projecting here?
i checked and its still you, meanwhile people like >>13797 are still enjoying their hobbies


You're just repeating yourself. Not engaged in conversation.


File: 1651182254777.jpg (265.29 KB, 1440x1080, haus.jpg)

I keep thinking about how Chiyo from Azumanga is supposed to be extremely rich but her house is still smaller than the ones in the OP. I don't know if this indicates a general trend of SoL getting more ludicrous with escapism or if it just means the OP is a very exaggerated example; in any case, the person reading this is gay


Housevalue is based on the property it's on. Not the price of rocks.


Retards who fetishize the "proletariat" this much are fucking hilarious. Pretty much almost everyone spends money on media and shit these days.


ctrl+f "escapism": 5 results


>but, in fact, it's common now
That's just the advertising in you regurgitated. I guess the fluorides in the water and microplastics in your food suddenly are hilarious to you with how common it is?


>Meanwhile if you cut out the desire to purchase and cultivate your mind you can move mountains
ok anarchist


i have paid for entertainment since napster

you might just be a fag


That was at least somewhat funny because her dad was a deranged cat.
Azumanga Daioh was the OG moe.
Everything since has been an unfunny derivative that lacks the same charm.
I absolutely hate the genre.


I get what you're saying but paying $100 for three episodes of animu is insane.


I tried reading AD once. Kept waiting for the joke to appear. It didn't happen. AD makes Garfield look avant-garde


netflix, spotify, etc. - the average person definitely spends money on entertainment





>haha this commercial product advocates for buying things
Hobbies are as old as the sun. Purchasing goods one can obtain for free isn't related to hobbies one bit. A line advocating the opposite would scarcely make it past the censors.


i-its not a REAL hobby


You're being either disingenuous or stupid. Eitherway not worth conversing with.


nice try

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