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Rather than watch new shitty seasonals, I'm going to rewatch Elfen Lied DUBBED while working out and there's nothing you can do to stop me.






Okay, I mean I don't particularly like it and the blood pinatas but it's definitely a step up from a lot of current shit.


File: 1650105526337.png (1.12 MB, 4076x4136, Soitania.png)

>working out


What else are you to do while watching anime? Sit still?


I always shitpost on /leftypol/ while watching anime


I wouldn't be able to focus on two things at once like that.


tbh both activieties suffer bc of this habit but i cant stop


>Elfen Lied
What did Elfen lie about?


That's why I work out instead. It gets me to focus on anime and my workout is a freebie.


It being a good show HEYOOOOOOOOOOO


File: 1650215751990.png (146.82 KB, 425x282, 2376526359256.png)


It's Elfen Lied because People Died


How do you workout to anime


You do a regular workout but the screen is in your field of view?


God this show was awful, but my 11 year old self loved it.


The show is meaningful enough. Basically just racism bad and that real monsters are cruel people and how you treat others influences what they become sorta thing. The manga actually had a really painfully cheesy ending though.






Okamoto Lynn has been unable to make a single good manga.


working out is cringe


Okay. Luckily watching anime isn't cringe in the slightest so it evens out. I already said there's nothing you can do to stop me and here I am proven right.


>racism bad
>real monsters are cruel people and how you treat others influences what they become sorta thing
Well they did a pretty bad job at it
For some reason whenever anime or the japanese do a racism is bad, they always end up intentionally, or unintentionally justifying racism
The diclonius are killing machines that can effortlessly slaughter tons of people
And i also find it funny when they do racism allegories the oppressed class is always pale skinned kawaii girls


Every subhuman who watches dubbed anime should be skinned alive.


Elfen Lied is actually quite deep, it touches heavy shit like racism, and human cruelty and double standards. and makes interesting questions about morality (If the world treats you like shit you're supposed to respond? Evil is nature or nurture? etc)

Too bad that the anime is unfinished and the manga starts being retarded at the end, this is the kind of anime that could have been an absolute masterpiece with better direction, and finish your shit ffs, I'm tired of watching unfinished anime, like give me back my fucking time holy shit.


Why would you watch anime muted?


Some works like several ones by Tezuka, even if the caricaturizations could be considered offensive, and the Fullmetal Alchemist series are better at implementation of themes that are antiracist, but, yeah, sometimes those attempts are done quite poorly.


These observations are very deep. You should write an essay on Youtube about it.


File: 1651619319938.png (532.96 KB, 640x480, ClipboardImage.png)

Who are these mysterious people? Tune in to find out!


>And i also find it funny when they do racism allegories the oppressed class is always pale skinned kawaii girls
I don't see this as that egregious, if there's anywhere where people are extremely racist towards people who look exactly like them it's Japan (not that there aren't plenty of other countries where this is the case)


Or Michigan. Swedes oppress French who oppress Poles.


File: 1652833848863.png (2.21 MB, 1456x993, ClipboardImage.png)

>that moment some kids just beat a dog to death
What was their excuse?


its not their fault they were written by a hack


File: 1652834561570.png (582.84 KB, 636x480, ClipboardImage.png)

>group of specialized picked out children have class together
>hurr writing is bad because some kids are just as edgy as our girl
Why do you pretend that perfectly legit writing is bad? Don't talk about anime you haven't seen. It's not clever.


ohhh the funny green text!
why are you assuming i havent seen a show that was wildly popular decades ago
why do you assume i only think that part was bad, okamoto is a terrible writer in general (and he hasnt got better, brynhildr was a mess)


>why assume
I didn't assume anything.
So you've seen it decades ago and falsely recollect things and use an example of good writing to call him a hack. Equally unimpressive. If you want to argue irrelevant semantics of a case, be my guest. But don't talk about shit you don't know anything about. It's not clever. Attacking my tone rather than the contents. Owe up to your mistakes and refamilliarize yourself before you critique something if you want to maintain any credibility.


>group of specialized picked out children have class together
I've seen kid do a lot of fucked up shit, but past killing an ant, it takes a special kind of psychopath to beat a puppy to death. The most a normal kid is going to kill is maybe stomping on ants and as horrible as that is, it's hardly comparable to killing a dog like that. Not even Special Ed kids I knew had that kind of behavior, I've known special ed 'kid' that did something similar (he ripped the head off a Canada Goose he caught in the local pond) but he was also a 30 year old hyper-aggressive psycho in a high-school and specifically had a massive dude be his handler.

The 'special girl' Main Character isn't a normal human and clearly has severe psychological issues, and even then she didn't randomly kill animals out of nowhere or torture them in front of others out of sadistic pleasure.


File: 1652844464533.png (2.33 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Well this isn't real life and plenty of kids have skinned a cat naked to avoid the blood spatters so you're wrong on both accounts. You clearly don't recall the scene and aren't an expert on kids with your anecdotal evidence. Again, we're talking about a group of specialized kids that are experimented on. I really don't understand why you care so deeply if you don't care enough to rewatch the scene in question. Just move on. You haven't convinced me you're an authority on a scene you do not recall.


File: 1652845962196.png (392.03 KB, 700x394, ClipboardImage.png)

1) Link the post you are replying to, faggot
2) Assuming you're replying to >>14993 I'm not the same anon as >>14987 , >>14990 , >>14989 or >>14985 or >>14986

That said
>plenty of kids have skinned a cat naked to avoid the blood spatters
The fuck do you mean, what fucked up backwater are you from that has this happen regularly? I can only assume you're talking about SHAVING a cat, but that's not nearly the same thing as beating it to death and its not been a very common thing for decades at this point, that kind of prank hadn't even been that common back in the 80s, let alone the past decade. Fucked up psychos doing niche 'crush porn' are a tiny demographic of people, reviled by most, and certainly most children, especially of the depicted age don't behave like that.
>not reel lief!
Not an argument against poor writing, they're still humans and even if the setting hadn't been "the normal world but that has psychic dichlonius hidden among us" it'd be reviled because it's a natural reaction, most people are not sadistic in such an open and bloody manner.
>clearly don't recall the scene
I personally recall it just fine, and I suspect that the other anons do too
>we're talking about a group of specialized kids that are experimented on
Kids from the Concentration camps didn't become en masse serial killers and animal torturers. The kids here are randomly psychotic relative to the situation. Its a pointlessly edgy and poorly explained scene because the author couldn't think of a valid way to make a traumatic moment for the MC that causes her to bug out and kill them, so turned child bullies into behaving like adult psychos in an unrealistic manner even for an orphanage, Period.


Kids from the holiday camps in which they did no concentrating or the concentrating camps that killed jews, fags and other infidels that barely had any survivors since 'kids' wouldn't be there long enough to grow up? Your lack of actual ww2 knowledge aside, it's totally irrelevant to the case regardless. If you're a different person, then you're both wrong and your critique of the scene, being equal to the other guy who initially responded and conveniently left for you to take his place. (very common on image boards) (you'd think the reply would split-off into two, but hey!), is faulty. You're anecdotal evidence remains wrong, and not an example of bad writing on the author's part. I don't think you do recall the scene in particular because you're unable to acknowledge it is proper writing done by a proper writing and there's nothing hack-eyed about it. You don't take my argument serious by your tone and that does no one any better. Since WW2 information is inaccurate, spotty and blatantly false propaganda I argue using it in comparison to a situation entirely different from it is retarded beyond belief. Jews weren't chosen to survive based on how well they did in mentally complex tests. It's totally ridiculous you think either your propagated knowledge on WW2 and your anecdotal evidence of individual kids has any say on whether or not this particular scene is well written or not, which it remains. You have failed to recall the scene if you call it a bad scene. And your doubling-down on your ignorance is just not an argument. Go fucking read up on WW2 for 40 hours first. Then do some basic historic research into manipulation, enough triple-lettered agencies have made their research public domain for you to last a lifetime. Go and read some of the stuff they did pre-ww2 and pre 9-11.(Read the rules chinny)


It was overrated and unnecessarily edgy. It seems to be about racism, but it didn't make a good work in that…
I thought that it was pronounced Elfen "leed"…


File: 1652920373859.png (Spoiler Image, 1 MB, 908x736, ClipboardImage.png)

Your textwall is hot garbage, learn to format your paragraphs or use imageboard posting.
>'kids' wouldn't be there long enough to grow up?
<holiday camps
Hello /pol/ see pic related and fuck off you cunt.
>Your lack of actual ww2 knowledge
<posts literal holocaust denial shite.
Fuck off.
>You're anecdotal evidence
No it is not. It is a goddamn fact that kids and most people are not active sadists in such a manner and that its a shitty fucking edgelord scene that has no pretext of happening. This is literal high-school tier animal-killing and bullying, not something that happens to elementary school children. Also you have no argument, yet attempt to present yourself as "le smarter man"… even as you fuck up basic grammar.
>You don't take my argument serious
Because you have no argument, "muh not reel!" is not a fucking argument. Human beings don't suddenly become psychopaths in an orphanage, and a setting fictional or not needs to have internal consistency, otherwise its just poor writing.
>Jews weren't chosen to survive based on how well they did in mentally complex tests.
You're bringing up random fucking nonsense. Unironically check yourself into an institution, you're not addressing anything I said and just randomly go on schizophrenic tangents about your personal ignorance of WW2 that you project onto it historiography. No wonder you like this show, it appeals to the terrible or rather lack of taste you have. Your tangents about "le 3letter agencies" is fucking laughable given that I literally created the /edu/ CIA thread and numerous effortposts on the subject debunking their nonsense and posting sources on the subject. You need to touch grass and reassess your intelligence, or rather lack of it.


>Nothing wrong with the formatting
<D-do ur rsearch u didn't refute me!
Yeah, no, go back to /pol/ you schizo faggot


File: 1692079324206.png (670.72 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

I never watched this anime past the first episodes because it wasn't my thing, although I've gone back and seen various parts of it over time. I do recall the AMVs for Elfen Lied though, they were hardcore.

Also I think the "freak child meets a normal human boy that she imprints on" literally got stolen by Darling in the Franxx.


I'm trying to find an Elfen Lied AMV with an electro remix of Grieg's Mountain King.


File: 1713900680192.png (327.16 KB, 512x256, ClipboardImage.png)

>I thought that it was pronounced Elfen "leed"…
It's Elfen Lied
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